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Wireless Panic/Duress Alarm Systems Instant Notification Strengthens School Security Wireless Duress Notification Systems deliver instant, pinpointed notification directly to existing radios so officers can react immediately. When a call button is pushed, the receiver sends a pre-recorded voice message directly to your officers’ radios. The message is specific, such as: “Teacher needs help in room 104, please respond immediately!” Officers can respond to the exact location without a dispatch delay.

Wireless duress buttons can be installed very easily at teachers’ desks, principal’s office, nurse’s office, gymnasium, etc., with no wires to run through walls. Portable panic buttons, motion sensors and door contacts can be incorporated quickly, extending protection to classrooms or conference rooms as needed. Officers are free to roam buildings and grounds for added protection, yet still respond effectively when needed. The system is compatible with Police radios, so there’s no added radio expense (800/900 MHz systems require a customer’s radio).

SecureTech Systems has installed Wireless Duress systems in hundreds of county and municipal buildings nationwide. Let us help improve the overall safety of everyone entering your facilities. System Features: • Verifies signal as often as every 10 seconds. • Customer defined message is transmitted to all hand-held radios and base station indication location of duress. • Automatic sensor provides 30-day advance warning of low battery. • Optional sensors include door contacts and motion detectors. • System permits automatic scheduling of test transmissions to ensure confidence in system functionality. • System can be programmed to enable or disable individual sensors based on customized schedule. • Non-volatile memory prevents loss of any system information. • System is compatible with voice announcement frequency, VHF, UHF, 800 MHz or any commercially available frequency. • Battery backup included with system. Call SecureTech if you have any questions about wireless emergency call systems and how one can be customized to your needs.