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Wednesday May 16, 2012

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Paying Too Much For Commercial Resin Furniture?

Abby Reynolds isn’t! Abby is Purchasing Director at a recognizable hotel chain in the Midwest. A well-known competitor recently quoted Abby $75,000 for 1,000 commercial resin chaise lounges. After doing the math, Abby realized that the same order from Adams Manufacturing (HD Expo Booth #6449) would save her $35,000—without having to sacrifice quality or durability. And this was just one product. Of course, Abby is smart enough to know that pricing isn’t everything— there has to be some real quality behind any order— continued on page 49

Executive Interview With Ms. Donna Mincey, President And CEO Of Mincey Marble Manufacturing Inc.

Donna Mincey was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Mincey Marble Manufacturing Inc. in January 2012. Previously, she held the position of Vice President and General Manager as well as Chief Estimator. Mincey joined the family business in 1980. She holds a B.B.A. in Finance from Georgia State University.

Modern Flames Introduces New BluFlame Technology For Electric Fireplaces

Modern Flames is the most talked about leader in the electric fireplace industry with consistently new and innovative products. Their fireplaces feature the most relaxing, realistic flame appearance while using cutting edge LED technology for low energy usage for today’s green society. These products are designed with the Hospitality Industry in mind by focusing on long term reliability and easy serviceability along with custom sizes and features to match different decors. continued on page 36

Basix International Reinvents Solid Surface

Basix International, a manufacturer and distributor of solid surface sheets, sinks, shower components and quartz surfacing are proud to announce a new product offering geared towards the hospitality industry. The new Pavone’ Decorative Wall Panels are an exciting addition to the surfacing and shape products that Basix International currently offers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Q: Please tell us about your company and its products.

A: Basix International is a sales, marketing and distribution company

Q: Please start by giving us an continued on page 33

Spotlight: Profile On Fresh Paint Art

Art performs a critical function in our lives. It has the power to stimulate, challenge and encourage us to think in new ways. To Fresh Paint, art is not just a product they sell—it is a language they speak. A major player in the art consulting and publishing industry, Fresh Paint extends design boundaries through the placement of art. By challenging existing assumptions, Fresh Paint re-invents the mold. It is through artwork that they move the notion of concept from an abstract idea to a living reality. continued on page 49

continued on page 46

Illuminati Lighting Comes To America

Established in Italy in 2007, Illuminati lighting has expanded its market area to more than 20 countries. It offers high quality contemporary design lighting for that customer of distinguished taste. Illuminati lighting has a design team consisting of some of the top European designers as well as skilled engineers which greatly contributes to the high quality and understanding of the current and future trends of Decorative lighting. Illuminati lighting now has Offices and showrooms/warehouses in Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Southeast Asia and the continued on page 36

Handmade Antique Mirror With Color Match Technology Made Affordable By Art Dallas Incorporated

Art Dallas Incorporated has developed a new and more efficient way to produce antique mirror. This allows for a reduced cost and a greater range of color and design. Please stop by Booth #4557 to see their samples. For more information, visit or call 214688-0244. During the show, call 214-212-8258.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Forest Group USA Invites You To Booth #5736

If your project calls for motorization, you must stop by and hear the ultra-quiet Forest Shuttle. The only motor with a 10-year warranty, the Shuttle will open or close your draperies with a gentle pull. The Forest Shuttle also operates by RF remote or wall switch and is compatible with many building automation and communication systems. With the two RF bus ports on the bottom of the motor it is possible to connect more motors, which can be operated centrally, in a group or individually. Forest Group Drapery Track Systems, used

alone or with the Shuttle, are heavy duty, powder coated, and lubricated with a patented process to ensure a smooth operation every time. Additionally, stop by the Forest Group booth to see the quality and beauty of our decorative metal and wood rods, which will put the finishing touch on your traditional or contemporary design. If workroom automation is what you are looking for, come see how you can save production time and costs with our state-of-the-art cutting, pleating and hemming machines from Eisenkolb. The

Hospitality Industry News An independent publication not affiliated with any other organization Gary Cox Publisher Steve Cox Senior Associate Publisher

Forest Group team looks forward to seeing you at Booth #5736, or visit Forest Group USA any time on the web at

the right price will still not sell if it is the wrong color. Choosing the right colors is, for many, the most intimidating part of the development process. Nylon 6 yarn has a simpler, energy efficient production as PA6 polymer is produced from a singular monomer—a simpler process with environmental benefits, including full recyclability. Aquafil creates unique fiber products based on a comprehensively integrated process to-

Valerie Wilson Art Director Elena Cruz Editor

Aquafil USA Introduces Full Circle And Econyl Programs Aquafil USA’s launch of the Full Circle line of type 6 solution dyed nylon fiber includes 345 colors—making it the largest running line color offering in the industry. With yearly updates to reflect the latest color trends and influences, it is the freshest offering available. It has never been more apparent in the floor covering industry that color is the primary factor that determines sales. The right design in the right construction at

Rhonda Baker John McQuaig Deborah Yarbrough Associate Publishers

Monique Carter Tiffany Webster Administration Hospitality Industry News is published by Source Group LLC ©2012. All rights reserved.

tally within its control, start to finish, from polymer, to pigments and colors, to extrusion and finishing (twisting, heat setting and air entangling). Full Circle can be experienced by continued on page 49

