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All of your IT needs including Website Design

SIGN MARKETING is part of the SOUND MARKETING GROUP. Strattons House, Strattons Wa k, Me ksham, Wiltsh re SN12 6JL

SIGN MARKETING design and produce a wide range of products. Our service is design-led and primarily customer focussed. This means that we listen to your requirements and using our experience and marketing knowledge, will guide you through the options available to ensure your customers are targeted appropriately whilst visually raising the profile of your business. The aim of this brochure is to help you through the decision making process and give you some design ideas from jobs we have already produced. Where possible we have provided prices but some bespoke products will require a quotation. Likewise, if there is something you need that you can’t find within these pages, please call our studio and we will do everything we can to help.



SIGN SOLUTIONS Sign Marketing can fulfil all of your sign requirements. From simple but effective ‘Safety’ signs to large exterior signs, there are a multitude of solutions and substrates to choose from. Plotted vinyl lettering can be an attractive yet cost effective way of producing signs of all shapes and sizes and can be applied directly to your existing fascia or shop window. We can also supply new surfaces like PVC board or Correx for shorter term signs, or aluminium for a more durable option, which we then apply the vinyl to. The same process is applied to printed graphics which can reproduce complex visuals accurately with exact colour representation to match your specific brand requirements. The print is covered with a UV laminate to protect from the elements, ensuring a long lasting result. Surface mounted acrylic cut letters or built-up acrylic lettering can produce visually stunning three-dimensional signs. Light-boxes have the graphics applied to an acrylic panel to allow the light through producing a really eye catching solution. With such a large number of possibilities, contact our design team and let them guide you through the options and choose the best solution for you.


SUBSTRATE PRICES The three main substrates for signs are Correx, Foamboard and Aluminium composite. It is important to choose the correct material to suit a particular job. All prices shown incude a high resolution laminated print applied to the substrate or plotted vinyl graphics. All prices are excluding VAT. 4mm Correx 244cm x 122cm - £84 150cm x 100cm - £56 100cm x 80cm - £38 A1 - £25 A2 - £16 A3 - £11 A4 - £7

6mm Correx 244cm x 122cm - £107

4mm Correx is used for short term signage such as estate agents’ ‘For Sale’ boards.

150cm x 100cm - £72 100cm x 80cm - £48 A1 - £32

6mm Correx is harder wearing and suitable for larger signs such as site boards.

A2 - £21 A3 - £14 A4 - £9

3mm Foamboard 305cm x 150cm - £132 244cm x 122cm - £95 150cm x 100cm - £64 100cm x 80cm - £42 A1 - £28 A2 - £19 A3 - £13 A4 - £8


3mm Foamboard is a flat surface used for interior displays, POS, and for mounting smaller prints onto.

SUBSTRATE PRICES 5mm Foamboard 305cm x 150cm - £163 244cm x 122cm - £117 150cm x 100cm - £78 100cm x 80cm - £52 A1 - £35 A2 - £24 A3 - £15 A4 - £10

10mm Foamboard 305cm x 150cm - £242 244cm x 122cm - £175

5mm Foamboard is a flat surface suitable for interior displays and exterior signs which aren’t exposed to the elements.

150cm x 100cm - £117 100cm x 80cm - £78 A1 - £52 A2 - £35 A3 - £23 A4 - £15

10mm Foamboard is a heavier harder wearing substrate used for longterm displays and sheltered exterior signage.

3mm Aluminium Composite 305cm x 150cm - £255 244cm x 122cm - £184 150cm x 100cm - £122 100cm x 80cm - £81 A1 - £54 A2 - £36 A3 - £24 A4 - £16

Multiple board discount and other sizes available. Please call or email for quotation.

Aluminium Composite is recommended for most longterm exterior signs such as shop fascias and hoardings.


FORECOURT PROMOTION A design fee may apply for creation of new artwork. All prices exclude VAT.


