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Monday September 10, 2012

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3-D Optical Microscopy Improves End-Product Lifetime and Function

Fred V. Fowler Company Inc.: A Message from Fowler President David Francis

$1.69 Billion in Energy Costs has been Saved by Orion Energy Systems’ Customers

Measuring surface topography and the size and shape of microscopic surface features is an important requirement in manufacturing industries. The surface topography of many components, such as automobile engine shafts and medical implants, is absolutely critical to proper part function and longevity. Quantitative 3-D microscopy (based on white light interferometry) remains one of the most accurate, repeatable and versatile methods for precision surface metrology.

Now in our 65th year the Fred V. Fowler Company is globally recognized as one of today’s leading suppliers of high quality inspection, leveling, control and calibration equipment. Since 1946, we have been dedicated to supplying the most innovative products available anywhere in the world. Our company’s long-standing affiliations with other industry leaders such as Wyler, Sylvac, Bowers and Trimos have

Orion’s pledge to customers is simple but powerful: Reduce energy consumption without compromise and with no financial or technology risk. Orion’s customer base includes 144 Fortune 500 companies, many of which have called on Orion multiple times. Coca-Cola, for example, has 372 completed projects with Orion. Other world-renowned corporations with multiple Orion projects include Toyota

SOMOS NeXt Customization and Durability ‘On Tap’ at 3 Floyds Brewing

Reis Robotics: The World Leader in System Integration

Search. Compare. Stay Informed.

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The Challenge: Creating a specialized beer tapper for seasonal brews that can hold up to the abuse of constant use in a bar setting. When the creative masterminds behind 3 Floyds Brewing Company developed their business, they were looking for ways to provide a quality beer to the region, while keeping true to the craft. It’s apparent to anyone walking into their facility (or sampling their beer) that continued on page 61

Melin Tool Offers a Variety of Cutting Tools to Customers

Melin Tool is a solid round cutting tool manufacturer focusing on the industrial metalworking industry that produces high quality, consistent and reliable performing products and support services. Melin’s product range and manufacturing capabilities are the widest in its field in tool style; in size offerings; and in base materials and includes high performance and conventional geometries of end mills, drills, thread mills, countersinks and custom designed specials. Family owned and operated since 1940, Melin began as one of the early manufacturers

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Reis Robotics is a leading worldwide technology company that designs and builds robots and provides complete turn-key system integration services. With more than 55 years of engineering innovation and proven manufacturing solutions, Reis offers a broad product line of robots, peripheral modules and services for automation systems in all major application fields: • Welding and Cutting • Die-Casting and Foundry • Laser Cutting and Welding • Palletizing • Handling • Injection Molding

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Quickmill’s ANNIHILATOR Machines, Taking the Market by Storm

Quickmill has been a leading manufacturer of large area CNC Machining Centers for the metal cutting and fabrication industries around the world for more than 25 years. With large, flexible table sizes, high horsepower spindles and complete turnkey solutions, Quickmill is your answer for the high quality precision and reliability needed to compete in today’s marketplace. From their facility in Peterborough,

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Driven by competition and cost pressures, engineering, technical and industrial professionals are facing an increased need for immediate information. That demand to work faster – and smarter - has resulted in a heightened reliance on the Internet in every step of the work process, from researching standards, to searching for technical application ideas, comparing products and suppliers, and requesting price quotes and purchasing components. Case in point: 75 percent of engineers and industrial professionals spend three or more hours per week on the Internet for work-related purposes, and

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Manufacturing Technology Today

Monday, September 10, 2012

Manufacturing Technology Today

Radwell International / Buy, Sell, Repair Guaranteed to Make Your Job Easier

Radwell / offer an inventory that includes a wide selection of parts from more than 13,000 different manufacturers. They stock more than 7.2 million different items with a retail value more than $1 billion. Their repair capabilities are supported by a staff of talented engineers and repair technicians who have more than 1,200 custom test fixtures at their disposal. Their extensive surplus inventory allows them to provide an advanced ex-

change option in addition to regular repairs for many items. Simply send them your broken unit and they will send you a replacement or repair it with a full 12 month warranty. Today, Radwell employs more than 500 people and has customers all over the world. Radwell’s customer base continues to expand and Radwell / is determined to create the best industrial repair, distribution and surplus automation company

EDM Network will Showcase Three New Products at IMTS

EDM Network will be introducing its latest 6 Axis Edm Driller AH64c that has full submerged drilling capabilities for faster drilling and clean ‘Break through,’ leaving no burrs on the exit side. The AH64c also has the optional 2 1/2 axis machining capability to allow for side machining to open up an undersized hole, improve the surface finish inside the hole, and also to Micro Edm tough materials using electrodes as small as .010 inch diameter.

An independent publication not affiliated with any other organization Gary Cox Publisher Steve Cox Senior Associate Publisher

in the world. They strive to offer the highest in reliability. Radwell truly cares about their customers and their vendors and they work tirelessly as a family to provide the best service possible. They continued on page 64

In addition, they will be exhibiting their new HE65GT high speed Graphite and Steel milling machine equipped with their exclusive graphite ‘Oil Shroud’ system that eliminates the vacuum system for collecting the graphite dust. The Oil Shroud completely surrounds the cutting area in an oil shower to catch all of the graphite dust and run it through the filtration system. The HE comes standard with the Chmer cnc control with optional Heidenhain and Seimens cnc controls. EDM Network will also be exhibitcontinued on page 76

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6979 East Broadway Blvd., Suite 109 Tucson, AZ 85710 phone: (520) 722-2000 fax: (520) 722-2014

Manufacturing Technology Today

Monday, September 10, 2012

Total Metrology Software Solutions by AAT

Applied Automation Technologies, Inc. of Rochester Hills, Mich. is celebrating their 25th year in developing CAD based metrology software. CAPPS, ‘Computer Aided Part Programming System’ was first introduced in 1987 as the first online software with 3-D graphics interface. Today, the CAPPS system produces several metrology products to help run any Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) as a standard measurement software as well as on any NC manufacturing machine as an ‘In Process’ measurement

software. With a very powerful offline and online programming capabilities, a DMIS program is generated very quickly from a CAD model and can be executed on any CMM or NC machine in real time. This capability provides total correlation between the manufacturing and quality control departments. CappsDMIS is CMM metrology software for both the software upgrade of older machines and the OEM markets for new machines. It boasts one of the industry’s largest libraries of direct interfaces

for existing CMMs so retrofitting existing equipment is plug and play. In addition CAPPS-DMIS continues to maintain a leading edge position by running the latest probe technology such as the 5 axis probing and scanning heads with PH20

