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Sound to Sea is the official student news magazine of Manteo High School.

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The staff strives to provide informative and accurate coverage of individuals and events within the school and the Dare County community. Opinion pieces serve as a forum for the voices of the newspaper, its staff members and the community it serves.

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School Stressors 4 As An Athlete 5 As An Actor / As A Worker 6 As A Senior, Going to College 7 As A Senior... Going Into The Military! 8 SLEEP / My Homework Nightmare 9 To AP Or Not AP 10 Be You! (But Not That Way) 11 Let A Kid Be A Kid

12 Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater! / Glam Girls 13 What’s Really Cooking In the Kitchen With Ms. Gail / Multiple Intellegences 14 What’s The Tea, Sis?: Vrablic Edition / The Vrablic Conspiracy 15 Frank Flashbacks 16 Memories of Manteo

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Letter From The


Dear Readers, stress for ourselves, we channelled it into the As you can tell, the newspaper newest edition of the newspaper. looks a bit different, doesn’t it? Your The point of this theme is not to bring newspaper is getting a face-lift. criticism to the teachers or to any other With fresh eyes and a new perstaff, but merely to point out that YOU spective, we creative writing and ARE NOT ALONE. Everyone is feeling newspaper students are extremely the stress right now. We can make it excited for this new edition. out of this! The best part is, the end is The theme for this paper is in sight! You could choose to think of The Kid’s Are Alright (?), inspired by how much of your school year is already the Who album that goes by a simidone. Before you know it, you’ll be tanning lar title. As we have struggled through on the beach again. But for now, I hope you the cold and gray of winter, the entire staff Liz Hodgson enjoy THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (?). has been feeling a little overwhelmed with our school work, as any normal student would. Instead of just With Love and Calming Thoughts, procrastinating our work away and producing more Kiersten Frazee

Graphic by Kiersten Frazee Liz Hodgson Darcy Kampe Concept by Stephen D. Nichols


hen the weather gets cold and the school year is no longer new, students begin to feel the stress of balancing homework, jobs, extracurricular activities, chores, and all the various other responsibilities that kids face today. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but we borrowed the graphic from the classic The Who album cover to show that, though they may question the fact, the kids will, in the end, be alright.

Sound to Sea

Darcy Kampe Sports Editor



fter hours of physically intense practice, student athletes go home and prepare for hours of mentally intense homework. Student athletes have little time to finish their extensive heaps of homework after practices and games. Being an athlete alone brings extreme schedule demands, and being an athlete and a senior, a worker, or a dual-enrolled COA student just adds to the mountain of stress.

MALE Mekhi B. Mekhi participates in sports all year round, begining with football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track in the spring. This is his typical daily schedule.





Wake Up- 5:30 a.m. Leave For School- 6:30 a.m. ~45 minute drive to school~ School- 8:00 a.m. to 3:05 p.m. Practice- 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Homework- 7:30 p.m. - varies Bed- 3:00 a.m.

FEMALE Catherine R. Catherine participates in sports all year round, begining with cross country in the fall, swimming in the winter, and track in the spring. This is her typical daily schedule.

“When I get home I’m tired and don’t want to do anything,” - Aiyana Mourino “All I care about is the ball game and only the ball game, eyes on the prize... School is just an illusion that grades you based on the quality of your work just like a factory grades the quality of its products. The worst grades are sent to the worst workplaces and the best grades are sent to the higher quality factories to work on the important stuff. Don’t assume that the method of grading has an effect on homework because in some cases it is only the way you walk and perceive yourself to animals of all kinds. Beware.” -Junior Maimillian Janesik

FEMALE Aiyana M. Aiyana participates in sports all year round, begining with football cheer and competition cheer in the fall, competiton cheer and basketball cheer in the winter, and track in the spring. This is her typical daily schedule.

Wake Up- 6:15 a.m. Leave For School- 6:30 a.m. ~30 minute drive to school~ School- 8:00 a.m. to 3:05 p.m. Practice- 3:20 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. *Volunteer*- 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Homework- 7:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. Bed- 1:00 a.m.



Liz Hodgson

Wake Up- 6:45 a.m. Leave For School- 7 a.m. ~30 minute drive to school~ School- 8:00 a.m. to 3:05 p.m. Practice- 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Homework finished- 11:00 p.m. Bed- 11:30 p.m.


Sound to Sea


AS AN ACTOR Kiersten Frazee Editor-In-Chief

According to Kyle Logan

Is it hard to balance your social life, your school life, and your theatre life? I’ve never really tried to balance them. When I’m in a show my grades naturally start to slip, and when I’m not in a show, I socialize a lot. So come to think of it, I’ve never really tried to balance academics.

How long have you been acting? I’ve been formally acting for about four years, but I like to think that my imagination made me an actor from a very early age.

What are the rehearsal schedules like? The rehearsal schedules are a gauntlet that few will survive. If you’ve got the heart for the craft then you might be able to make it through these regular, long rehearsals. Rehearsals can go from 3 - 8:30, but they’ve been longer before. How important is acting to you? Acting is pretty much the only reason I come to school. So I’d say it’s definitely important to me. Is acting or school more important to you? I would have to go with acting on that one, though I know one without the other is impossible at this stage in my life.