6979 East Broadway Blvd., Suite 109 Tucson, AZ 85710 phone: (520) 722-2000 fax: (520) 722-2014


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recesso Lighting Introduces Easiest Recessed Light Converter Kit On The Market

Turn Any Recessed Light Into Any Fixture In Four Simple Steps

Recesso Lighting, an award-winning company with a complete line of recessed lighting shades and pendants, introduces the easiest way to turn any recessed light into a wired fixture—the Recesso Light-

ing Converter Kit. New to homeowners and commercial customers, Recesso’s Converter Kit has only five parts and four easy steps. Once installed, this innovative Converter holds any new fixture up to 50 pounds, including flush mounts, semi flush, chandeliers, track lighting, pendants and even

ceiling fans. “Our kit using our patent pending

Locking Ring™ and Quick Connect Plug™, both designed for simple, oneperson installation,” says Cheryl Engstrom, VP/COO, Recesso Lighting. “No other kit on the market is this east to install or able to fit any recessed can, even remodel can that are not installed to the grid. We mount around the recessed fixture to the ceiling, so homeowners do not even have to know anything about their recessed light to install … no matching of model numbers or brands. We install around them all.” For more information, visit

Seascape Lamps Offers Custom Lighting Options For Every Style

SICO Inc. Introduces Revolutionary Concepts In Mobile Buffet Systems

The President of Seascape Lamps, Inc., Mike Shenk, talks with Hospitality Industry News about the custom fabric fixtures on display for this year’s Hospitality Design Expo + Conference.

SICO Incorporated introduces revolutionary new ideas in mobile buffet systems: The SICO DECO Buffet Station Series, the SICO OVATION Buffet Station series, and the SOPHISTICATE PLUS Mobile Folding Buffet Station series. Designed by chefs for chefs, the SICO buffet stations will enhance the complete buffet dining experience with elegance and function ... a real WOW experience. SICO’s DECO Buffet Series consists of 10 different mobile buffet stations, including: induction cooking; carving,

Seascape Lamps has been manufacturing custom lighting products since 1980, and has built its reputation on unique and quality lighting. Mike Shenk, Head Designer, tells Hospitality Industry News, “All printing and designing is completed in-house by our experienced staff of design executives.”

Seascape Lamps offers a mix of urban/retro/contemporary/modern lightcontinued on page 49

holding stations for hot/cold foods and beverages; dessert; dry bar; and ambient continued on page 46


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GE Lighting Is Leading The LED Lighting Revolution

GE Lighting is leading the LED lighting revolution with its outstanding line of Retail PAR38 and PAR30 lamps. GE’s energy smart® LED Retail lamps boast offerings with ENERGY STAR® qualifications and offer the perfect blend of enhanced color quality, advanced optics

and reduced glare, ideal for retail applications. The leader in advanced optics, GE’s exclusive Visual Comfort Lens™ is designed to reduce glare for optimal light qualities desired by merchants. Furthermore, GE LED PAR lamps have less heat, UV and infrared in the beam

May 2012 reducing the potential for fading of materials and décor. Excellent color rendering of up to 92 CRI and a long life of up to 50,000 hours rated life at (L70) make these lamps the ideal choice for retail applications. The outstanding energy efficiency of these lamps saves over $200 in energy costs over the rated life of the lamp vs. comparable halogen

screwing in an incandescent bulb, literally.

S3J Electronics: Changing The Way The World Looks At Lighting S3J Electronics, located in Lancaster, NY, was founded on a mission to accelerate the adoption and evolution of LEDs into the general lighting market. LED technology combats two of today’s growing problems: rising energy costs and environmental neglect. With this in mind, and unmatched creative innovation and market experience on our side, S3J Electronics began creating highly efficient, long-lasting, LED lighting products that surpassed traditional lighting in almost every measurable aspect. Today they produce lighting that delivers a higher efficacy, a richer color

rendering, and a superior quality of light than any traditional lighting product on the market. Their core LED techprovides solutions for nology commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications, which are perfect for any parking lot, office, event center, warehouse, home or business environment. Most importantly, thier LED products are guaranteed to deliver significant energy and maintenance savings, while providing a more environmentally friendly lighting solution. S3J Electronics is changing the way the world looks at lighting.

lamps. In accordance with GE’s commitment to quality and reliability, all GE energy smart® LED Retail PAR lamps have a durable solid state design (no filament) and also carry a three-year limited warranty. For more information, visit

S3J Electronics’ 130W LED High Bay’s are installed at Mohawk 4 Ice Rink, in Hamilton, ON. Goals scored are at an all time high.

About the 130W Modular LED High Bay S3J Electronics is proud to introduce the new 2012 130W Modular LED High Bay. If saying the name isn’t exhausting enough, we dare you to try memorizing its list of features. This state of the art High Bay is capable of reaching Design Light Consortium’s 10,000 lumen and zonal light distribution requirement using less than 130 Watts. Oh, and did we mention that it’s 100 percent modular? Upgrading the LED or power supply at the end of life will take less energy than

Other features include: • Custom high brightness LED array • 30% lumen depreciation (L70) > 80,000 hours • Luminous efficacy > 130 lm/w @ 25° C • Fixture efficacy > 81 lm/w • Power factor > 95% • Input Voltage: 100-277V, 347V and 480V • Dual-loop Voltage and Current Regulation • Dimmable and On/Off Control • Multiple Reflector Options • Works up to 50C ambient • CCT: 3000K-5500K • CRI: 70 • 5-year warranty • In accordance with CE, UL, cUL, ETL, cETL, and FCC testing standards

If this light could talk, well, then it really could do everything. Never before has the lighting industry seen a fixture this efficient, this clean… this perfect.

