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PROGRAM NOtes eNSeMBLE REHEARSAL @ Theatre, 2nd fl

GNME Ensemble | Glasgow, UK

Mar 30 & Mar 31 10:30 - 12:30 & 13:30 - 15:30 | Apr 1 10:30 - 12:30 Glasgow New Music Expedition will rehearse four newly commissioned works by selected composers for Sound Thought 2016, with an open workshop on Friday afternoon. The festival will conclude with their final performance on April 1st, 19:30 - 21:30. GNME’s mission is to commission, perform and create new works primarily from young, Scottish-based or Scottish-trained composers and artists alongside work from international artists and to take this new work to the People of Scotland.

Installations and Fixed Media SOMEWHERE IN TIME

Lars Lundehave Hansen | Copenhagen, Denmark club room | Kinetic Sculpture

Somewhere in Time consists of a series of turntables that challenges time in a very radical way. The turntables, which are beautifully crafted in dark-stained MDF has more in common with sculpture than musicality and will only play Tyrolean music at the sluggish speed of 4RPM. The work has been on display in Gorzow (PL), Copenhagen (DK), Venice (IT), Madrid (ES) and New Delhi (IN). Typically, Lars’ works are engineered sculptures, making a point of being constructions that emit or react to sounds or noise. He also co-founded organization Noisejihad and was a catalyst behind Danish renowned drone-act Wäldchengarten. Artist graduated from Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. In 2011 he recieved a Honorary Mention in Digital Music &Sound Art at Ars Electronica for his installation-work Spiderbytes.


Klaus Pinter | Austria

club room | Instructive DIY Performance Art prints animate the audience to try out dance steps. Paper, music, dance... The viewer can take the prints away and/or fit the pieces together. A glowstick scultpure serves as the instructions’ dispenser. Klaus Pinter (b’68) is a Vienna-based artist, master of gestures, interactions and audience communication. He has exhibited internationally in a range of mediums.


Victoria Karlsson | London, UK clubroom passage | Installation

Pages consists of a number of books, that have been read by the artist, paying particular attention to inner sounds. Any sentences, words or paragraphs in the books that trigger an inner sound during the reading have been marked. The books act as a sketchy map of the artists’ inner sound world. They also invite the audience to listen inwards, to discover their own inner sound world, inspired by the books and the traces of inner sound found within them. The piece investigates an undercurrent of inner sounds within our every day lives, thoughts and emotions, attempting to bring it to the surface through the interaction with the work. Victoria Karlsson is a sound artist interested in the emotional aspects of sound and art. She is currently undertaking a PhD Research Degree at the University of the Arts, London.


Amina Turner | Glasgow, UK

clubroom | Interactive Installation

With a great interest in our relationship to sound & spatiality, interactive work Soil challenges the way we confront to sound/installation and try to bring the audience into a stronger consciousness and physicality of the sound. Amina Turner (b’91 Geneva) is a cross-disciplinary artist : she first studied the Visual Arts at La Cambre in Brussels, working on site-specific installations including sound, ceramics and painting and then went on to further her practice with a MA in Sonic Arts at the University of Glasgow.

you sound like a broken record

Paul Nataraj | Blackburn, UK foyer | Sculpture

Artist’s practice uses the vinyl record as a site to interrogate people’s personal relationship to this object, and the potentials of the materiality of the ‘thing’ itself. Volunteers donate records for this work and I record their personal stories about their disc. These narratives are then hand etched onto the surface of each disc creating a palimpsest that indelibly connects the owner and object. Working in Blackburn, Lancashire, Paul Nataraj has been writing about, teaching about and manipulating sound for the last decade. Now artist is engaged in PhD research that enmeshes oral history, ethnography, composition & sculpture and critical musicology.