Cora Pate Web Editor

High school students are more than just students; many of us are also employees. Approximately 40-50% of the students here at MHS have cars and need money to pay for gas, or we have to pay our phone bill, and we are saving up for college. We are in school all day, so our only choice for working is on the weekends and in the evenings. “I usually have to work two or three school nights a week, depending on my dance schedule for the week,” said Junior Alex Crum. Having time for everything--like sports and a job-and still finding time to do homework can lead to stress, anxiety, and loss of sleep. We are already waking up between 5 and 6 in the morning to go to school for seven hours; do we really need several more hours worth of work sent home with us? “I spend on average about two or three hours a night on homework, and I have dance or work every night,” said Crum. Working on school nights can get late, and having homework due the . next day can keep students up even later. “Between actually doing homework and being too stressed to sleep, I only get about four or five hours of sleep every night and then wake up at six the next morning,” said Crum. Having so much to do in a limited time doesn’t really leave room for creating a system of time management. We have to do what we have to do, and we have limited time to ourselves. Too often, time management is composed of work, work, work until you just can’t keep your eyes open anymore, then you wake up and repeat. Liz Hodgson

“Between actually doing homework and being too stressed to sleep, I only get about four or five hours of sleep every night and then wake up at six the next morning” said Crum Liz Hodgson

How does this affect your life as a senior? Acting as a senior is tough, because senior year is pretty stressful with college coming up and trying to find motivation to not drop out. So adding an extra curricular only makes it harder.

Sound to Sea



Caroline Mode & Liz Hodgson Staff Members

What is high school like now that you’re a senior? “As a senior, high school is more different than it has ever been. More freedom, yet more responsibility. You form more personal, adult-like bonds with some teachers. School is the easiest and hardest it has been so far. But most of all, it is a time of awakening for everyone.” - Senior Conner Culpepper What classes are you taking this year? “I take APES first period, I have skilled sports and English 4 second period, BC Calc third period, jazz band fourth, and fifth I have Political science and Music appreciation from COA.” - William Pendelton “AP Statistics, AP Earth and Environmental Science, Honors English 4, and 4 COA classes.” - Emily Pack “AP Classes such as APES and APSTATS ... I’m also taking personal finance to help me prepare for my future in college.” - Senior Alexia Barrow How many colleges have you applied to, and why“ I decided to apply to 15 colleges. ... When you have opportunity at your fingertips, you should probably grasp it. I qualified for fee waivers, so I didn’t have to worry about the associated fees. Applying to many different schools will inevitably grant me more opportunity than a select few. Plus, I enjoy collecting acceptance letters boi. B)”- Culpepper “I have applied to six colleges because I want to have options.”-Wesley Mitchum

Pictures Courtesy of LifeTouch

Are you ready to graduate, or do you want to stay in high school longer? “I’m ready to go to college and start my journey at VMI, but I don’t want to leave my friends or the sports teams, and I wish I could retake some of the classes that I had a really great time in.” - Pendelton How stressed are you about senior year? “Senior year itself is about as stressful as any other year. It’s the college applications and financial aid stuff that makes it even more stressful.” - Raechelle Eller What was it like before you applied to colleges? Do you feel much better now or are there other things you have to worry about? “It was very stressful before applying to colleges. I feel so much better now sending my applications and getting acceptances. Financial aid, scholarships, and maintaining my grades are the only things I have to worry about.” - Eller What sets you back when you think about graduating and starting your life? “Leaving behind everything and everyone I’ve ever known is a very scary thought. Being on my own is both exciting and terrifying.” - Eller Do you feel proud of yourself, what you have done during your high school career, and what you have accomplished? “I am proud of making it this far. I remember thinking about college as an elementary schooler and doubting I could even make it to high school. Every new experience is a win for me.” - Eller


Sound to Sea

As A Senior... Going Into The Military!

Liz Hodgson

What branch are you planning on joining and why? United States Navy, because job opportunities match my capabilities, and I want to be on an aircraft carrier. What made you want to join the military? Family history of service, and I like the sound of it. Do you have plans after the military? If so, what? Pursue a career in politics. How will your service help you when you are done? Tremendous health benefits, access to the VA, experience in technology, and leadership skills.

I’m joining the Marine Corps because they are the most intense and effective branch, without a doubt. I’ve wanted to join the military since I was young. I’m a powerful guy mentally and physically, and I want to use my abilities for the benefit of everyone in this country. I am considering serving until I retire, and then I hope to become a therapist. I’ll take classes while I’m in there, enabling me to provide therapy. My job in the Marines will be aviation operations, so I may decide to work at an airport or something along those lines instead.

Liz Hodgson

Rowan Land Staff Member

Some students at Manteo High School are planning on joining the military in some capacity after graduating or after college. There are many different reasons why someone would want to join the military, ranging from good opportunities, the various benefits of doing so, and personal reasons. It would be prudent to keep yourself aware of the military as an option for the future, as you may discover an opportunity you would not have been aware of otherwise. Many people overlook the military, thinking it is not a good idea without truly considering it. Military careers are very diverse; there are jobs for many different fields throughout the branches: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy. This means that a field you are interested in may also have a job in the military related to it. The military offers a different path for graduating students, and it does not always involve joining immediately. In some cases, the military even gives out scholarships, like the ROTC scholarships, for which you first go to college, and then join afterwards in an advanced position. Others join immediately, a valid option that will give useful skills for later in life. There are many benefits to a military career, ranging from income and tangible things to skills and character building. Serving long enough in the military gives you access to medical benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the VA, as well as healthcare and dental care. Other benefits that are maybe less obvious are learning life skills like team-building, self-dicipline, and many other skills and life lessons that are useful both in acquiring future jobs after service, or for life in general. Seniors from Manteo High School join the military every year, and if you are interested in joining yourself, or simply want more information, recruiters for the military occasionally come to this school and both provide information and assist students who are interested.

Sound to Sea

One day, my teacher gave us 3 tests , an essay, vocab, a warm up, 14 pages of notes and this quizlet activites all due that day in class. -anonymous


One time last year I took an online class and I had to complete 60 assignments in 2 days, and that was the worst thing I’ve ever had to do.

