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Sunday May 5, 2013


Adhesive-Bonded Fastening Solutions Create Strong, Corrosion-Resistant Attachments Without Drilling or Hot-Work

Click Bond, Inc. is a pioneer in the research and development of adhesive-bonded fasteners. These fasteners are used extensively in the aerospace industry, have attained ABS approval, and are now being specifically designed for the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas industry. Click Bond’s all-new product line-up sets the benchmark for high-performance adhesivebonded fasteners. Constructed of continued on page 73

Consilium—When Safety Matters Combined Fire & Gas Detection System

Consilium develops and markets high-quality products, services and systems for safety, navigation and automation applications. The guiding principle behind Consilium’s products and systems is to help protect people, the environment and material values. Consilium is present through their own subsidiaries and agents in more than 50 countries including all major ports around the world. With a stable base of proprietary products, complemented by high-quality external brands, and a global market continued on page 65

Worldwide Execution of Rig Projects

At Semco Maritime, they believe in setting the bar high and delivering solutions of the highest quality, anywhere in the world. They have an extensive network of frame agreements with yards in Denmark, Norway, the U.K. and Vietnam. However, they can also operate at any clientappointed shipyard worldwide—locations where they can help their customers grow their businesses. With offices in strategic locations around the globe and extensive experience within rig upgrades, they help you extend your operational time by minimizing downtime during work continued on page 76

Fluid Imaging Technologies: On-Line Drilling Fluids Particle Analysis

CRC-Evans Offers Leadership and Expertise to the Offshore Industry

Fluid Imaging Technologies will be displaying the new FlowCAM - ES On-Line Particle Analysis System at OTC 2013 in Booth #11826. The system automatically analyzes drilling fluids for particle size, shape and concentration directly from the flow loop. Since it uses digital imaging, it provides far more information than standard particle analysis techniques, which can only report particle size based on assuming all particles are spherical. With the

CRC-Evans gained 100 percent ownership of its offshore division in 2010, pairing an experienced offshore contracting team with CRC-Evans’ proven product portfolio and leadership in the pipeline industry. Today, in addition to offering the world’s most advanced offshore pipeline construction technology, CRC-Evans offers the expertise of a highly experienced team of offshore and spoolbase specialists trained to directly support automatic

Laversab Introduces New Products at OTC 2013

SEA CON’s API Connector Series: Power and Data for Underwater Work

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Nandu Balsaver is President & CEO of Laversab, Inc., which he founded in 1982. Balsaver holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston.

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A: For the past 23 years Laversab’s Oilfield Systems division has been focused on building the best computers, displays and smart-terminals for hazardous rig-floor locations. A few years ago we introduced an MWD Surface System, our Model 4100, which has become incredibly popular

SEA CON has historically adapted existing products to meet changing market needs. For decades, SEA CON’s highly successful Metal Shell Series (MSS) connector range has offered high contact density and a variety of power and signal configurations to meet customer underwater power and data requirements. Adapted from that series, the SEA CON API connector series complies with American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications

Thru Tubing Solutions Introduces the E-Wrench

Forged Components Inc. Launches New Division

Q: Tell us a little bit about your company.

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Thru Tubing Solutions is proud to announce its latest innovation: The E-Wrench Portable Torque Measurement System. No other system delivers the same level of precision and technology as the E-Wrench. Utilizing both Android and Bluetooth technologies, the E-Wrench indicates when targeted torque is reached—preventing over and under torquing in the downhole tool assembly. Every E-Wrench comes complete with a 7 inch Android tablet ready for use on location. Additionally, any Android compatible & Bluetooth enabled continued on page 76

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Forged Components Incorporated of Humble, Texas has launched a new group that is dedicated to assure Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Oil and Gas market in the Houston, and Southwest United States. The facility once known as the Atex Inc. Division in East Houston has undergone a major change in personnel and direction in an effort to bring Quality Oil & Gas and Subsea products to their customers with a focus on Customer Satisfaction. The division, headed by Gary Perkins, Director of Global Manufacturing for FCI Incorporated has hired and appointed continued on page 77

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TC7000—The Only IR Camera You’ll Ever Need in Hazardous Environments

CorDEX Instruments Safety In Focus

CorDEX Instruments, the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof cameras and inspection equipment introduces the most advanced infrared thermal imager for hazardous environments. The TC7000 is the world’s first fully radiometric, ATEX and IECEx certified intrinsically safe thermal imaging camera. Recent studies have shown that to raise a hot work permit—required when

non-certified devices are used within hazardous (explosive) areas - can cost companies up to US$600 per permit. An intrinsically safe thermal imager removes the need for hot work permits as it is certified (ATEX and IECEx) to operate within explosive areas safely, enabling more efficiencies as well as reducing the cost of inspections. Highly accurate, the TC7000 is sturdy, lightweight (under 3 pounds), safe to operate, efficient and certified for use in Zone 1 (explosive) gas, dust and mining areas within several industry sectors

Belleville International Pioneering Solution to the Industry’s Challenges About Belleville International Belleville International is now in their seventh year of servicing customers in the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Energy Producing markets. They have a unique blend of youth combined with a strong backbone of experience that gives them both a fresh perspective and an unparal-

leled edge in pioneering solutions to the industry’s challenges. They continue to emerge as a dynamic, dependable & competitive source for quality Belleville disc springs, flow control components and other custom design machined components. Their reputation for dependability and great customer service is hard earned.

An independent publication not affiliated with any other organization Gary Cox Publisher Steve Cox Senior Associate Publisher Michael Harris National Sales Director

owning hazardous environments including: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Food Processing, Aviation and Marine. TC7000 is fully featured and can measure temperatures up to 600 C and continued on page 16

About Their Products The Bellevilles are capable of providing the greatest amount of spring force in the tightest design space with only minimal spring movement. This makes them ideal in helping to prevent leaks and emissions anywhere a bolted flange joint or structural assembly suffers from the effects of continued on page 77

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6979 East Broadway Blvd., Suite 109 Tucson, AZ 85710 phone: (520) 722-2000 fax: (520) 722-2014

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Floating Tube Oil Skimmers Increase Efficiency of Oil/Water Separators

Stokes’ Law states that, given time and a large enough surface area, oil and water will eventually separate, giving you two distinctive layers. A good system of separation will give you those two layers. To facilitate this process of separation, many use built-in oil/water interceptors, or separators. By using a combination of flow patterns, baffles, plates or aeration to increase contact with the oily water, the process is expedited by maximizing the number of small droplets that will agglomerate and rise to the surface, resulting in a concentrated oil layer and a layer of oil-free water beneath. While separators themselves can perform effectively, there is still the problem of removing the separated oil. When oil is not continuously removed from the surface of the oil/water separator, several problems can occur: • Heavy rain or water flow can exceed the design of the separator and wash out the oil build-up • Failure to remove the oil can cause excessive oil build-up, increasing the chance for the oil to escape and reduce the area of the separation chamber • The oil layer prevents oxygen from

Are You Using or Building Rigs Designed with Technology from 20 Years Ago? If Not, Then Why Would You Use Connectors Designed 20 Years Ago?