13th New Product Design for 2012 Meridian Cable is delighted to announce the successful completion of its 13th newly design product for 2012! The cable assembly is for retail security and will be used by a national chain to secure product from theft. Their customer needed a product that was cosmetically pleasing, able to withstand the rigor of a retail display environment and go from concept to production in four months. Meridian succeeded on all counts. This product is similar to many that Meridian produces. These are new prod-

ucts, designed by Meridian specifically for their customer, to solve a problem or create a product that does not currently exist. Who knew cable assemblies needed such design effort? They did, and they can do the same for your product requirements. As a full service designer and manufacturer of custom cable assemblies Meridian Cable excels at understanding your problem and delivering a solution. With more than 25 years of cable assembly design and manufacturing they have a wealth of knowledge that is in-

comparable. They have designed unique solutions for the medical, industrial control, telecommunications, military, retail security and broadcast industries, and many more. Meridian Cable’s design services include cable design, PCB design, enclosure design, strain relieving design and over molding design. They have more than 10 engineers, mechanical and electrical, solely dedicated to the design of custom cable solutions. Using the latest


and REVO, non-contact laser scanners, and vision probes within the same application. This allows CappsDMIS to manage multiple types of sensors within the same program. AAT is demonstrating CappsDMIS on a 4 axis CMM equipped with three different sensors running from the same program. This machine has a Renishaw SP25 analog scanning probe, Zephyr laser scanning sensor from Kreon and a vision probe with CCD camera from Deva. In addition to any coordinate measuring machines, CappsDMIS can also continued on page 64

3-D engineering software they can deliver solutions rapidly and cost effectively. Their vast industry knowledge combined with their best in class engineering capabilities is why their customers use them as an extension of their engineering team. They have a complete, turnkey production facility that works integrally with their design team. They start by extruding their own cable. The strength of any cable assembly starts with the raw cable. They extrude cable in-house which ensures you get the design you need and the quality is built in from the first strand. The raw cable then passes to a production facility continued on page 76


Manufacturing Technology Today

ixmation: Solving Your Puzzle for Worldwide Assembly and Test Equipment

Who is ixmation? ixmation is comprised of several companies worldwide. Each company has specific technologies that complement others within the group. This is an important aspect since the requirements of such a collaboration far exceed traditional organizations. ixmation companies, with nearly 500 experts and specialists, have developed protocols that consolidate a wealth of knowledge into one entity. This unique platform provides ixmation with the resources to serve the

needs of a diverse global market.

Vision ixmation, as your professional automation partner, endeavors to be the first place industry leaders call, supporting customers in continental and global markets. Their customers include automotive suppliers and manufacturers of medical devices, computers, electronics, consumer goods and alternative energy sources.

JMT Serves Up Service Along with Their Precision Machine Tools

JMT machines sport a distinctive flexing arm muscle logo with the motto “Strong on Service” extending out from the bicep. From its beginnings, JMT has given an extra emphasis on service. Currently staffing several in-house and field service technicians at their headquarters, they also offer service training to the dozens

of distributors they sponsor across the United States. The motto means more than just the repair aspect of service, though, according to Operations and Service Manager Jared Peterson; it also refers to customer service. “We are strong on taking care of our customers,” Peterson said. “Happy customers are re-

Monday, September 10, 2012 Objective ixmation is qualified to meet their customers’ high level of expectations regarding quality, precision, productivity and flexibility with custom-made, economical equipment solutions.

Markets ixmation is recognized in six strong industries worldwide as a leading provider of automated assembly and testing solutions. In serving continental and global industry clients, ixmation provides high-quality custom solutions with full operations capabilities and service suppeat customers. We are looking for a lifelong relationship with them.” JMT is also about quality, according to a company press release: “Our machines are built to extremely stringent standards by the largest volume press brake producer and the most respected manufacturer of sheet metal and fabrication machinery in the world. JMT products utilize the most modern techniques in design and engineering, and are equipped with proven quality components.” Those quality components are from world-renown manufacturers such as

port that covers your every need. For more information, call (630) 351-3000, visit or stop by Booth #E-4236. Rexroth, Siemens and Schneider. JMT believes in using parts that are readily available off the shelf from local suppliers, allowing customers to easily maintain their own machines. With a nationwide distributor network in place, support in sales, service and parts is often just a local phone call away. The plant that builds JMT’s equipment staffs 75 R&D and product engineers who keep the designs continually in development, making JMT products some of the most accurate and cuttingedge machines available on the market. continued on page 64

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Monday, September 10, 2012

MicronfilterUSA – Solutions for Mist Collection, Coolant Filtration, Dry Dust Collection

MicronfilterUSA provides innovative solutions for difficult problems related to mist collection, dust/odor collection and coolant filtration in the machining industry. Let their experienced solution providers work with your team and solve the difficult filtration problems facing your business today. The Micronfilter mist collection products range from the MICROIL series with its dynamically balanced turbine blade that will not vibrate to the innovative KUBE design which is not only aesthetically pleasing but allows for fast and

easy installation when using their vertical installation kit. Their ELEKTRA series is designed for heavy smoke applications and their large ECOTECH design is suitable for large machining centers or a multiple machine installation. The Micronfilter coolant filtration products include their EASYBAND indexing media filter, their innovative inclined bed EVOTECH gravity filter which allows for more efficient use of media. Each design can be fitted with the KALAMIT magnetic filter to remove ferrous material and provide pre-filtration. The DEEP series uti-

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. Features Reliability by Design at IMTS 2012

Reliability by Design means Muratec turning systems are built to offer years of precision performance. Visitors to IMTS 2012 will have the opportunity to see the latest from this respected brand and to revisit some customer favorites. The Muratec brand of reliable, single-

and twin-spindle automated turning centers, produced by Murata Machinery USA Inc.’s Machine Tool Turning Division, is known for innovative technology and compact designs. The innovative turning centers offer high productivity with intelligent gantry-loader material-handling.


lizes a deeper inclined bed design for finer filtration. The SPIN design is their innovative automatic self cleaning design that uses no filtration media and finally their MAXFLOW design is for large volume coolant filtration up to 425 GPM. All of their coolant filter products can be customized to your exact specifications; Micronfilter can modify their systems to include high pressure pumps, coolant chillers, special tanks and post filtration. Other products include the Micronfilter QUAD which is a portable smoke and odor removal system which is ideal for welding of fumes created by a

process. The SHARP is specifically for spot grinding applications and their self cleaning, back pulsing AIRJET dry dust collector is available in either a smaller portable design on wheels or large free standing unit for up to 3,800 scfm. All Micronfilter products are manufactured in their state of the art facility with a high tech CNC controlled Salvagnini bending, forming and punching machine. Utilizing this automated equipment assures accuracy, consistency and repeatability in quality. At MicronfilterUSA, they are solution providers and offer 30 trials on all their products to assure that you… the customer are happy with your purchase. Call them today to review your application. For more information, call 860-4320248, visit or stop by Booth #E-5295.

