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Application Note: DN1516-0309

Access Control & Burglar Alarm Integration SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 OVERVIEW Adding an access control panel to an existing Burglar Alarm will allow for the arming and the disarming of a Burglar Alarm panel upon a valid access to a card reader. This will allow the system administrator to see who armed and disarmed the system.

Figure 1

REQUIREMENTS 1. 2. 3. 4.

EntraPass Special or Corporate Edition system with KT-300 controller Proximity reader with valid access cards for arming/disarming via the door controller Arming request input button or * key on reader/keypad combination (P555KP, P225KP, or P325KP) A door contact monitored by the door controller (not the burglar alarm)

Alarm Panel Requirements 1. 2. 3. 4.

Zone X configured as “Momentary Keyswitch Arming” Zone Y configured as a 24 hour instant zone PGM1 configured to follow the “Armed State” of the alarm panel. PGM2 configured to follow the “Ready State” of the alarm panel

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Application Note: DN1516-0309 EXPLANATION • •

In this application, the door controller will arm and disarm the Burglar Alarm panel following a valid access and arming request (users will swipe their cards, then press the arming request input located near the entry door). To arm the Burglar Alarm, the door controller’s Relay 1 will only activate if a valid access card has been swiped, the arming request input or Keypad Button pressed, and none of the door controller’s inputs specified in the door’s external alarm options Supervised Inputs page are in alarm. In this case, Relay 1 will toggle the momentary keyswitch arming input on the Burglar Alarm for 2 seconds.When the Burglar alarm is armed, the door controller’s reader LED will constantly flash to indicate that the system is armed. To disarm the Burglar Alarm, swipe a valid card and enter the premises. You must open the door for the alarm panel to be disarmed With Reader/Keypad

With Reader and arming Request button


• •

It is recommended to use a P225KP or P325KP or a P555KP in order to provide extra security when the arming/disarming reader is located outside the premises. This adds to security in that a valid card and PIN code is required to arm and disarm. Also, the use of a reader/keypad combination removes the need of having to install a separate Arming Request Button near the reader. When connecting the KT-300 relay outputs to an external Burglar Alarm panel, please note that the control outputs are open collector to ground and may require a basic knowledge of electronics if the Burglar Alarm is configured for End of Line Resistor Supervision. Please test for full functionality before leaving the customer’s premises

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Application Note: DN1516-0309 PROGRAMMING THE ENTRAPASS •

Select the Devices tab, then Door that will be used to arm the Burglar Alarm, go under Options and Alarm Systems and click on External Alarm System Options

Figure 2

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Application Note: DN1516-0309 Figure 3

• • • • •

Select the input that will be used as the Arming Request Input. Please note that a button from an integrated keypad can be used and programmed under the field KEYPAD BUTTON (see Figure 3) Select a schedule when the Burglar Alarm can be armed (see Figure 3) Select the appropriate arming access level (see Figure 3) Select the input to which the Burglar Alarm Ready Status is connected (see Figure 3) Input tab; Select the controller’s inputs that need to be supervised, shunted on entry, exit or on arming; when the Burglar Alarm is armed. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4

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Application Note: DN1516-0309

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Application Note: DN1516-0309 Figure 5

Select an input or Keypad button to be used as the Input to Postpone Arming. Postpone Arming should be used when the system is counting down the exit delay and a user needs to reenter the premises without causing an alarm. (Figure 5) Postpone Arming can also be used if the Burglar Alarm panel has an auto-arm schedule, and the user wants to override it from the door controller The Postpone or disarm access level must be specified for disarming privileges. (Figure 5)

Figure 6

Alarm Relay will be activated when a “Door Forced Open” occurs or whenever an input that is in included in the “Input Supervised” list goes into alarm. The Burglar Alarm panel must be armed for this to occur. (see Figure 6).

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Application Note: DN1516-0309 • •

Arming Alarm Panel, this is the output activated when an arming request will be made from the controller to the Burglar Alarm Panel. (see Figure 6) Disarming alarm panel, this is the output activated when a disarming request is made from the controller. (see Figure 6) Usually the same as the Arming Alarm Panel relay


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Application Note: DN1516-0309



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