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CompleteView™ VMS with Pivot3 Unified Virtual System™ Customer Benefits Self-healing HA Platform CompleteView VMS client


Virtual Server #1 CompleteView VMS

Up to 288TB SAN storage

Virtual Server #2 CompleteView VMS Virtual Server #3 CompleteView VMS



• Protected up to 5 simultaneous drive failures • Dynamically expandable • No single point of failure

• Integrated, automatic failover for CompleteView VMS • HA iSCSI SAN protects data from drive or appliance failures • Predictive sparing fixes poor drives in advance of failure


Virtual Server #N Failover-ready Server

Up to 12 free virtual servers • Virtual servers replace physical servers • Application failover built-in • Cost savings for power, cooling, and rack space

Eliminates physical servers • • • •

$4K savings per server 40% power & cooling savings 40% rack space savings Server-based appliances ensure lowest hardware cost

Simplicity • • • • •

30 minutes to deploy Intuitive appliance model Dynamically expandable Standards-based architecture Online management

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