Are students getting enough sleep? Studies say that the average teenager needs about nine hours of sleep. Unfortunately, many teenagers don’t get this much sleep. This could be due to many reasons- a shift in sleep schedule, early high school starting times, or social and school obligations. As a result, this could cause sleep deprivation in many adolescents, impacting many teenagers moods, behavior, and academic performance. One way that students are not getting enough rest is due to the shift in their sleep schedule. This is due to the biological change in a teenagers internal clock of about two hours. So, students who used to go to sleep at 10:00 p.m. now go to sleep around 12:00 a.m., and of course this also leads to waking up two hours later in the morning. This change happens to all teens, usually after puberty. With early school starting times this could eventually lead to sleep deprivation, which could cause

students to be moodier and have a high-risk behavior towards life. Another reason students are not getting enough sleep is the early high school starting times. According to experiments done by Oxford University schools, starting at 10:00 a.m. instead of the standard 8:00 a.m. times had an improvement on the students’ grades. This improved the students’ core class grades and overall success by 19 percent. This proved to be very good for the students because it didn’t just benefit them in ways like improving their sleep, but it also improved their grades.

Jordan Baum Staff Member ing in school rallies and games, also take valuable time. All these things can add up on a students plate, causing them to be Tiffany Fenz stressed and busy meet- Staff Member ing their obligations and “It depends on the making it difficult for them to get the sleep they day; some days it’s a need. lot, and some days I

With all of these things on the average student’s plate, it can be difficult for teenagers to get adequate rest. This could potentially affect teenagers in a negative way, causing them to be sleep deprived and moody, to behave badly, or even to perform poorly academically. These students simply need more sleep. They are growing kids who need the relief of a good night’s sleep. A final reason Students are over-exerted that students are not be and are putting too much getting enough sleep is pressure on themselves social and school oblito do well in school, in gations. School provides sports and extracurricand encourages a variety ulars, and in their jobs, of after school activities. while still trying to have a These require extra time social life with friends. In and energy from the order for teenagers to be students after school, and successful at school and then they have homework in life, they cannot afford to do on top of that. not to get the full amount Social obligations, like of sleep that they require having a job or participat- every night.

have more work and after school like practice or doing family events. Homework gets in the way of it sometimes.” - Wolfy “One

day, my teacher gave us 3 tests, an essay, vocab, a warm up, 14 pages of notes, and this Quizlet activity, all due that day in class.”

“In on of my classes, everything we did, all our worksheets were online, so all I did was look up the title of the worksheet and find the answers. Everyone in the class did that too.” “A couple weeks ago I had to work and to go to this baby shower, but I also had like 20 assignments for one of my classes. So I woke up at 8 a.m. and did not go back to sleep till 2 p.m. the next day because I had so much to do.” -Lesley Estrada

Sound to Sea

To AP or Not AP? That Is The Question... AP Classes: Who Needs ‘Em?

Tiffany Fenz Staff Member

As kids get older and become teenagers, everything becomes more difficult. More is expected out of them, and they have more responsibilities than they did when they were younger. Most teenagers have some level of stress, and some face almost more than they can handle. For most teenagers stress comes from school, from having too many assignments, or from feeling pressure to get good grades. Stress can come from the people around them, their teachers and their families, or it can even come from themselves. As students reach high school, they feel pressure to take more advanced classes, such as AP or college classes. Students and their parents don’t always realize all the homework and stress that can come with taking these more challenging classes. “I started taking upper classes when I was in 8th grade, and back then I didn’t want to because I didn’t see the point of it. Now I do, because now that I have taken upper classes I can take COA classes as a sophomore, and I can graduate with an associate’s degree in science. But I don’t have a lot of free time, and I usually have a lot of pressure on me to get all the work done and pass.” -Liz Hodgson

AP stands for advanced placement. That word is used to describe college level classes that people take in high school called AP classes. If a student takes an AP class in high school and passes the final exam, it counts as college credit that they did not have to pay for. AP classes also prepare students for future college classes, as they are more challenging than regular classes would be. When colleges look at a student’s transcript and see that they have taken multiple AP classes instead of standard classes, they are more impressed by that student’s high school record. Success in an AP class is also an indicator that a student would be able to keep up with college-level work and would be more likely to be successful. It is better to have a B or a C in an AP class than to have an A in a regular class. Taking these kinds of classes are undoubtedly challenging, especially taking several at a time. This challenge is worth it, though, for the educational experience gained and for the effects on the student’s academic record.

Extra Work = Worth It!

Caroline Mode Staff Member


Sound to Sea

Be You!*

10 Tiffany Fenz Staff Member

Ciarra Jackson

If someone does CONFIDENCE the wrong thing or a feeling of self-assurance arising hangs out with the wrong person, other from one’s appreciation of one’s people will often judge him or her own abilities or negatively. Others will lmost everyday cism or insult, it can label people and say I am told or bring him or her things about them I see “Be You” or down. Some people that aren’t necessari“Don’t let anyone can just wake up and ly true. Often people else control who you tell themselves evare judged for things really are,” but to eryday that they are they do by people be who you really beautiful and smart who don’t even know are, you need confi- and good enough who they really are dence. Confidence no matter what, and or what motivates comes in all different that works for them. them. The worst ways. For some it These people can be thing is, it’s gotten so comes from grades, repeatedly criticized normal in today’s sofrom the opinions of but have no problem ciety that kids will go others, or just from ignoring it. If somethrough trying times inside themselves. one gets an unexand act like nothing Confidence is usual- pectedly great test happened, that they ly fed by something, grade, it can make are “fine.” though. their day better. A It doesn’t If someone bad grade on that matter who you wakes up one day test, though, can hang out with or and thinks of a devastate them. what you do If compliment they Self image hanging out with a received, it can make and esteem are also certain person makes make him or her feel a big factor in what you happy, then you like a million bucks makes a person who should do so. If you that day. If instead they are, how they like to dress accordthat morning brings act, and how they ing to your own memories of critiare seen by others. fashion sense, then


Two photos above: Liz Hodgson

you should do so. If you get a bad grade but want to do better next time, then you should do so. There are so many solutions to all of these problems, and the only question should be: Which solution will you choose?