Muratec’s automated CNC lathes are ideal for industries that depend on precision, high-speed turning machines. All Muratec turning centers incorporate environmentally friendly, semi-dry cutting features to reduce dust, oil mist and odor for a safer work environment. At IMTS 2012, Murata will intro-

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duce its new MW40 Twin Spindle CNC Turning Center. Show attendees can see the MW40 in action for the first time at Booth #S-8874. Ideal for super-precision small parts, the MW40GTYMC has a maximum workpiece size of 50 millimeter deep by 90 millimeter long. The Y axis stroke is plus-or-minus 25 millimeter with live tool capability. For ultimate precision, the MW40 has less than five microns of thermal displacement. Other Muratec lathes being shown at IMTS include the MW120G. A popular

Manufacturing Technology Today

Monday, September 10, 2012

SKF Solution Factory Opens in Cleveland

SKF has announced the grand opening of the SKF Solution Factory in the Cleveland area, a venue designed to equip customers with value-added solutions and industry knowledge. This new facility is the second to open in the United States, joining a growing network of SKF Solution Factories worldwide. “The SKF Solution Factory is another way for us to provide customers with the resources they need to meet machinery performance and operating effi-

ciency goals,” said Poul Jeppesen, President and CEO of SKF North America. “We are pleased to bring this state-of-theart facility and its unique portfolio of services to this region.” The SKF Solution Factory in Cleveland provides access to SKF’s diverse technical resources for machine productivity solutions. The facility offers an extensive range of services, including bearing application support, customized machined sealing solutions, spindle and

North American Introduction at IMTS: DATRON C5 for Simultaneous, 5-axis, High-Speed Milling of Small Parts

At IMTS this year, DATRON Dynamics will launch the new ‘DATRON C5’ highspeed milling machine – the best solution for cost-effective, high-precision, simultaneous, 5-axis machining of small parts. This will be the first demonstration of this machine in North America. The DATRON C5 was developed

specifically for precise, simultaneous 5axis milling of small parts. Its ability to machine titanium and steel (in addition to non-ferrous metals and abrasive materials) makes it ideally suited to applications in a variety of industries including machining medical components and micro mold making. The C5 accommodates

ball screw repair, mechanical equipment services, engineering consultancy, remote diagnostics and monitoring, and a full spectrum of training courses and seminars. This new SKF Solution Factory serves a wide range of industries, including machine tool, food and beverage, mining, and metals, among others. The facility is located at 670 Alpha Drive, Highland Heights, Ohio 44143. parts up to 100 millimeters in diameter and is capable of producing highly-complex geometries. The low-vibration design delivers superior surface finishes while the rigid 48,000 RPM spindle, precision ball screws and Heidenhain linear scales provide industry-leading accuracy. With a 22-station tool changer, integrated tool-length measurement and a


The other SKF Solution Factory in the United States is located in Houston. SKF is a leading global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems, and services which include technical support, maintenance and reliability services, engineering consulting and training. SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 15,000 distributor locations worldwide. Annual sales in 2011 were $9.8 billion and the number of employees was 46,039. For more information, visit www or stop by Booth #E-5842. footprint of only 1 m² the C5 delivers efficient 5-axis machining while taking up very little floor space – which is at a premium these days. The C5’s short setup times and low energy consumption of less than 2.5 kWh average results in efficiency and R.O.I. This machine fits through a standard 36 inch door making it ideal for labs and cleanroom environments. About DATRON DATRON Dynamics is the continued on page 64


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Monday, September 10, 2012

IMTS Booth #N-6981 OSHA Training Yaskawa Releases the P1000 Institute Education Centers Variable Speed Drive The OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Centers are a national network of nonprofit organizations authorized by OSHA to deliver occupational safety and health training to private sector workers, supervisors, and employers. These organizations are selected through a competitive process based upon their occupational safety and health training experience. The OTI Education Centers offer courses and seminars on a variety of safety and health topics. They also support the OSHA training mission through other safety and health programs, including community outreach efforts, courses offered in Spanish, and various youth initiatives. The OTI Education Centers help to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by providing training on hazard recognition and avoidance to workers, employers and safety professionals. Program Benefits • Participants receive training on safety and health hazard recognition and abatement

• OSHA authorized safety and health training is available at convenient locations nationwide • OTI Education Centers offer customized training schedules and formats • Contract training courses can be delivered at off-site locations and/or with an industry specific focus • Some training courses are available in Spanish to meet organizational needs • Some courses offer professional development opportunities, including Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and/or Certification Maintenance (CM) Points

Program Background The OTI Education Centers Program was created to meet the growing demand for private sector training received at the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) in Arlington Heights, Ill. While OTI provides training designed for Federal and State compliance officers, and State consultation program staff, the OTI Education Centers continued on page 64

WAUKEGAN, Ill. — The Drives and Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. announces the release of the P1000 variable speed drive. The P1000 drive provides simple, reliable, cost-effective control for variable-torque loads through 500 HP and planned expansion through 1000 HP later this year. Specific application features, energy savings, and network connectivity make the P1000 a great choice for industrial fans and pumps. Exceptional quality is the hallmark of Yaskawa products. Yaskawa drives have demonstrated extremely high reliability with an average MTBF (mean time between failure) of 28 years or more. 1000 series drive products take reliability to the next level with a calculated design life that is twice as long as previous generations. User-friendly configuration tools, including a multi-language LCD display with a real-time clock, parameter storage, fan and pump application presets, and a portable USB copy unit make programming and configuration simple. DriveWizard computer software delivers configuration, monitoring, and trending functions enhanced by direct connectivity through the

P1000’s standard USB port. A significant quantity of control points are included as standard. For applications requiring more functionality, the A1000 offers three expansion ports for additional I/O, feedback, and network communications, including DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, ProfibusDP, PROFINET, BACnet, and Lonworks. Energy efficiency is maximized with variable speed control, and the P1000’s integrated 12 pulse version reduces harmonic demand from the power system, contributing to a cleaner environment. Additionally, all materials used in the P1000 comply with the directive for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). The P1000 drive is available in 200-240VAC Three Phase 50/60 Hz (up to 175 HP), 380-480VAC Three Phase 50/60 Hz (up to 500 HP), and 500600VAC Three Phase 50/60Hz (up to 250 HP) ratings. All ratings are available in a Flange configuration that allows for mounting the drive with its heatsink out the back of any Type 12 enclosure. In addition, the P1000 is designed for use around the world, and carries agency certifications for all major geographical regions.


Manufacturing Technology Today

DCM Style Grinding Outperforms Conventional Surface Grinding

DCM manufactures vertical spindle rotary surface grinders (blanchard style) that are designed to grind workpieces with a flat open surface. Whether for heavy stock removal or finish grinding crystal materials, the DCM line of surface grinders has proven to provide effective

results across the spectrum of surface grinding applications. Where DCM machines diverge from conventional horizontal spindle reciprocating table surface grinders is in two areas: wheel orientation and table action. The DCM vertical spindle presents the