Shauna Cummins & Morgan Yakus | New York, US

Mar 30 15:30 - 16:00 | Mar 31 13:00 - 13:30 | Apr 1st 13:00 - 13:30 | Interactive Performance

This performance will leave the participants literally ‘in the dark’ about what they will be experiencing. The sanctuary provides a calming reprieve from the outside world as the participants step in. Enabling the visitors to hear without sight creating an internal vision that allows the sound to become more in focus. It will serve as an opportunity to hear & see the language of the visitor’s own mind & body as sound and metaphor as the participants will be guided into the theta brainwave state. This state allows for the processing of syntax and semantics to intersect and interact within an expanded state of creative imagination. Shauna Cummins & Morgan Yakus havecome together to form UNLIMITED a collaboration of hypnosis-inspired projects which include performances, salons and workshops

Dialogues in Visual Arts | Mar 30 | 13:30-15:30 the sound of visual art

Sandra Kazlauskaite | London, UK

Mar 30 | 13:30 - 13:50 | cinema | 20 min | A/V Presentation

Audiovisual essay/paper presentation, which explores the issues of creating and experiencing sound in contemporary visual art. It scrutinizes the processes of auditory technological mediation, and questions how the notion of all sound, including noise, voice, and silence, plays out within the architectures of the white cube environments. Sandra Kazlauskaite is a researcher, artist, and curator working across the disciplines of sound performance, sound and video installation, as well as audio-visual curatorial projects. She is undertaking a research by practice Ph.D (CHASE, AHRC funded) at Goldsmiths, University of London. Using sound & video installation art, Sandra is creating an in-depth conceptual research into the embodiment of sound in contemporary installation art gallery spaces questioning how aurality, in its techno-phenomenological ubiquitousness, affects our aesthetic experience of art. Her works has been exhibited & performed in Lithuania, UK, Norway, Germany & The US


Giulio Colangelo and Valerio De Bonis | Potenza, Italy

m Mar 30 | 14:00 - 14:20 | cinema | 20 min | Paper Presentation

Paper explores new aesthetic of sound installations as a tool for real-time composition. It focuses on role of the composer who does not renounce a well-defined compositional form, and on computing applications created in order to assist this approach. Artists will also introduce the installation performance [re]BO[u]NDS, developed at the ZKM in Karlsruhe in 2012, as well as the use of an original electromechanical system: a real live performer able to play, read, and autonomously interpret the compositional structure. Giulio Colangelo + Valerio De Bonis are 2 contemporary composers and intermedia artists, graduated cum laude in “Electronic Music Composition”. Their works have been exhibited in several international contests and they have recently worked at the “ZKM”, during a residence project. Honorary mention at ICMC2013 (idea - Perth), Currents (New Mexico 2013), and Synchresis III (Spain 2013), Grand Prize at the Hollywood Screenplay Contest (LA 2014), ICMC 2014 (Athens), Pas-e#1 (Venezia), NYCEMF 2014 (NYC), Elctrain de Nuit (France Musique), TEF2015


Simone Dotto | Turin, Italy

Mar 30 | 14:30 - 14:50 | cinema | 20 min | Presentation

Paper aims at mapping the phono-graphical models proposed by some exponents of the early avant-gardes during the two first decades of the 20th Century in Europe. The objective of presentation is to demonstrate in which ways these various attempts of visualizing and embodying sound by technical means descend from a wide techno-cultural process and to argue that these experimentations marked a decisive step in the modernist perception of audio technologies, emancipating from their original task of shifting from a reproductive to a productive function. Simone is a PhD Student at the University of Udine with a research project “A theory of the sound object. Discovering phonography in media culture of the 20th Century”. He is also contributor for historical Italian music magazines and journals

if sigmar polke dreamt of sheep

Kira Belin | Glasgow, UK

Mar 30 - Apr 1 | All Day | foyer | A/V Installation

A/V collage based on interpreting artist Sigmar Polke’s experiments with colour. Kira Belin (b’85) multidisciplinary artist currently enrolled in the University of Glasgow’s MM Sonic Arts program. Her research is focused on the relationships between sound and image With background in visual arts, she later studied Film Scoring at the Juilliard School of Music 4-5