To view the latest in drilling rig connector design and technology Visit RigPower, LLC Booth #1666.

reaching the water, allowing anaerobic bacteria to grow, plugging separator plates and emitting foul odors • During maintenance, or as components are lifted out, the tank walls and interior components become completely oilcoated • The oil layer can make visual inspections of the coalescer and components very difficult Companies have tried a number of methods to remove oil from the separators and continued on page 77

RigPower, LLC designs and distributes a variety of high amperage “single pole” electrical connectors ranging from 1135 amps 1000 volts to 1135 amps 4,000 volts. Their connectors are designed specifically for the rugged and demanding environments of the drilling industry. RigPower connectors are 100 percent intermateable with existing connectors on the market. However, RigPower’s connectors have advanced designs which provide quick connect/disconnect features, color coding, increased safety, reliability and ease of use. Typical applications for RigPower’s connectors are: power connections from the generator sets to Switchgear or SCR (silicon-controlled rectifiers) controls, power from the control house to traction motors, mud pumps, drawworks, rotary tables, cement pumps and top drives.

RigPower introduced its first product to the drilling industry at the OTC in 2005. Since that time the market response has made their brand the industry standard for high amperage single pole connectors. RigPower has had a vision of developing and introducing a new enhanced design electrical connector each year at the OTC. This vision coupled continued on page 77

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Solutions in Offshore-Lighting and Temporary Power

Offshore-Ready, Hazardous Area Light Tower WorkSite Lighting’s engineering team, equipped with extensive hazardous area lighting experience and input from offshore equipment rental for hire companies, has developed the most advanced offshore, hazardous location light tower available in the market today. Four LED Class 1 Division 2 flood light fixtures provide wide-area, offshore platform lighting and produce a better quality of work light than traditional metal halide fixtures. WorkSite Lighitngs’ LED fixtures also consume less power, which not only decreases the fuel consumption, but also increases the amount of auxiliary power for tools. The galvanized vertical mast reduces the physical base size to provide a more compact unit than lighting towers of the past, saving valuable space for your maintenance operations. To ensure protection against the salt air in offshore marine environments a

301 brushed stainless-steel cabinet, galvanized skid and frame and a marine-grade generator are standard features. The offshore-ready, hazardous location light towers come complete with positive air shutdown, spark arrestor muffler, rigging, stress-load test certifications, ASTM Stamp and your choice of Kubota, Mitsubishi or Cat Power. Auxiliary power from the unit, equipped with explosion-proof electrical GFI outlets, can powertheir optional stand-mounted explosion-proof LED lights for operating in your Class 1 Division 1 rated areas. Custom design specifications can be met for any individual company or regulatory body requirements. About WorkSite Lighting WorkSite Lighting, LLC designs and manufactures portable, explosion-proof lights, temporary electrical distribution units for harsh and hazardous areas and offshore-ready, powered equipment; continued on page 77

TEQUATIC PLUS F-50 Fine Particle Filter Receives Infinite Possibility for Market Growth Award

The TEQUATIC PLUS F-50 fine particle filter from Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, is a winner of the Infinite Possibility for Market Growth Award by the Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) programme. The award was presented to Ershigs, a key supplier for creating a composites product that demonstrates the potential to notably increase the use of composites in existing or developing markets, while also exemplifying innovation, creativity and commercialization. Ershigs worked closely with Clean Filtration Technologies (CFT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow, to produce the housing for the TEQUATIC PLUS filter. “The composite material design and production is key to the success of the TEQUATIC PLUS filter, and we are elated that Ershig’s submission was successful and that our product received this award,” said Cedella Beazley, CFT general manager. “The award reflects a deep commitment and collaboration between Dow Water & Process Solutions and suppliers to continuously innovate and provide leading filtration solutions to

customers.” The TEQUATIC PLUS filter is a breakthrough, patented technology that combines the power of continuous cleaning, cross-flow filtration with centrifugal separation and solids collection into one device. It is designed to handle a wide range of difficult-to-treat feedwaters much more cost-effectively and consistently than traditional technologies - in part due to its housing. The TEQUATIC PLUS filter housing features fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and a light resin transfer moulding (RTM) process. This technology is ideal for the high-volume production of products having complex geometries and requiring high strength, tight tolerances and light weight. These and other features enable the TEQUATIC PLUS filter to be produced cost-effectively and to operate in a broader range of corrosive environments and applications compared to metal alloys. Applications range from produced water for oil and gas, municipal wastewater treatment and reuse, to desalination, power and industrial. Across applications, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter continued on page 65

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Composite Support Vessels Prove Best for Offshore Turbine Services

The success of composite support vessels in today’s cost-conscious offshore wind market cannot be ignored, and Herefordbased Offshore Turbine Services is just one example of a company that has benefited from opting for composite over aluminium craft.

As the company takes delivery of its fourth CTruk 20T multi-purpose cat, Commander P, and eagerly awaits Commodore P, the fifth, this May, chairman Phil Collins commented on this key decision; “We are very pleased that in under a year we have managed to estab-

The Minarc Evo 140 Makes Welding Safer and Easier at Curragh Mine Curragh Mine is located in the coal-rich Bowen Basin of Central Queensland and it covers an area of approximately 12,600 hectares. It is situated 14 kilometers north-west of Blackwater and approximately 200 kilometers west of Rockhampton. The mine predominantly produces three products. These include low ash hard coking coal, pulverised coal injection coal and high ash steaming coal. It supplies both the domestic market and markets worldwide. Paramount to the mine’s efficient operation is the health and safety of all employees. The mine constantly reviews its procedures and equipment to ensure the

safety of staff, and as part of this process the mine’s maintenance team trialled the new Kemppi Minarc Evo 140 VRD (voltage reduction device). “You can no longer use a welding machine on a mine site without VRD and a lot of our existing welding equipment was getting on, so we were keen to have a look at some of the new welding equipment,” explained Ron Kemp of the mine’s maintenance team for area mobile equipment. The maintenance team for area mobile equipment is responsible for ensuring that all mobile mining equipment remains in operational condition to meet mining requirements. It maintains the

lish ourselves in such a dynamic and innovative industry. That success has been helped by our original decision to purchase CTruk’s composite vessels, which have proven more than suitable for the job.” OTS operations director Nick Bright has worked closely with CTruk on design enhancements to the wheelhouse, further consolidating a close working relationship. Bright explained; “The reliability, adaptability, fuel econ-

omy and all-round excellent performance of our existing 20T fleet on the London Array and East Lincs wind farm developments was a major consideration for us in the purchase of our latest vessels from CTruk.” Commander P was named by Phil Collins’ wife and youngest daughter, Audrey and Molly Collins, at an informal ceremony on Saturday. She is expected to start work soon under contract with CWind.

