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Week of August 22nd

CheongShim International Academy

“New Principal at CSIA” Students shared three remarkable stories about CSIA’s new principal

Story 1


new principal has arrived in CSIA. the principal not only mentions Night Our previous one, Lee Jong Hyo, has left Duties, but also the main tasks and the school for his retirement weeping. objectives of homeroom teachers. Now Principle Lee ChoongShil came up with some radical changes to the school. Besides the new policies, he tries to First, he got rid of the bell that rings every make frequent contact with students. hour. According to him, this policy turned He played badminton with them, and he to work out greatly at his previous school, often visits our dorms to see us. In fact, so he implemented the same here at CSIA. he loved his students so much that in his Putting aside the ‘bell policy’, his main edu- previous school, Ahnyang Foreign Lancational philosophy is about ND, which guage School, many cried when the prinstands for Night Duty. He made manu- cipal had to leave them to come here. als for teachers in order to control students in a more systematical and desirable way. -Jae Min Shin HS20435 The manual is mostly about how the teachers should supervise students during their self-study time at school. In this manual,

Story 2


ndeed, I can never forget my first principal ‘Jong-Hyo, Lee.’ As I dreamed of becoming a brilliant and respectable educator, I learned a lot from his affection to students, deep attention for our conveniences, and endless efforts to dedicate himself for our valuable challenges and growth. Emphasizing the ACG(Altruistic, Creative, and Global Leader) method of education he always takes care of us and supports and respects each of our dream. It was August 22 that he determined to leave our school and retired. When he was up to the platform and began his last speech in our school CSIA(CheongShim International Academy), I felt nothing, but only sympathy. The atmosphere in our school gym, however, suddenly turned to cold. He began to restrain his tears from flowing down, and tried hard to continue his speech. Some students began to cry

and I was almost to cry, too. I didn’t cry at all at appearance, but perhaps I’m the one who cries the most in mind. One can reluctant to see that sun is setting down, yet cannot stop it from disappearing. The thing is that the moon also rises up as the sun sets down. Just like a rising moon our new principal ‘Choong-Shil, Lee,’ once both a principal and a vice principal in Anyang Foreign High school, came our school. Students especially in international department initially doubted whether new principal has a thorough knowledge of foreign universities and colleges. I cannot evaluate one’s hidden capacity or even internal virtue by just observing one. Nevertheless, I am confident that he is not only a professional educator, but also a warm-hearted gentleman like a father of all hearts. No one expected happens.

He suggests fresh ideas that there should be no bell ringing in the school as well as the morning assembly which has been traditions or the most fundamental meeting which most schools carry out. Besides, he himself came to the gym and played badminton with students; it is an unprecedented in history and hard to believe as principals in other schools never do sports or trivial activities with students.

Although I will do miss the first principal ‘Jong-Hyo, Lee’, I’m really glad to meet new principal ‘Choong-Shil, Lee.’ I do request him to bring honor to Cheongshim. Please be our trustworthy principal. -Tae-Jun, Lee

“Cheongshim aquires a new headmaster!!!” Story 3 J

ust how did this happen? We don’t know. The decision came down out of the blue. Are we happy? We don’t yet know what to make of it. But, one thing I can say for sure is:The spirit has definitely lifted! Who is he? His name is Mr. (Dr.? we don’t know…) Lee Chung Shil. That pronunciation is “ch” as in “Choice” and “u” as in “Tune”. The retirement ceremony for our beloved former Principal Lee Jong Hyo took place on last Friday, August 19th.That was when we first saw his replacement. Many Gapyeong Education Department officials were there on hand to witness the changing of the guards. Were there any dour feelings? Not as far as we can tell. All was smiles, bows, grand speeches and bouquets of roses at the transition event. Apparently the new Principal is popular and even famous — he headed Anyang Foreign Language Institute. The students there bade him farewell in tears, so we are told. Of course, with serious officialdom, it was too early to form significant impressions, but at the banquet that followed, I did get the impressive sight of Principal Lee making a “High Five” with one of his new staff. He looks like the “rah-rah” community spirit type. The most significant tidings came yesterday afternoon at the Faculty Meeting, at which Principal

