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Wireless Portable Surveillance Systems

High-Tech Covert Tools Give Police an Edge Perfect for alarm, surveillance, domestic violence or covert operations, these systems deliver instant notification over existing radios. Wireless alarms are placed in high-risk areas such as a warehouse, convenience store, new construction or suspected drug area. Alarms can be panic buttons, door contacts or motion sensors. When an alarm is activated, the receiver sends a pre-recorded voice message directly to officer’s radio(s) The message is specific, such as: “Break in at w areh ous e, 12 3W ash in gt on Street.”

Officer can respond immediately to the exact location without dispatch delay. Knowing the exact location of a potential problem means instant response, immediately providing valuable protection to the public. Officers are free to roam their local area, yet still respond effectively when needed offering communities improved protection. Our system sends voice alarms over existing radios, so your department does not have to reinvest in equipment or adjust dispatch procedures. You can use the system for alarm dispatch, surveillance and/or to trigger an on-site camera or other peripheral devices. There are no wires so setup and deployment is simple, fast and portable

Police departments around the country are using wireless systems to effectively stop theft, reduce domestic violence, and enhance back-up protection and much more. It’s a perfect partnering tool between police and the public to stop and/or deter crime. SYSTEM FEATURES: • Verifies signal as often as every 10 seconds. • Customer defined message is transmitted to all hand-held radios and base station indication location of duress. • Automatic sensor provides 30-day advance warning of low battery. • Optional sensors include door contacts and motion detectors. • System permits automatic scheduling of test transmissions to ensure confidence in system functionality. • System can be programmed to enable or disable individual sensors based on customized schedule. • Non-volatile memory prevents loss of any system information. • System is compatible with voice announcement frequency, VHF, UHF, 800 MHz or any commercially available frequency. • Battery backup included with system. • 800/900 MHz systems require a customer’s radio. Call SecureTech if you have any questions about wireless emergency call systems and how one can be customized to your needs.