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CALL FOR WORKS We seek works, research, performances, provocations, and people. A festival of sound and performance and associated research, run by postgraduate students from Glasgow University in partnership with The Arches welcomes artists and researchers of any discipline. Sound Thought: - exists to create a critical context for sound and research in sound - prioritises reflexive learning, new work, hybrid forms - provides space for knowledge exchange, composition, experimentation, improvisation, and play.

MUSIC AS GIFT? This year Sound Thought considers the idea of music as gift; What value has this? What is offered and what is returned? What is at stake in the exchange? Does giving diminish the giver? Do gifts require justification or is it the thought that counts? We ask for a consideration of value in the context of superabundance and privilege. We ask that participants be willing to contribute to critical reflection on work, support the worth of their research, provide value in performance, contribute to meaningful exchange, and further crossdisciplinary methods.

SOUND THOUGHT 2012 IS 2 & 3 MARCH IN THE ARCHES, GLASGOW This is an opportunity to exhibit, perform, and to contribute to collaborative learning in a public arts venue. There are several available spaces, including small spaces suitable for installations, seminars and discussions, a static exhibition space and larger performance spaces. There is also some rehearsal space available prior to the festival. Instrumentalists tbc but at present include baritone, mezzo-soprano, cello, clarinet, shakuhachi, live electronics, violins and viola. Equipment is provided but contact us to confirm your requirements. Proposals that meet all or/and none of these requirements are encouraged. NB. There will be listening posts, reading stations, and stalls; participants are encouraged to bring objects/publications/visions/sounds to exhibit and exchange . There is no commissioning money for projects at present however further funding is being sought which may be requested by artists to cover particular expenses such as transportation, train fares etc. Sound Thought will provide marketing, press, space and some technical provision.



We ask for 250-word proposals plus: • • • • •

information on what kind of space would be suitable what duration the work has (approx.) what technical equipment you can bring and what you would require what set-up/take-down time you would require (please note that the main performance space is most suitable for work that has a relatively short set-up time) a short CV from each participant/group (1 A4 page at most), summarising any relevant experience

Sound Thought 2011 included diverse and ground-breaking work from celebrated composers, visual artists, scientists, dancers, contemporary theatre practitioners and film makers alongside a large programme of intriguing multimedia presentations, discussions and workshops focused on music and sound in performance. More information on last year’s programme can be found at: CONTACTS: (for queries and preliminary enquiries) (attach proposals and CVs)

Sound Thought 2012 call for works  

Sound Thought 2012 call for works