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March/April 2015

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INFORMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Honeywell Total Tracking Services By James Falvo

containers, heavy machinery, ONEywEll generators and outdoor TOTAl CONNECT inventory. TRACkING SERVICES These services provide onis a solution that employs GPS demand location, speed of technology to let home and travel and history information business owners remotely 24 hours a day, seven days a track vehicles and assets in week. The systems can track real-time using their personal up to 20 vehicles and assets computers, smartphones or via Google Maps, view fiveother Internet-enabled mobile minute tracking “breadcrumbs” devices. The service is a way to Keep track of your children, even when they are out driving and access a 90-day event keep tabs on your teenage or around, with the new Honeywell Total Connect Vehicle Tracker. history. In addition, they can elderly drivers, recover missing vehicles or stolen goods, improve one seamless, integrated platform. There receive text messages and email alerts productivity and help users make critical, are three devices to meet your tracking when vehicles or assets have been moved, exceed speed limits or travel outside pretimely decisions. needs: whether you are a concerned parent The Honeywell Total Connect Vehicle determined geographic boundaries wanting to know that your teenager Tracker enables tracking of most vehicles (for example, a 20-mile radius from a arrived safely at school, a homeowner on the road today and is ideal for passenger business or a one-mile radius from a school). These Total Connect Tracking Services monitoring their boat, or a business cars, light trucks, and service vans. It plugs owner keeping tabs on his fleet and into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic deliver a great experience and provide making sure equipment arrived at a job system port (OBD-II), which has been peace of mind and value, as they satisfy site on time, Honeywell Total Connect required on all cars and most trucks sold the growing demand for affordable, easy9 Tracking Services can be used in many in the United States since 1996, and does to-use tracking solutions. ways. not require charging. A vehicle tracker The new service is the latest addition extension cable is also available. to Honeywell Total Connect Remote Next, there is the Honeywell Total Connect Services, which lets consumers control Asset Tracker that is recommended for their security and automation systems, powered assets such as boats, jet skis, EDITOR’S NOTE: The Honeywell Total view live video and receive important ATVs, RVs, motorcycles and construction Connect Tracking Services are available from alerts on web-enabled devices often e q u i p m e n t , a s w e l l a s n o n - O B D I I Robert Hessel at Source 1 Solutions at r e f e r r e d t o a s “ S m a r t H o m e ” o r compliant vehicles and older, classic cars. (727) 538-4114 or


“Connected Home." These services can be obtained as standalone solutions or combined with others, such as security, video and energy management, all from 112


Finally, there is the Honeywell Total Connect Asset Tracker with Extended Battery that is ideal for assets without c onstant power, such as shipping MARCH/APRIl 2015

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