September 10-16, 2012 grinding wheel in a way that the diameter of the wheel becomes the effective grinding area. Our largest wheel configuration is 15" in diameter. Basically, material is removed from the entire surface of a part with each pass under this wheel diameter face, similar to the action of grass passing under a lawn mower blade. The rotary table action of the DCM grinders presents the part to the grinding wheel on a circular path. This creates a grinding action that removes material with each pass under

the grinding wheel. Let’s say the table is rotating 30 RPM as the grinding head is feeding down on the z axis at .006" IPM and it is required to remove .036" of material. This process would take 6 minutes regardless of the surface area of the parts on the table. Here’s how: The wheel downfeed on the z axis is .006" IPM. To travel .036" it will take six minutes. As this downward wheelfeed occurs, the part(s) are passing through the 15" diameter effective grinding area and material is being removed from the entire face of the part(s) with each pass under the grinding wheel 30 times/minute (30 RPM table speed). By these paramaters, the machine is removing .0002" of stock with each pass of the part under the grinding wheel (.006"/minute/30 table revolutions/minute = .0002"/revolution). Many applications allow much faster feedrates, in some cases as fast as . 070" IPM! A horizontal spindle reciprocating table grinder presents the grinding wheel “on end”, like a lawn mower blade running upright. (Would you mow your lawn this way? No, it would take forever.) The effective grinding area is significantly less and it takes many passes of the table under this narrow effective grind area to complete work. Top of the line DCM rotary grinders utilize servo driven ballscrews for positioning accuracy within .0001". In batch grinding multiple parts, part size is going to be consistent without having to make light finish passes. Grinding wheel breakdown on a DCM rotary grinder does not create taper in the parts like a reciprocating grinder can after the length and width of the parts pass aggressively under the grinding wheel. Another benefit of DCM rotary grinders: In applications where grind/lap/polish is required, some DCM customers have justified DCM rotary grinders by significantly reducing or eliminating lapping. The variable speed spindle, table and feedrate control can create surface finishes that rival lapped finishes. By performing in one operation what previously required two operations, a manufacturer can save time and space by reducing or eliminating lapping time and equipment. DCM rotary grinders are a clear choice where speed, accuracy and/or surface finish are critical. For more information, stop by IMTS Booth #N-6466, call 800-533-5339 or visit

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Zygo Receives Order in Excess of $3 Million From Major Medical Device Company for High Precision Lens Assemblies

MIDDLEFIELD, Conn., — Zygo Corporation (Nasdaq:ZIGO), a worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments and high

precision optical systems, announced that its Optical Systems Division was awarded an order in March valued at more than $3 mil-

Optimet Receives ISO13485:2003 Certification for Medical Devices

Optimet, Optical Metrology Ltd., a leader in 3-D digitizing solutions for dental CAD/CAM applications, is pleased to announce that it has received an ISO 13485:2003 certification for Medical Devices. ISO 13485 specifies a comprehensive Quality Management System for the development, manufacturing, installation and servicing of medical devices. This international standard approval reflects Optimet’s commitment and capability to provide advanced 3-D digitizing solutions for dental and medical applications, which meet the regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices. This approval is in addition to Optimet’s existing ISO 9001:2008 certification. “We are pleased to receive the ISO 13485 certification, as a further step and reinforcement of the quality commitment of our 3-D digitizing and scanning solutions for dental procedures” said Freddy Paz, Optimet VP Marketing and Sales. “We are proud of our contribution to technology based solutions which facilitate the advancement of present and future digital dentistry. This is an inde-

pendent confirmation of the quality management of our solutions and compliance with industry and regulatory standards. Optimet’s state-of-the-art systems are already widely used in high accuracy digitizing for implant based restoration as well as other advanced dental CAD/CAM restorative procedures. We have a strategic commitment to continue to develop cost effective and technology based products and solutions for Digital Dentistry applications”. About Optimet & Newport Group Optimet provides state-of-the-art 3-D measurement systems and sensors with up to sub-micron precision. Optimet systems are actively used by Optimet partners worldwide for off line and inprocess Inspection and Metrology in Automotive, Aerospace, LCD/PDP and other industries. Optimet provides the most innovative and precise 3-D scanner systems for the Dental CAD/CAM market. Optimet is a member of Newport Corporation, a world leader in photonics products and solutions.

Drake Manufacturing Promotes Jill Palumbo to Mechanical Engineering Manager

Drake Manufacturing Services Co., a Warren, Ohio, precision machine tool builder, has recently promoted Jill Palumbo to Mechanical Engineering Manager. Palumbo earned a BS in Chemical Engineering at Youngstown State University, and joined Drake in 1997 as a Systems Engineer. In this position she assisted in electrical systems design, CNC programming, machine runoffs, and customer training. In 2000, she was promoted to Project Engineer, managing machine assemblies from start to finish, and was involved with machine design, sourcing of materials and customer machine runoffs. Drake President, Jim Vosmik affirms, “Jill’s thread grinding process expertise, knowledge of our customers’ production requirements, and her intellectual curiosity are real assets in this key position.”

Drake Manufacturing Services Co. is recognized globally as a market leader for designing, building and servicing state-ofthe-art, precision CNC manufacturing systems for parts with form, index, and helix such as threads, worms and gear teeth and racks. Celebrating 40 years in business, Drake helps maximize productivity, improve quality and reduce production costs for a wide variety of demanding applications in the steering systems, power transmission, speed reducer, cutting tool, ball screw, linear motion and aerospace industries. Drake Manufacturing designs, builds and services state-of-the-art precision CNC grinding, rack milling and gear hobbing machines that help maximize productivity, improve quality and reduce production costs for a wide variety of demanding applications.

lion by a major medical device company to produce high precision lens assemblies. The order will be manufactured by Zygo’s Electro-Optics group in its Tucson, Ariz. and Costa Mesa, Calif. facilities. “Design and manufacture of complex high precision objective lenses across many markets is one of Zygo’s core competencies,” stated John Stack, President of the Optical Systems Division. “Our Electro-Optics group’s FDA registration and strict adherence to ISO


13485 medical device standards, combined with their precision manufacturing capabilities, establish Zygo as a manufacturer of choice for medical device companies seeking proven quality standards.” Zygo Corporation is a worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments, precision optics, and electro-optical design and manufacturing services serving customers in the semiconductor capital equipment, bio-medical, scientific and industrial markets.

Gan Li Joins Motion Control Company, Delta Computer Systems, Inc.

BATTLE GROUND, Wash., — Delta Computer Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that Gan Li has been appointed as its Asia Pacific Regional Sales Manager. Li will support Delta’s motion controller sales and distribution with a focus on China. Li’s more than 25 years of sales, business development, training, and program management experience in multiple market segments fits Delta’s customer base for this region very well. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English and has worked in both China and the United States for many years. Before joining Delta, Li worked at HP for 15 years in various capacities. He also did consulting work for business with sales and operations both in the U.S.

and in China. Li studied Physics at China’s Nanjing Normal University. He holds an MS in Information Technology from Western Oregon University and an MBA from Washington State University. The high performance motion control products that Delta designs, manufactures and markets are used worldwide for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed-loop control in a wide array of single and multi-axis applications, including testing, food, energy, automotive, entertainment, plastics, materials, aerospace, metals, forest products and others. For 30 years, Delta has supplied motion controllers, color sensors, and other industrial products that enable OEMs & integrators to build better machines.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

When Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band* Go on Tour, Columbus McKinnon’s American Made, CM Lodestar Goes with Them! AMHERST, N.Y., — As Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band take their “Wrecking Ball Tour” across North America and Europe, thousands of fans know to expect a smooth-running, highenergy show. When Springsteen wails, “Born in the USA! I was born in the USA!,” thousands of fists rise in the air and thousands of voices sing along. This moment of musical magic doesn’t happen spontaneously. It’s supported by truckloads of equipment and tons of gear, including heavy-duty rigging hoists that are


