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Dining Chairs

Create a fashionable and welcoming outdoor dining experience for your guests with our great selection of modern dining chairs. DINING CHAIRS

Matterhorn SO-2009-163

St. Tropez SO-2003-163

Zen SO-2002-163

Circa SO-2006-163

Tuscanna SO-2013-163

Miami SC-2014-163

Sierra SC-2016-163

Capri SC-2202-163

Paris SC-2203-163

Bermuda SC-2204-163

Fiji SC-2201-163

Miami Stool SC-2014-171


California Sands




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Durawood Dining Chairs

Choose from a variety of synthetic wood options to high-quality powder coat finishes, each item you select can be specially designed for the comfort of your guests.


Napa SC-2405-163

Cypres SC-2403-163

Vienna SC-2404-163

Milano SC-2402-163

Cypres SC-2403-162

Vienna SC-2404-162

Milano SC-2402-162

Bahama SC-1004-163


Napa SC-2405-162

Bahama SC-1004-162

Dining Chairs

Modern. Cool. Colorful. Our molden resin arm and armless dining chair balance modern sophistication with simplicity and comfort. DINING CHAIRS

Mykonos SC-2801-163 Blue

Mykonos SC-2801-163 Red

Mykonos SC-2801-163 Black

Marcay SC-2604-162 Blue

Marcay SC-2604-162 Red

Marcay SC-2604-162 White

Savannah SC-2603-162 Blue

Savannah SC-2603-162 Red

Savannah SC-2603-162 White

Phenix SC-2602-162 Blue

Phenix SC-2602-162 Red

Phenix SC-2602-162 White

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Create the Experience

From a variety of synthetic wood options to high-quality powder coat finish, each item you select can be specially designed for the experience comfort of your guests. BAR STOOLS Commercial grade resin wicker over powder coated aluminum frames

Zen SO-2002-172

Daytona SO-3003-173

Tuscanna SO -2013-173

Fiji SO-2201-173

Bahama SC-1004-173

Fusion SO-3001-173

Paris SO-2203-172

Bermuda SC-2004-173

Capri SC-2202-173

Viena SC-2404-173

Napa SC-2405-173

Cypress SC-2403-173

Booth Combinations BOOTH SECTIONAL

Woven with perfection, our booh features countless combinations to create your own contemporary setting for your fashionable outdoor atmosphere.

BOOTH SEATING Customizable powder coated aluminum with customizable Sunbrella速 fabrics. High-back and low-back booths Available.

Boca booth SO-2015-166

Luxx SC-3202-163

Boca Corner SO-2015-167

Luxx SC-3202-164

Luxx SC-3202-169

Roma booth SO-2017-174

Luxx SC-3202-166

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Table Tops

Designed for high-quality dining experiences, our special selections of tables tops balance stylish sophistication with comfort and durability. Our outdoor dining table tops will help you create the right atmosphere your guests deserve.

TABLE TOPS DURATOP solid table tops are manufactured in a unique process that combines wood, resin, heat and pressure.

Duratop M8-Maple

Duratop 9-Teak

Duratop 10-Mahogany

Duratop 55-Black

Duratop 106-Wedge

Duratop 68-Light Oak

Duratop 34-Travertine

Duratop 102-Colorado

Duratop 116-Nevada

Duratop 69-Black Granite

Duratop 103-Stone

Duratop 18- Brushed Silver

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Nevada Table Tops

Create an affluent outdoor atmosphere for your guests with our selection of square, rectangular and round table tops made out of an aluminum frame & faux wood (Durawood).


Nevada SC-2401-425 Teak

Nevada SC-2401-425 Gray

Nevada SC-2401-425 Black

Nevada SC-2401-425 Expresso

Nevada SC-2401-405 Teak

Nevada SC-2401-405 Gray

Nevada SC-2401-405 Black

Nevada SC-2401-405 Expresso

Nevada SC-2401-414 Teak

Nevada SC-2401-414 Gray

Nevada SC-2401-414 Black

Nevada SC-2401-414 Expresso

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DINING TABLE BASE Choose from an assorment of brush painted bamboo aluminum, cast iron, powder coated aluminum, & stainless steel bases

Valencia Round SC-1401-588

Rose 4 SC-1201-583

Lotus SC-1007-583

Palm 4 SC-1002-583

Memphis SC-1007-583

Verona SS SC-1008-583

Table Bases

Our table base selections come in a variety of options that will complement the style of your restaurant. From brush painted bamboo aluminum to cast iron, our table bases help to create the perfect outdoor dining environment while offering durability and comfort to your guests.

BAR TABLE BASE Choose from an assorment of powder coated aluminum & stainless steel.

Palm 4 Bar SC-1002-593

Lotus Bar SC-1007-593

Aspen 4 Bar SC-1601-593

Valencia Round Bar SC-1401-598

Rose 4 Bar SC-1201-593

Versa Bar SO-1011-596

CUSTOM TABLE TOPS Powder coated aluminum table tops that will endure even in the harshest conditions

Moda 1010-424-A

Moda 1010-406

Moda 1010-424-B

Moda 1010-424-U

Moda SO-1010-406-B

Moda SO-1010-424

Table Tops & Bases

Create the perfect outdoor dining ambiance with our durable custom table tops. With a wide variety of slat, punched or solid table tops to chose from. Our table tops and bases are available with and without umbrella whole. TABLE TOPS

Liam SO-1012-426U

Liam SO-1012-426

Liam SO-1012-420

Liam SO-1012-407-U

Liam SO-1012-407

Liam SO-1012-400

For more info call 800.260.4512 or visit our website

75 lb Freeor Standing SS-970-10 For more info call 800.260.4512 visit our website

Umbrellas & Cabanas

Create a private outdoor setting with some shade and comfort awith our selections of umbrellas and umbrellas bases. Each item is madeto-order with Sunbrella® fabric to enhance the outdoor hospitality experience for your guests.

UMBRELLAS BASES Free standing umbrellas bases

75 lb W/Wheels SS-970-12

135 lb Free Standing SS-970-11

150 lb W/wheels SS-970-14

UMBRELLAS Push-up umbrellas with fiberglass ribs, single wind vent, double wind vents and hundreds of Sunbrella® fabrics available

8”Umbrella Single Vent Rio SO-5001-620

8”Umbrella Double Vent Rio SO-5001-622

8”Umbrella Double Vent Rio SO-5001-623

8”Umbrella Double Vent Rio SO-5001-625

For more info call 800.260.4512 or visit our website

Custom Upholstery

From comfortable plush cushions to contemporary fabrics and trims, our furniture collections feature high-quality upholstery to complement your specially made-to-order furniture for your guests.

For more info call 800.260.4512 or visit our website


Source Outdoor

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