Lee was conspicuously absent. He is already practicing his new “hands-off ”, “bottom-up” leadership. From now on (Vice Principal conveyed his message and spirit), when we have requests or complaints, we can approach our higher-up and they will be listened to and enacted. Mr. Lee said under no circumstances should we cause grief to teachers and students. I am inspired, expecting that an atmosphere of anxiety and stress will be alleviated. What got me the most was when he said, “Teachers should set the example by picking up trash with their bare hands.” Since tha¬t is already my hobby, that should not present any serious problem…. All in all, I’m eager to find out about our New Principal at CheongShim! -William Stoertz

Story 4

As our formal president, Lee Jong-Hyo, is leaving our school finishing his long hardship, new principal, Lee Chung-Shil, has arrived. He is formal president of Anyang Int’l High School and he is known for his student-based policy. When working at Anyang Int’l High School, he reduced meaningless morning assembly and did his best to look at school policy in students’ eyes. According to one teacher, when president was decided to leave the school, many of students and teachers of Anyang Int’l High School sobbed. Especially in Korea, it is really hard to make th e crowd to cry by leading them well. This proves our new principal’s effort to make a school better place for every students while it is aching that we sent our formal president away without any drop of tear. Now, only 3 days passed since our new president has arrived. However, he is already triggering flare of revolution in school. He already examined dormitory closely and decided to have regular meetings with dormitory inspectors to make some changes. Also, he organized massive self-study rules to be straight forward. Even though there are no great advantages -Seung Hyo, Han

New Principal, Mr. Lee Chung Shil

Former Principal, Mr. Lee Jong



iography of

Hayao iyazaki


ayao Miyazaki was born on January 5, 1941, in Tokyo, Japan. Hayao’s passion for animation was cemented while he was in high school, he began working diligently at learning how to effectively draw people at Hakuja Den, and following his graduation from Gakushuin University, Hayao took a job at Toei Animation. It was there that Hayao got his first taste of the anime world, working as an animator on the 1963 feature Watchdog Bow Wow. Hayao spent the next several years working on a whole host of animated projects at Toei, dividing his time between films and television shows. Hayao’s stint at Toei proved to be good educational experience for the budding filmmaker. After, Hayao began working on his effort, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds, for which he received some of the best reviews. The film announced Hayao as a new talent in the world of animation and gave him the confidence to establish his own studio with two filmmaking friends. They called it Studio Ghibli. Hayao’s first film under Studio Ghibli was the 1986 fantasy Castle in the Sky, which was followed by My Neighbor Totoro in 1988 and Kiki’s Delivery Service in 1989.Following the huge critical and commercial success of Princess Mononoke, Hayao stunned the film community by announcing his retirement. Fortunately for his fans, Hayao didn’t stay away for too long and emerged in 2001 with what is arguably his most accomplished achievement to date: Spirited Away. Revolving around the exploits of a little girl who stumbles upon a magical universe inhabited by a whole host of mystical creatures, Spirited Away quickly became a worldwide smash, topping the box office in Japan and eventually winning the 2002 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature -- the first anime to win the prize. -Suhee Kim

Pride &

Today I saw the movie, Pride & Prejudice. It was about a love story between poor but smart and stubborn lady and rich but prejudiced man. Before I really saw this movie, I thought that this story is kind of ‘Cliche’. Because I like romantic comedy like ‘High school musical’ , I used to avoid serious love story. This kind of story made me think so much thing and feel so tough. That’s why I preferred slight novel or movies. But, this movie ‘Pride & Prejudice’ was different. This was totally not hard but not too slight. I cannot help looking off the scene throughout the movie. It was such a great time. Not only their love story, but the beautiful scenary of old England’s countryside, Longbourn, make me so comfortable. Mansions, great garden, parties, the relaxed ambience of the country gave me such a great pleasure.

So yeon Chang This scene is my favorite scene. This is the scene that Elizabeth finally accept Mr.Darcy’s love. These two person was misunderstood by each other. Mr. Darcy didn’t dance with anyone in the party where he first met Elizabeth and Elizabeth was upset because of his poor attitude. After the party they squabbled. However, After she heard that Mr. Darcy made Mr. Bingley break up with her sister because of her poor and low status she totally prejudiced him as an arrogant man who just care about money and status and declined his proposal of marriage. Throughout his effort to change her thinking she finally forgive him and accept his proposal. The fact that this young beautiful couple finally get their love makes me feel satisfaction and lots of thrill. Not the thrill of fear but the thrill of anxiety and emotion that I