For more information, call 888-972-5673, or visit

Isolite Revolutionizes Emergency Lighting Technology The pioneers in developing self-luminous technology are at it again. Isolite, the world’s leading manufacturer of self luminous exit signs and a leading manufacturer of energy efficient emergency lighting products, is revolutionizing emergency lighting with a new, innovative, aesthetically appealing and more effective low level emergency lighting system—LightPathTM. Lightpath is the definitive solution for emergency egress lighting. Mounted just 18" above the floor, Lightpath provides a concealed LED emergency light that projects uniform illumination along the path of egresss. With spacings of up to 50 feet on centers, Lightpath continues to provide egress illumination even in heavy smoke conditions where traditional ceiling or wall mounted lighting can be compromised due to glare or light blockage. “As a leading manufacturer of energy efficient emergency lighting products, we’re always looking for ways to improve current technology,” states Bill Lynch, President of Isolite. “After listening to fire safety experts concerns about the effectiveness of existing emergency lighting products in smoke filled

spaces, we designed what we think is the perfect solution. Lightpath—a low level recessed emergency light that puts light right where it’s needed ... on the path of egress. Not only is it a more effective means of illuminating the way out, it also has the added benefit of enhanced aesthetics by blending into any decor. Architects and lighting designers no longer have to install a fixture that compromises their design. Improved life safety coupled with a nearly invisible footprint is a combination that is sure to be a winner.” Raymond W. Swartz, PE / LEED AP from KONSORTUM1, comments, “When incorporating emergency egress lighting solutions into our projects, my design criteria always focuses on the intricate balance of excellent photometric performance, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly aesthetics. Isolite’s new LightPath product offers a unique low-level based solution that very effectively satisfies all three of these critical design concerns.” For more information about LightPath, or Isolite, contact Erik Smith, VicePresident at 800-799-5343.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chella Textiles’ Radiance Collection Offers Versatility, Performance And Sustainability

From Chella Textiles’ new Radiance Collection, Quicksilver, Medallion and Facet are 100 percent solution-dyed polyolefin— that is both produced from recycled materials and recyclable—and the first-ever outdoor fabrics woven with a metallic yarn that adds glamour and shimmer. Quicksilver (in photo left) incorporates three yarns—one thick, one thin and one shiny—in both warp and weft directions to create a luxuriously soft fabric with an edgy chain-link optic. Quicksilver is woven in Italy and offered in eight colorways (shown in Passione). The cornerstone of the collection,

Medallion (in photo center) is a traditional motif updated with sophisticated calligraphic lines rendered in metallic yarns. Medallion is woven in America and offered in eight colorways (shown in Passione). Facet (in photo right) is a multicolored weave with weft chenille yarns at a 40-degree angle to the warp (instead of a typical 90-degree angle). This unusual weave technique deflects light to create a faceted jewel-like effect with a metallic glint. Facet is woven in America and offered in eight colorways (shown in Passione).

Hospitality’s Premier Resource For Contemporary Contract Furniture

Paul Rosen is the founder of Skypad, Inc. and serves currently as its President and CEO. Rosen holds a B.A. in economics and an LLB from the University of Toronto. Skypad, Inc. was founded in 1999 with a focus on the contract hospitality

market. Since its humble beginnings, Skypad has gone on to become a premier global vendor servicing the luxury hospitality market as well as education and health care. Skypad has installed over 500 projects worldwide since its inception.

Versatility Ideal for upholstery and drapery, these performance fabrics work equally well outdoors and indoors in a range of hospitality settings. Performance Like all luxury performance textiles from Chella, Quicksilver, Medallion and Facet are machine washable, colorfast, lightfast and resist stains, mold and mildew. Q: Skypad is a premier resource for custom contract furniture. What is your definition of custom furniture?

A: Pure first time, and often one time, rapid prototyping leading to the production of designs that have never been made before or are new to the producer. While Skypad does offer

Sustainability Unlike polyester or nylon yarns, these 100 percent solution-dyed polyolefin yarns are manufactured at energy-conserving low temperatures and produce minimal byproducts. The fiber is inert and it’s stainresistance and other performance characteristics are inherent, so no special finishes or chemical treatments are necessary in the weaving process. These 100 percent polyolefin fabrics are so recyclable they can be re-extruded up to ten times. Quicksilver, Medallion and Facet typify the livable luxe that has defined Chella for the past decade. Stunningly designed and meticulously woven, Chella Textiles are available through interior designers and Chella’s international showroom network. To view the complete Chella collection, visit, call 805-560-8400 or stop by Booth #3863. catalogued collections, our greatest asset is the accumulated capital base of knowledge that our organization has developed over the last 13 years, producing more than 10,000 custom designs on behalf of some of the greatest designers, architects and brands within our industry. continued on page 46

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NLP Furniture Celebrates 27 Years Of Service

NLP Furniture will celebrate its 27th year of service to the Hospitality industry in June of this year. From its humble beginnings in 1985, NLP Furniture Industries has gone from a company that provided reupholstery and refinishing services in a one car garage to a manufacturer and innovator of seating products for the hotel and restaurant industries worldwide.

