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DON’T LET YOUR CUSTOMERS REGRET BEING PUT ON HOLD There are many ways to utilise the opportunities available. Placing a customer on hold is like parking a customer in front of a billboard, but the billboard is blank. Why isn’t your business logo and message there? So, let’s seize that opportunity. Here is what is possible with Sound Marketing…

Increase the awareness and uptake Increase awareness of any additional services and products

Set your levels of Customer Service Reinforce brand standards Promote awareness Assure Customers Increase bookings


Promote Events

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Cross-sell products Increase pre-orders

SPEAK TO CALLERS WHO HAVE ALREADY INDICATED AN INTEREST IN YOUR BUSINESS. How do we know they are interested? Because they’ve already called and are waiting on hold to speak to someone.Take that opportunity to engage.


W HAT IS ON-HOLD AUDIO? You don’t need to be told what on-hold audio is; chances are that you will have heard on-hold audio in some form.



What you do need to know is that tailored customers of Sound Marketing. In fact, if you are in any major population centre in England, then you are only 5 minutes away from a Sound Marketing Customer. If you check your own hold music, chances are high that you have silence, beeping or a default tune that came with your phone system. If it’s the latter, it is worth noting that the most widely used on-hold track is currently on approximately 65 million phone sets as the default hold music. That’s 65 million businesses that have exactly the same on-hold – and that’s not including other systems with their own default hold music. Sound Marketing believe your business should stand out; make sure your customer knows who they’ve called. Don’t let them hear the same tune they heard 10 minutes ago, or the silence they got when they hung up on another business.





O N-HOLD AFFECTS YOUR BUSINESS MORE THAN YOU’D ANTICIPATE 1 O n-hold audio can halve the time customers feel they’ve waited

Most callers prefer on-hold messages to other hold options 3


88% 20%

1. No one likes waiting. Customers left on-hold without any background music felt that a 30 second on-hold call actually lasted 90 seconds. And yet, customers thought a 30 second on-hold call that utilised on-hold audio lasted only 15 seconds.



callers were presented with on hold messaging versus silence or a radio commercial they: would stay on hold longer, were more likely to exhibit interest in the product advertised, were more likely to retain information, and were less agitated.

Good on-hold maintains mood

3. 88% also said they would

stay on the line longer if provided with this, and would like to hear product information. Roughly 20% have made a purchase

Executives spend 15 minutes a day on hold. That’s 60 hours per year! The average person will spend 1.2 years on hold. This is time that has the potential to actually your business and its customers.

25% Callers stay on the line up to 25% longer when provided with on-hold messaging versus “dead air” or “background music”, and up to 17% longer than radio.

68% Poor on-hold costs customers. One study found that of the 8–15% of a company’s customer base is lost each year, a startling 68% is due to or negative phone treatment.

34% …of callers who hang up will not call back. Studies also show that after an average of 1 minute and 55 second of hold time most callers hang up annoyed.

6% Despite all of this, on-hold rarely gets the neccessary care. 94% of all marketing budgets are spent on inducing a customer call, while only 6% is spent on handling the call once received.


W HAT DOES YOUR BUSINESS SOUND LIKE? When you think of your business, what do you want people to think of? Better yet – what would you want people to hear? In the digital age, where book sales are in decline but audiobooks are thriving, there’s a lot to be said for the power of the spoken word. Sales teams across the world are training to say the right thing at the right time and in the right way. What if we could do the same thing with your phone? Make it say the right thing, at the right time. What do you care about?

 Selling products and margins Customer Service & Retention Key clients Growing your business


What makes your business a good

Audio branding conveys consistency through each stage on the phone

If you have high call volumes, your regular callers may spend a large accumulative time on-hold

Hold times allows important information to be dispensed whilst callers wait to be put through.

 team need to send calls onward. On-hold provides smooth transitioning from one agent to another. Enter: Sound Marketing Sound Marketing have been providing bespoke on-hold audio, showroom audio, audio branding and handover audio for 20 years and it’s because of this expertise that we work with businesses of all sizes. From local independents, to sme’s and even leading global organisations. We understand that your business has its own identity and its own sound. Sound Marketing will create the audio you need and the audio you need your customers to hear.

W HAT MAKES SOUND MARKETING THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ON HOLD? We keep our promises. Sound Marketing have been providing bespoke on-hold audio, showroom audio, audio branding and handover audio for 20 years and it’s because of this expertise that we work with some of the UK’s largest motor groups, wholesalers, leisure groups, and many more. We work with their marketing teams to provide a uniform marketing experience for the customer. We understand that your business has its own identity and its own sound. Sound Marketing will create the audio you need and the audio you need your customers to hear. The essence of on-hold audio marketing is the most important people in your business – your customers. We will transform your client’s telephone experience by creating a tailored on hold audio production focused on giving your brand a voice.

When you become a client of Sound Marketing you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee your audio marketing. Appointed as your key point of contact, keeping your messages up to date, diarising your date related content, providing a creative writing service, troubleshooting, researching your business to provide the best audio we can. Your Account Manager will work with our very own in-house Studio to achieve the best quality and fastest turn-around time. We write, compose, record and produce inhouse. This makes us one of the only on-hold companies to have our own studio facilities. The reason Sound Marketing is chosen, or switched to, by businesses across the UK, is that we keep our promises. Our Account Managers promise to do their best. Our Studio manager promises to ensure your audio is correct and of the best quality available and our Managing Director promises to provide the best service.


