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Sourajit Sengupta

ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHY Understanding studio photography (light,shadow equipments,etc.)and mannual settings.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Portrait photography is a photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression,personality,and mood of the subject.Like other types of portraiture,The focus of the photograph is usually the person’s face,although the entire body and the background may be included.

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Product photography is one area of focus for commercial photographers. Commercial probably is often defined as any photography for which the photographer is paid for taking and possibly Photoshop retouching of images.The commercial photographic world usually refers to advertising photography.That is photography made to illustrate and usually sell a service or product.

CONCEPT PHOTOGRAPHY EFFECT OF NEGATIVE CIRCUMSTANCES In life we often take burden of the miss happenings on our shoulders.People’s minds have been devastated by the wrongdoings happening in the society,leaving them frightened,frustrated and the most traumatized.This theme is all about the psychological side effects on a human behavior.For instance,there are different emotions we have tried to portray, Moving from fear to aggression.People react with the circumstances accordingly. Murder,sexual assault,robbery,recession,dowry,black mailing are one of the common few headlines that we read every day,leaving us terrified and sometimes violent.Scared enough to hide and violent enough to take actions which could release frustration.The troublesome chaos in our minds by the offensive and unpleasant incidents forces us to be the victim of mental disturbance. But the question is that whether there will be any solution to these reactions or not?

IMPLIMENTATION OF PHOTOGRAPH HOARDING FOR MTV RUSH RUSH CHRONICLESTHE LIVES OF 12 college students involved in a college festival – the viewers get voyeuristic glimpses into the lives of these angst ridden characters. Rush chronicles the angst,turmoil and the adrenaline rush of forty eight hours of action.The same 48 hours are lived in 12 different ways.The viewers witness key turning points in the protagonists’lives like giving up one’s virginity,sabotaging a college drama production.

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