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sweet sounding chorus. The band move from great pop songs like ‘Teenage Wonderland’ to ‘80’s sounding classic rock monsters like ‘Diamond Days’, to edgy rock numbers like ‘Animals’ without missing a beat. The band obviously have the whole ‘writing a great song’ thing sussed. If you’ve written KIGH off in the past give this album a listen, it may just change your mind. Words: Paul Esp

‘Stay Young’ features a helping throat from Sean Smith of The Blackout! It has that bounce-a-long and sing-a-long chorus, definitely a favourite for many. The album doesn’t vary that much but with tracks as good as ‘10.08.04’ and ‘Fake It Like You Mean It’, they don’t have to.

The songs here are all driven along by Kyle’s voice, which is sublime. On last track ‘Seratone’ he goes from a sweet, to almost falsetto, to an emotional howl and it sounds amazing. This a fantastic first release. You can download some of the EP for free for a limited time on Kyle’s Facebook page. Words: Paul Esp

Produced by Welsh superman Romesh Dodangoda, the sound is good as you’ve come to expect from his production and really adds to the class of the album. Words: Paul Esp

the cab

save your breath

symphony soldier 7/10

vices 8/10

Save Your Breath are a great pop/ punk band from Newport, South Wales and ‘Vices’ is the bands debut album. First track here ‘Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy’ sets the tone for the album, it’s feeling big. The bands sound is definitely more on the punk side, with frantic, driving drums and slamming riffs. New(ish) vocalist Kristian Richards is a great fit to the band, his voice sounds perfect on songs ‘The Lost Boys’ and ‘Vices’.

kyle castellani pseudo romance 8/10

Kyle Castellani was the vocalist for so-cal rock band Nural, whose 2009 album ‘Entitlement’ is still in my top 5 albums of all time. ‘Pseudo Romance’ is his first solo EP. First track ‘Never Live It Down’ is a standout cut, quite an atmospheric number with dark lyrics and a spine tingling vocal. ‘Butterflies’ is somewhat the opposite, an upbeat song with a

This is Las Vegas dance-rock band The Cab’s second album and a follow up to the bands 2008 debut ‘Whisper War’. ‘Symphony Soldier’ definitely carries on the tradition of danceable from first album of catchy as hell pop-rock. This album definitely has a more of a pop feel, moving into Maroon 5 territory and at times singer Alex DeLeon sounds uncannily like Adam Levine. The songs on offer here are quite manufactured, what I mean by that is that it doesn’t sound very organic. [cont] soundscape 47

Soundscape Magazine Issue 11  
Soundscape Magazine Issue 11  

Issue 11 featuring Exit International.