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Sound Marketing Group - Use of Text & Colour

These standards apply to all business in the group The standard font used for all body text, emails, and stationary should be Arial 12pt. Larger point sizes of Arial can be used for ‘titles’ and section ‘headers’ at the users discretion but please give consideration to the aesthetics of the documents’ content.

Arial 12pt Arial The standard font used for all body text On Websites Roboto can be used Where your computer has ‘Gill Sans’ installed then this may be used in it’s regular or light version for section ‘headers’, ‘titles’ or on promotional print material where you want to draw attention and help it to stand out from the body text.

Gill Sans

Gill Sans Regular


Gill Sans Light


Standard body text should be black - C 0, M 0, Y 0, K 100. If you want to add colour to text in any ‘Sound marketing Group’ document to help it stand out then this colour should pink (Magenta) - C 0, M 100, Y 0, K 0.

The standard font used for all body text The colours for the logo are four colour CMYK Pink - Cyan 0, Magenta 100, Yellow 0, Black 0 Blue - Cyan 100, Magenta 0, Yellow 0, Black 0 Yellow - Cyan 0, Magenta 30, Yellow 100, Black 0 Green - Cyan 75, Magenta 0, Yellow 100, Black 0

In the event that spot colours are requested by a printer then please provide the following Pantone colours Pink - Pantone Process Magenta C Blue - Pantone Process Cyan C Yellow - Pantone 130C Green - Pantone 361C NB: The green Pantone 361C will appear slightly lighter than the preferred CMYK green

Sound Marketing Group

Logo Colours

Sound Marketing - Logo and Use The following guidelines are to be followed when placing a Sound Marketing logo into any company document be it for internal or external use. This includes all stationary, advertising, invoices, websites and brochures.

For general use of the Sound Marketing logo, this version should be used eg: letterheads, invoices, external signage etc.

When using the Sound Marketing logo for advertising purposes, this version is an option which allows us to direct users to the Sound website.

Sound Marketing

The text in the logo is based upon Gill Sans and should in no way be replicated. Any placement of the logo should be copy and pasted, placed or inserted from the file shown below the particular logo.

Sound Marketing

Sound Marketing - Logo and Use

Usage as previous but only when placing the logo onto a dark background eg: vehicle livery onto a black vehicle

Sound Marketing

Sound Marketing - Logo and Use

This version of the logo is available when we are unable to use the ‘3D’ version ie: the graduation isn’t printable - eg: for use in embroidery (top - on a white garment / bottom - on a black garment).

Sound Marketing - Logo and Use

Sound Marketing

When the ‘Symbol’ is already being used on a particular document or webpage, this version can be placed to advertise or direct the user to the ‘Sound Marketing’ website. This is particularly useful for stationary (eg: Networks invoices or letterheads would use the Networks logo and symbol, but could use this to represent ‘Sound’).

If all of the previous layouts of the logo are unsuitable for use due to a lack of space then the final option to consider using is this one. This should only be used when the arrangement with the ‘Symbol’ on top of the name cannot fit in a given area. The ‘Symbol’ alongside the name is a last resort.

Sound Marketing

Sound Marketing - Alternative Logo and Use

Sound Marketing - Logo and Use

Sound Marketing

In certain circumstances it will be nessecary to have a black and white version of the logo eg: newspaper adverts, facsimilies etc.

Sound Marketing Branding 2017