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48 percent average more than an hour a day online for work, according to the GlobalSpec 2012 Economic Outlook Survey. Make your time online more efficient and effective with GlobalSpec. More than seven million professionals rely on GlobalSpec as a trusted resource at all stages of the research, design and purchasing process – from product discovery and learning new applications, to designing products and staying abreast of the latest news and trends in the industry. Resources include:


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ingenuity and true enjoyment of what they do make them the superior operation they are. Rated “Best Brewer in the World” by RateBeer for the fourth year in a row, 3 Floyds’ demand keeps growing with news of their success spreading like wildfire and leading not only a full line of year-round beers, but to also craft specialty seasonal brews. To promote their seasonal efforts, 3 Floyds recently decided to create a specialized tapper to highlight the uniqueness of the beer. They wanted to experiment with a shorter, thicker design, but without the cost and long production time associated with making a traditional tapper—in case bartenders didn’t like the


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• TPV Extrusion • Battery Assembly • Photovoltaic Industry

Christopher Clark, Vice General Manager of Reis Robotics USA, states, “Reis Robotics is well known for our innovative solutions and products, and we are happy to announce the latest in Robot

also born in the USA—nine 2-ton and 25 1-ton Lodestar hoists, manufactured by Columbus McKinnon. Bruce Springsteen’s organization is known for its attention to detail and requirements for high-performance components. So it’s no wonder, their rigging crews select the superior design provided by CM Lodestar Chain Hoists. Lodestar hoists are known throughout the entertainment industry, from top-selling musical performers to international sporting competitions, for their strength, reliability

• – A dedicated online resource for the engineering, technical, industrial and manufacturing communities. Visit to browse products and suppliers, services and consultants in areas ranging from flow control and fluid transfer, to manufacturing and processing equipment, to motion and controls, and more. • E-newsletters – GlobalSpec publishes more than 70 product- and industry-specific e-newsletters designed for professionals like you. Free of charge, these publications provide a deeper, more precise look at your world. Learn more at:

and quiet operation. The Lodestar line has become the hoist of choice in entertainment due to four distinct design advantages. They meet international standards for quality, they provide quieter operation, they require less maintenance, and they offer easy access to the control panel for quick voltage changes. The CM Lodestar is one of more than two dozen powered chain hoists, wire rope hoists, manual hoists, and rigging products that Columbus McKinnon makes in the U.S. The company is the only major manufacturer of Americanmade manual and powered hoist products. Columbus McKinnon has chain and forging operations in Tennessee, as well as hoist production facilities in Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio. “We have focused on safe and efficient lifting for over a century and are proud of our achievements,” said Colum-

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bus McKinnon President and CEO Timothy T. Tevens. “It has been especially gratifying to work in the entertainment industry, where American quality and craftsmanship are recognized and rewarded. Our Lodestar hoists have been supporting the entertainment and other important industries with safe and productive, American-made lifting equipment for many years and for many years to come.” Headquartered in Amherst, N.Y., Columbus McKinnon is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer, and marketer of material handling systems and services, which efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position, or secure material. Key products include hoists, actuators, cranes, and lifting and rigging tools. With a rich 135-year tradition, the company is focused on commercial and industrial applications that require the safety and quality provided by its superior design and know-how.

nity for engineers and related professionals to get the latest news, ask questions and participate in discussions. Visit to participate.

For suppliers in the industrial space, GlobalSpec digital media offers solutions designed to deliver your message and product information to your target audience, generating awareness, demand and engagement opportunities among the professionals you are looking to reach. Want to learn more? Visit them this week at IMTS 2012 – Booth #E-3100 – and discover how GlobalSpec can help you meet your goals.

new style—and needed it to withstand the abuse of regular bar use. Typical 3 Floyds beer tappers are constructed of a ceramic exterior (that is created from a mold) with a foam core that is then painted. Their tendency to chip over time is highly visible, requiring replacement every two to three months. The Solution: Exact Prototyping, with the help of Somos NeXt stereolithography resin, developed a durable, functional beer tapper for 3 Floyds’ seasonal brew. When Jason Mitchell, President of Exact Prototyping, heard about 3 Floyds Brewing Company from an employee, he decided to take a trip to see what all the hype was about. He began talking with them and noting how much he liked their beer tappers.

As the discussion progressed, Jason learned of 3 Floyds’ interest in making a special beer tapper for their limited edition brews. Stereolithography was an unfamiliar concept to them, but he explained that the technology could provide the speed and precision they required, and the right material would provide the durability. Jason suggested SOMOS NeXt — a next generation stereolithography material specially designed for the production of tough, complex parts. 3 Floyds agreed to give the concept a try. Working together with Exact Prototyping, a CAD-type file was created and a solid part, made from SOMOS NeXt, was produced, painted and added to their bar in just one week from start to finish. “These tappers really reflect 3

Floyds’ ‘not normal’ brand and have greater durability than anything else we have used,” says Barnaby Struve, Vice President of 3 Floyds Brewing Company. After six months of constant use, 3 Floyds’ custom design is still ‘on tap,’ with no chips and a thumbs-up from bartenders who like the look and feel. Thanks to the quick turnaround provided by stereolithography, combined with the accuracy and durability of SOMOS NeXt, it’s a solution that will now be repeated for more of the company’s limited production beers. For more information about DSM, visit or stop by Booth #N-6072. For more information about Exact Proto and 3 Floyds Brewing Company, visit or

Control Technology: the reisPad.” reisPAD: • Robot programming with Tablet PC • Innovation of worldwide importance • Touchscreen teach pendant presents virtual operating elements

-reisPAD - in tablet format. Your programmer now operates with a user interface without mechanical and electrical operating elements. Intuitive operation becomes possible by innovative, haptic elements at the edge of the screen. A large, scratch-resistant, 10.4 inch multi-touch display, low weight, balanced use for right/left operation, sharePAD for use by any number of robots and wireless teach are additional highlights of the reisPAD.

All functions (except Emergency Off and permission key) can be activated via the touch screen. The operating surface can be adapted specifically to task and system and to individual demand. Reis Robotics guarantees a safe function of the system by communication with the reis SafetyController. For more information, visit, or stop by Booth #N-6536.

Reis Robotics’ reisPAD sets new standards in programming and operation of robots. Reis presents the new control generation ROBOTstar-VI with the innovative portable teach pendant


Manufacturing Technology Today

Bridgeport GX 1000 OSP Fourth-Axis Rotary Options

Hardinge and Bridgeport make it easy to select and connect a rotary device to the vertical machining center for precision fourth-axis parts positioning. Hardinge fourth-axis rotary tables will increase the machine capability with rapid positioning speeds and fast job changeover. The rigid design characteristics of the machine and the quickchange spindle nose design of the rotary device offer a rugged and flexible fourth-axis machining option. The Bridgeport GX 1000 OSP high-performance machining center is unique to the Bridgeport family of mills as it incorporates the Okuma OSP P200 CNC control, encoders, motors, and drives. The GX 1000’s popularity has risen over the years as a true workhorse in the industry, and with the addition of the OSP P200 control, this machine offers even more performance capabilities. The advanced architecture of the OSP-P200 NC control enables access to almost any application and peripheral, including factory management systems, and will interface with bar coders, feeders, robots, probes and tool setters to help streamline production. The stiff and thermally stable spindle, rigid C-frame fixed column design, and fixed pre-tensioned double nut ball screws on all axes of the machining center, provide superior rigidity, accuracy and repeatability.