mine’s rear dump trucks, loading units, dozers, graders and all ancillary equipment. The team consists of 15 men per shift who are mainly boilermakers with extensive welding experience. Over the years they have used various welding packages. “We were already familiar with the Kemppi brand having used their welders in the past and we were keen to trail the new VRD model. We were after a welding model which not only met all the safety criteria but was light to carry and very portable. “The machine would be primarily used to weld low hydrogen electrodes. Apart from general field welding we always need to fix handrails to our heavy mobile equipment and we wanted a dedicated machine for this task,” explained Kemp. Contacted by his local Kemppi dealer, Kemp raised the prospect of trialling the new Kemppi Minarc Evo 140

VRD machine to which the dealer readily agreed. The Minarc Evo 140 VRD model is designed specifically for the Australian mining environment. Fully portable, the unit is perfect for repair and maintenance applications around the mine site. It is equipped with a range of safety features as standard. Its integrated VRD has been tested to meet local standards and mine site recommendations of achieving lower than 35V open circuit within the required 300ms from peak load. In addition, the Minarc Evo 140 features a VRD operational status light and “fail to safe” function in the event of VRD failure. It also has an electrical supply current (100 perfect EDI 1eff ) of 10amps and is protected by an IP23S environmental rating. The device meets Australian standard AS60974-1 and Mine Safety Standard MDG25. continued on page 28

Dyna Torque to Exhibit at 2013 Offshore Technology Conference

Dyna Torque is gearing up to exhibit its products at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference and Exhibition. The event takes place at the Reliant Center in Houston, between May 6-9, 2013. Dyna Torque can be found at Booth #7864.

Dyna Torque offers automated welding solutions for the global oil, gas and water pipeline industry. The full-service welding company plans, manages and delivers fully integrated welding solutions, both onshore and offshore.


testers, laser distance meters and infrared (IR) windows. Their products play pivotal roles in a wide range of industrial, commercial and government activities across the globe. Pioneers in the intrinsically safe camera industry, the company has been at the forefront of design innovation since its foundation in 2009. From predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, nondestructive testing to government standards enforcement, CorDEX offers the widest selection of intrinsically safe cameras and inspection devices for beginners to pros. With offices in the U.S. and U.K. and the largest installed intrinsically safe camera base in the world, CorDEX offers its customers unparalleled service, the best post-sale technical applications support available. CorDEX Instruments is located in Booth #6814 at the Offshore Technology Conference—Stop by and enter to win a Bose SoundDock.

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reference each individual stored image to an RFID tag using its onboard RFID scanner. It boasts a full color screen and thousands of fully radiometric files can be stored easily with 8GB of onboard memory and downloaded via USB into the cross platform report and database software provided free-of-charge with every camera. For more information about the TC7000 or other intrinsically safe and explosion-proof devices from CorDEX, call 877-836-0764, or visit www.cordex About CorDEX Instruments Safety In Focus CorDEX Instruments Inc, is a leading manufacturer of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof inspection and imaging devices that include thermal imaging cameras, digital cameras, ultrasonic

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Ezra Upgrade PSV for Methanol and Special Chemical Cargo Features Express deliveries of upgrade-packages has become a daily event at PG, as vessels are upgraded either for hydraulic agitation, or chemical cargo handling, to meet more demanding charterers and secure proper handling of payable cargo offshore. Ezra took a three-week delivery of a set of PG-SLA 125 twinscrew, low shear special cargopumps

with a corresponding HPU and LCC to operate. Major PG-Submix agitator retrofit-deliveries performed by express! As many as eight newbuild MMC 887 PSVs were recently delivered from Fujian Mawei SY / China to Tidewater Marine, and were retrofitted for heavyduty mud agitation by PG. In total, 128

Specialist Alloy Tubing Tackle Corrosion in Topside and Subsea Applications With oil and gas extraction moving into harsher and deeper environments the demand for high pressure and highly corrosion-resistant tubing is rising. Fine Tubes’ expertise in manufacturing specialist corrosion resistant alloys with those properties needed for control and instrumentation tubing provides cost effective and long term solutions. Topside Instrumentation Fine Tubes has been supplying a wide range of high-performance tubes to leading oil and gas companies for the protec-

tion of their hydraulic control and instrumentation systems. During the oil and gas extraction process, mainly seamless precision tubing as straight lengths are used for instrumentation equipment that controls measuring devices and supplies hydraulic pumps and tools. The tubing is also used in onshore control panels, topside processing facilities, offshore subsea manifolds and templates up to 2,000 meters under the sea. Fine Tubes’ control and instrumentation tubing is available from 1.6 millimeters (0.063 inches) outside diameter

Aveon Secures Contract from Cameron Offshore Systems Nigeria

PG-Submix 60 / 80s, 8 HPUs and corresponding control systems were delivered within a two months period from ordering. These are perfect projects for PG, since PG Automation, PG Construction and PG Hydraulics participate with significant deliveries to meet the very challenging delivery situation from the ship’s owner. Most of them have already been already commissioned in Namibia and Singapore. A job very well done! PG Oil & Gas completes massive

deliveries for ConocoPhilips and Statoil PG Oil & Gas tripled its revenues during 2012, and shipped massive deliveries for Valemon to Samsung in Korea, and Eldfisk / Ekofisk Aker and Kværner in Norway during January and February 2013. Full string-test of pumps up to 1,300m³ an hour at full head, and numerous FATs were performed at PG Drammen 24/7 as the year started! Great notes were given from very pleased customers, for high quality products manufactured the highest specifications in the market place!

for precision instrumentation and monitoring applications on drilling tools up to 63 millimeters (2.475 inches) OD. High strength stainless-steel, duplex and super duplex stainless-steel, titanium and nickel alloys are used in manufacture. Operating conditions can require their products to be rated up to 60,000Psi operating pressure and with tensile strengths greater than 220ksi (1,515MPa). The tube mill’s extensive range of super austenitic and nickel alloy grade tubes such as alloy 625, 825 and alloy 400 tubes offer longer term solutions over stainless-steels for in harsh offshore environments. Moreover, Fine Tubes’ expertise in special grade stainless steels such as 904L and 6 Moly make the tube manufacturers the ideal partner for the supply of instrumentation packages used in the topside construction of Offshore FPSO, FPSSs, Spars and TLPs.

In 904L the corrosion resistant properties are superior to the conventional chrome nickel stainless steels, in particular to sulphuric, phosphoric and acetic acids. It also has a high resistance to pitting in chloride solutions, a high resistance to both crevice and stress corrosion cracking. Therefore, alloy 904L has excellent formability and weldability as well as excellent toughness, even down to cryogenic temperatures. This grade is particularly useful in control and instrumentation tubing applications where 316 and 317L are not suitable. 6 Moly benefits from high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion as well as high strength compared with conventional austenitic stainless steels such as 316L. The alloy can also provide excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking allowing tube cold forming. continued on page 77

Glenalmond Group Announces Brazilian Pipe Cladding Facility

AVEON Offshore Limited, a wholly Nigerian-owned engineering and fabrication services company, has recently secured a contract from Cameron Offshore Systems Nigeria for the fabrication of some major components of the subsea systems for Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria (EEPNL) Erha North phase II project. EEPNL had earlier awarded an engineering procurement construction contract for the Erha North phase II subsea systems to Cameron Offshore Systems Nigeria. The AVEON Offshore contract consists of the fabrication and load-out of approximately 1,000 tons of subsea structures including five manifolds and modules with associated suction piles, various Xmas tree frame elements and control system foundations.