Q: Please start by telling us a bit about the company, a brief history of NLP Furniture and an overview of your business today. A: We started our business reupholstering

Jordan Bunnell is the Director of Design at Studio EL where he founded the Design Department and Hospitality Division. He received a BA in Fine Art at the University of California, San Diego where he studied drawing, sculpture and neuroscience.

A: We take a lot of pride in our ability to be flexible and create custom seating products. Our ability to bring a design or idea to life is evident in each piece that leaves our factory. Our dedication and the quality we strive to achieve comes as a result of our relentless focus on design, craftsmanship, materials and finishes. Aside from our seating products, we are also focusing on our Patented Premier sofa sleeper beds. We listened to our customers and created a product that is simple, comfortable and affordable. We created our sleeping system to give hotel guests the most comfortable

A: Studio EL’s parent company Editions Limited is one of the original publishers of contemporary fine art. The Hospitality Division builds on this foundation and revolves around three main elements: art, design and manufacturing. We guide our clients from concept to installation, taking care to provide solutions and open communication during the entire process. Communication is key.

continued on page 36


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overview of Mincey Marble.

A: Mincey Marble was established in 1977 by my parents, Kenneth and JoAnn Mincey. We are a privately held, family run American manufacturer. Our tub and shower panel systems, shower bases and vanity tops are specified in the Hospitality, Healthcare, Military, Education and Multi-Family markets. We are proud to work with the designers of leading hospitality brands including Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental, Choice, Starwood, Best Western and Carlson. Q: Please tell us about the company’s products.

A: We are best known for innovative tub and shower panel systems as well as shower bases. Our cast marble panel systems combine the low maintenance of solid surface with the designs of tile but without the troubling grout issues. All of our products have a sealed surface offering an inherent advantage over naturally porous natural stone surfaces. The ability to design and manufacture our own molds has kept us at the leading edge of our field. We have the skills in-house to take a designer’s new idea from the drawing board to the finished product.

Q: Do you see any demand trends from your customer base?

A: The move toward showers and away from tubs is well documented. We are seeing this trend continue to grow and

Studio EL Director Jordan Bunnell Finds Inspiration Everywhere

and refinishing furniture for local hotels and restaurants. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to get into design and manufacturing of furniture, especially seating. We got our first break with a project in Palm Springs in 1987 and have been manufacturing seating and case-goods since. Q: Please tell us about the company's products.

showers become more intricately designed. We are very pleased that our products fit so well with the requirements of the designer, the brand and the housekeeping staff.

Q: Can you give us a couple of examples of product innovation in your industry?

A: Over the last year we have been focusing on two areas that affect the composition of our product that could have a very positive impact for our customers.

First, we completed the design and testing of our minceygreen™ sustainable design product last year. Made with post-consumer recycled material, we can now offer our customers a sustainable design with about 30 percent postconsumer content that is lighter weight, meets requirements for LEED credit and costs about the same as our current product line.

Second, we will soon announce a new partnership with a leading provider of antimicrobial solutions. By incorporating this new technology into our manufacturing process we will be able to offer our customers the option to have built in antimicrobial protection that will naturally and continuously resist the growth of microbes. We see this as a great product offering for all of our customers, especially within the hospitality and healthcare markets.

Q: How can our readers find out more?

A: Please stop by Booth #5840, call 800533-1806 or visit


Q: Please begin by telling us about your company.

Q: How has your background influenced the work you do today?

A: After studying and creating fine art at UCSD, I worked as Preparator for the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and Art Director of Merge Life and music producing local art shows and multimedia events. Of course I was still maintaining my own art practice, which consisted primarily of sculptural installation. It was my move to Chicago in 2003 that launched my career in the design community. Each of these opportunities has given me the chance to expand my understanding of art in the context of community, architecture and design - a theme that I have brought with me to Studio EL. Q: Tell us about your approach to design in your field of work.

A: For me, design is equal parts inspiration and solution. There are many potential features to a successful design, such

as the ability to use technology and resources to their full potential, but it is also necessary to recognize and utilize outside influences. Last year I traveled to China multiple times to develop new products and oversee manufacturing in an environmentally and socially responsible way. I absorbed as much as possible and continued to do the same when my personal travels took me down seventy miles of the Arolik River in the Alaskan bush of Bristol Bay. Now, from the outside it may seem as though the two trips were quite different, and they were in many ways. Yet at the same time, fly-fishing a wild river system, rock climbing in Brazil, diving the cenotes of Mexico or visiting the Tate Modern in London have all informed my process. These diverse influences allow us as individuals to think beyond common answers to problems. Q: What aspects of contemporary design excite you the most?

A: Egalitarian design; enabling everyone to create the world around them. I want to design the glass I drink my Bourbon out of ... I want to design the Bourbon ... I want to design the farm that grows the corn and rye. Design as art, ethos, and solution. Q: Where can our readers find more information? A: They can visit or stop by Booth #4048.

