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Video Storage solutions for Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Corrections THINK OUTSIDE THE DVR


In the last several years we have seen a surge in the amount and type of surveillance that is being deployed to protect the public, aid law enforcement and help manage prison populations. At the same time, video surveillance technology is witnessing major changes that began over a decade ago and are continuing to gain momentum. The THINK OUTSIDE THE DVR price of both high resolution digital (IP) cameras and low cost storage continues to plummet making it possible to retain an astounding quantity of high quality video data. DVRs have largely replaced tape-based VCRs for surveillance recording, and NVRs have begun to grow in the market. Largely pioneered in Europe, law enforcement agencies as well as municipalities and correctional agencies have been increasingly using video surveillance systems to help them manage a wide range of both dangerous and routine situations. As the technology advances and the ability to store more images at higher resolution for longer times proliferates, communities, law enforcement and correctional agencies come up with new and innovative ways to enhance public safety and improve police efficiency. For example, video surveillance is being used for traffic management and control, area surveillance and monitoring, virtual stakeouts of high crime areas, remote video monitoring of traffic stops, chain of custody, forensics, corrections monitoring, mobile surveillance and a wide range of other applications.

Video Surveillance for public safety Communities and law enforcement personnel have been deploying video surveillance technology in creative ways that help them protect the public and do their jobs better. Police Departments that are short staffed are taking advantage of the ability of cameras to provide live, realtime visibility to the criminal activity in their community, thereby helping them cover more of their community

more effectively. Video feeds can also provide police with invaluable situational information ahead of their arrival on site. With this information they can get a better understanding of what is happening and formulate the most appropriate response. Managing crowds has always been difficult for officers in the midst of a situation. With temporary, centralized video surveillance officers can be alerted to dangerous situations that may be developing and deal with them quickly before they escalate out of control. Communities can get advance warning of wildfires during times of high fire danger, thereby providing fire departments the ability to respond to fires quickly and before they spread out of control. Video surveillance systems from Intransa help address the needs of public safety ranging from reducing violence and graffiti, theft, trespass and other crimes. There are now an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras deployed in the United States that are shooting 4 billion hours of footage every week. That data must be retained for processing and evidence. Embedded storage in DVRs and NVRs just can’t keep up and retain that volume of data over an extended period of time. Intransa solutions are ideal for direct-from-camera recording in individual locations, or as central video repositories for days, weeks, months or years of instantlyavailable video.

IP technology extends the reach of video surveillance Of all of the new technologies, Internet Protocol (IP) based systems have proven to be the most effective choice for a wide range of physical security implementations such as the examples given above. IP network cameras have had the most visible market impact, with the result that analog camera technologies are entering

their sunset phase, surpassed by the new technology in many ways. With IP storage, security practitioners can: • Meet the video retention challenges facing them at a reduced cost • Lower their total storage requirements • Eliminate the risk of introducing new IP technologies • Leverage existing infrastructure Best of all, because IP storage is often less expensive than the captive, fixed storage found in individual DVRs and many NVRs, even installations with a single DVR system can save money.

Intransa Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Corrections Practice Intransa is focused on meeting the unique video and data retention needs of public safety, law enforcement and correctional institutions. Our goal is to provide practical, affordable, industry leading solutions that will help these organizations maximize the use of their video surveillance as well provide a practical tool for protecting the public. Among the benefits that Intransa can deliver with its shared, external IP video surveillance storage solutions are:

Unlike the storage capacity found in most DVRs and NVRs, Intransa video security storage is designed to meet the unique challenges of all these video surveillance workloads. With advanced RAID protection, hot swappable components, a user interface designed for security professionals and a full range of easily upgradeable products for entry level to mega campus installations.

• More retention for a lower cost than captive, unprotected DVR disk capacity

Intransa shared external IP storage for video surveillance addresses the massive data retention needs of this market by delivering on three essential areas – reliability, resolution and retention.

• Non-stop recording and playback

Reliability – eliminate lost video due to failed disks. Add or upgrade capacity in minutes without disrupting existing recording operations.

• Integration with existing CCTV DVRs, NVRSs, analog and IP network cameras, video management systems, video analytics, etc.

Resolution – pick whatever resolution and frame rates you require without regard to the underlying storage capacity. Retention – store more video at maximum resolution frame rates for days, weeks, months or year in less disk space And do all this so affordably that it reduces costs and saves money at the same time.

• Storage of more video at maximum resolution and frames rates for days, weeks or years in less disk space • Elimination of lost video due to failed disks.

• Addition of new or upgraded capacity in minutes with affordable modules

• Tested and IT certified functionality with StorAlliance members for risk free and installation integration with nearly 100 physical security vendors’ products

To learn more about the advantage of shared, external storage for public safety video surveillance visit Intransa at verticals/public-safe.php

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more effectively. Video feeds can also provide police with invaluable situational information ahead of their arrival on site. With this info...