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EdgeBlock FR & HA TM


• Eliminate the risk of lost video for CCTV & IP surveillance systems of all sizes • Dramatically reduce the cost of video surveillance for CCTV or IP solutions • Extend the life of existing CCTV systems plus gain IP benefits without risk & expense • Deliver maximum video recording availability and uptime with no single point of failure

EdgeBlock™ for Smart CCTV Upgrades for 1 to more than 12 DVRs with extended video retention A single EdgeBlock™ FR (Fault Resilient) or HA (High Availability) system can provide video data management and retention for 1 to over a dozen DVRs, each driving 8 to 16 channels for analog cameras with extended retention capacity. And often for less than the cost of a new DVR or to upgrade that device with failure-prone, captive disk storage. EdgeBlock™ extends the life of CCTV systems with advanced, RAID-protected video retention that eliminates the risk of lost video while cutting the amount of required storage overhead. With hot-swap disk drives, dual data paths (EdgeBlock HA), power supplies and fans, recording never stops while email alerts provide advanced warning of little issues before they can ever become big problems. Best of all, Intransa Smart CCTV Upgrades™ leverage existing DVRs, analog cameras, and even cabling for total investment protection. EdgeBlock™ also supports digital technology, IP cameras, NVRs, and other IP devices, enabling the best of both worlds, and providing an inexpensive, riskfree migration path to IP when desired.

EdgeBlock™ for All-IP Surveillance Solutions for a few to over 100 IP cameras EdgeBlock™ is an advanced, proven video data management and retention platform for new, all-IP digital solutions that future-proofs physical security systems. Ideal as an edge recording platform, EdgeBlock™ can support a typical workload for a few to over 100 IP cameras with months to years of retention. Its compact, 3RU (5.25”) base system height makes it ideal for cramped closets or for use in SOCs and Command Centers alike with no single point of failure. EdgeBlock™ Video Surveillance-Optimized (VSOP) systems support most NVRs, PSIM and VMS systems plus IP cameras, access control systems and life safety solutions with over 100 solutions already certified by the StorAlliance Technology Labs for risk-free integration. Reduce environmental impact for greener surveillance while saving money with Intransa’s advanced architectures and compact footprints that shrink electrical consumption and cut typical heating and cooling demands by 50 to 70%.

EdgeBlock FR & HA TM

EdgeBlock™ Configurations EdgeBlock™ Base System Dimensions – 3U rack unit footprint (5.25”/13.34cm height by 19”/482.26cm width) Capacity – 6, 11.25 or 15 terabytes (TB) with hot-swap SATA-II disk drives for video retention/playback, typically sufficient for several months recording for 1 to 12 typical DVRs with 8 to 16 channels each &/or up to 64 standard IP cameras EdgeBlock™ Extended System Dimensions – 2U EdgeBlock Base™ plus up to (3) Storage Expansion Enclosures™, each with 2U footprint (3.5”/4.45cm height by 19”/482.26cm width) Capacity – 9 to 12 terabytes (TB) per SEE for maximum retention/ playback capacity of 51TB. Hot-swap SATA-II disk drives for video retention/playback, typically sufficient for several months of recording for 1 to more than a dozen typical DVRs with 8 to 16 channels each &/or up to over 100 standard IP cameras with multiple SEEs

Features • Sets up in minutes by dealer, integrator or security practitioner without requiring extensive IT knowledge, delivering immediate improvement in retention and reliability for both analog CCTV and digital IP systems • Eliminates risk of video loss with advanced RAID 5 data protection that also limits RAID overhead with global sparing • Non-stop, non-fragmenting video retention with hot-swap disk drives and dual power supplies, fans, and data paths (HA configurations), for on-the-fly maintenance with no single point of failure and allowing future modular capacity upgrades without interruption or re-cabling • Easily replace failed components without shipping DVR/NVR offsite & risking loss of control of video & data • All Intransa Video Data Management and Retention platforms including EdgeBlock™ support DVRs and analog cameras, and are StorAlliance-certified for risk-free IP integration with IP cameras, NVRs, video management systems, physical security information management systems, video analytics, physical security utilities, authentication, access control, life safety, biometrics, infrastructure, imaging and technology vendor offerings • Included Video Surveillance-Optimized (VSOP) software: Remote IP access & support, StorManager™ OS, & StorAR™ replication for video distribution and uploading • EdgeBlock™ features a comprehensive 3 year system hardware and 1 year system software StorWarranty ™

Intransa is the leading innovator of Video Data Management and Retention (VDRM) solutions for physical security. All systems are Security-Grade Data Retention tested and certified.

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