interface with portable arms and laser trackers. CappsNC is the ‘In Process Measurement’ software for NC machines. CappsNC is also generated from the same CAPPS system as the CappsDMIS software therefore it shares the same programming and reporting environment. As the demand to manufacture more complex parts with higher accuracy at lower costs is increasing, measuring parts where they are made is becoming very important and more common practice in the industry. CappsNC is the perfect solution for having precise and quick ‘In Process’ measurement capability on the same machine where the part is being manufactured. CappsNC can be to help with many applications but most significant benefits can be itemized in three categories: Part Setup: Especially for large parts such as the case for aerospace or large die manufacturing for automotive, part setup could take a long time while the machine is in idle. Using CappsNC this could be reduced to a minimum time. For small part manufacturing and multi operation processing, CappsNC helps detect the

Hardinge provides a smooth integration of their precision rotary tables into the GX 1000 OSP, to operate in a fully interpolated fashion with the other axes of the machine. Hardinge rotary packages include the Okuma motor and cables to connect via fourth-axis to the new, prewired Bridgeport GX 1000 vertical machining center with an OSP control. The new Bridgeport VMC must be prewired to accept the rotary package. Rotary systems can also be operated using just the Hardinge servo control if true fourth-axis is not required. Hardinge has a large selection of rotary products that are compatible with the Bridgeport GX 1000 OSP machining center including single and multi-spindle units. Hardinge rotary products incorporate an A2-4, A2-5 or 5C threaded-nose collet-ready spindle that will accept collets, expanding collets, step chucks and chucks (as well as the traditional faceplate) to expand part gripping capabilities and improve part accuracies. The generous 44.09 x 21.25” machine table provides plenty of room for a rotary table and a vise to allow maximum job flexibility. Together Hardinge and Bridgeport provide a reliable, versatile and flexible package to take on multiple machining applications. For more information, call their Workholding group at 800-843-8801.

precise part locations could be detected automatically. The work offsets calculated can be automatically uploaded to the NC controller for fully automated processes.

Automation Feedback: Using CappsNC with its direct feedback capability, certain parameters such as part surface profile deviations can be written into any address of the controller. This allows a ‘closed loop metrology’ to help adapt the manufacturing process automatically. Complete Measurement Reports: Using CappsNC enables to apply total CMM capability directly on the NC machine. This eliminates the need to move the part back and forth between the CMM and NC. Especially for large part manufacturing, there may not even be an option to move the part to an external measuring machine. For mass production, just measuring a few control features would not only generate inspection reports for all the parts but also provides a statistical view of the manufacturing cycles. Please visit Applied Automation Technologies, Inc. in Booth #E-3324 to see a demonstration and to find a directory of other booths that are showcasing our CappsNC and CappsDMIS metrology products.

Monday, September 10, 2012


(continued from page 4)

continuously improve due to your feedback so they greatly welcome your suggestions and comments. Customer


(continued from page 16)

Their standard press brakes have an accuracy of ± .0004 inch. Their hybrid press brakes are 10 times more precise, with an accuracy of ± .00004 inch (one Micron). Press brakes are a passion at JMT. Their entry-level precision press brake line (AD-R model) has the best performance-to-price ratio of any CNC press brake in the world. In 2012 they launched their “We Are Press Brakes” campaign in a series of magazine advertisements that prominently featured their toll-free number spelling ‘855Press-Brake’ and listing one of their websites, Along with press brakes, JMT also sells and services plate rolls, angle rolls, shears, turret punch presses,


(continued from page 33)

North American partner of DATRON AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange DAR:GR), manufacturer of innovative, high-speed machining solutions. DATRON Dynamics is a complete local sales, service and support division for DATRON with distribution partners throughout North America. DATRON helps customers succeed by providing complete machining, workholding, tooling and automation


(continued from page 36)

provide training for private sector personnel and personnel from federal agencies other than OSHA. The program began with four organizations selected in 1992.

MURATA MACHINERY (continued from page 25)

machine with additional versatility, the MW120G features custom gauge design and integration by Murata Machinery. The unit’s B-axis and camera eliminate a rechuck station, which saves cycle time. The MW120G offers ultimate flexibility in an 8 inch chuck machine. Among the variety of feed systems designed by Murata Machinery, the MW50GT and MW50GT-B feature a GT swivel-style gantry for flexible load/unload and a workpiece size of 50 millimeter deep by 50 millimeter long. A gang-style tooling block facilitates fast and efficient tool-to-tool times. The MW400 Twin Spindle CNC turning center provides exceptional rigidity and high precision processing to achieve greater productivity. Designed with column/turret bar construction, the

service is their number one priority and the Radwell / Team look forward to supporting your needs. For more information, visit or stop by Booth #E-4489.

plasma cutters and several other types of machine tools. They offer both hands-on and video-based training for all of their machines. Service, quality, availability, technology, affordability, variety and training – they all contribute to JMT’s dedication to being a recognized and respected leader in the sales of metalworking machinery in the U.S. and beyond. Perhaps company president Kyle Jorgenson said it best in a quote that is featured on the front of every JMT catalog: “It’s difficult to compete in today’s world with yesterday’s technology. We have solutions.” For more information about JMT and their products, please visit them on the web at, email them at, call them toll-free at 855-773-7727 (855-PressBrake) or stop by Booth #N-6634. solutions. Through a commitment to innovative engineering that goes back more than 40 years, DATRON serves the world’s largest and most respected companies by means of integrated solutions, software, hardware and services. Industries served include electronic applications in thermal management parts, aerospace backlit panels, medical industry including micro fluidics, research and development laboratories including clean-room facilities, 3-D precision engraving and micro-hole drilling. How to Find Training? Each OTI Education Center posts its course offerings, schedule, fees and training locations on its own website. For a complete list of all OTI Education Centers, please visit current_list.html.

MW400 is Muratec’s largest automated machine with a 15 inch chuck capacity. Debuting at IMTS is a heavy-duty, highspeed, three-axis CNC controlled gantry loader that offers versatile automation for large parts. Murata flexibly serves its customers with expert engineering solutions to fit specific needs. From a 76,000-squarefoot facility in Charlotte, N.C., Murata’s knowledgeable engineering support staff customizes turning centers to fit the customer’s specific requirements. Visit them at IMTS Booth #S-8874 to learn how Murata Machinery USA can improve processes and enhance profitability with turnkey automation. Turn to Muratec for reliable, precision lathe automation. For more information on Murata Machinery’s Turning Division and Muratec lathes, visit or call 800-428-8469.



