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BRENTFORD WATERSIDE: CONSULTATION & ENGAGEMENT APPROACH Soundings are community consultation and engagement specialists. In 2009 we worked with Ballymore Group, delivering an initial ‘refresher’ consultation and engagement programme for Brentford High Street. This paper outlines our approach to consultation and engagement as well as setting out a Pre-planning Consultation Plan for the Brentford Waterside masterplan in collaboration with Ballymore, AHMM and partners.

Consultation approach Guiding principles: open and inclusive Soundings conduct an open and inclusive engagement process, shaped with the communities we work with. This allows people to feed into and have ownership into the thinking process behind the proposed scheme. Stakeholder mapping ensuring key groups / voices are represented / involved Building on our previous engagement in 2009 and with the help of with the help of the project team, Hounslow Council, the High Street Steering Group and others we will map the stakeholders with an interest in or directly impacted by the development and targeting those more hard to reach. Checking in with the community The team will consult with key stakeholders and community group representatives in order to shape the way in which we consult with and engage people. Learning from other consultation processes We will process and learn from other successful consultation and engagement programmes delivered in the area, such as the Isis Commerce Road consultation, carried out by URBED.

Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11


Building upon work already done We will build upon work already done with the community, including the Community Vision document for Brentford High Street, our work carried out in the summer of 2009, and the work of the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment. Making it happen - partnership working We will focus the consultation on ‘making it happen’ – A reference group will act as a sounding board for the developer and design team as the masterplan and detailed design and delivery phases progress. By keeping the channels of communication open, and offering opportunities for real participation as the design progresses, a more successful scheme owned by the community, developer and design team in partnership becomes a reality. Art based engagement opportunity In parallel with the consultation on the design development it is suggested that a creative arts based / community project be initiated to compliment the process and to explore /My BRENTFORD – /My FUTURE. Possibilities include: An oral history project and visioning conducted (possibly) on the canal, a temporary signage competition – a community ‘growing’ project in collaboration between Cultivate London, local people and Soundings

Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11



Consultation aims: We have identified the following aims that the consultation will seek to deliver: Raising Awareness Informing people about the project and making sure they understand how to register their interest Thorough understanding A thorough understanding of the neighbouring residents, community, business and amenity groups and their aspirations for Brentford Town Centre and the area south of the High Street Participation A process of consultation and engagement that enables local people and their representatives to take part in the process of informing, testing and developing the masterplan. Informing A transparent process that provides as much information as possible to show how the masterplan has been developed and tested through historical, technical, policy and commercial imperatives. Positive exchange Constructive dialogue that can uncover and discuss aspects of the scheme including concerns or issues in a positive and supportive manner Measuring responses Measure community and stakeholder responses and how this has helped shape the plans and levels of support for the project

Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11


Key stakeholder summary: (full list available) Hounslow Council Town Centre Manager Brentford Community Council High Street Steering Group Chamber of Commerce Hounslow Heritage St Lawrence, Church of England Diocese, Parish of Brentford Brentford Dock RA Other Tenant and Resident Associations The Butts, Upper Butts, Brentford Marina, Holland Gardens, Town Meadow, Albany Road, Ealing Road, Hamilton Road (see map) Estates – Haverfield/Towers, Syon, Clayponds, (Green Dragon) Johnson’s Island (artist colony) British Waterways / ISIS Boat and barge community (Lots Ait) Water sport activities and clubs Industry / Manufacturing / Employers: Heidelberg, MSO Marine Construction, The Hayloft, The Ham High Street Traders (inc. local pubs) Community services / facilities: Brentford Police Station, (Safer Neighbourhood team) Age Concern, Community Centre, Health Centre and Library (Toy Library) Schools: St Paul’s, Brentford Girls School Culture/Sport: Watermans Art Centre, Syon House, Kew Gardens, Boston Manor Park, Music and Steam Museums, Brenford Football Club Faith Groups: St Paul’s, Roman Catholic, Free Church and St Mary’s Convent (see spatial mapping)

Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11



Task Planning / Outreach / Ideas Share Consultation planning Events calendar Consultation data base set up Stakeholder mapping Checking in with the Community IDEAS SHARE 1 28.07.11 Attendance of Brentford High Street Steering Group and Chamber of Commerce meeting 04.09.11 - Brentford Festival 06.09.11 Brentford Dock Residents’ Association 19.09.11 Update HSSG 19-30.09.11 OUTREACH On the ground stakeholder engagement focussing on key hard to reach groups Communications Introductory Letters to identified key stakeholders to introduce the project and invite them to get involved by coming to a drop-in exhibition on the 15th October or an inaugural meeting on the 17th October which will coincide with the public launch of the project including the web site and newsletter Press / media Use local media to promote the process and for 1st and 2nd Public exhibitions in TW8 website and other local media. Project Space Agree location of a permanent (temporary) space for the consultation process that can be used for meetings, exhibitions and project based work Design and development Website for the project Newsletter 1 - Introduction to project, team and consultation timetable – how to get involved – Plus a summary of the big ideas for the High Street Vision

Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11


Date STAGE 2

Task Project PUBLIC launch / Ideas Share

DRAWING OUT 15/10/11 – Mini drop-in exhibition to be held in the THE VISION Project Space aimed at the stakeholders engaged with through the outreach process. By invitation. October 2011 Newsletter 1 – Public Launch and distribution to coincide with exhibition, link to web site and notification of Public Exhibition at the end of the month Website Launched with same information included in drop-in exhibition – and information as to how to get involved. 17/10/11 – 7.30-9.00pm Inaugural Stakeholder Meeting / Ideas Share (following HSSG planned meeting) Full team attendance and update presentation including consultants - Future City and Small World looking at retail / cultural and water activities. Agree terms of reference for Stakeholder Group, including method of selection of representatives and time commitment required. (20/10/11Brentford Community Council meeting) Outcome: Reference Group agreed constitution/remit, validation process, and programme of meetings Themed Working Groups established Project Space Launched Arts / Community Project Initiated Project Awareness – general public Newsletter / website Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11


28-29 October (Friday/Saturday) Public Exhibition 1 – Outline Proposals (date tbc) IDEAS SHARE 2 Theme Group Workshops Local stakeholders, team and invited guests Present back to public HSSG Meeting – November 2011 Reference Group meeting 2 Progress update Theme Group review 25.11.11 - Christmas Gala Event – Syon House Date STAGE 3 MAKING PLANS Dec 2011 – February 2012

Task December 2011 Newsletter 2 Website - updated Summary of outline proposals, how they have evolved and feedback from the exhibition and workshops – theme development – art project – how to get involved Next steps and notice of next Public Exhibition - January 2012 – save the date January 2012 HSSG Meeting – January 2012 Reference Group meeting 3 Progress update - Pre-planning material Theme Group review Public Exhibition 2 – Pre-Planning Exhibition & celebratory event February 2012 Newsletter 3 Summary of pre-planning exhibition, how the masterplan has got here responded to feedback from previous consultation. Update on themes and arts /community projects

Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11


Website - updated HSSG Meeting – February 2012 Reference Group meeting 4 Final pre-planning update Statement of Community Involvement March 2011

Planning Application submitted

Event descriptions One-to-ones Staging interviews with individuals to understand their issues, needs and aspirations for the masterplan, using prompts from the design team to gauge preference and to discuss constraints, context and other issues. Also an opportunity to meet those not previously engaged. Project launch The project, consultation and engagement process will be made public and those within the consultation boundary will be alerted to events and activities they can take part in. Ideas Share ‘Ideas Share’ is a design event where ideas are presented and debated by an invited list of participants and the public. The agenda is set at the beginning of the event and a tangible result is presented to a wider public group for comment and debate at the end of the event. The Ideas Share events would feed into the design process: ○ Ideas Share 1: discussing the issues and options around the scheme ○ Ideas Share 2: outline design exhibition– discussion and feedback event Community and Resident Reference Group We will establish a ‘local community / resident reference groups’, name to be agreed including terms of reference / and a clear selection process. Regular / Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11


monthly meetings hosted by Soundings piggy backing on the end of the High Street Steering Group’s monthly meetings. Theme Groups Theme Groups comprising local representatives and interested individuals as well as the design team will enable focus and working discussions around some of the key issues of the development. For example: High Street, Waterside, Lanes/Residential and Cultural / Meanwhile Strategies and Identity. Theme groups will be responsible for reporting back to the wider community at public events. Christmas Gala Event Piggy-backing on the Ballymore Group supported event in a 5* hotel near to Syon Lane. Another opportunity to show an edited version of the Outline Design Public Exhibition showing progress made Pre-planning exhibition & celebratory event The pre-planning exhibition and celebratory event is an opportunity to showcase the work done, a drop-in exhibition and family fun day, collaborating with local schools and businesses to bring the community together. The aspiration is that this event gives a ‘hint’ as to the types of activities that would take place on site, drawing key groups together to demonstrate their enthusiasm for the project. Website A consultation web site will provide access to all information regarding the process and masterplan development – including downloads of key documents.

Brentford Consultation Plan - Soundings 27.09.11


My Brentford - Initial consultation plan  

Initial consultation plan for the area south of Brentford High Street