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Affordable Canon XH A1S If you are looking for a camcorder and you prefer a name, Canon offers many high quality camcorders. Models and series of Canon camcorders are really top of the line. They are very easy and simple to use and set up. The controls are user-friendly and even beginners can use them. You can start with the Canon XH A1S. Performance wise as well as design and size, Canon XH A1S is really a good choice. Canon XH A1S is an affordable camcorder that has loads of excellent features and stunningly great in performance. What’s Canon’s offering right now is a much smaller model of the Canon XL H1A. Both can record HD videos with its three 1/3-inch CCD sensors using HDV codec. However, they are different in design and size. Canon XH A1S is hand-held and the lens is not replaceable and not detachable while the XL H1A is much larger and has replaceable lens using any XL lens series you like. Even though Canon XH A1S has fixed lens system, it has 20x zoom and a detachable lens hood that provides great quality image shooting. It also has a focal range of 4.5-90mm as well as 61 degrees wide angle. The filter diameter of the lens is 72mm and an aperture of f/1.6 – f/3.5.

These features are very important in producing great quality videos especially if you are in the film business. Canon XH A1S has auto functions that get you excellent result for a quick and live recording. Nevertheless, if you prefer the manual selection, you can definitely set all your controls the way you like it, best for your every audio and video coverage. It can let you play with your settings until you get your desired one. Every detail, every picture, every shoot can be manually choose and tweak. Canon XH A1S is an excellent camcorder for people who love to shoot films or videos or capture memorable moments. It is easy to hold and does not weigh too much so even if you are shooting for long hours or until your battery drained, you will not feel very tired. Canon XH A1S affordability also gives advantage to people who want to have a camcorder but cannot afford the expensive ones yet can get great quality of shoots. Canon XH A1S provides 1080/24p and 1080/30p recording. You only need to use the Camera setup menu and choose the 24-frame rate (24F) or the 30-frame rate (30F) mode. It can shoot television, sports, music videos, movies, as well as commercials. It also has a 60F that is best for shooting sports. Canon XH A1S has an Automatic Shooting mode that is excellent for quick filming. The manual mode is very easy to access and manipulate. In addition to that, you can also opt to shoot in Standard SD mode or High Definition HD mode. You can be more flexible in shooting what your clients want. Canon XH A1S can really produce ultimate high definition quality images.

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