Manufacturing Technology Today

(continued from page 1)

Most recently, this technology is enabling users to examine behavior of materials over a range of timescales as they are worn due to constant contact with other components. For example, metal-on-metal implants have drawn attention for years for their tendency to produce debris due to friction, which then causes inflammation of the tissue surrounding the implant. Careful characterization of this wear is critical to

FRED V. FOWLER COMPANY INC. (continued from page 1)

helped us remain dynamic, responsive and at the forefront of our industry’s ever-changing demands. As North American manufacturers continue to produce products that are smaller, lighter, faster, more precise and just-in-time, Fowler continues to introduce important new tools designed to lead the way in inspection and measurement. Familiar items including calipers, micrometers, indicators, height gages and bore gages have been carefully redesigned with

ORION ENERGY SYSTEMS (continued from page 1)

Motor Mfg (9), Illinois Tool Works (21) and General Electric (44). Orion has completed projects at more than 8,200 locations and its technology and systems have covered more than 1.2 billion square feet. Orion, based in Manitowoc, Wis., specializes in energy management through the sale and implementation of

improving the long-term performance and stability of these products. 3-D optical profiling has been used extensively in this industry to improve implant form and function. Similarly, in the automotive industry, rotary dynamic sealing applications depend upon the fit between the shaft and the seals to avoid leakage and premature wear that can reduce performance and service life. Excessive roughness on the shaft can cause rapid wear on the seal, resulting in leakage. Today’s higher performance

seals and shafts need three-dimensional surface inspection, preferably over the entire area that will form the seal. Optical interferometry characterizes topographical information that makes it possible to provide 3-D measurements that represent a complete surface area rather than a single line. This approach is fast enough to support dense sampling and has been automated for shaft measurement applications so that results are operator-independent. Bruker’s 3-D optical microscopes

are ideal tools for many of these surface metrology applications because they provide non-contact, quantitative measurement with sub-nanometer resolution in the vertical (z) axis. Their high-speed operation has enabled them to successfully transition from a precision laboratory technology to a rugged, front-line industrial solution for quality control and process monitoring applications in a wide range of industries. For more information, visit or stop by Booth #E-5424.

state-of-the-art electronics to ensure compatibility with the latest in computer integrated manufacturing and control. Our newest and most advanced products include Fowler/Wyler levels which can measure critical applications with sensitivity to 0.2 arc seconds and give the operator readings using Bluetooth wireless data transmission. Fowler/Sylvac smart electronics have increased accuracy, longer battery life up to 10,000 hours and built-in functions including Min/Max/Delta/TOL/Factor and preset. Fowler/Bowers the world’s leader in bore gaging instruments has just intro-

duced a carbon fiber beam gage that is light enough, yet rigid enough for one operator to make interior and exterior measurements at a range of six feet (1900 millimeter) with amazing accuracy and repeatability. Our Fowler/Trimos Nano Calibration System is now fully automated in each XYZ axis and will repeat to four millionths of an inch. Should your laboratory go beyond a specified temperature range, don’t worry the Nano’s integrated temperature compensation system can be set to automatically call your smart phone. Beyond great products Fowler is

focused on people. Our technical fieldsales team our repair and service technicians and every Fowler associate from the front office to the distribution center is committed to the highest level of customer service and support. Our goal is to correctly process and ship each new order every day, no questions asked. With a strong commitment to innovative products and smart customer-focused people the Fowler Company is well positioned for continued strong growth for the next 65 years. Please stop by our IMTS Booth #E-5236 and see what’s new at Fowler.

high-performance industrial and commercial lighting, cutting edge activitybased controls with full-range dimming, daylighting and photovoltaic solar. Orion also offers unique project financing options that completely free up capital expenditures. When customers take advantage of Orion’s InteLite integrated system comprised of LED or fluorescent lighting, activity-based controls and cloudbased data management and storage,

they can save up to 80 percent on electricity costs for lighting. In addition to saving its customers money without compromising lighting quality, Orion technology benefits the environment. Since 2001, Orion has helped companies save 21.9 billion kilowatt hours, which has indirectly removed 14.5 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Research and development are critical to Orion’s overall game plan. Cur-

rently, Orion holds 39 patents, with 25 pending. Finally, Orion Energy Systems believes in a ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ approach. It manufactures all of its light fixtures, Apollo Solar Light Pipes, controls and many other products at its world headquarters in Wisconsin. To learn more about this great American company, visit, call 800-660-9340 or stop by Booth #E-5766.


reduces any drag on the lower arm for better cutting accuracy, but it also got rid of the highest maintenance item on every submerged wire Edm. A true innovation! EDM Network and CHMER EDM: offering ‘Everything in EDM.’ For more information, call 888-2893367, visit or stop by Booth #E-5132.

New Bilz Tool Inc. Website Launch

Bilz Tool Inc. is pleased to announce the release of their freshly updated, userfriendly website: Some of the enhancements and features include: • Product Information organized by group: Tapping, Thermo Grip, Reaming, Drilling, MQL, and Specialty products. All product information is just a mouse click away. • Their catalog is available for download in PDF format. • Specific information may be requested directly through an email link on each product page, automatically populating your RFQ subject line. In addition, the 800 number is always available for immediate assistance. • A “build a quote request” shopping cart feature enables you to create your custom RFQ directly from the list of products. Submit the request to Bilz automatically with the submit button or print the cart and keep it for your records. • Direct links to YouTube videos illustrate key products and features. • A new search function allows you to

Monday, September 10, 2012

enter a description, catalog number, or product name to locate the product section you are looking for. • Our distribution partners may now access drawings, pricing information, and inventory levels through user-specified logins. • The latest information about Bilz, our distribution partners, customers, industry happenings, etc. can now be accessed through the ‘News’ page. • Our locations and contact information for representatives, as well as an information request form, are available through the ‘Contact’ page.

Bilz Tool USA realizes their customer’s vital need for specific product information. It is their goal to ensure that will have product data available for you in an easily accessible format that is just a mouse click away. Follow them on Twitter – Bilz Tool Inc@bilztoolinc. Get the latest info and let them know what is going on in your ‘world.’ Visit frequently to read about the latest news on our products.

(continued from page 4)

ing their latest Chmer Linear motor drive A422sl wire Edm that in addition to being a full 6 axis capable wire Edm with the Turn and Burn B axis attached, it also eliminated the rear water tank seal common in almost all wire Edms. This


(continued from page 13)

with the ability to terminate, solder, over mold, sonic weld and create coil cords. Finally all products are 100 percent tested using computer controlled equipment. They achieve a 98.45 percent error free shipment which is incredible since more than 70 percent of the products they ship are custom designs. Meridian Cable also provides the services and features discriminating customers have come to demand. They have wholly owned off shore manufacturing facility which is UL approved and ISO certified. In the United States they have sales, administration and engineering. Their U.S. based warehousing is capable of any kind of structured

shipment plan you require, from KanBan to scheduled releases, which ensures your business doesn’t suffer do to delivery problems. Meridian Cable is proud of their 13th new product design for 2012 and is committed to continually delivering the most effective, custom cable solutions required by their customers. If you need a custom cable requirement Meridian Cable can successfully design and deliver a product that meets all your expectations. Who knew cable assemblies need serious design effort? Meridian Cable, that’s who, and they can do the same for you. For more information, call 866-8660544, visit or stop by Booth #E-5574.

Manufacturing Technology Today

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Engineering of IndyCar Racing Courtesy of NASA Tech Briefs

IndyCar racing features some of the most technologically sophisticated automobiles in the world today. Weighing just 1,565 pounds and powered by single- or twin-turbocharged 2.2L V6 engines that produce anywhere from 550 to 700 HP, the sleek, aerodynamic vehicles are capable of speeds in excess of 220 mph.

