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Many have asked how it is that I see life in a different way to most. Some may say it are experience or years of soul searching or just helping people. However, for me when you learn to go with the flow of life and connect to the soul, you are guided to the connections and understanding as you share information. I have learnt so much through sharing than anything I have read or heard from those who supposedly know. I once helped a young girl who most saw had learning difficulties, but it soon came apparent that it was us that was in awe of her. For she could see the stars during the day. Her visualisation skill was so advanced that when she became one with the source, her ability was limitless. Her mum after six months of meditations and connection to the source saw a new person who emerged and what most saw as learning disability seemed to disappear as the confidence grew. Maybe it was the realisation that she had been labelled for so long that she played that part and even believed until she found a new world she could connect to and be.

It was this experience that made me look at life different and suddenly opened my eyes to the conditioning of life and others. The realisation that as we vibrated we actually are creating our life. Life seems to mould to our vibration. This vibration was even traced to past life and childhood as we set about our path to learn of emotions we have attached to and not let go off. Our mannerism and subconscious programming was attracting those to learn from. Even our environment and parents seemed to be chosen to help us understand and experience the lessons needed. When triggered people felt so much pain that they lost the chance to look outside the box or as a spectator to see why attracted. Each emotion triggers another to make it feel so 2

real as past and possible loss of control or fear of our life always being pain in the future created the illusions that often haven't happened. They say 90% of our thoughts are illusions as our brain tries to fill in the gaps or give us the information to work out what we don't know about. So it started to emerge that as my insecurity was triggered, I was suddenly feeling the pain and fear of the lack I had in my life. It was becoming real as I saw more people and situations to confirm my illusions and fears. However, from experience and reflection on my life, I realised the joys that came from the pain. The magic moments that I could give a little support to those who are going through similar experiences. And only the fear kept me from seeing the big picture to why vibrating this lesson or how it would give me insights to use for my path in the future. The realisation that my path was something that possible was already chosen by my soul was after a situation that occurred. With enjoying the experience of listening to an inner voice, as I opened a communication to find out why such things happen. I was visiting a friend in Western Super Mare to do some past-life healing for a few friends. I had enough money for the journey there and back but because I was on LPG for petrol, the fear of not finding a garage that did this on the way back was stressing me out. However, it came to me that my journey, I had already planned and so to experience such a situation with running out of petrol wouldn't be part of my lesson to learn. My fears came to fruition as the garage I would go to on the way back have run out of gas. With a diversion ahead, I realised that I would probably would run out before the next garage. The feeling that I had chosen this path became strong again. So I just tested this theory, even though may seem daft at the time. It wasn't long until I saw a garage that I had forgotten about 3

some 40 miles away and had a better price than the one that had run out. This gave me more fuel to stop off and visit the tor in Glastonbury which I received more insights. So from my original worries, following my path had led me to even more abundance. The feeling was amazing, that the realisation that we often don't know our path even though we have created it, but to surrender and go with the flow, then we have the choices to experience the source in everything we do. We are being guided all the time to enjoy a human experience of feelings and enjoying. All my life I have been searching for answers, when often the messages comes to me. This took a long time to realise that instead of swimming upstream, you could go with the flow of the river but flowing downstream as it takes you where you need to go. The sooner I learnt to flow with the energy of the universe which I call the source, the easier life seemed to be. Often people commented on how I made life seem easy, and I always knew that I was guided in most situations, I had no fear of failure because I knew that if I was flowing right, then I wouldn't be in this situation. I always thought that if you knew the formulae, then life seemed effortless, the more I enjoyed whatever I did; the easier life unfolded. I am not saying this was always possible as my own insecurities would be triggered but even then when enjoying, I seemed to see or experience fewer problems that seemed to be taken away from me. It was like I was having fun even testing this knowledge as I was successful in most of what I did. To the point that I soon got bored with what others felt I should achieve that I often didn't finish or go on to do more as once I knew how to achieve, I had completed the knowledge of the task. This infuriated some as they called it a gift that I had wasted, when really once I learnt from the source my goals had changed. It was often society 4

