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NEWSLETTER Q & A with Bruno Hadjadj, cutlog Photo, Director

Satellite fairs and online business

Besides Paris Photo and AIPAD in New York, new photo fairs have emerged. How do you explain the needs for alternative photo events ?

© Sophie Delaporte

The end of the summer announces the return of the photography collectors. Impatient by the traditional auctions in fall, they will make sure to attend also Paris Photo, the international leading fair, in France. Paris Photo, in its new location at Le Grand Palais, will gather in November, 177 galleries of which 25 are from the United States. Photography today is much more than just a niche market, that’s why the need for more alternative events is growing. Alongside the two main fairs, Paris Photo and AIPAD in New York, generalist art fairs have started satellite photography fairs. In Paris, Cutlog will launch its first edition of cutlog Photo in November 10th through 12th, 2011 showcasing thirty international galleries of contemporary photography. In the United States, a similar trend has been observed. Every major city is in the process of developing its own art fair with a keen interest in photography. Last July, Art Hamptons has created Photo Hamptons which featured fifteen photography galleries among eighty-one other art galleries that presented works including vintage, modern, post-modern and contemporary artworks. But the main episode has yet to come. Photography dealers are looking forward to the website launch of, a project led by investors such as, Google and Twitter, advised by Joe Kennedy, from Pandora and major art dealers, Larry Gagosian and Marc Glimcher, from Pace Gallery. Besides museums and private collections, will give the opportunity to art galleries to present digitally their collections and artist works. But most of all, this new website will offer the possibility for the collector not only to discover the artworks, but also to directly contact galleries all over the globe and plan a purchase. After the launch of the VIP Art fair in March 2011 and its virtual galleries, the creation of a highly precise search engine that would enhance search experience would be one of the guarantees of its success. Since its inception, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery has proposed a merchant website, allowing international collectors to enjoy and buy photography from one click.

All the professionals, all the most important institutions are coming in Paris from all over the world to buy, deal, and promote the photography. That’s why we felt that Paris could be the opportunity for new alternatives, with a contemporary and modern vision, contents and fresh points of view. The power of the satellites art fairs is that they are totally free on their choice without any pressure. As a new satellite art fair cutlog Photo is oriented to galleries promoting emerging and mid careers photographers.

What are the expectations of the photography collectors today ? We observe different kind of collectors. Some of them who are conservative, buy and collect artworks from established photographers. With the downturn of the economy, everyone wants to make the best deal. Some others more curious and patients want to know the background of the photographer and his career, expecting a long term relationship. Younger collectors, because of their short budgets, are mostly buying emerging artists. This new generation has an incredible culture of photography, they know very well the artist works and the technique. Buying books, then editions and portfolios help them buying photographs. Some others collectors are also expecting to collect short series.

Nudes by Sophie Delaporte

NYPH - New York Photo Festival

Opening reception September 22nd 2011

The next photography competition

With her new series Nudes, Sophie Delaporte has overcome the limitations offered by fashion photography. Her photography always reveals a spirit of vivacity and intuition which translates this new energy into graphic simplicity. Simple accessories such as paper, fabric and chair, embellish the pose of the model creating a dramatic and playful elasticity of the movement. With her own colors, her way of staging and the joy of her imagery, Delaporte proves again the strength of her specific narrative vision. Born in 1971 in Paris, Sophie Delaporte studied photography and film at the art school Louis Lumière in Paris. After graduating, she moved to London and started to work for the English press as a fashion photographer. During the 90’s, her first images appeared in I-D magazine. Sophie Delaporte’s work is frequently featured in numerous books and publications such as Another Magazine, Italian Vogue, Japanese Vogue, Interview and I-D Magazine with whom she has continued to collaborate with regularly. Her work has been exhibited in two solo shows at Gallery Marion Meyer in Paris and Scream Gallery in London. She has also taken part in group exhibitions and international art fairs including Art Chicago, Bâle Miami, Photo London, Works on Paper New York and Art Paris. Photographs from Sophie Delaporte’s Nudes series will be on view at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery from September 22nd through November 5th, 2011.The opening reception will be held on Thursday, September 22nd from 6-9 pm at the gallery with the artist in attendance. A catalog will be released with a foreword by Vicki Goldberg, journalist and critic, who has overseen photography’s rise in contemporary art over the past 25 years.

In the future, we will see more and more art businesses online, what do you think ? This business is growing. It’s impossible not to take in consideration this platform for the galleries today even if the relation with art and photography can’t be only virtual. Collectors need to be in contact with the pieces to feel them closely. That’s why the cross selling between online businesses and gallery spaces is so important. This year, Cutlog will be online, giving to the collectors the opportunity to buy and reserve artworks before the fair.

All pictures © Sophie Delaporte

New alternatives for the photo market:

Fall 2011 Issue 7

In association with PowerHouse Arena, United Photo Industries and Sous Les Etoiles Fine Art Printing, the New York Photo Festival presents the Audio/Visual competition. All entries must be received by September 19, 2011. Eighty five photographs will be selected and exhibited at The PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo (Brooklyn), from October 19 to November 3. The jury is looking for images that capture the powerful relationship between photography and music in all its forms, be it solo musicians, bands, rock concerts, grand operatic productions, or intimate one-on-one sessions. The jury includes professionals in both photography and music fields. A short selection of films, videos and multimedia pieces will also be presented on a flat-screen display during that event.

The TOKYOGA Project: 100 photographers for Tokyo T O K Y O G A , Describing TokyoScapes by 100 Photographers, is an art project about the identity, the value and the essential virtue © Haruna Kawanishi of Tokyo. Commissioned by Forest Among Us and curated by Gallery 21, TOKYOGA aims to showcase the work of various artists who have been photographing the city of Tokyo. The commissioners have planned to present the artworks through different mediums including the TOKYOGA website and its 7 photos a week display, an exhibition, a photo book, donations for public institutions and workshops. One hundred photographers have been selected including Jean-Michel Berts, Gentaro Ishizuka, Haruna Kawanishi, Mikio Hasui, Ichigo Sugawara, Taishi Hirokawa who were exhibited at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery in New York. The whole project will last year-round and the exhibition will run in 2012.

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Newsletter Fall 2011

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