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E-portfolio Evaluation Name:_________________________________ 4. Distinguished Digital Portfolio-Content:

Choice of materials demonstrates growth Digital Portfolio-Presentation:

Articulation of portfolio contents Digital Portfolio-Design Creativity: Reflects the individual who created it Digital Portfolio-Design Organization:

Easy to locate and navigate to information Digital Portfolio-Reflection:

Self-evaluation of sample work

3. Proficient

2. Apprentice

1. Novice

Includes work across the subject areas. Work Portfolio contains work from at least 3 included clearly demonstrate growth over different subjects and in at least 3 different time and is varied in style. styles (text, visual, multimedia, etc.). Most work demonstrates growth over time.

Portfolio contains multiple examples Portfolio contains only 2-3 samples of student work, but most are similar of student work. Samples do not in subject, level, and style. demonstrate growth.

Complete familiarity with portfolio content meant they were able to calmly and eloquently address questions and comments from audience and evaluators.

Presentation content memorized but not mastered. Answered audience questions and addressed comments. Sometimes relied on notes to answer questions.

Presenter was clearly uncomfortable. Relied heavily on notes. Halted frequently. Could not speak about the topic smoothly. Could not answer many audience questions.

Did not successfully deliver content. Presenter unable to hold audience interest or answer their questions about the portfolio content or process.

Design is unique and interesting. While meeting evaluation criteria, the design demonstrates the personality of the creator, reflecting their interests and style.

Portfolio contains additional images, music, color, or design elements that go beyond the rote requirements for content. Portfolio includes media elements to its design unique.

Portfolio contains one or two examples of color, images, or music to differentiate it from the template or evaluation criteria.

Portfolio contains no changes in color, layout, navigation, or content to demonstrate the individual that created it.

Text and graphics are neatly organized and Text and graphics were placed to make the make the project easy to read. All links in the project easy to read. All links in the project project are labeled and connect to the right are labeled and connect to the right place. place. Project is very easy to navigate; it includes more than one method for navigation.

The placement of text and graphics sometimes make the project hard to read. Most links connect to the right place. A few links are mislabeled, hard to find, or link to the wrong place.

Project contains no clear structure. Text and graphics are randomly placed, and navigation is broken or incomplete.

All sample work includes written or narrative reflections which show the student's interpretation of their learning. Reflections include information on why the artifact what chosen and how it demonstrates growth.

Most student work samples include reflections. Reflections do not always include information relevant to the project or its assessment.

Only a few student work samples have either written or narrative reflections.

All sample work includes written or narrative reflections. Some of the reflections include information that helps demonstrate how this artifact shows growth in student learning.


students e-portfolio evaluation


students e-portfolio evaluation