GROHE Offers Choices In Bathroom Design And Installation

GROHE’s GroFlex is a new advanced universal rough-in valve system that accommodates the full spectrum of shower

installations - from a basic tub-shower setup to a multi-function custom shower. The core element of GrohFlex is a onesize-fits-all universal rough-in box that will accommodate the complete portfolio of GrohFlex Bath Solution Kits available in three distinct trim design styles. The GrohFlex universal rough-in streamlines installation in the construction process, allows for simplified design upgrades during renovation, and sharply reduces down time during maintenance. To simplify installation, all water connections to the rough-in box are standard ½-inch continued on page 36


Hospitality Industry News

TuffSkin Surface Protection Enters The Hospitality Design Show’s Product Design Competition

TuffSkin Surface Protection, LLC, of Las Vegas, Nev., has entered its newest product, TS 5.0, in the design competition. The company’s niche market of protecting marble, travertine and onyx countertops is rapidly growing. TS 5.0 includes the latest in hard-coat technology which increases durability and longevity of our proprietary stone laminate. TuffSkin solves the age old chal-

lenge of maintaining exotic stone countertops, bars, tables and vanities by eliminating etching and staining caused by oils, alcohol, coffee, water, juice and make-up. Recommended by architects and designers, TuffSkin has been solving housekeeping and maintenance issues in hotels, restaurants and bars for over six years. This system of maintaining

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 stone surfaces reduces costs while increasing a positive guest experience by providing vibrant and polished stones with no acid etching. Hospitality designers can specify exotic stone surfaces in their projects and address maintenance issues by including TuffSkin Surface Protection 5.0. In this way, TS opens up design possibilities by increasing the practicality of using exotic stones. Go ahead, spec the stone you want – we’ll maintain it! Come see us at the Hospitality Design Show Networking events! We were chosen as the surface protection for the Hyde Bar at the Bellagio and the 1 Oak Night Club at the Mirage Resort &

Casino where the events are being held. Be sure to check us out in the newly redesigned guest rooms at the Bellagio Hotel as well. Every marble armoire and bedside table in the Hotel Tower has our superior protection installed. Come see how well you can’t see us! Tuff Skin is available at with installations available throughout North America and Asia. We are proud members of The Marble Institute of America. Visit us at the HD Expo at Booth #6743. Sample of TuffSkin applied to your stone type at no charge, upon request! Bottom line: Beautiful stone, no etching or staining. Rail is field-bendable, it offers unique design possibilities for showrooms, galleries, retail centers and more. The Energy Star-qualified LED lamps are available in 2700K and 3000K and have beam spreads from 15 to 40 degrees. Most lamps are dimmable and have lumen outputs from 150 to 1100.

Nora Lighting now features a new series of Nora Rail fixtures with specifiable LED lamps that offer energy savings and

adjustable illumination in retail or hospitality installations, art galleries, museums and other public areas.

The fixtures are compatible with all Nora Rail line voltage systems and the LED lamp options include LED GU10, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 and PAR38 low glare. The contemporary Nora fixtures are offered in a versatile range of styles and finishes, including brushed nickel, bronze or silver. Many styles have an adjustable yoke for custom aiming. Because Nora


when it comes to creating the ambiance and mood for a restaurant or hotel lobby. Hospitals along with other medical facilities are also discovering the soothing feeling in their products for patient waiting areas. This year, Modern flames is introducing new BluFlame technology that has the ability to convert the fireplace

from a natural flame color for the winter to a cool blue flame in the summer. Modern Flames takes pride in listening to the ideas and requests from their customers in the design community and incorporating them into their products. Modern Flames will be featuring new and exciting products this year including a new custom 12 foot linear

electric fireplace along with some other product ideas that will open up design ideas for you. Be sure to visit the Modern Flames Booth #4775 at the Hospitality and Design Expo and let them help you with your next project, no matter how large or small. For more information, call 877-2469353 or visit

projects. It also stays on the leading edge on light sources such as low voltage and the new LED sources. Illuminati lighting warehouses it current collections in all their locations for quick delivery, as well as great customer support. Illuminati’s newest location is located in Irvine, Calif. and is under the direction of Jimmy Benaim, a long time

lighting industry member. Having been involved in the industry since 1978 at every level from Sales to Product Design & Development, he brings a wealth of lighting and marketing knowledge to Illuminati. Exhibiting in HD Vegas is an exciting moment for Illuminati Lighting as it will be a great stage for showing its prod-

ucts and energy as it launches into the North American Market. In addition, it will be opening its newest showroom in June at the Dallas Lighting Market. Illuminati Lighting hopes to see you at Booth #2169 for espresso and information. For more information, call 949-9887939, visit or email

out that the housekeeping staff of hotels also like mechanism as it is easy to close and does not hurt your back while opening and closing. We are considering adding a residential line as we are continuously getting requests from guests who are asking us where they can buy our sleepers as they are not available to the public at this time.

A: Yes, we are starting to see a shift as the economy starts to get back on track. A lot of hotels put renovations on hold as financing dried up. A lot of these renovations are starting to come back around and we have certainly started to see an upswing in business. A lot of the renovations that are coming online are fast paced. With the increase demands of new hotels and renovations, we too are striving to expand and keep up with

the surge of new projects. In response to the demand, we are working towards establishing a presence on the East Coast by launching a second factory later this year to provide our clients with faster lead times and even superior customer service.

GROHE’s Eurocube line is the perfect complement to bathrooms that are inspired by purist minimalism, with clean, unadorned shapes and straight, parallel lines. It incorporates precision-crafted forms and flawless, mirror-like surfaces to reflect a modern and elegant look. The complimentary Euphoria Cube hand shower, with its elongated rectangular cube styling, and the square, flat designs of the shower heads are the heart of this squared shower offering

from GROHE. Essentials Cube is also a complete accessory line to carry the look throughout the bathroom.