thoughts of what they wanted me to be and not what I wanted. I enjoyed working my way from the bottom to the top, because I have learnt so much more. In sharing I was opened to a new world were enjoying being the main focus. Where you could see and bring out the beauty in others, even when they were at a very low point by doing nothing else but supporting and helping to look at life a little different. Most people may find it strange, but I saw life as an opportunity to play my part in bringing peace to those who needed. I often was sent to some strange places to help. One such situation I was working for an agency to do with residential work for children. I had been sent to one place, who asked if I could go to another because one of the staff was ill. Even though on agency, we weren't really to change location we worked as this been agreed by the agency, because they knew my experience, they felt I was the best person to send, and so I agreed. I couldn't find the place I was going very well, but it wasn't long before turning up. The children were awful and really playing up. I didn't feel I was meant to be there and so asked the universe why I had been sent to a place where it didn't feel right. Being there ten minutes I was asked to go to another place. The support worker was looking after five children due to a staff member not turned up and so once again I was on my way. When I finally arrived, all the children had left the home, which left just the two of us. For two hours, we talked and this lady was at the point of giving up her life. She had such a bad life for the last year that she was very low. After our conversation and sharing in an experience, she thanked me for my help and thought it was amazing that only this morning she had asked for help because she couldn't go on, and I turned up. These strange coincidences are a regular for me, and so I always get some sort of confirmation for the reason I go to 5

certain places. I don't see it as coincidence but part of a plan to share with others. I once had an argument about coincidences with a person who didn't agree to my thoughts that coincidences are just what we think to happen, and that we order everything we do. So she told me of a coincidence where she bumped into a builder who could fix her door. As I helped her to trace back the situation leading to the incident, it was obvious that she had organised the event without realising. It transcribed that she had thought she needed her door fixing. Her friend popped around for a coffee to tell her about her new back door been done. She asked who had done it and was given the name of the builder. She later bumped into the person in town and booked him to do her door. The opportunity presented itself and also because she had no attachment to it happening the flow of the source created a situation for her to meet the order she places, which was someone to do her door. When you start to see that a single thought is like a ripple that will return after it may hit a few rocks, you start to realise that if the water is calm then the ripple comes back quicker. If your at peace when you order or may be the thought of order was guided to think about, then suddenly you may have already chosen the door to be fixed at a certain time. Only our free will determines when it may happen. When you learn to surrender to this flow, opportunities and signs are all around. Its like a knowing effect, that it will happen. For you have been touched by the source where obstacles are only created when you decide to order or to change the order. If you put the idea back into the stream or to the universe, its amazing how the everything just falls into place. Most people who are used to this are those who what will be will be. 6

When you suddenly play your part, you are guided to play more and the more you connect with the source, the more life seems effortless as you flow. This is no great secret but because most are swimming upstream they lose the chance to just be and just flow. We automatically know how to just be, but we spend so long thinking about what we haven't got we haven't time to allow the natural flow of ourselves to take shape. We don't spend time in silence, in nature and allowing the flow to once again consume us. That is why for the first 20 minutes in nature our minds are are racing with ideas, and what we must do, then suddenly peace prevails as we are not wanting to think. If we go step further we can merge with the source or nature, then we suddenly see how everything moulds to our vibration as we are accepted as oneness. I love it when nature treats me as their own and is no longer scared of me or picking up on my emotions. It is what the animals live by. For when anything is hungry or in attack mode, the energy is passed and so the animals go on defensive but once the animal has eaten, then balance is restored. We are automatically pure vibration until we connect to not being. We breathe automatically, we do so many things that are automatic that when you tune into this, you flow more. Abundance, passion, creativity and more words that are naturally flowing. There is a whole world that flows when we connect automatically by just being. You don't have to do anything to flow, when you are in the moment and just be who you are. You was born a pure energy and we by not being that pure energy have detached our bodies from the source or even the soul. The soul nudges us but we fight back, wanting to be what we see on television or what we see around us. We are searching for the perfect life, because we are lack. We have forgotten how to just be. And so we allow the brain to try and find us while 7

we are lost. In the hope we will release this feeling of lack and start just being. In just being we suddenly feel whole again, without realising it.

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just be  

a short document on just be, learning to go with the flow of life and just be in the moment...

just be  

a short document on just be, learning to go with the flow of life and just be in the moment...