JOINING SOUND MARKETING When you become a client of Sound Marketing, you receive the following: A dedicated account manager

You’ll get your own account manager to help with everything from script writing, to technical support. Available 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, you can speak to your account manager any time.

Carefully selected hardware

Audio quality is one of our main concerns, that’s why if you need hardware we provide our own M.O.H. devices. Our M.O.H. devices are designed to be incredibly easy to use and they’re compatible with 99% of commercial telephone systems. Don’t need hardware? If your telephony is Cloud based, we can provide the relevant format for your internet based phone system.

State of the art in-house studio

Most on-hold companies out-source the recording of their productions, but we believe our customers get a better service and an improved product because we keep it in-house. With an in-house

provide a better product because we have complete control at every stage of the production process. Specially trained and using cutting edge equipment, our studio team is able to produce the highest possible quality audio.


Access to the UK’s top voice artists artists and music, so your production can have a strong and professional sound.

A handy online portal

Designed by script writers, for script writers, the Sound Marketing Online Portal is an easier way to manage your On-Hold scripts. It allows you to work on the On-Hold messages from any computer, at any location – just login and select the script you wish to edit.

The Group advantage

As a Sound Marketing customer you will have access to Sound Marketing’s sister companies; Embroidery UK, Sign Marketing and Sound Networks.

products to assist your business, such as embroidered work wear, IT support and web development, or signage and vehicle livery.

The industry standard

We’re constantly improving our service, whether it’s the latest studio technology, or optimising the scripting process. Sound Marketing is leading the industry, and we’ll always keep pushing forward.

LICENCING The monthly cost is up to you. This is completely dependent on what you need. If you’d like to focus on quarterly campaigns, then a licence for 4 updates per annum may be the best package for you. If you hold promotions throughout the year and would like to take advantage of seasonal campaigns, an unlimited update package gives you the freedom to change anything, anytime, as many times as you want. The choice is yours, just let us know what you need!


£75.00 per month


£52.50 per month


£27.50 per month

that you’ll be We are so happy with the service we provide, should you decide to become a customer or transfer from your current on-hold audio provider to Sound Marketing, months will be half price.

Which licence do I need? Copyright and broadcasting laws have become much stricter and are more enforced than you might think. If you’ve ever had a call regarding the use of audio by your business, the chances are it was from PRS. music that businesses have not paid for a licence to use. Sound Marketing ensures you are fully licenced to play the audio we provide to you. As part of the Audio Marketing Association Europe (AMA), we provide a licence that states you need no further documentation other than the AMA licence to play the audio we create for you. You can rest assured that if you are ever contacted regarding the use of our audio, you are within your rights – you’ll even have a physical copy of the licence to prove it. You can visit for further information on the Audio Marketing Association.


SO WHAT NOW? If you’d like to get on-hold audio in place as soon as possible, simply complete the attached licencing agreement on the opposite page. Email or fax it over to us, and your dedicated account manager will contact you as soon as possible.

Telephone 01225 701600 Fax 01225 701601 Email vip

prompts and out of hours message free of charge! Don’t forget to check out our website for various audio samples:

G ET YOUR FREE SAMPLE Quote ‘BROCHURE’ in your call or email, and we will create you a free sample that is placed at the top of our production queue. Unless you’d like us to take a creative lead, make sure to include a link to your website and a quick summary of what you’d like your very own on-hold to sound like! (See guide on reverse of licencing agreement. Please note that samples that are used without a licence are subject to the details outlined in our T&C’s.)



Sound Marketing (SW) Ltd Strattons House, Strattons Walk, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6JL Telephone: 01225 701600 Fax: 01225 701601 Email: vip











Provision of Sound Marketing services (voicing, music, editing, scripting), hardware and soundracks. The cost of equipment Marketing will invoice the client from the time they produce a courtesy production or work commences on a bespoke production. ce. Monthly payments will be made quarterly in advance for one year. The equipment will remain the property of Sound Marketing.

Which phone system do you use? PBX



Do you require audio hardware installation?




Please choose an annual update package: UNLIMITED @ £75.00 per month

4 UPDATES @ £52.50 per month


2 UPDATES @ £27.50 per month

gth of your production, or if you hate Jazz music!

Marketing will invoice the client from the time they produce a courtesy quarter’s licence fee is due on Installation. Payment Method: Direct Debit, quarterly in advance. All prices are subject to VAT at current rate.

this contract – any other locations will require additional licences and contracts. All rights of the owners and exclusive licences of the copyright in the sound recordings and tracks reproduced on them are reserved. The unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, copying or sale of recordings is prohibited. All sound recordings remain the property of Sound Marketing. PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER


I, the undersigned give authorisation for this licencing agreement AUTHORISED SIGNATORY



/ Signed in accordance with Sound Marketing’s standard terms and conditions


An on-hold production provides you with an opportunity to communicate directly with your customers. With this opportunity, what do you want to use your on-hold production to do?

Educate callers

Promote up and coming event(s)

Reinforce brand standards

Introduce new lines or services

Establish levels of customer service

Reassure callers with standards or longevity

Cross-sell services Marketing campaign

Increase the spend of key clients by promoting new lines

Promote accreditations



Please refer to our terms at

@soundmgroup T: 01225 701600

Strattons House, Strattons Walk, Melksham,Wiltshire, SN12 6JL

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