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pariani Pariani are a Sicilian-based family business that started in 2010. They work with farmers all over Sicily and mainland Italy to find the best nuts and fruits for their products. Pariani’s mission is to inspire creative cooks with ingredients made from the finest Italian produce.



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3 1 Roasted Piemonte IGP Hazelnuts



2 Chopped Roasted Piemonte IGP

Hazelnuts £5.50


3 Piemonte IGP Hazelnut Flour £5.50


4 Pure Piemonte Hazelnut Paste £6.50 5 Italian Hazelnut Gianduja Spread


6 Sicilian Pistachio Flour £11.50 9

7 Pure Sicilian Pistachio Paste £13.95


8 Sweet Sicilian Pistachio Spread £5.95 11

9 Italian Lara Walnut Flour £4.50 10 Italian Lara Walnut Quarters £4.50 11 Veneto Candied Green Walnuts £7.50 12 Sicilian Almonds £4.95 12

13 Sicilian Almond Flour £4.75


14 Sicilian Almond Paste £6.95 15 Sweet Sicilian Almond Spread £4.95

14 15

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FRANCE alziari olive oils Expertly blended from different olive varieties and terroirs. The delicate, almond-like notes of the soft blend made Alziari a household name in France. The intense blend has a fresh, grassy aroma with a peppery kick, and is great with fresh tomatoes.

Nicolas Alziari Fruity & Intense Provence Olive Oil £14.95 Nicolas Alziari Fruity & Soft Provence Olive Oil £15.50

french linen

La Vache Qui Rit Tea Towel £10.95

The easy way to add a splash of colour and a touch of French luxury to your kitchen. Featuring generously-sized tea towels in high quality, all-natural fabrics.

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Brittany Tea Towel £9.95


Organic French Syrups £7.40 each

Flavours include Lavender & Violet

Herbes de Provence £3.50 each


JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY tea box Keep loose-leaf tea fresher for longer in a purpose-made tea box. Each tin is wrapped in hand-dyed Japanese paper to add a touch of Far Eastern opulence to your kitchen.

Colourful Origami Paper Tea Box £8.95 each

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matcha tea Matcha tea is central to Japanese culture. Whether as part of a formal tea ceremony, an ingredient in French-style pastries and desserts – or even savoury noodles – matcha green tea is found on almost every restaurant menu.

Yukishino Matcha Bowl Set £38

Matcha Tea Whisk £17.95 Organic Culinary Matcha Green Tea Powder £12



bordallo pinheiro Add character to your table with quirky ceramics to treasure. Every piece is meticulously hand-painted at cult Portuguese ceramics studio Bordallo Pinheiro.

Maria Flor Pitcher £69.50

Maria Flor Daisy Fruit Plate £15

Maria Flor Cake Stand 28cm £49.95 Browse full range at

9 La Rochere Glassware from £19.95

Watermelon Salad Bowl £39.95

Cabbage Leaf Salad Bowl 29cm £30

Aubergine Dish £59.50

Cabbage Salad Bowl £69.95 Browse full range at


FUTURE FOODS jackfruit It’s the up-and-coming vegan and vegetarian meat alternative. With a texture similar to pulled pork and chicken, it will be your new go-to ingredient for meat free curries, pasta dishes and stir-fries.

1 Organic Jackfruit in Water


2 Upton’s Naturals Jackfruit

£3.95 each

Flavours include original, Thai curry and smokey BBQ


insects A bowl of dried insects may creep out your friends at first – but wait until you tell them about the benefits! Edible mealworms and crickets are packed with protein, and insects are widely considered to be ‘the food of the future’ for combatting world food shortages. And once you’ve gotten over the initial ‘yuck-factor’, you’ll discover a pleasant nuttiness that pairs brilliantly with a host of other flavours!

3 Cricket Protein Powder Flour £12.99 4 Mealworm Pasta £8.50 5 Cricket Praline Chocolate £11.50 6 Mealworms & Crickets

£3.95 each

Flavours include BBQ and Curry 2

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OUTDOOR COOKING bbq and smoking The ProQ 3in1 BBQ smokers are the backyard BBQ allrounder. Quickly grill burgers, or take the low ‘n’ slow approach, burning coals and wood chips for hours to cook Memphis-style pulled pork, ribs and brisket.

Complete Hot & Cold Smoking Set £325

Tabletop BBQ Smoker £49.50 Enjoy hot smoked food no matter the size of your garden! Even if all you have is a small terrace or balcony – if you can fit a small table there, you can use this barbecue.

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grow your own There’s no need to seek out hard to find herbs herbs again with these gorgeously packaged grow your own kits. Experience unusual flavours like Japanese shiso, or go large and grow your own dinosaur kale!

Japanese Micro Herb Growing Set - Shiso, Hawk Claw Chilli, Wasabina £19.95

Eggling Grow Your Own Cactus £7.50

Gigantically Good Kale Bag Plant £9.50

Papa Peropon Panda Grow Your Own Basil £25 Opinel Gardening Knife Box Set £49.95



Art Deco Opinel Knife Set £32.50

Al Fresco Provence Plate Set £19.95

Takenaka Expanded Double Bento Box - Daffodil Yellow £32 The stylish and vibrant way to take your packed lunch to the park with this modern twist on the Japanese lunch box

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Opinel Traditional Folding Knife £10.95


luxury picnic hampers These picnic hampers simply are beautiful. From the stitching of the leather closures, to the lining and smart cutlery, they are a step above picnic hampers you’d usually see in shops.

Saint Germain Picnic Hamper For 4 £115

Castelnaud Picnic Hamper For 4 £95.00 EASY WAYS TO SHOP

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