The project will be executed by AVEON Offshore at its 240,000m² fabrication yard in Rumuolumeni near Port Harcourt and will generate more than 200,000 productive man-hours of work. In order to accommodate the workload generated by the project, a dedicated 2,000m² high-bay workshop will be added to the yard’s existing infrastructure. The planned Load-out and Sailaway of the manifolds and modules for offshore installation is between August and October 2014. This project will also ensure a high level of activity through 2013 and well into 2014, thus helping Aveon Offshore fulfill a strategic milestone in the development of the company as a sustainable Nigerian owned fabrication yard serving the oil and gas industry.

The Glenalmond Group, which includes IODS Ltd, IODS Pipe Clad Ltd and Valve Components Ltd, has announced plans to create a new facility in Brazil. The group’s new facility will enable the East Kilbride-based company to target the growing South American oil and gas market with its specialist pipe cladding and assembly and test operations.This is the second international operation established by the group after it launched a valve components facility in Malaysia in 2008. Initially, the facility, which is located in the city of Tatui in Sao Paulo state, will focus on the cladding of pipe up to 13.6 meters in length ranging from 4 inches to 18 inches internal diameter. In addition,

the factory will deliver the assembly and testing of various flow control-related subsea products. Once the facility has been operational for a few months the group aims to roll out the disciplines offered by all of its companies. The IODS companies are an international weld overlay cladding specialist and Valve Components Ltd has 25 years of precision engineering experience delivering project management, assembly and testing and manufacturing services. Employing predominately a local workforce of 20-30 employees, a team from East Kilbride are overseeing the establishment of the 3,000m³ facility, which


After trialing the Minarc Evo 140 VRD for three weeks Kemp bought two 140 VRD units for his team. “I think it’s fair to say we were all suitably impressed. Apart from having all the safety features, the machine only weighs about 5 kg so it is very light to carry around. This is always a plus when you have to climb up on a dozer or dump truck to weld something. And

because it’s so light and portable you can also easily carry a few rods and a 240 lead with you.” The team also found the device easy to use. “With the Kemppi 140 VRD you can strike a rod, stop and clean up, and then restart quickly and easily. Or you can stop, change your position and restart without any hassles, so you don’t find yourself wasting time. It helps you get the

job done quickly,” said Kemp. “We also liked the 140 VRD’s large, user- friendly, digital meter display. This is a bonus because it’s so easy to read. Many other models only have dials to adjust and no readout. For us, the Kemppi Minarc Evo 140 VRD has been the perfect choice. It’s comfortable to carry around, very easy to use and you get a quality weld.”

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Compliant with safety regulations, the Minarc Evo 140 delivers safer welding in category A, B and C environments. Suitable for MMA and TIG processes, the unit is energy efficient and boasts large voltage reserves and automatic arc force control.

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Commendations of DSL Workforce Performances Continue to Flow

DSL was contracted by Wood Group PSN (WGPSN) on behalf of independent development and production company EnQuest, to carry out the installation of a new gas turbine generator package exhaust stack and support tower as part of EnQuest’s Thistle platform power upgrade project. The power upgrade project is the first of five discreet themes currently being executed by EnQuest as part

of the Thistle late life extension project (LLX). The Thistle platform is located in the North Sea, 218 kilometers north of the Shetlands. The project team, comprising of specialists from EnQuest and WGPSN in conjunction with platform operations and DSL, undertook design and construction safety reviews of the exhaust stack and support tower installation ac-

Parat Proves Significant Weakness with Traditional Oil Spill Response Equipment

Parat Halvorsen has gathered key personnel from the maritime industry to a technical review and discussion of tank heating solutions for supply vessels with NOFO notation. Shipowners, consultants, technical and operational persons from shipyards, and the NCA (Norwegian Coastal Administration) were present, and practical tests were performed at the company fabrication and test facilities in Flekkefjord.

tivities, and identified that installation by rope access would be the safest method of installation. In addition to the complexity of the offshore installation, the project team recognized the need to carry out an onshore trial assembly of the exhaust stack and support tower and this was completed at Montrose Harbour South Base. The project team enlisted DSL to assist with the trial assembly, and to replicate all anticipated activities that would be encountered during the offshore installation phase. Work on phase 1 of the onshore trial assembly was undertaken in

early September, and was carried out in a disciplined, controlled and safe manner. On completion of the trial assembly, DSL received the following commendation from the project team which reflects the safe and professional manner in which DSL performed their activities: “Thanks to the DSL team for an excellent job, carried out in a safe, sound, and very professional manner in conjunction with the project team. This was an excellent example of a collaborative approach, with a great team spirit—here’s continued on page 77

FoundOcean at the Costa Concordia Wreck Removal Site

The seminar also covered the basic background theories for the empirical tests, one important aspect being that oil has less than 20 percent of the thermal conductivity of water. In addition the oil has a much higher viscosity which increases the conductivity gap even more. Parat has over the last five years had great success delivering its OSR continued on page 73

Scottish-based FoundOcean has been working at the Costa Concordia wreck removal site since October 2012, having been awarded the scope of work to design, manufacture, and grout 2,500 fabric formworks, which will support the ship’s hull during the up-righting phase of the salvage operation. FoundOcean will also carry out the foundation grouting of six subsea support platforms, which are critical in the parbuckling (or rolling) of the Costa Concordia from its current beached position. FoundOcean is a globally recognized subsea grouting specialist, with

nearly 50 years’ experience in the oil and gas and offshore wind sectors. It is onethird owned by Ambienta SGR, the environmental sector-focused Italian private equity house. Michael Stockwell, commercial manager for Titan-Micoperi, the Italian-American consortium working on the Costa Concordia recovery, remarked, “We approached FoundOcean having worked with them on previous offshore projects. They offer experience and reliability, and we believe their expertise will be invaluable on a continued on page 65

Sunday, May 5, 2013 • Preshow Edition The result is a compact, rugged package, weighing less than 6 pounds, with no moving parts and the low maintenance qualities found in other Wilks analyzers. The InfraCal 2 provides improved sensitivity and detection limits for a variety of on-site measurements such as sub-ppm detection levels of oil in water, cleaning efficiency of metal parts, barrier layers in flexible films, textile and fiber finishes, and numerous quality control measurements. While designed for field applications, it is equally at home in the analytical laboratory for

virtually any IR quantitative measurement that needs to be done easily, routinely and economically. The new InfraCal 2 Analyzers make it economical and easier than ever to move repetitive measurements from the lab to the actual analysis site where they can be routinely handled by non-technical personnel. On-site measurements using the InfraCal 2 analyzer typically take from one to 10 minutes (depending on the analysis) and eliminate the wait for offsite lab results which can take hours or days to receive.

