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Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse a Program of the Fitzroy Learning Network

learning by designing following your interests

Members at the Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse Annual Showcase Members create projects with an audience in mind, and develop self-confidence and public speaking skills by presenting their projects to friends, family and community members.

building a community respect and trust

Fitzroy Computer Club

exploring ideas, developing skills and building confidence through the use of technology. The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse has a

membership of over 150 local youth from 17 cultural backgrounds. Youth aged 10-18 have free access to technology to learn and develop their skills according to their interests. Members create a variety of multimedia projects including music, animation, programming and design, as well as developing their interests and learning skills that support them as they pursue further education and careers.

Our Mission

The Computer Clubhouse provides a creative and safe after-school learning environment where young people from under-served communities work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology. Using the original Clubhouse in Boston as a model, the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network supports communitybased Clubhouse around the world, providing thousands of youth with access to resources, skills, and experience to help them succeed in their careers, contribute to the communities, and lead outstanding lives.

The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network is an international community of 100 Computer Clubhouses located in 20 different countries around the world. A program of the Museum of Science, Boston in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, the Computer Clubhouse has served as a model since its founding in 1993. The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network has now grown to over 100 Clubhouses connecting youth in 20 countries around the world.

Who We Are

The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse is a program of the Fitzroy Learning Network Inc. Funding is raised each year through philanthropic organisations, grants and fundraising activities. The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse is a member of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network. The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse is the first, and currently, only one of two Computer Clubhouses in Australia. Members participate in the Clubhouse over the course of years, not months or weeks, as the Computer Clubhouse offers consistent and stable learning and development opportunities for all youth aged 10-18 years. The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse is open after school weekdays during the school term. The program runs for 20 hours a week, 5 days a week with some additional holiday program activities.



Why The Computer Clubhouse is Needed

The majority of Clubhouse members come from refugee backgrounds, have disrupted education and do not speak English at home. Young people from underserved backgrounds in Fitzroy face educational difficulties which may include; •Disrupted schooling. •Experience of trauma. •Speaking English as a second language. •Low literacy and numeracy. •No access to computers or internet at home. •No access to study support at home. •Limited or no access to further study or career mentors or role models.

Proven Outcomes

The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse participates in independent research by SRI international to measure youth outcomes. Since commencing the Youth Outcomes assessment in 2005 the following outcomes have been reported. •The Computer Clubhouse helps youth develop 21st-century skills, find pathways to success and build a commitment to community service. •Youth who are more involved in the Clubhouse report greater competency in problem-solving, collaboration and use of technology tools. •100% of active Clubhouse members plan to continue their education after high school – with over 80% planning to attend university. Please enquire for the full Youth Outcomes report

The Computer Clubhouse Supports Youth In:

•Increasing breadth and depth of technology use and skill. Members have access to high-end technology including the Adobe Creative Suite, Video and digital cameras, and a music studio. •Problem-solving competence through young people’s exploration of their own ideas and projects. •Completing set schoolwork through mentor support and access to technology. •Increasing literacy and numeracy through one-on-one support and access to fun online learning tools. •Obtaining employment through resume help, interview practice and one-on-one support. •Exploring further education and career opportunities. •Accessing Clubhouse exclusive scholarships to continue further education. •Contributing to their community in positive and meaningful ways. Youth develop leadership skills through the Clubhouse Leadership Group, and display thoughtprovoking work to the wider community. •Celebrating diversity and cultivating a deep understanding of cultures around the world through opportunity to attend international youth summits.

WHAT NEXT? Continuous Improvement

The Computer Clubhouse is youth-led and adapts according to the needs and development of its members. Goals for the development of the Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse over the next 3 years include• Total Technology Refresh in 2012. In order to provide up-to-date, high end equipment for the youth, the Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse will need a full technology refresh in January 2012. • Employment of part-time Assistant Coordinator to run technology workshops for members and ensure continuity of Clubhouse. • Employment of part-time Music Coordinator to assist and guide members. • Seeking funding of Clubhouse Leadership Group to enable excursions and events. • Employment and education related excursions for members. Official costings and budget available on request.

How You Can Help

Individuals and organisations can support the Clubhouse financially and in kind a number of ways. Donations over $2 to Fitzroy Learning Network Inc. are fully tax deductible. • Monthly tax-deductable giving This can be done easily and securely on the website. Ask if your organisation supports workplace giving – they may match your donation dollar to dollar • One-off tax-deductable donation Your gifts have a significant impact, as donations are channelled to areas of greatest need. • Give time Volunteering to help in a community organisation is both socially responsible and personally satisfying. Volunteers who have direct-contact with Clubhouse youth are expected to commit 12 months. II

Contact Details:

Computer Clubhouse Fitzroy Learning Network 198 Napier St, Fitzroy 3065 (03) 9417 2897

FItzroy Computer Clubhouse Information  

The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse provides a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people from underserved communiti...

FItzroy Computer Clubhouse Information  

The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse provides a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people from underserved communiti...