Versatile “NORA RAIL” Line Voltage Systems Now Offer Fixtures With Specifiable LED Lamps

(continued from page 1)

An exclusive feature of Modern Flames is the ability to work with designers and architects for unique solutions through a customization process. Because of this ability, Modern Flames has become known as the go to brand

ILLUMINATI LIGHTING (continued from page 1)

United States. Illuminati Lighting designs and manufactures its own products, this allows it to not only supply the Lighting Retail showrooms but custom design and build for Hospitality and commercial


(continued from page 33)

sleeping experience.

Q: Who are your typical customers for this? A: Hotels love our Premier Sleepers as they do no not have bars or springs found in your typical sleeper. We have also found


(continued from page 33)

threaded connections.

GROHE’s Eurocube line With continued variety in design choice, hospitality designers are not only composing luxurious, spa-like spaces, but they are also looking to create cleaner, more geometrically pure spaces for the bathroom as well.

Q: Do you see any demand trends from your customer base?

GROHE’s New Tempesta offers high performance showerheads in cosmopolitan, contemporary and authentic design motifs at a best-value price point. With three spray functionalities and four distinct spray patterns, New Tempesta enhances and personalizes the shower experience. A wide range of shower

continued on page 49

For more information, call 619-661-5170, visit or stop by Booth #3636.

spray patterns provide users with the perfect relaxation experience: Rain Spray – Soft, delicate pattern mimicking rain; Rain 0² – Rich spray with soft individual drops enhanced by adding air so the drops become bigger and water consumption decreases; Active Message—Provides a “breathing” effect that’s perfect for a head or shoulder massage to ensure pain-free stress relief; Jet—A focused circular spray, which delivers a refreshing burst of water.


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B L WOODWORKING AND DESIGN Offers A Full Range Of Services For Your Space

B L WOODWORKING AND DESIGN offers a full compliment of services, from creating custom cabinetry or furniture to complete project management of your construction needs and Architectural Millwork for commercial spaces. A trademark of any B L WOODWORKING

AND DESIGN project is the presence of elements of a ‘One of a Kind’ design. B L WOODWORKING AND DESIGN is a custom cabinet shop, designing, building and installing fine cabinetry and millwork. They have an extensive background in cabinetmaking, architec-


A: Pavone’ Decorative Wall Panels are ideal for any customer looking for a unique blend of the properties of solid surface and sculptural elements reminiscent of nature. The wall panels can be used in both new and existing construction in both dry and wet areas. They can be used in traditional applications such as backsplashes and feature walls or they can be combined with backlighting and water features to create unique architectural elements.

(continued from page 1)

with more than 80 years combined experience with solid surface and quartz surfacing. Basix International started six years ago with a primary focus on providing inexpensive solid surface sheets and sinks. Over the last few years Basix International has expanded their product offering to include a high-end solid surface product line that contains more than 27 percent post-consumer recycled content, solid surface shower pans and kits, quartz surfacing and decorative solid surface vessel bowls. In February 2012 Basix International introduced the Pavone’ Decorative Wall Panels.

Q: Tell us more about your other products.

A: Basix® solid surface sheet is a premium solid surface geared towards consumers looking for an entry level solid surface at a price point between laminate and entry level granite. The

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

tural millwork and construction. They have been creating custom cabinetry and millwork since 2000. They have numerous years of experience in C.A.D. drawing and cabinet manufacturing. Their meticulous attention to detail reflects the company’s commitment to design excellence, highest product quality and superior service. Basix line includes 22 colors available in sheets for countertop applications, sinks and ready-to-install shower kits and vanity tops.

Prima Decora™ acrylic solid surface sheet is available in 12 colors, artfully designed for efficiency, without compromising style. In continued efforts to offer environmentally friendly solid surface products to the market, Basix International has invested in a process that collects and reuses acrylic scrap resulting in more than 27 percent post consumer recycled content in all 12 colors. Prima Decora colors and designs are eco-responsible, efficient and highly versatile.

Every project is personally supervised from design to installation. No project is complete until their clients are completely satisfied. B L WOODWORKING AND DESIGN has a professional experienced staff that fully understands the importance of quality workmanship. Their range of services include full service remodeling, spatial planning and design for your retail or commercial space. For more information, visit or stop by Booth #1263. the kitchen. Made from 100 percent acrylic, these sinks are a masterpiece on their own and designed to inspire creativity. These sinks can be used in combination with any surfacing material including stone and quartz surfacing.

Basix Quartz Surfacing is comprised of 93 percent quartz and manufactured at a brand new, state of the art facility. Basix Quartz Surfacing offers a refined pallet of the best selling quartz colors in the industry. Basix Quartz Surfacing slabs are also wider than most manufacturers, which reduces overall installed costs.

Prima Decora Specialty Sinks are available in multiple styles from vessel bowls for the bath to farmhouse style sinks for

For more information about Basix International, write to 23974 Aliso Creek Rd. #114, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, call 888-719-1126, visit them at or stop by Booth #3568.

side stations to display foods. DECO Buffet Stations are designed with a decorative lighting package that illuminates a countless array of colors to complement the design theme of any room, or to support the theme of a specific event.