with SmartPlant Foundation and SmartPlant P&ID, and is now taking advantage of the assets created during engineering. In a structured manner, the company receives accurate and complete plant information in terms of data and documents from the suppliers. This is accomplished by means of an integrated information management system. In addition, the company is now using SmartPlant 3D to design the new facilities and assets. “Intergraph solutions help us keep our plant information readily available and accessible for all personnel from a single source of truth,” said Peter Eriksson, Nynas technical manager. “It enables

us to improve our information management and handover as well as manage revisions more effectively. It is the tool of the future, ensuring a safer and more efficient way of working.” Over the years, Nynas has invested in advanced tools to handle checklists, certificates, documents and data, improving plant operations and maintenance. Now, Nynas expects to gain even higher performance levels and efficiency by deploying SmartPlant Foundation as its document and data platform. Gerhard Sallinger, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine president, said, “Intergraph and Nynas have built a solid

as the EN54, MED, IMO and SOLAS compliant and USCG approved. The fire detection is also tested in compliant with the following Military standards: MILSTD-167-1A (vibration), MIL-S-901D (shock) and MIL-STD-461F (EMI). The Fire and Gas detection systems are also in the process of getting SIL2 approved. The Salwico GS5000 is a new gas detection system that Consilium has released that uses the same system platform as the Salwico fire detection system. With these two systems in place, they can offer a unique concept especially adapted for the offshore market, named Salwico Offshore.

ICOMERA (extremely feasible for ferries) • Emission Monitoring (and opacity) • Ice Detection Radar • Navigation Radar X & S-band • SMS (interactive graphic safety management system) • ECDIS • VDR/S-VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) • Speed Log • Echo Sounders • AIS • Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzer • IBS (Integrated Bridge System)

Other Consilium products: • Oil Spill Detection Radar • Ambient Oil Mist Detection • High Speed Internet Connection,

For more information please visit them at OTC in Houston, May 6 - 9, 2013. Booth #1309. Or go to their website www or email Sales@consilium

reuse technologies like moving bed bioreactor (MBBR). According to John Patrin, CFT strategic marketing manager, “The TEQUATIC PLUS filter continues to prove its value in field trials and installations, enabling customers to reduce their filtration costs by minimizing maintenance and consum-

ables while maximising uptime,” he said. “This award further establishes the TEQUATIC PLUS filter as a leader in driving market growth through the use of composite technology.” The ACE programme is organized in conjunction with the COMPOSITES 2013 Exhibition and Convention. All

ACE entrants are featured on the exhibit hall floor in an awards showcase that highlights the market potential and creative possibilities of innovative composites products. COMPOSITES 2013 focuses on the business of composites, applications and innovations, new ideas, solutions and industry trends.

the formwork embankment has been completed, grout mattresses will be installed on top of them, and filled in the same way. The grout mattresses will provide a flat, stable platform for the ship’s hull to rest on once it has been rolled upright. An estimated 14,000 tons of cement sourced from Italian cement manufac-

turer Italcementi will be used to fill the formworks and mattresses, with an additional 900 tons for the platform pilegrouting phase. In order to meet the environmental requirements of the salvage project, the seabed must be returned to its original condition. FoundOcean’s grout bags, each of which will weigh up to 70 tons,

are designed to be lifted back out of the sea when the salvage operation is complete. They will then be taken ashore for processing and recycling. “FoundOcean is honoured to be able to apply its subsea grouting experience to this important and sensitive project,” explained Rolando Polli, board director at FoundOcean.

New Generation of Portable Infrared Analyzers with Enhanced Performance Features A new generation of portable, easy-to-use infrared (IR) analyzers that provide fast, on-site measurements with better sensitivity for more challenging applications has been introduced by Wilks Enterprise. The InfraCal 2 portable IR analyzers combine improved electronics that signif-

icantly increase signal-to-noise ratio with a touch screen intuitive display that allows for a multitude of new options and features - including multiple calibrations, internal data logging, alarm functions, security/password protection, data transfer capabilities, and internal battery pack.

Nynas Signs Agreement with Intergraph to Use SmartPlant Enterprise Solutions

Sweden-based Nynas AB, a world-leading producer of specialty oil products, has signed a general agreement with Intergraph for the use of the SmartPlant Enterprise suite of solutions in all its plants and projects worldwide. Nynas, which is investing in an expansion of its Nynäshamn refinery to be ready by 2020 and plans to expand its assets in Germany, wants to ensure

that the proven benefits in quality design, plant asset management and creation and review of engineering data, can be enjoyed in all its operations and projects. In 2008, Nynas chose SmartPlant Enterprise for its expansion project since it offers a complete solution from start to finish. The company undertook a phased approach to software, starting


• Navy ships

(continued from page 1)

organization, Consilium ranks among the world’s leading suppliers to the international shipping and oil and gas industries. One in every two large vessels in the world has a Consilium product onboard. Their vision is for Consilium to be the customer’s choice when safety matters. Not only are they the biggest supplier worldwide of these systems in general. They are also specialized in custom designed solutions, which place them in the leading supplier position for such a diverse range of ship segments such as: • Cruise ships and Passenger/Ro-Pax ferries • Offshore • LNG carriers • Car carriers


(continued from page 13)

has the flexibility to treat very high and highly variable total suspended solids, functioning as a primary filter, a prefilter for ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO), or as post filter following water


(continued from page 53)

project as sensitive as this.” FoundOcean has designed and manufactured the speciality formworks which are being placed and grouted in situ, much like standard pipeline freespan correction grout bags. Once


Consilium has proudly manufactured and sold products under the Salwico brand name to the marine and Offshore market for more than 45 years. Not only limiting themselves to technical innovations and breakthrough designs, they strongly believe that building long-lasting relations requires success in all other areas. This includes competent and experienced staff and local support. By thinking and acting “Quality throughout,” they truly understand the operational requirements onboard modern ships and its safe and dependable operation for long time. Salwico Fire & Gas Detection Systems are designed and developed to meet the demands of their customers and the regulatory requirements set by the majority of the Classification societies. As well

continued on page 76

Sunday, May 5, 2013 • Preshow Edition


(continued from page 1)

welding, inspection and specialist field joint coating operations as well as a full staff of offshore-qualified management to lead this dedicated team. These are people who truly understand offshore—people who listen and communicate intelligently with you about your very specific project needs. Just in the past five years CRC-Evans Offshore has been involved in projects from Brazil to Norway to Egypt ranging from mobilizing a temporary spoolbase in Cyprus, welding of CRA-clad materials and application of the latest field joint coating systems developed in-house to meet the latest deep water specifications. CRC-Evans has engineered its offshore pipeline construction technologies to address the enormous logistical and financial challenges that come with off-


(continued from page 1)

durable, marine-grade, stainless steel that provides strong, watertight, corrosion-resistant attachments, Click Bond fasteners help enhance structural integrity by eliminating the need for welding or drilling. Click Bond fasteners are attached using structural adhesives that are resistant to fuel oils, hydraulic fluids, and provide a chemical barrier that inhibits galvanic corrosion. Each Click Bond fastener includes an installation fixture that holds the fastener in place under positive pressure, optimizing bonding strength