“Racial Discrimination” is differentiating people by their nationality. In America, racial discrimination first started when white people included African Americans and Native Americans as their slaves. Slavery was abolished by President Lincoln in 1862, but differentiating black people and white people kept on till 1950s. In that time, American society was full of disdain to African Americans. Every single thing was separated. African Americans had to sit in their designated seats in the bus. They couldn’t even sit next to the white people in the restaurants and even had separate toilets. I strongly believe racial discrimination is a very inhumane behavior. However, it still exists in our society. Even though there have been laws about racial discrimination, our society still tends to discriminate people by their race. While searching for information on this topic, I found out racism is a lot more serious problem than I thought before. The most surprising article was the article about Korean man discriminating Indian man.

Racial Discrimination According to Bonojit Hussain, 28, an Indian research professor at Sungkonghoe University, he was riding a bus with his Korean female friend in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, on July 10 at 9:15 p.m. As the bus traveled toward Bucheon City Hall, a neatly dressed Korean man, who was sitting behind them yelled, ``What a disgusting odor! You’re dirty.’’ The Korean, later identified as Park, kept shouting, ``You must be an Arab. It’s dirty. F*** you!’’ When Hussain asked him why he was treating him this way, Park answered in English, ``You Arab, you Arab.’’ The Korean even insulted his Korean female friend, saying ``Are you Korean? Are you happy to date with a black man?’’ They asked the driver to stop the bus, and then took Park to a nearby police station. Hussain intended to

file a complaint against Park, but police officers tried to discourage him from doing so. Hussain filed the complaint that night and the case has recently been forwarded to the prosecution. How could a human being discriminate others just by their appearances? Korean man’s attitude toward the Indian man was extremely rude. But one other thing I was surprised was the Korean polices’ attitude. If they had right thoughts and knew that Indian man did nothing wrong, they should’ve make Korean man apologize to the innocent man. Hereby, I felt that even though we already know that racial discrimination isn’t a thing we are supposed to do, there aren’t many actual policies to prevent it. Once, myself have had racially discriminated. I stayed in America with my aunt and uncle when I was 10 years old. While staying, I went to elementary

school. I was looking forward to go to school. However, my first day of the school was terrible. It was a recess time, and a white boy named “Brandon” kept me from playing with other guys. He said, “You can’t be in our team because you are Asian!” I was 10 only 10 years old, and the boy was even younger than me. I felt so ashamed that the next day, I didn’t act like I was hurt by his words. I started to make more friends, and finally he apologized to me. Even though I was so young, I could never forget how I felt at that time. Just like my case, or even worse, many students studying abroad have experiences of racial discrimination. To avoid these situations, we soon have to find real To avoid these situations, we soon have to find real izable solutions. Since world is becoming globalized, more and more people live together. In this kind of situation, we should protect rights of racially discriminated people. Thus, to make a peaceful world, there has to be no more racial segregation. Yuhwa Kong

Children’s true gifts In 2010, just one year ago, I joined Haesol volunteer group only to get the advantages to gain volunteer time with almost no interests. Now, however, in October 2011, the efforts that I put into this group turned out as some kind of a gift that I have not expected. I actually gained some humanistic presents from the young students whom I taught so far. Ever since I first met them, I was shocked that they were waiting for us to solve their problems. The children who were attending public elementary school needed another teacher that could teach them after they finished at school. Some of them were better than others and some were not well trained to have proper study methods. Therefore, I tried to teach them some important lessons that were related to study habit. Though the lessons that I gave to them were not perfectly fitted their standards, they tried to adjust themselves to the system that I planned for them. Plans were simple, I told them to concentrate on the subject that they need to make up to catch the school curriculum and draw a star-shape to ask me questions if they could not solve the problems on their own. Thus, unfortunately, I personally had hard time explaining the stars that they marked. I, however, learned more important lesson than what students learned from me. They taught me how to deal with youngsters and how to help people out. For me ‘Haesol’ is not just the afternoon teaching class but a precious opportunity to build up my life experience. JaeSeong Park

Indie Music in Hongdae Hongdae was in the center of Korean indie music(not popular and who are not professional) before, but nowadays they are changed into somewhere to earn the money by lending the club for the performance and concert. The lending fee is increasing and therefore the poor musicians only with passion are suffering and leaving the music field. It is a tragedy that headquarter of korean music is collapsing by some people who are blind of money. Gihyuk Han

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Week of August 23 2009

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