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Sounds of Carolina Studio Policy 110 Federal St. Anderson, SC 29625 (864) 844-8120 Artistic Director: Caitlin Whitehouse Manager: Mike Cannon


The following changes have been made: Effective – Fall Semester 2019 1. Updated missed lessons policy 2. Registration Fee 3. Clarified tuition section


Attendance If you participate in other activities, please plan ahead so that those activities do not conflict with your scheduled lesson time. The time slot that you choose is reserved specifically for you with your teacher. There will be no credits or refunds given for missed lessons. Rescheduling: If you know that you will be missing a lesson ahead of time, we do allow 14 days notice to reschedule. These lessons must be rescheduled within the current studio semester. We will offer an alternative lesson date and time based on your teacher’s availability or upon the availability of another suitable teacher. If we are not able to collaboratively find a time and/or if you do not attend the makeup lesson, it is considered forfeited. If you have an absolute emergency and must miss your lesson, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to reschedule your lesson. Sickness: Please do not bring a sick child to the lesson or show up ill yourself. If your child is too sick for school, he or she is too ill to have a lesson. This includes but is not limited to: flu, common cold, pink eye, head lice, etc. We will send sick students and parents home immediately. Makeup lessons are scheduled at the discretion of SOC. Group Lesson Rescheduling/Sickness: There will be no rescheduling for group lessons. No refunds or credits will be given for missed group lessons. Withdrawal: We require 30 days’ written notice for student withdrawal. All tuition payments that are due during that time period are still expected to be paid. Inclement Weather: An informational email will be sent if inclement weather arises. Lessons are not automatically cancelled when schools are closed. Parent Attendance: All students younger than age 18 must have a parent present in the room or hallway (unless otherwise approved by Caitlin Whitehouse). All students must be accompanied to and from the studio area. Teacher Absence: If your teacher is sick or must miss a lesson, we will either provide a substitute teacher or a makeup lesson. For all scheduling questions, please call or text us at (864) 844-8120.

What to bring Each student (or family) should have a music bag in which they carry their books, any other musical pieces, a notebook for student and/or student note-taking, a pencil, and something to record with (a phone or ipod works). Please make sure you have all other accessories including your shoulder rest, cleaning cloth, rosin, rock stop, and extra strings, and nail clippers. Please maintain short clipped fingernails.


2019 – 2020 Calendar The performance dates listed are our major events. There may be other opportunities throughout the year. Aug. 19, Fall Semester Begins Sept. 2, Labor Day (no lessons) Nov. 4-5, Fall Break (no lessons) Nov. 27-30, Thanksgiving Break (no lessons) Dec. 14, Adult Student Play-In* Dec. 18 and 19, Winter Recitals Dec. 21, Fall Semester Ends Jan. 6, Spring Semester Begins Jan. 20, Martin Luther King Day (no lessons) May 16, Adult Student Play-In* May 20 and 21, Spring Recitals April 4-10, Spring Break (no lessons) May 25, Memorial Day (no lessons) May 23, Spring Semester Ends *The Adult Student Play-In is a performing opportunity for our adult students. A small group of adult students gather in one of our studio rooms to share what they’ve been working on in lessons.

Registration Fee $20 per student, paid annually or upon initial sign up. At SOC, we provide two to three major performance opportunities every year. The recital experience is an integral part of music learning and is very important in developing musicianship. Your annual registration fee will help us to cover costs associated with recitals, including: space rental, chair rental (if needed), accompaniment cost, and the printing of programs. You annual registration fee will also help us with the following costs: professional piano tuning and maintenance, other studio instrument maintenance, classroom supplies used by all students, extra copies of music to be kept at the studio.


Lesson Tuition Tuition may be paid by semester in full or in monthly installments (due by the 20th of each month). The first payment is due at the first lesson. Tuition covers 18 lessons per semester, if none are forfeited due to not following our attendance policy. Families that pay tuition per semester in full will receive a 5% discount, which is shown in the pricing table below. Families with multiple students enrolled will receive a 10% discount for each additional student enrolled with lessons of equal or lesser value. Tuition payments can be made at the lesson, by mail, or through the online payment link found in each invoice (please note that paying online will incur a 4% fee). Please remember that tuition is due by the 20th of each month. We appreciate your timely payments. Please make checks payable to Sounds of Carolina. Mailing address: Sounds of Carolina 110 Federal St. Anderson, SC 29625 Monthly installment payment due dates: Fall Semester: Aug. 20th, Sept. 20th, Oct. 20th, Nov. 20th, Dec. 20th Spring Semester: Jan. 20th, Feb. 20th, March 20th, April 20th, May 20th

Lesson Length

Full Semester

Monthly Installment

Group Lesson- 45 Min. Limited Availability Currently offered for guitar, banjo, ukulele



Private Lesson- 30 Min.



Private Lesson- 45 Min.



Private Lesson- 60 Min.




Ensemble Classes Classes are divided by age and ability level. All students are highly encouraged to sign up for ensemble classes. All classes meet weekly, with the exception of any holidays listed on our studio calendar. The group class schedule will be posted on our website. No make-ups, credits, or refunds will be given for missed group classes. Class tuition must be paid in full by the first class. Suzuki Ensemble: A class that allows Suzuki Method students to develop their skills as ensemble members. Only open to students enrolled in private lessons. $150 per semester. Chamber Music Ensemble: A group of three or four musicians that play classical music together. Open to intermediate and advanced students. Only open to students enrolled in private lessons. $200 per semester. Joyful Noise Choir: A class that teaches students music theory, ensemble skills, rhythm, as well as how to sing in a group. $150 per semester. Open to 8 students per class. Fiddle Class: A class that allows violin students to learn the traditional fiddle style. Tunes are taught by ear. $150 per 8-week course. Open to 5 students per class.

Summer Session Packages We will offer special summer lesson packages and camps (first camp will be summer 2020). Please see our website for more information.

Please note -All cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned OFF during lessons unless approved by the teacher. -Children under 18 should address the teacher formally. Please ask your teacher if they prefer “Ms. First Name or Mr. Last Name, etc.� -Food and drinks are not allowed in the studio rooms. Snacks and drinks are okay in the hallway only. -The studio holds the right to amend the Studio Policy.


Permissions Please specify with a “yes” or “no”. I give Sounds of Carolina permission to post my image and/or my child’s image on their social media pages for recognition of achievement and advertising purposes. _________________

Acknowledgement I have read and understand the Studio Policy and I agree to all the terms listed. I agree to make timely tuition payments and to respect the wishes of the studio.

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SOC Policy 2019-2020  

SOC Policy 2019-2020