FLUID IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES (continued from page 1)

lowCAM – ES, every particle has its own image stored along with more than 30 different measurements. The measurements enable the system software to automatically characterize different types of particles based upon shape without operator intervention. The system automatically pulls

GLENALMOND GROUP (continued from page 28)

is expected to be complete before the summer. A member of energy sector business development organisation, NOF Energy, The Glenalmond Group employs approx 280 in the U.K. Barbara Mincher, chief executive officer of the Glenalmond Group, said, “This investment by the group in a Brazilian facility confirms the commitment we have to serving our increasingly international customer base. We aim to bring the high standards of the Glenalmond Group to our first joint facility in Brazil and support our customers with locally produced equipment in the region. “Brazil is on course to become a


shore operations. Among the many automatic welding innovations are tandemwire and dual-torch technologies for faster welding; through-the-arc tracking for more accurate welds; and digital-todigital programming, onboard data collection, laser inspection, and touch-screen control to reduce errors and downtime. Light, ergonomic equipment designs allow easier handling in limited spaces. Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd, the specialist field joint coating division of CRC-Evans, has an extensive track record in the offshore and spoolbase industry throughout the world with all of the major offshore contractors. Application systems and procedures have been developed to meet the changing requirements from within the industry with the emphasis on HSE, production and cost. In addition to their patented Fused 3-layer PP and PE processes more recent developments have included IMPP and Nep-

tune as well as technological advances with various fully automated processes. CRC-Evans Inspection group is known as Stanley Inspection and is a Market Leading Asset Integrity Services Provider to the Global Energy Industry. Service offerings include Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT), Radiography, and many other inspection methods for pipelines, petrochemical plants, and industrial facilities. Now with one company integrating your welding, inspection, and coating services, they make the job easier for you. One supplier instead of three – Quality work, Faster development, Smoother production, Better customer service. In the past few years CRC-Evans Offshore has also focused on strategic partnerships to be able to offer clients even more value for their investment. When CRC-Evans enters into an agreement with another company, the idea is

to work together in a way that goes beyond just being partners to a contract. CRC-Evans wants to bring in its individual expertise and knowledge to fill in any gaps so both companies can help solve each other’s problems. These partnerships provide customers with a value-add that they wouldn’t be able to get from another single provider. CRC-Evans is committed to broadening its strong position built through years of experience working on spoolbases and expects to almost double its project load in 2013 over 2010. In the next six months CRC-Evans will bring the same expertise and work ethic to begin performing more work on vessels. With the right people, equipment, and partners in place, CRCEvans Offshore is poised to take on the most difficult challenges that will hit the pipeline industry in the future. For more information, visit www.crc or stop by Booth #2341.

while the adhesive cures. Use Click Bond fasteners to: • Reduce costs by eliminating: • Hot work (welding) • Gas freeing of fuel and storage tanks • Removal of insulation • Fire watch • Repairing holes/leak paths in composite and metallic bulkheads • Fastener replacement caused by galvanic corrosion between hardware and ship structure • Maximize design and work sequence flexibility • Minimize rework • Facilitate and simplify repairs at sea

Click Bond’s adhesive-bonded fastening system successfully passed extensive testing for use on U.S. Navy vessels. Testing included: shock and vibration, fluid immersions, as well as accelerated aging in a salt water environment. Click Bond’s marine and offshore fastening system, fasteners and adhesives, is ABS approved. Lloyds’ approval is pending. Manufacturing design, review approvals, and part certification by ABS ensure high-quality products that endure rigorous marine environments, as demanded by the Offshore Oil & Gas industry. For more information, visit them at

Booth #8644 or

drilling fluid from the flow loop, dilutes it (if necessary), measures it and returns it to the flow loop (or to waste, if desired). The software records particle size and shape distributions, concentrations, and performs trend analysis in real-time. The system is completely self-contained, and can be controlled remotely via a network connection if desired. In addition to the FlowCAM – ES System, Fluid Imaging will also be dis-

playing the PetroCAM, its proven imaging-based system for the analysis of produced water. Capable of working with fluid pressures up to 2,000 psi, the system automatically calculates concentration of oil-in-water. Once again, because the system is imaging-based, it is able to automatically differentiate oil droplets from other particulates found in produced water. Other particle analysis systems cannot accomplish this because they rely on assum-

ing that all particles are spherical in shape. Fluid Imaging Technologies is the world leader in imaging-based particle analysis instrumentation and systems, having delivered the first production imaging particle analysis system, the FlowCAM, in 1999, with continual improvements during the rapid growth of the company. For more information, call 207-846-6100, visit, or stop by Booth #11826 during OTC 2013.

major centre for oil and gas operations in the coming years and we are keen to replicate our expertise and quality products in this emerging market.” Joanne Leng MBE, deputy chief executive at NOF Energy, said, “Brazil offers a large potential market for the UK supply chain as the country aims to produce the energy required to fuel its growth. From our experience of working closely with the Brazilian market, Britain’s engineering expertise and innovation is highly respected in South America with companies like IODS and valve components leading the way establishing in-country operations. However, it is important to state that U.K. companies must be prepared to invest in Brazil and the Glenalmond Group has clearly used the right strategy by setting up this new facility.”


ticipants were then able to witness through live temperature logging that the oil was evenly heated in a matter of minutes. To Parat’s own knowledge and based on information from NOFO the hot water coil system has up until now only been tested in water. The empirical data from the tests performed in heavy oil clearly show that the output from the hot water coil is only around 10 percent of the output measured using the same coil in water. “Parat Halvorsen hope that by performing this test we have contributed to increasing the competence in the market and that for future projects for vessels that shall have oil recovery capabilities, solutions that actually work in a live situation with oil spill on water will be selected,” Yngve M. Halvorsen, CEO Parat Halvorsen AS.

(continued from page 53)

system based on steam injection into the oil storage tanks. Lately, alternative solutions based on tank heating with low temperature compact heating coils have come on the market. To verify if this hot water based solution can work, Parat has installed one compact heating coil and one steam injection nozzle into a test-tank filled with heavy oil. The results from the tests clearly showed the participants that use of a heating coil for increasing the viscosity of the oil is not a viable solution and that the theoretical conclusions match the empirical results. After testing with the hot water coil was concluded, Parat started up the steam injection system and the par-



Preshow Edition • Sunday, May 5, 2013



(continued from page 1)

due to its highly accurate mud-pulse decoding capability. The performance and reliability of our products have allowed us to garner the loyalty of many happy customers including several major oilfield service companies. Q: Are you introducing any new products at the show?