The new SICO OVATION Buffet Series incorporates the perfect balance of style and function. This exciting new series of mobile buffet stations includes seven different stations: carving, cooking, warming, cold food or beverage display, ambient multi-purpose station & side station and a side station with a plate dispenser. The SICO SOPHISTICATE PLUS

series is a mobile folding buffet station. It can be configured with any combination of cooking or warming induction units. This mobile buffet table has a pneumatic assist that makes folding and unfolding the table quick and easy, plus it nests for efficient storage. SICO’s buffet stations will unleash the creativity of Food & Beverage pro-

fessionals to create a memorable guest dining experience. SICO has the buffet stations of the future ... today. Visit the SICO website at or call 800533-7426 to learn more about SICO’s new buffet systems. For more information, stop by Booth #6746.


that the designer or architect will adore.

(brand, design and purchasing) must be provided with an incredible experience. Skypad is a preferred resource for leading design firms because of our proven track record in being able to render their incredible visions without compromise, regardless of budget. If design is thrilled, then the brand that we are both working for will likely also be pleased. With Purchasing, we are constantly striving to ensure that our protocols for project management and reporting results in their having a transparent, accountable and reliable experience with us.

India, Columbia, Argentina, London, the UAE and Jeddah for an array or luxury brands including Four Seasons, Oberoi, Waldorf Astoria, Le Meridien and Ritz Carlton. Our mood is very optimistic and our focus is very international.

Q: Who are your typical customers for your Pavone’ Decorative Wall Panels?


(continued from page 6)

(continued from page 20)

Q: Where does Skypad manufacture its products?

A: Skypad was one of the earliest adaptors within global hospitality to produce the bulk of its products in Mainland China. I made my first visit to China back in 1996 and have since made over 40 visits.

I am constantly in awe of what China is capable of under the right circumstances. Skypad manufactures in other countries, notably in the United States; however, China remains of paramount importance to the delivery of our core value proposition. Q: So what is Skypad’s core value proposition?

A: Bringing the highest concept contemporary and transitional custom furniture designs to hospitality at price points that the developer can afford, and at a quality

Q: What is China best at in your opinion?

A: Skypad has an incredible knowledge base concerning what products are best fabricated in China and where best to manufacture them. In general, China is exceptional at one: very high volume aggressively priced production for select brands and two: high design contemporary fabrication where the combination of shape, material and technique cannot be accomplished elsewhere competitively.

I am proud of the fact that we have worked with our upholstery partner on an exclusive basis for over a decade. The intellectual capital that we have mutually accumulated is impossible to replicate.

Q: Whom do you look to please on a project?

A: All three constituents that we serve

Q: What is Skypad working on for this year that excites you?

A: This year we are very privileged to continue our long association with W Hotels for a number of new and renovated properties. Our role in the development of both the Aloft and Element brands will continue as it has since these innovative brands launched in 2008. We have a number of wonderful projects underway in

Q: Finally are you launching anything new at HD 2012?

A: Yes, we are launching a network cooperative of some of the leading technology based artists to create immersive installations for public spaces. Called Project X, we will provide design firms with the tools for designing interactive and emotionally connecting experiences for guests in environments on both a large and small scale.

Q: How can our readers find out more?

A: They are welcome to stop by out Booth #2254, email or visit

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ADAMS MANUFACTURING (continued from page 1)

after all, any resin furniture she purchases needs to hold up and look good. With Adams Manufacturing, Abby was getting the complete package—testing to ASTM commercial standards, three year warranty, weather resistance, style and made in the USA. With more than three decades delivering superior customer


(continued from page 1)

Fresh Paint works with architects, designers, project managers and property owners to guide them through the process of incorporating art into spaces from concept to installation. As a Fresh Paint client, one can expect an experienced team of professionals committed to achieving specific goals. Their advisors consider budget, place, context and design in creating art environments. Whether the need is a single acquisition or building an entire collection, they develop installations that work within the overall project objectives. Their open communication, concept development and expert project management is at the core of Fresh Paint’s approach to art advising.


(continued from page 4)

visiting the Aquafil Studio at and see 52 unique patterns illustrating the variety of styling effects that can be achieved with the extensive selection of colors available. Just select a pattern and view it in solid colors, two or three color barberpoles or a combination of both. Let your imagination and creativity design just the right product for your next project and then specify Aquafil fiber. Great fiber makes great carpet and no one makes fiber like Aquafil. ECONYL Aquafil USA continues its leadership in

SEASCAPE LAMPS (continued from page 6)

ing with a twist of Asian and Caribbean influence. The company also offers a huge collection of table lamps, floor lamps, contemporary and hanging pendant lamp fixtures in the retro/


(continued from page 36)

Specifiers and distributors can use a single model number for a fixture/lamp combination. Nora Rail is among the most versatile line voltage lighting systems in the industry because it does not restrict the user to a single source of light or other limitations and offers multiple lamping options. Nora Rail can accommodate up to 2400W on

Hospitality Industry News


service and on-time delivery, ordering from Adams was a no brainer. Abby did the math, what about you? Visit Adams Manufacturing in HD Expo Booth #6449 to check out Adams full line of exceptional-quality ‘Made in USA’ commercial outdoor resin pool and patio furniture. While you’re there, ask about the HD Expo show specials, including a ‘Pool Package’ that could save you 40

percent. Purchase any commercial resin furniture by June 15th, 2012 and receive a 10 percent discount off your initial order. Also, enter a raffle to win a new 4G iPad or $75 Visa gift cards. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, country clubs, conference centers, senior facilities and more—Adams delivers the perfect blend of form, function, value and durability. Adams has a wide assortment of chaise lounges, chairs and

tables—in the styles and colors any hospitality organization wants. “Whatever you’re paying now for commercial resin furniture, it’s too much!” Do the math at Adams Manufacturing: HD Expo Booth #6449. For additional information or a no-obligation quote, call 800-237-8287 or log onto:

For more than thirty years, Fresh Paint has provided services to many of the country’s top interior design firms. Recent projects include: Borgata Hotel, Atlantic City; Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas; Hard Rock Hotels, Florida; Hyatt Regency, Chicago; Star City, Sydney, Australia, Grand Hyatt, San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Working with hundreds of artists, Fresh Paint is able to offer clients an objective commitment in providing the best work possible for each project working within the budget. Fresh Paint integrates their specialized knowledge of industry practices, market understanding and cutting-edge design to realize their clients’ vision. Their local, national and international network includes artists, fabricators, art handlers and other industry

insiders. Working collaboratively, Fresh Paint consistently develops and delivers art programs that make a statement. As a results-driven firm, Fresh Paint tailors their services to simplify the experience for their clients. Fresh Paint provides a full range of services: • Project assessment • Concept development • Artist and artwork selection • Project documentation • Print publication • Art procurement • Art commission management • Framing and presentation design • Art handling and transportation • Supervised art installations About Fresh Paint Art Advisors, Inc. Fresh Paint Art Advisors, Inc. was

founded by Josetta Sbeglia, in 1980 in Los Angeles. With a real estate development background and a passion for the creative process, Josetta develops relationships with people on both the creative and business side of the art world. Her extensive travels bring a global perspective to Fresh Paint’s projects. Based in the Culver City Arts District, Fresh Paint was the first gallery to open its doors in the area in 1997. Currently, the city boasts well over 20 galleries, the highest concentration in Southern California. Fresh Paint’s gallery houses one of the largest physical art inventories in Los Angeles. The launch of their new website now provides accessibility to clients 24/7. For more information, call 323-9315835, visit or stop by Booth #3062.

sustainable practices and product development with its Econyl family of highperformance recycled fiber. Building out from the reclamation of recovered waste yarns derived from both the Aquafil Group and the production processes of its customers, Aquafil is committed to the development and refinement of sustainable processes that incorporate both post-industrial and post-consumer materials. The newest developments include the use of face fibers from recycled carpet to create nylon 6 solution dyed fiber with the same high-performance characteristics of Aquafil’s other products. The Econyl initiative will continue to evolve as Aquafil, its customers and its partners

assess the methods of collecting recovered source material and pursue further innovations. The Econyl Reclaiming Program was set up by the Aquafil Group in order to create an international network which operates in several sectors and deals with the collection of nylon 6 waste in order to feed the Econyl recycling system. Today, 70 percent of the waste used as a raw material comes from industrial waste while 30 percent comes from end-of-life products. They expect a considerable increase in the use of post-consumer waste in the near future and eventually completely replace the industrial-origin materials. For this reason, Aquafil has set up and is continuing to build a structured international

waste collection network based on partnerships with institutions, public and private consortia and customers. Thanks to this system, Aquafil can gather large quantities of materials from various countries in the world, including the United States, Egypt, Pakistan, Thailand, Norway and Turkey. Particularly important is the partnership with Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) a U.S.-based consortium which reclaimed 160,000 tons of used carpet in 2009. See these introductions at Booth #1237. For more information about Aquafil USA, write to One Aquafil Drive, Cartersville, GA 30120, call 678-6058100, fax 678-605-8120 or visit

modern/contemporary signature style that have made Seascape Lamps so unique in the lighting industry. What makes Seascape Lamps so special in the industry is the interesting lamp shade materials they utilize. Product lines consist of exotic fabrics such as wood veneers, acrylics, linens, mica, woven bam-

boos, woven grasses and beautiful dupioni silk for the company’s chandelier lighting fixtures, table and floor lamps, chandelier fabric lampshades, hanging pendants, and wall sconces. Since Seascape Lamps does most of its manufacturing in its Calif.based lighting studio, the company is capable of customizing lighting to meet your

own specific design needs. Please stop by Booth #3454 to see several new exciting products being displayed. For more information, call 800-4440233, visit or write to 8 Hill Point Ave., San Francisco, Ca., 94117.

one run from a single power point. Along with an extensive collection of die-cast LED fixtures, Nora has also introduced new gimbal and universal rail fixtures. A complete selection of Nora Rail connectors and accessories is also available. Nora’s expanding collection of LED fixtures, combined with Nora current limiting power feeds, meet the most demanding energy codes and green building standards.

Nora Lighting has been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of LED fixtures for commercial and residential use. Nora LED products includethe Diamond Series of LED retrofit downlights, LED track and rail fixtures, LED linear lightbars, LED puck lights, LED standard, high-output and RGB tape lights, LED pendants, LED step lights and LED emergency and exit signs. Along with LED fixtures, Nora man-

ufactures incandescent, fluorescent and HID sources in track and rail systems, recessed lighting, multiple lighting systems, under cabinet and an expanding series of accent lights, including pendants and sconces. Nora products can be seen in professional electrical distributorships and lighting showrooms nationwide. For more information contact Nora Lighting at 800.686.6672 or visit

Hospitality Industry News - May 16, 2012 - Las Vegas  

Hospitality Industry News - May 16, 2012 - Las Vegas - distributed during the second day of the HD Expo 2012 in Las Vegas

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