My confidence comes from what others say. I get compared to my sister all the time. I feel the need to show off more or act a certain way because that’s what “cool kids” do. Really though you should just love yourself and learn that others’ opinions don’t matter.

*But Not That Way

Sound to Sea


Let A Kid Be A Kid!

anteo students express that they have too much responsibility and school related things to take care of, that they have no free time to “be kids.”

Even on weekends students are doing homework instead of hanging out with friends and doing things they want to do. Both Manteo High’s very own Ms. Jessica Everett and Ms. Pam Buscemi had jobs and were cheerleaders in high school; “We were not pushed to take college level classes nor offered dual enrollment,” said Mrs. Everett. “I worked some school nights, got all of my homework done, got plenty of rest, and was allowed out on weekends,” said Mrs. Buscemi. Since Ms. Everett’s and Ms. Buscemi’s high school days, the workload has increased drastically. High school counselors encourage and stress the importance of taking college level classes in high school for students who aren’t prepared or don’t have the time management skills to handle them.

Perfectionists put more pressure on themselves than necessary. This results in their being more stressed and sometimes difficult to cooperate with. In their minds, their work is never good enough; it will never be “the best.” This, however, is not always the case. They believe that spending an excessive amount of time trying to make their work flawless will allow them to feel complete, but it just makes the stress even worse. This is both unhealthy and futile; perfection is always just out of reach.

Cora Pate Web Editor

“I am on two cheer teams, I have SGA, and I am responsible for transporting my brother to and from soccer practices. I spend around five hours on homework on the usual and don’t get to sleep until around two in the morning,” said Manteo senior Lesley Estrada. Seniors also have college applications and FAFSA and scholarships to apply for, which also takes up a great amount of their home life. “I barely get any classwork done, I try and get homework done at school, and I still only get around two to three hours of sleep at night,” said Manteo senior Gray Burke. The whole point of weekends is to catch a break, right? Well are students really catching a break or just working from home? “We are too busy working to make money, preparing for college, handling responsibilities, and doing homework to be able to do what we would like to do on the weekends,” said Manteo seniors Estrada and Katherine Rabanal. The average high school student ranges in age from about fourteen to eighteen; these teenagers don’t have time to be actual teenagers anymore. Now, for the common student, “weekend” just means more time to get stuff done!

Being “Perfect” Is Hard Work!

Perfectionism; what is it? It’s when someone refuses to accept anything short of “the best.” Now, is that a good thing? Some people might say yes and others might disagree. Although striving for perfection is unrealistic, it has its benefits as well as its drawbacks.


Jordan Baum Staff Member

Some people think that being perfect is one of the only ways to get a good grade and to do good work. These people have better grades, a better work ethic, and overall better habits. These students generally perform better academically, because they are more self-motivated.


Even when perfectionists are already stressed and worn out, they are still driven to keep doing better and better. Some may say that the only way to get a perfect grade is to work hard and to make no mistakes, and that’s what these kids are trying to do. The value of perfectionism could be debated. Some people think that it’s unhealthy to try to be impossibly perfect, while others think that it’s the only way to succeed. So, Is it a good thing or is it a bad thing?


Sound to Sea

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater! Cheating, we’ve all done it. Whether by writing the answers on our arms or the inside of our shirts, or by sneaking our phones into class, most of us have cheated at least once in our lives. Now, you may think this passage is going to be scold you: “Stop cheating, cheating is bad!” Well yes, you’re right, that’s exactly what is going to happen. So, get ready for the best PSA on why you shouldn’t cheat and all the bad things that come from being a cheater. The first thing to tell you, faithful readers, is that it’s totally not worth it if you get caught. I mean, come on, who wants all that stress and humiliation when your teacher calls you out in front of the class? After you get caught, suddenly all the teachers look at you with suspicious eyes like you’re a criminal. Come on dudes, no one wants that, so don’t cheat! The second thing about cheating is that it could lead to other bad habits. For example, it could enable you to become lazy and to lose

focus in school. Kids, it’s just not worth it. I know that you’re worried about your GPA, and you don’t want to fail. I get it, but there are a

lot of other good ways to help your GPA other than cheating. You could go to a teacher or friends to ask for extra help, or you could even go online and research the material you’re having trouble with. When you do your own work, you are more likely to actually learn something.

What most interests you about project glam girls? “Seeing a girl go in, put on a dress, and come out smiling from ear to ear.”

Okay, I know, you’re tired of all the lecturing, but I promise this is the last example. When you’re cheating, the person whom you cheat most is yourself. You’re enabling yourself to be slack in your work and to miss much of what you could be learning. Your view on getting an education will skew, and you will begin to care less about learning because you’ll just cheat on the test. All you’re doing is cheating the honest students in class and preventing yourself from learning the information the teachers are trying to teach you. I know that some of us here at Manteo High cheat. It happens all the time; there’s no denying it. I didn’t write this article to tell you that cheating is bad, you already know that. I wrote this article to inform the readers that cheating is not a good habit. In the long run, you would only be hurting yourself. “Girls might want to consider dresses from their past prom; its open to everyone, and we will have snacks. We have seamstresses on hand whose services are also free. We hope to see you there!”