A: Our Model 3200 Driller’s Display Unit is now available with Chinese and Russian certifications for Zone-1. Our Model 2850 Rig-Floor Computer has been recently redesigned for better perform-


(continued from page 1)

6A (Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment), 16D (Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment) and 17E (specification for Subsea Umbilicals). Standard materials of construction are 316 Stainless Steel with GRE inserts and copper-alloy, gold-plated contacts, however alternate materials including Titanium shells and Glass to Metal inserts are also available. This connector range has a standard voltage rating of 600 VDC and a pressure rating of up to 10,000 psi (approx. 22,500 feet/7,000 meters). Applications include

SEMCO MARITIME (continued from page 1)

in yards and offshore. They can even complete installations while your rig is still in operation.

Project Management They offer full turnkey project management services. Their large, multi-disciplined team of project managers, project control specialists, engineers and technicians work together to ensure that your project runs safely and efficiently. They take a flexible approach to each project,


(continued from page 1)

device can potentially be utilized with it. The E-Wrench provides traceability for the makeup of tubing conveyed bottom hole assemblies to ensure tools are run according to specifications. Several industry standard connections and make-up values are preloaded into the E-Wrench application to provide a userfriendly and reliable operation. In ad-


(continued from page 65)

and profound relationship, and we are proud to be Nynas’ partner in increasing safety, quality and productivity. “ Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise

ance. A special version of the 2850 has been designed specifically for DC-operation on trucks and work-over rigs. The new Model 4150 is an enhanced version of our popular Model 4100 Surface System.

We believe that all these new products will be almost irresistible to potential users, especially when coupled with what we call ‘The Laversab Advantage.’ Q: What exactly do you mean by “The Laversab Advantage?”

A: Actually, there are three advantages. First, we continually test our products in our own environmental and HALT / HASS chambers to find ways of improving reliablowout preventer, riser monitoring, and drilling control systems, and wellhead and Christmas tree equipment. Key features: • Bulkhead connectors are designed to be compliant with API 6A and API 16D specifications. Cabled connectors and assemblies are designed to be compliant with API 6A, API 16D and API 17E specifications. • Redundant sealing at all pressure barrier interfaces. • Multiple test ports for in-the-field Oring testing and verification. • Boot sealing in cabled connectors and assemblies in event of flooded cable conand put together a project team with the expertise, project planning and management skills needed to complete each project within the agreed schedule and budget

Shipyard-in-a-Box Their Shipyard-in-a-Box gives full mobility and flexibility during rig-upgrade operations anywhere in the world. At Semco Maritime, their core business is know-how in performing and managing extensive refurbishment, modification and SPS projects on MODUs.

bility. Long-term reliability of the product is most critical to our customers and our rigorous in-house environmental testing helps us get closer to achieving this.

located in the Houston area, Calgary, Germany and Taiwan, we are relatively close to our customers’ field locations and always ready to fulfill their needs.

Third – the most important advantage – we provide outstanding service and support to our customers unlike anything they have experienced before. Short delivery times, quick turn-around of repairs, availability of loaner units, cost-effective upgrades to older models; these are just a few examples. With Laversab offices

Q: How can our readers find out more about your company?

Second, we are willing to customize our products to meet the customer’s specific requirements. What makes it quite unique is that we do it at no extra charge!

To have the peace of mind that Laversab will provide a reliable, customized product and back it up with superb service, that’s ‘The Laversab Advantage.’

A: I would encourage them to stop by Booth #5175 or visit They can also call us at 800-285-7337, email or contact Derek Brett at

ditions. • Flanged Connector [bulkhead] Receptacle connectors have inboard waterblocking boots over the electrical termination to eliminate risk of failure in a flooded housing scenario. • Custom interfaces available.

advancement is a major corporate commitment across its product line of more than 25 product ranges, 30,000 discrete connector types and configurations and thousands of custom electrical, electrooptical hybrid, wet-mate and dry-mate connectors. The company has evolved from a small California fabrication facility to current operations in five countries. With such a diverse product line, SEA CON can match one or more connectors to your applications today. For further information, contact sales at 619-562-7071, visit www.seacon email seacon@seacon ot stop by see them at Booth #4163.

Their mobile Shipyard-in-aBox concept allows them to utilise this experience anywhere you need it. By managing the entire yard stay and utilizing the yard as a nominated subcontractor, they limit your lost revenue by ensuring that your MODU is back in operation in a fast and efficient manner.

upgrade rigs to a tight schedule, and get them up and running and back at the wellhead as soon as possible.

About The SEA CON Group Throughout its 45-year history, the SEA CON Group has earned the respect of its customers in the offshore oil and gas, research, and defense communities for its flexibility and willingness to respond to operator feedback by making design changes to its underwater connector products whenever feasible. Technology

Minimum Downtime They understand the importance of keeping their customer´s downtime to a minimum. They service, refurbish and

Maximum Intensity They are capable of compressing 15.000 man-hours into single four week project, they can guarantee your rig is back in action fast. And when your rig needs essential maintenance and repair at sea, they can get the job done without affecting your operations. After all, tough environments is where Semco Maritime works best.

dition, targeted torque values can be manually entered to provide complete versatility. Audio and visual cues from the synchronized tablet indicate when the targeted torque is reached, preventing over and under torquing in the downhole tool assembly. The TTS Jaw Locking System enables the E-Wrench to grip the tools securely while making and breaking joints. This patent pending safety feature allows a single operator to perform these tasks and re-

duces the tendency of the wrenches to reactively “bounce” off the tool during breakout. A water tight chamber and vibration isolation grommets keep the electronics well protected, making the E-Wrench suitable for harsh oilfield conditions. Each E-Wrench is visually and functionally tested before being distributed for field operations. Wrench jaws are proof tested to 4,600 foot-pounds of torque to ensure safe, reliable performance under normal working conditions.

Each jaw is issued a serial number and is tracked in the E-Wrench application to minimize the chance of reaching the ultimate fatigue point. TTS has tested the EWrench design to the point of failure to ensure operational limitations are adequate for industry needs. If you’re ready to increase accuracy, reduce the number of personnel needed under suspended loads and minimize overall operational risk—you’re ready for E-Wrench. Stop by Booth #9330.

offers a powerful portfolio of industryleading, best-in-class design and data management solutions, enabling companies in the process, power, and marine industries to capture integrated engineering knowledge at the enterprise level for the competitive advantage needed in today’s

and tomorrow’s market. SmartPlant Enterprise solutions enable proven productivity gains, improving engineering efficiency by up to 30 percent. This is why the majority of plants built worldwide are designed using Intergraph solutions. The ARC Advisory Group, a leading

industry analyst firm, ranked Intergraph as the No. 1 overall worldwide provider of engineering design solutions for industry according to its “Engineering Design Tools for Industry and Infrastructure Worldwide Outlook Market Analysis and Forecast Through 2016.”