PAVEMENT STANDS The products shown below include high resolution graphics printed onto vinyl and laminated for protection from the elements. All boards are double-sided. A design fee may apply for creation of new artwork. All prices exclude VAT.

Flex Print Area: 46.6cm x 78.3cm £87

Swinger 2000 Print Area: 50cm x 70cm £109

A-Board Print Area: 50cm x 70cm £123

A-Master Takes poster print with ‘snap-frame’ fixing. A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm) - £118 A2 (42cm x 59.4cm) - £103

Booster Print Area: 50.8cm x 76.2cm - £142 A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm) - £158

Informer Takes poster print with ‘magnetic strip’ fixing. Print Area: 50cm x 70cm £125


EVENT & PROMOTION BANNERS A design fee may apply for creation of new artwork. All prices exclude VAT.


BANNER STANDS A design fee may apply for creation of new artwork. All prices exclude VAT.

Vertical Banner Stand - Encompassing flexibility and versatility, the Polar is ideal when you want to change height, width and configuration in an instant. Ideal for use in any outdoor corporate or retail environment. Adjustable graphic width from 650mm to 800mm Single or double-sided option as standard. Visible graphic height from1200mm to 2000mm Adjustable telescopic pole set. Moulded plastic base, fill with water or sand for extra stability. Ideally suited to eyeletted PVC banner material. Price Including printed banners x 1 - ÂŁ160 Price Including printed banners x 2 - ÂŁ185


EXHIBITION DISPLAY STANDS A design fee may apply for creation of new artwork. All prices exclude VAT.

Roll Up Display

For effective displays these self contained, free standing units come with a compact carry case, are lightweight and easily transported. High resolution full colour printed graphics onto a scratch resistant ‘anti-curl stay flat’ material ensures that the display always looks sharp. The unit is made from a lightweight aluminium with swing feet for quick and easy assembly. Print size is 80cm x 200cm

(Larger units are available - price on request)


Pop-up Exhibition Stand This display stand is a curved frame, cross braced, self locking structure. Simple to assemble and easily transported in it’s own carry case with wheels. High resolution prints are attached to the frame using magnetic strips taking minutes to assemble. The carry case transforms into a reception desk with a wooden top and two 150watt halogen lamps illuminate your display. L: 2492mm, W: 596mm, H: 2130mm

(Larger units are available - price on request)



DISPLAY / BROCHURE STANDS A design fee may apply for creation of new artwork. All prices exclude VAT.


Prices are based upon the amount of material used and time to prepare and apply the graphics. We only use longterm vinyls and all printed graphics are laminated with UV protecting laminate. A rough price guide - for a car or small van £125 - £200, transit sized van £185 - £285, Luton sized van £245 - £385


VEHICLE GRAPHICS Vehicle graphics are an extremely effective way of advertising your company and raising awareness of your brand whilst you are out and about. It is targeted advertising in the area that you operate without the expense of an on-going adverstising campaign like placing an ad in a local paper or directory. It can also raise your profile dramatically - a carefully thought out design for your vehicle can instantly give an impression of professionalism as well as getting across key points and messages to your potential customers. Plotted vinyl graphics, full colour printed graphics and block out ‘one-way’ graphics which only allow you to see out of the vehicle are some of the options available. The only limitation is your imagination but we are on-hand with design solutions to help maximise your vehicle’s and subsequentally your company’s sales potential.


DESIGN SERVICE Logo Design Option 1 (Basic) Our designers can create a logo from your brief. Using our marketing experience we can ensure the logo will attract the customers you are targeting. From the information you provide we will design a logo and give you the option to make two design changes. The logo will be emailed to you in PDF format with a CMYK colour profile (print colours) and as a JPEG with RGB colour profile (web colours).