Not surprisingly, all of the space-age technology used in modern IndyCars tends to attract high-tech companies to the sport. Two such companies – Mouser Electronics and Littelfuse – have joined forces this year with the KV Racing Technology team. The team’s chief technology director, Eric Cowdin, spoke with Tech Briefs Media Group editor Bruce A. Bennett to answer some typical questions an engineer might ask. NASA Tech Briefs: How big a role does electronics play in an IndyCar?

Eric Cowdin: Electronics are actually the backbone of running an IndyCar — everything from the engine management to the data acquisition system. It’s really the basis of controlling everything that’s going on in the IndyCar, as well as feeding us information back to make it perform better. Because of all the electronics on the car, there’s a very important circuit protection system on our car: the PDU, or power distribution unit. That PDU has eight outputs and each one has a pre-set current on it.


(continued from page 1)

Ontario, Canada, Quickmill has grown to be a recognized leader in CNC milling and drilling technology around the world. They take pride in elevating the frontier of machining by combining the latest technologies with innovative products and solutions, tailored to their customer’s needs. They are constantly updating their machine offerings with the newest technologies and process improvements from


(continued from page 1)

of high speed end mills. Today, with all manufacturing still done at its Cleveland facility, their product portfolio includes cutting tools made from solid carbide, powdered metal, premium cobalt and HSS base materials. With state-of-theart CNC grinding equipment, sophisticated measuring systems and in-house PVD coating capabilities, they provide their customers with the most accurate and consistent tools possible and sell those products and services exclusively through industrial distribution throughout the world.

Each one of those outputs is designed specifically to the electronic system that it’s providing control to, or current to, and that PDU protects every one of those delicate circuits. The other thing that allows us to do is monitor that output, via telemetry or recorded data, which gives us a chance to help the driver avoid a serious problem. NTB: What type of onboard computers are these cars equipped with, and what do they typically control?

Cowdin: Generally, there are two main systems onboard that actually control the car. One is for the gearbox and clutch assemblies, and the other is the engine control system. Each one controls its own systems initially, but there is communication between the two systems that allows the car to perform at its optimum level. NTB: When a car comes into the pits during practice sessions, a crewman will often plug a laptop computer into it and download data. What type of data is being downloaded and what do you do with it?

Cowdin: The data that’s coming from the car is up to a thousand points per second of information — driver inputs, performance characteristics of the car, air speed, wheel speed, and lateral, vertical, and longitudinal acceleration. There are over 300 channels being recorded in real time, and that information is being offloaded around the world. As a result of this continual improvement strategy, Quickmill has recently launched their newest line of machines to the metal cutting industry, the ANNIHILATOR Series of Gantry Machining Centers. Increasing demands have been placed on production in today’s marketplace. Increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved capabilities have been the driving force behind the development of the newest addition to the Quickmill product line. The ANNIHILATOR series machines

Their objectives include becoming one of their customer’s most productive suppliers by providing them outstanding personal, and proficient customer service, sales and technical support. With services that include application optimization, custom designed specials and reconditioning services, Melin is considered by their customers to be one of the easiest and most responsive added-value suppliers they work with. Melin’s extensive product line consists of thousands of standard tools in both uncoated and PVD coated styles. With their in-house Platit coating chambers, their line includes tools available with TiN (titanium nitride),

during the car’s time in the pits.

NTB: Is the use of telemetry legal in IndyCar racing?

Cowdin: Yes, it is, and it’s actually quite vital to the point where it’s required by the engineers that real-time telemetry be in operation while the car is on the track. We don’t necessarily have quite the data sampling rate we would have with the onboard system. Any of the real-time channels could be sent across the telemetry stream, which is really only limited by the bandwidth of our telemetry system. That information is visually indicative of what the driver is asking from the car — throttle, steering, brakes — all the way down to engine performance, its health, temperatures, pressures, and fuel level. All these aspects are monitored while the driver is on the track, and from a safety standpoint, we look at tire pressure and all of the preventative aspects in case we have to call the car into the pits for safety issues

NTB: This year saw the introduction of a completely new type of IndyCar and new rules that allow the teams to use different body work and aerodynamics packages. This had to involve a lot of wind tunnel testing and computer simulation. How close did the computer data come to what you actually learned in the wind tunnel?


partner for us, and they supply us with a very good tire model that we use for our simulations. But part of what we had to adjust for in simulation is track conditions for the grip coefficients for each individual circuit. Those are always a floating target throughout the race weekend. It depends on temperature and the number of laps done on the circuit.

From a wind tunnel standpoint, we had quite a steep learning curve with this new car, and we’ve been using every resource available. Our team is closely associated with Chevy racing, so we get a lot of support from them and their engineering firms. We’ve done everything from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and 50 percent model scale testing, to full-scale rolling road testing of the car, so when we go to the race track, we’re pretty confident in the package we’ve put together. NTB: Is there much, if any, redundancy built into the electronic circuits on a modern IndyCar?

Cowdin: Well, a lot of the accuracy of our simulations revolves around tire modeling, and getting a very good tire model is a difficult thing to apply into a simulation program. Firestone’s a great

Cowdin: Due to weight restrictions for performance, the only redundancy on the car is the safety equipment. We have an accident data recorder that has builtin backup power, which allows us to keep recording if the car loses power. The voice radio and fire suppression system have their own independent power sources — just batteries. And there is also a master switch that can be manually triggered by safety workers so that after an accident, it turns all the power off and triggers the fire suppression system.

are the result of exhaustive research and development along with extensive interaction with many existing Quickmill users. The ANNIHILATOR series is a very flexible machining center featuring a simple gantry design that allows for quick installs, greater rigidity, faster speeds, and the latest Fanuc and Siemens controls. The ANNIHILATOR series is an economical solution to your large part machining requirements and will provide any shop the opportunity to enhance the range of services offered

to clients and the added efficiency to enjoy higher profit margins. The ANNIHILATOR machines will position your company ahead of your competition by increasing your productivity and the quality of your finished products. For further information or an application consultation on the ANNIHILATOR or one of the other machines in their extensive product lineup, please visit their Booth #8041 in the South Hall at IMTS or check them out online at

TiCN (titanium carbonitride), ZrN (zirconium nitride), AlTiN (aluminum titanium nitride) and a unique nACo nanocomposite coating all targeted to minimize tool wear. CVD Diamond, PVD Amorphous Diamond and black oxide coating are also available by special request. New high performance and specialty tools are continually added to the line, targeting applications requiring improved productivity. Their in-house and field staffs work closely with their user customers to develop tool designs and processes that minimize manufacturing time and reduce total cost per part. With one of the most robust and in-

formative website in their field, at and, their customers are able to easily browse through their catalog, download any of their literature and product information and even search for a tool by tool number, EDP number, or even tool characteristics, where they can find prices and current availability and lead times. Melin Tool products and services are available exclusively through industrial distributors located in principal metalworking centers throughout the United States and around the world. For more information, stop by Booth #W-1364.

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