Sunday, May 5, 2013 • Preshow Edition

BELLEVILLE INTERNATIONAL (continued from page 4)

thermal expansion and contraction or vibration loosening. This is especially true for fossil fuel producers and chemical processors alike, who utilize their Belleville spring washers every day to help insure cleaner, safer and more efficient operations. Their “flange bolting” bellevilles are available in a variety of materials designed to handle a wide range of operating temperatures and caustic, corrosive environments. This “live-loading” function is helping many maintenance departments reduce overall costs while providing safer operating environments. Their manufactured disc springs are critical in the effective operation of drilling tools used in locating and extracting oil and gas resources thousands of feet from the earth’s surface. Super tankers use our products in the turret assemblies that support the feed lines while filling the carriers from beneath the ocean’s floor. In addition to disc springs, severe service valve manufacturers use many of the flow control components they produce. These include: body gaskets and seals, seats, seat holders and locking rings, flange glands, bearing inserts and retainers and even some custom Bellevilles designed with special travel limiters.


(continued from page 8)

discovered that the installation of a “floating tube” oil skimmer with the separating device would eliminate the excess oil. Oil Skimmers Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio manufactures the unit. The Model 5H and Model 6V oil skimmers use a specially formulated collector tube, which floats on the surface of the water. Oil adheres to the outside of the closed looped tube, which is continuously driven across the separator’s surface and through a set of scrapers that remove oil. The oil then gravity drains into a collection tank. Both units are designed to operate on a continuous basis while unattended. The looped tube is long enough to cover a large skimming area and requires


(continued from page 28)

Subsea Control Lines Improvements in the technology for the enhanced exploitation of oil and gas fields has increasingly required the use of long continuous lengths of stainless-steel and nickel alloy tubing for: • Hydraulic control • Instrumentation • Chemical injection The benefits of this tubular technology have resulted in reduced operating costs,

Materials & Capabilities To satisfy your application and environmental needs, they utilize a variety of metals including, but not limited to: top grade spring steels, specialty stainless, Nickel and other alloys. Their engineering team continues to explore and develop the best processes for their customers’ applications to provide optimal solutions. In addition to their machining and stamping processes, they offer water jet service, which enables them to be very competitive in running specific custom design work with short turnaround times. Should your application require it, Belleville International can provide special finishing processes, coatings, and tensile, non-destructive and load versus deflection type tests. The Engineering staff at Belleville International offers a number of services including design assistance, helical and coil spring conversions and quick turnaround prototyping from inception to delivery. Their Sales, Customer Service, Production and Quality Assurance personnel are always ready to handle customer’s needs with top priority and unparalleled attention to detail. Their staff is waiting to assist you and can be reached at 877-235-5384. For more information, visit, email info@ or stop by Booth #11014. low maintenance. In addition to their use on new oil/water separators, a number of mounting systems are available, which enable oil skimmers to be retrofitted onto existing oil/water separators. Customers are pleased with the results of the addition of the Model 6V and the Model 5H to their oil/water separators. By using Oil Skimmers skimming units on their separators, they save time and money by not having to use the traditional oil removal methods. Also, the addition of these systems has eased the environmental concern of oil discharge and eliminated the problems of many separators. See a live demonstration of the Model 6V at Booth #10063. Contact Oil Skimmers, Inc. at 800-200-4603, or visit improved recovery methods and reduced capital expenditure by connecting downhole valves and chemical injection with remote and satellite wells to a fixed or floating central operating platform. Fine Tubes offers coiled control line in stainless steel and nickel alloys. Their products are used in the following applications: • Downhole hydraulic control lines • Downhole chemical injection lines • Subsea control lines for hydraulic power and chemical injection • Smoothbore control lines used in fibreoptic applications



(continued from page 1)

Kyle Evans as Production Manager of the facility and Aida Mejia as the new Quality Manager. Along with these changes, Julian Villarin has taken over as head of the Sales and Marketing of this division. The division has modified its current quality system and just recently been recertified by WCS Management Systems for ISO 9001-2008 Certification. The division is primarily supported by its staff of highly qualified CNC Programmers, Machinists and Quality Inspection personnel. This division currently has 22 computer controlled machining centers and nine manual machines that offer support for the operations. Management is presently in the process of researching various new


(continued from page 8)

with a talented staff has enabled them to exceed their mission. Their existing product count is now at 10 with six registered trademarks and seven U.S. patents to date. As noted, RigPower is “Creating New Industry Standards.” They maintain a large inventory and have a knowledgeable and responsive staff. These factors have made RigPower products the connector of choice for most large rig manufacturers. Despite their rapid rise in popularity, their growth has been controlled to ensure the quality of their products will never be less than the very best. RigPower, LLC connectors consist of the following product series: • The RMP II series Ratings in 40 degrees Ambient

WORKSITE LIGHTING (continued from page 13)

light towers, air compressors and pressure washers rated for Class 1, Division 2 Areas. WorkSite Lighting has custom designed products for the U.S. Coast Guard, NASA, Lockheed, and a long list of companies operating in harsh and critical environments. WSL’s client list includes DOW Chemical, Exxon, Valero, BHP, and Shell, just to name a few that have chosen WorkSite’s prod-


(continued from page 53)

hoping the weather is kind for the offshore installation phase.” The offshore phase of the work scope commenced in late September and despite the constraints of the weather, the installation of the exhaust stack, support tower, and tie back restraints was once again carried out in a safe, professional manner with no incidents. On completion of the offshore installation the project team sent further praise to the DSL personnel:

pieces of equipment to further enhance the operations of this division. This division can handle parts weighing ounces up to 20,000 pounds and can support all aspects of turning, drilling and milling of product of this size. This division is also supported by all three of the forging facilities of the Forged Components Inc. group of operations. This division can access engineered designed forgings that will support all of the materials required within the Oil & Gas and Subsea markets with a focus on the carbon grades, 4000 series and stainless grades of material. For all of your forging and machining requirements, let FCI Subsea Inc. and Forged Components Inc. handle all of your product needs. For more information, stop by Booth #6142. • The Secure Mount series • The Safe Stab series • The Quick Stab series • The Quad Stab series • The MCC-1 series • The VFD-1 series • The MC-20 series • The HP-20 series • The Phase-Lock sequential locking system.

Isn’t it time to make the switch? Don’t settle for old connector technology. Demand the future in connector design. Demand Genuine “RigPower” Electrical Connectors by Name For more information, contact RigPower at 10345 South Perdue Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70814; Call 255-2728000, fax 225-272-8830, email sales at or visit www ucts to mitigate their risk to personnel and assets. Their LED explosion-proof light fixtures and temporary power distribution units are in use by companies worldwide that demand the best products with superior support. Let them provide you with a cutting-edge product that increases the safety, productivity and efficiency you require. A Lighting and Power Specialist can be reached toll-free at 877-505-1896, 225-313-3711, www.worksitelighting .com or at OTC Booth #106. “This major milestone for the Thistle power upgrade, as confirmed by the OIM’s note, has been executed in a safe and controlled manner. “The project team would like to thank everyone involved for their patience and excellent team work which has contributed significantly to the successful implementation of this key piece of work. “Please convey our thanks to the DSL / Hydrus / SEL teams who have been working alongside the project team and Hydrus since the start of the work at Montrose Harbour.”

Offshore Industry News - May 5, 2013 - Houston, TX  

Offshore Industry News - May 5, 2013 - Houston, TX - distributed during the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference

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