What kind of donations do you accept? “We accept age appropriate dresses with cutouts, tuxes, shoes, jewelry, and handbags. We also accept financial donations.”

If you would like to make a donation, you can drop it off at:

What made you decide to start project glam girls? “When I was your age, I was one of those girls who didn’t have the money to go out and buy a dress, so I wished there was something for me like that then.” How long has it been going on and how long are you wanting it to go? “We want it to last forever! We’ve been going for four years now.”

Jordan Baum Staff Member

Ducks Cottage, 1240 Duck Road Atlantic Realty, 4729 North Croatan Highway

Alex Anderson Staff Member According to Ms. Quinn Capps

Outer Banks Association of Realtors, 201 West 8th Street Downtown Books, 105 Sir Walter Street


Sound to Sea

What’s Really Cooking in the Kitchen With Ms. Gail! Cora Pate Web Editor

Ever wondered what’s really cooking in the MHS cafeteria? Well I am going to give you a rundown of our school’s cafeteria. The one and only Ms. Gail gets here around 6 a.m. on the typical morning to start cleaning and preparing for the day.

menu cycles about every three weeks,” said Ms Gail. So when they serve the same menu items you don’t like over and over don’t blame our staff, it’s not their choice! The food served in the cafeteria is often known for

“When we get here we usually just clean up and do any last minute prep because we usually like to start prep ahead of time the day before,” said Ms. Gail. What about the menu? Ever wonder who decides what is served each day? “Central Office usually decides what is served what day, which is run by my boss, Colita Covan. After a while we usually catch on to the routine since the

which kids might have an allergic reaction to certain seasonings and ingredients. Central office tries to avoid foods with high allergen level foods like nuts and soy; they also send out surveys for kids to fill out to list allergies. Kids can also get a note from a doctor to access an allergen menu in some public schools. Ingredients and nutritional facts are available on the standard recipes the cafeteria staff uses to make the meals. And the ultimate question… where did the name “Big Daddy” pepperoni pizza come from?

not having flavor. The staff does not make the food like that because they don’t want us to have good food, or because they aren’t good at their jobs-it’s to protect us. They never know

“It is actually the name on the box; the companies we order from try to create names for the food they think will appeal to the youth,” said Ms. Gail. So now you know what really cooking in the MHS kitchen!

Multiple Intelligences: What the Heck Is It? Evie Gallagher Staff Member

Often when people think of intelligence, they think of one general mindset, usually limited to subjects like math, science and English. Many people don’t realize that there is more than one kind of intelligence. In Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory, he states that there are eight types of intelligence. There is more than just logical intelligence; there is verbal, interpersonal, body-kinetic, naturalistic, intrapersonal, visual-spatial, and musical intelligence. Gardener also states that education systems are biased toward logical intelligence and assumes that everyone can learn the same material with ease. Gardner developed this theory in 1983, and the theory still applies to today’s education system. School systems focus on teaching children

what they think will help them get into college and eventually get jobs. To achieve this, teachers are guided in their teaching by a curriculum that the school system thinks all children will be able to understand, and that curriculum has a logical mindset. This curriculum often calls for products such as papers, timelines, and formulas

of math equation that some children may have trouble understanding. Frequently, children with different intelligences are left behind or are struggling in school due to being asked to think or perform in ways they don’t understand.

The classes that do embrace other intelligences like art, business, music, and cooking sometimes aren’t emphasized as much as subjects like sports or math. There are, however, ways to create new learning techniques that can help children with every mindset. For example, English teachers don’t have to assign just essays and papers for a book project. They could offer other assessment options, such as doing a piece of artwork, making a video, or writing a song. For math, they could use marbles in a box to teach probability, or for science they could teach cell parts with gummies inside of jello. It may seem too elementary to teach these ways, but it can really be effective for the different types of intelligence that children have.

Logical intelligence - Math, science, and organization. Verbal - English, poems, writing, and learning new languages. Interpersonal - Social skills, money, financing. Body-kinetic - Sports, armed forces, problem-solving. Naturalistic - Hunting, fishing, and cooking. Intrapersonal - Knowing yourself and emotions, knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Visual-spatial - Art, visualizing things in your mind’s eye, reading maps. Musical intelligence - Playing instruments, memorizing songs, recognizing patterns.


Sound to Sea

What’s the Tea, Sis? Vrablic Edition

Tiffany Fenz Staff Member As Manteo High School students shed their biggest tears, we say goodbye to Mr.Vrablic. It is no secret that Mr.Vrablic was a favorite here at Manteo High School; many students loved him and are going to miss him. We decided to ask Mr.Vrablic some of the questions that kids at MHS really wanna know the answers to.

So are you 36 now? Or are you still at 35? “I work with variables, not numbers. X and Y. It’s just unknown.” What is your favorite coffee from front porch? “I like them all. I just go in there and get a different coffee everyday. I can’t tell the difference. I don’t like the sugary ones though, only black.”

“I had a lot of good students. All my students were good. The best environment is when the student and teacher respect each other. Every student I’ve had have had remarkable successes.”

What are you going to miss most about teaching at MHS? “The kids. The kids are the only reason I stayed teaching and why I love it. Leaving the kids is the hardest part” What else do you like to do in your spare time besides work out and teach math? “I go to boot camp every morning at 5:30 AM on the beach. On Saturdays, I go at 7:00, and on Sundays there is no boot camp. I’m goomg to keep doing that for sure.” If you could teach any

Liz Hodgson

subject other than math, what would it be? “Is there another subject?”