£60.00 Excluding VAT Option 2 (Standard) As above but we will produce a maximum of three options for you to choose from. The extra time allowed will enable us to create a more targeted solution and give you the opportunity to make any changes to achieve the desired design. Artwork will be supplied on a disc containing a PDF, an EPS (a vectored scalable version) both CMYK, a JPEG with RGB colour profile, and also a version with Pantone colours assigned. This is a colour profile used in certain printing processes where a specific spot colour can be applied to accurately recreate your logo time and again. As well as the aforementioned formats, you will also have a monochrome version which can be used where a full colour version is not applicable.

£150.00 Excluding VAT Option 3 (Complete) As above but we will produce a complete branding guide document which will enable you to provide strict guidelines for any supplier who needs to recreate your logo.

£250.00 Excluding VAT


DIGITAL PRINT After creating your logo we can then design your stationery including business cards, letterheads, company brochures and any other print material that you require. Although we don’t have in-house print facilities for this, we can produce print-ready artwork for you to forward to your chosen print facility or we can recommend a printer to suit the particular job and liaise with them on your behalf. Wide Format Digital Printing Our in-house printer produces outstanding quality prints on all manner of material and at sizes from 1.3 metres wide by up to 50 metres long. So, as well as the products already covered in this catalogue such as signs and banners, there are many other items that we produce. Canvas Prints Supply us with your high-resolution photographs and we will produce beautiful stretched art canvases creating the perfect gift to commemorate any occasion. Canvas Prices: 30cm x 30cm - £35 30cm x 40cm - £40 40cm x 40cm - £45 40cm x 50cm - £50 50cm x 50cm - £55

50cm x 60cm - £60 60cm x 60cm - £65 60cm x 70cm - £70 70cm x 70cm - £75 (prices exclude VAT)

Photo prints Your photographs can also be printed onto gloss or matt photographic paper or onto vinyl which we can then laminate with a matt or gloss finish and mount onto foamboard. Photographic print prices are available upon request. Please see ‘Substrate Prices’ for mounted images. Stickers By printing onto vinyl and creating a ‘plot line’ (a line to cut around) our plotting machine can produce amazing full colour stickers with almost limitless intricacy in terms of shapes and size. Prices are available upon request due to the bespoke production methods involved with each job. Prices are worked out on the amount of vinyl used and quantities required but as a rough guide here are some standard sizes and prices: (Laminated) A5 - £2.50; A4 - £4.20; A3 - £8.00; A2 - £12.00; A1 - £18.00 (Unlaminated) A5 - £1.80; A4 - £3.00; A3 - £5.80; A2 - £8.00; A1 - £12.00


WEBSITE DESIGN Want more people to know about your business and what you do? One of the first things on your shopping list should be a website to allow you to communicate to people just what you do and how well you do it. Give yourself a platform to blow your own trumpet and gain new business at the same time. From starter sites to full ecommerce we can help you move forward on the path to gaining or improving on an existing web presence.

SOCIAL MEDIA SET-UP Social Media has become an important tool for marketing all types of business. As well as raising awareness of your company you can also make direct contact with your customers and furnish them with information such as offers or new stock as it happens. Social Media Set-Up covers the creation, development and design of a bespoke facebook business page. This includes a landing page, locked fan only content, multimedia content uploads, product and information pages. We can provide tutorials on starting group discussions, driving traffic, creating coherent multi platform campaigns and performing statistical analyses. The setup also includes Linked-In profile pages and your own Twitter account.

SOUND NETWORKS provide a full range of IT solutions including: • SERVER INSTALLATIONS & UPGRADES - Whether you are looking to install your first server on your network or need to upgrade an existing installation, Sound Networks are equipped to advise you and implement this process from beginning to end. • SUPPORT CONTRACTS - A simple unobtrusive piece of software installed onto your client PC’s and Servers allows us to monitor all the running services of these machines in real time. In most cases we will know about an issue before you do and sometimes we can fix it without you even knowing it has happened!


Sign Marketing Product Catalogue  

A catalogue of products and services provided by Sign Marketing Ltd