• And of course we also had to ask some general ones.

Who was your most unusual student?

Do you have any plans for the future? “Not really, I think I’m just going to stay here and back off a little bit. Take a break and see if I miss teaching enough to come back to it.” Mr. Vrablic, you will leave a math sized hole in the heart of Manteo High. Students and faculty alike will greatly miss you.

THE VRABLIC CONSPIRACY BY KIERSTEN FRAZEE I have been going to Manteo High School for three years now. I have noticed many things in this time, such as which water fountains don’t work, which bathrooms are the sketchy ones, and one other very important thing. Mr. Frank Vrablic, a former math teacher here at MHS, never has his picture in the yearbook. This has been a recurring theme throughout my three years of high school, and I even noticed it in my mom’s yearbook, and she had him as a teacher when she went to Manteo High School in the 80’s. The photos of him in the yearbook suddenly and mysteriously stopped years ago. Here is the big question: WHY is he no longer in the yearbooks? Everyone knows Mr. Vrablic is a legendary math teacher. He is a genius when it comes to math. He could be an illusion. He may not even be real. He could be a glitch in the universe. He is just that smart. That is why he told his classes throughout the years that he is 35. Maybe he figured out how he could live forever doing what he loves: math. He used math to create a life of math. He transcended what most of us call “living” at a certain age, possibly 34, and exists on a different plane than the rest of us. He therefore claims that on his next birthday he will turn 35, but he is now just a glitch in the universe.

Sound to Sea

FRank Flashbacks

How do you think the team will do without him this year?

Do you consider yourself his favorite? “I’m his favorite. Definitely, because he’s called me ace since freshman year.” - Junior Ayanna Selby

Σ %

What’s your favorite memory of Mr. Vrablic? “Getting him to look outside after telling him it was snowing when it actually wasn’t” - Junior Maximilian Janesik


“I think everyone will be upset and sad that he’s gone no one is going to be able to replace Mr.Vrablic and no one is going to be able to connect with us the way he did. He will always have a special place in my heart and I will always consider him as my soccer coach from high school I LOVE HIM” -Junior Ayanna Selby

∞ π

Liz Hodgson

Liz Hodgson

What are you gonna miss most about him?

“The way he taught was very interesting to me, and he always had an explanation and was willing to derive any solution or formula he gave us.” -Junior Wolfy Schultz

Liz Hodgson

What’s your favorite memory with or of him while playing soccer?

“When we beat Camden last year and he let us pour the water jug on him” -Junior Willa Brown Liz Hodgson

Liz Hodgson

My freshman year,right before we took the Math 2 EOC, he brought out his old joke book and read us the oldest and corniest jokes ever.” -Senior Sydney Childress


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The graduation ceremony was held in 2003 at the same location it is held today, Waterside Theatre, home of The Lost Colony outdoor drama. During her graduation, Ms. Hudspeth was the Vice President of her class, and Mr. Arty Tillett was principal, and they ended up sitting next to each other on the stage. There was a downpour during the ceremony, so it was finished in record time.

Before our assistant Principal, Ms. Hudspeth, was an administrator at Manteo High School, she was a student. She graduated in 2003, sixteen years ago, and she agreed to share her memories of the school and to reflect on changes since that time.


In 2003, MHS was the only Dare County high school north of Oregon Inlet. First Flight High School was still a year away from opening, and enrollment was around 1,200. In comparison, current enrollment is at 517, less than half of the pre-split total.

Last year she was up on the stage for her first graduation as an administrator, and she was seated next to Mr. Tillett once again, but she is now an Assistant Principal and he is now Assistant Superintendant.

CLASS OFFERINGS Classes like Peer Tutoring and French used to be offered at MHS in 2003, but otherwise pretty much the same classes were offered then as are on the schedule now. Ms. Hudspeth took French when it was offered here, and her teacher was Ms. Pierce. Now, Ms. Pierce is the Assistant Principal at First Flight High School and Ms. Hudspeth is the Assistant Principal at Manteo High School.


Back in 2003, the Outer Banks laid-back culture extended to school. Jeans and a T-shirt was the unofficial uniform for most students, and a casual attitude towards school and towards life in general was the norm during Ms. Hudspeth’s time as a student at Manteo High School. She has since seen how different dress and culture are at other schools compared to the MHS lifestyle. Flash forward to today, and . . . well, jeans and a T-shirt and a laid-back attitude still rule.



Sound to Sea

All photos courtesy of Ms. Hudspeth

“I am so happy to be a product of Manteo High School and to be back here as an administrator. I love being back in my hometown and seeing so many familiar faces. The culture of MHS is like no other; we are all a family. Tradition is strong, and I take pride in that. I never thought in a million years when I left MHS in 2003 that I would be walking these halls 16 years later. Never say never! -- Ms. Hudspeth


Since Ms. Lee was an assistant principal in 2003, discipline at MHS did not change much until Ms. Hudspeth took over the job last year. One difference, though, is that Ms. Lee used to sit outside the school in a gold minivan that the students called the “Gold Chariot.” Seniors at the time could leave campus for lunch, and there was a daily game of cat and mouse between underclassmen trying to sneak out in somebody’s trunk or students trying to sneak back in late and Ms. Lee trying to catch them.

TRAa NSPORTATION Before First Flight openened, all of the students who lived on the beach all the way up to Duck would have to get all the way back down to Manteo High School. Just like today, not many of them rode the bus; instead, a lot of people carpooled. Everybody knew everybody when there was only the one high school, so getting a ride wasn’t a problem. Nonetheless, Ms. Hudspeth knew one student who lived in Carova in Currituck County who drove to MHS every day instead of to Currituck County High School.


During Ms. Hudspeth’s first week as Assistant Principal, Mr. Luciano was gone, so she and Ms. Lee spent that week together as the only administrators in the building. Ms. Lee had been Ms. Hudspeth’s AP, so working with her as a colleague made for an interesting week. Ms. Hudspeth has several family ties to Manteo High School though--her mother taught here and her father was principal after the split--so she already had a history with Ms. Lee. Coming here felt like coming full circle back to her home.


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“In My Feels” Staff Playlist Can I Kick It by A Tribe Called Quest Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers Bad Day by Daniel Powter Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver Her Own Kind of Beautiful by Chris Lane Theodosia Reprise by Sarah Bareilles This is Gospel (acoustic) by

Panic! at the Disco

Pajamas by Gnash

Stop and Stare

Honey Buckets by Melvin

by One Republic

Beautiful Boy by John Lennon

I’m A Mess by Bebe Rexha

Fergalicious by Fergie

Violente Valse

Sound of Silence by Disturbed

by Caravan Palace

Happier by Ed Sheran

All Too Well by Taylor Swift Riptide by Vance Joy

Baba O’Riley by The Who Map of the Problematique by Muse

Weak When Ur Around by BlackBear

He Stopped Loving Her Today

This Feeling by The Chainsmokers

by George Jones


Sound to Sea

Q. Dear Denny, my family never cooks and I want to learn how to cook for my family. How can I learn as a beginner? A. It’s more simple yet grosser than you might think. Just pop open a can of chicken and a sleeve of saltines. For a drink, have a mug of fresh local Shallowbag Bay water, and to top it all off have a Hello Kitty Meowberry Pop Tart for dessert. All of these items are cheap and filling, and your family will quickly acknowledge you as an original thinker and a creative culinary genius. Q. Dear Denny, I think my house is haunted and it really freaks me out. How do I make myself comfortable again in my home?

A. That’s easier than you think--just make friends with the ghost. Put some fresh flowers on your table with a sweet friendly note to your ghost about how much you want to be its friend. If this method doesn’t work, make a nice candlelit dinner and sit at your dinner table until your ghost comes. When it does finally come, say, “I’ve been expecting you.” If you have a moustache, twirl it and cackle maniacally. This will either bewitch your ghost to being your friend or scare it away. Q. I’m generally a shy person and don’t like dancing in front of people, but a boy asked me to dance at his school and I’m sure he’ll want to dance. What do I do to make myself more comfortable? A. I don’t like to dance in front of people myself, but I have noticed something. You can do the worst dance moves, or the best, and people around you just don’t care. Everyone’s too busy trying to impress their crush or trying to hide in the corner to see what you’re doing. The only way people might notice you is if you do Fortnight dances… Unfortunately. So dance your heart out! As long as you’re a foot apart from your date, at least according to teachers. Q. Hey Denny, there’s a girl I like and I want to ask her out. How do I do it? A. You could get a sign and write something witty and original on it like, “ My life would suck without you... Want to make it better?” Or you could bring her donuts with “Date Me Please! I’m Begging You!” written on them. My personal favorite is just finding somebody and asking face to face. I mean, it’s free, easy, and normal.


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Wilhelm and the House! Welcome to the first edition of Wilhelm and the House -- a new comic series written and drawn by Faye Fox and Taylor Cahoon. In this story, you follow the interactions and adventures of the lost traveler Nomad and his encounter with Wilhelm, an engineer from long, long ago. Together, they’ll uncover each other’s pasts and create a world of beauty from the snowy ground up. An introduction to the characters: Wilhelm: This bubbly robot once lived in a steampunk utopia before humans could date time. Nowadays, he lives alone in a wintry wasteland, tinkering and creating wacky inventions just for the fun of it! Nomad: A wandering moody teen lost in the world. He travels as an escape from humanity and unexpectedly ends up finding Wilhelm’s home in the middle of a harsh blizzard. His hat is his prized possession.

Sound to Sea


Did You Ever Wonder About ... Sound to Sea


The Third


Liz Hodgson

anteo High School’s third floor: what’s up there? A swimming pool? Another classroom? A secret club? Storage? Well, buckle up sisters, because you are about to find out. Students at Manteo have been brainstorming what could be up on Manteo’s mysterious third floor for years. Even some teachers may wonder and speculate what is up there. None of the teachers even have a key for the elusive third floor. Only Ms. Hudspeth, Mr. Luciano, and the custodians have a key. So what is there to hide? What is REALLY on the third floor?

The most common theory I have heard is the swimming pool rumor. “I have always been told that it was the old senior lounge,” said Jeffrey Blake Gard, junior. “I heard that the third floor is not on the school plan, but it’s still there,” said Finley Billstone, freshman. Are you ready to know the truth? Drumroll please! There is more than one third floor. Crazy, right? Allow me to explain: the third floor has multiple entrances and they are not all connected. My photographer, Liz, and I were only allowed to go through one entrance and the one we went through connected Liz Hodgson

Liz Hodgson

Liz Hodgson


ot all of Manteo High School’s history is widespread and well known. One thing that may be obscure to most is the graveyard behind the school. Before the school was built, this area was a farm. An agreement was reached with the original owners when the school was built here exchange for permission to build the school on these grounds, the school would agree to maintain the graveyard on campus. This require-

Far Left & Far Right: The MHS Logose Middle Left: The first set of stairs and the door to the hallway Left and Right: Views from the roof

ment is checked occasionally to make sure that the terms of the deal are upheld. The graveyard was here long before the school was built in 1983. It belongs to the Griffin family, members of whom make up a majority of the graves.Some of the graves are as old as the early 1800’s, and the newest grave was added in 2007. One of gravestones lists a date of birth in 1747, years before the United States declared independence, so the

The MHS logo imprinted on the front of the school. That was pretty cool. Then, we went up another flight of stairs to a door leading to the roof. We couldn’t go out the door except for maybe a couple of inches for safety reasons, but Liz was able to get a picture of the view. Sadly, there is no swimming pool on the third floor of the entrance I used, but there are other entrances yet to be explored by students. Could one of those entrances hold a secret swimming pool or a secret club only for the elite? We may never know. Kiersten Frazee Editor-In-Chief

Liz Hodgson

Liz Hodgson

person was an adult during the time of the Revolutionary War. While it may seem strange to have a cemetery on the school grounds, it is a part of the history of Manteo.

The GRIm Graveyard

Rowan Land Staff Member

only to the roof. You know that stairwell by the guidance office? Have you ever noticed the mysterious locked door on the second level? The ominous floating staircase that seems to go nowhere? That is the entrance my photographer and I went through. As soon as the custodian had opened the door, I was instantly shocked. The third floor looked nothing like I had imagined. The walls were white, save for a few splotches of purple paint brushed along the sides. Upon going up a small flight of stairs, Liz and I noticed a huge circle on the far wall. You may be able to guess what it is from the pictures:


Liz Hodgson


Sound to Sea

Stephen D. Nichols

Poet’s Corner

The Long Gray The glitter dregs of Christmas Grit the last tepid sip As red and green cede To tan and gray. Sun surge goes unsung By blighted blades of grass, Unleafed trees lift lithe limbs Toward rays they cannot catch, A certain slant of light Granting the lost green to water. Sea breeze blows scent of cold brine, Fish flesh, and hollowed horseshoe crab. Spindrift scuds on sable sand Striped with seaweed red and brown. Pale gray skies of concealing clouds-No, not clouds, no border with blue-A blanket hanging heavy and low Oppresses the heart, smothers the soul. Day starts dark, starved for sun; Depression drowns, and brain blames. First fresh flush of snow melts to mush, From white right down to brown Beneath boots made for mud. The winds of winter blow To make the tide rise, Sending the salty sound ashore. A rim of white frost rimes pilings Stabbing starkly to the sky, Rising from the scabbed slime Left when the water went. The weight of winter is Sadder than solstice In the long gray.

Kiersten Frazee

yellow Happiness melts on my tongue Like the warm sunshine it is. Sometimes, It tastes as a luscious lemon: It tickles my tongue As the sour sapidity soaks Into my tingling taste buds. Sometimes, It tastes as heavenly honey: Thick on my tempted tongue As the Slick, slippery syrup slides, Surrounding my seductive speech. Sometimes, It tastes like Soaking up the summer sun, Swimming in a silky spring, Basking in the bright light. Sometimes, It tastes like sunflowers in the springtime, Their ambrosial aroma Indulging my impressions. It is the Epitome of Everything, Encasing ecstatic emotions, Enveloping excitement. It prompts Pure passion, Perfect periods Of a peaceful paradise, Bringing forth Bountiful Blessings of Blissfulness.


Sound to Sea

Mamma Mia! Here I Go Again To See It!

Indi Mokey Staff Member

A Greek island, a taverna, and three dads are all elements of Broadway’s ninth longest-running show, Mamma Mia, a jukebox musical with the songs of the great disco legend ABBA that has been adapted into not just one, but two movies. This spring, Manteo High School’s own Stage Left will be putting on the classic show, a much needed and quite different tone from the fall musical Little Shop of Horrors. I asked the director, Miss Connie Rose, about the show. What made you feel inclined to put on Mamma Mia? Did the release of the second movie have any effects on your decision? “I’ve been wanting to do Mamma Mia since I saw it on Broadway seventeen years ago - you have to be on a waiting list to do the show - but the release of the second movie had nothing to do with it.”

How much energy has the cast been putting into the show? Does it look like they’re taking it seriously? “A tremendous amount of energy, because we have not only rehearsed after school but we have also rehearsed on weekends, so it’s been a big commitment. They’re having fun with it, but they’re definitely taking it seriously.” This is going to be the last show for the seniors in Stage Left. How much do you think you are going to miss them in the next show? “I always miss my seniors. They’re already talking about it. It’s going to be tough for them, but it’s a milestone.” Mamma Mia will play in Manteo High School’s auditorium at 7:00 pm on Friday, March 29th along with Saturday the 30th. On Sunday the 31st, the play begins at 2:00 pm. The second weekend begins with shows Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th, at 7:00 pm. The final show is Sunday, April 7th at 2:00 pm. Tickets start at $8 per seat and concessions will be sold, prices may vary. Come out and support the cast and crew.

Ambitious Artists

Indi Mokey Staff Member

On Sunday January 6th at The Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Art Gallery located in Nags Head, Kindergarten to 12th grade students showed their artwork. The reception for the show went on for two hours and consisted of friends, family, and town members. Food and refreshments were provided. The artwork was from all Dare County schools, and it lasted from Monday all the way through Friday, January 18th. The show was seen as a kind of honor for the deceased original owner of the Ghost Fleet art gallery, Glenn Eure. Eure passed on September 6th, 2018, and the Ghost Fleet Art Gallery is now run by his wife, Pat. Pat said that this show was one of Glenn’s favorites. TOP LEFT, BOTTOM RIGHT: Alyse Stewart TOP RIGHT, BOTTOM LEFT: Ms. Humphlette

Profile for Sound to Sea

The Kids Are Alright?  

Manteo High School Newspaper March 2019

The Kids Are Alright?  

Manteo High School Newspaper March 2019