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(Czech Music Office) The mission of SoundCzech is to facilitate the development of the Czech music industry in a wide range of genres such as world music, rock, pop, electronic music, hip-hop, jazz, alternative music and other genres and fusions. April 2017 marked a turning point in the history of the Czech music industry. Based on the demands from the representatives of the music sector and an initiative of the Arts and Theatre Institute, an export agency, SoundCzech, was founded with the aim of supporting the Czech music scene locally and globally with a variety of grants, workshops, mentoring sessions etc. SoundCzech is an initiation of a state-funded organization founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic “The Arts and Theatre Institute” (ATI). Check the Czech music industry & artists database at


Check out the Czech world music scene!


A brief history of Czech world music 3 world music festivals


world music venues 12 Czech media informing about worldmusic 16 Artists & Bands 18 LABELS 26 Booking agencies & promoters


World Music & Ethnomusicology Education in the Czech republic 28 Conferences & workshops 30 Czech Music Awards


Check out the Czech world music scene! Dear world music lovers, fans, professionals, and artists. You’re holding a special guide that maps the Czech world music scene, from clubs, festivals, musicians, through promoters, labels, workshops, to music awards. While thinking about design of this guide, our aim was to show the beauty of Czech traditions. That’s why we decided to present stunning folk ornaments of traditional blueprint fabrics called modrotisk. The technique of wooden hand-block printing and hand-dyed indigo cotton and linen fabric started in the 18th century, and is still practiced by a small number of family workshops in Moravia. It was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2018, nominated jointly by the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. We hope this guide will be a useful companion when planning your cultural and professional activities. P. S. We will be glad for your feedback and any additions. Please, contact us at


World Music Guide Czech Republic Made by SoundCzech, 2019 Concept & editor Anna Mašátová Design by Pola Puk-Puk /

a Brief History of Czech WORLD MUSIC JIŘÍ MORAVČÍK Music journalist, curator of Colours of Ostrava festival

The Czech Republic is a country in which people used to say every Czech is a musician. It’s a country situated in the middle of Europe, a country with the famous composers Antonín Dvořák, Bohuslav Martinů and Leoš Janáček. After World War II, the Communist era came and with it forty years of airtight closure from the rest of the world. Any musician who wanted to succeed had to emigrate. Those who remained and did not obey the regime were not allowed to perform for the public. The Communists erased from traditional music any religious themes and natural free-mindedness associated with nature. It was Hard times, believe it!


After 1989, when the ideological shackles fell from Czech music and it could be played again without any censor restrictions, the world came up with a question: what traditional music is actually played in your country? The answer was not very complicated, especially four years later, with the creation of an independent Czech Republic after its separation from Slovakia. In the live folklore form, it is preserved only in two regions: the Chodsko region, lying in the west of the country, on the borders with Germa-

ny, which is known specifically for its bagpipe music and choirs; and the vast region of Moravia, situated in the east of the country on the borders with Poland and Slovakia, encompassing many culturally and linguistically different sub-regions, famous for their unique cimbalom (i.e. dulcimer) music, gajdoš (bagpipe player) music and music by hudci (violin players). Despite the important international festival of Roma culture, Khamoro, held in Prague since 1999, Roma music has practically not been preserved here in its original form and is represented mainly by the individual Roma traditions of modern groups and soloists. These times of freedom brought Moravian folk music out of forced isolation. The legendary village singers and musicians were able to publicly pass their art back to the next generations. Moravian music

has become one of the most important sources of inspiration and has been thoroughly mapped, mainly thanks to the Indies Scope label and the promoter, collector and musician Jiří Plocek. In the era of world music, several major festivals and concert series were created — Respect Festival, Jazz Meets World, Colors of Ostrava, Folk Holidays, Strings of Autumn or Color Meeting — enabling domestic musicians to have contacts with foreign musical culture. The possibility of traveling opened up unprecedented horizons for Czech musicians. Worldwide, Věra Bílá, Iva Bittová, Čechomor, Čankišou or Jiří Pavlica & Hradišťan gained well deserved attention and are currently being followed by a younger generation of artists. They are taking advantage of opportunities from international studies and collaborating with musicians from other countries, also thanks to the conference Czech Music Crossroads. In 2017, a compilation of Czech world music entitled At the Heart of the Bonfire was published in the prestigious Songlines magazine. Czech festivals and clubs, where world music is played, are gradually increasing.The world music

is talked about and written not only in the music media. The Czech Republic is no longer a poor relative even at Womex: Mr. World music, Petr Dorůžka, was voted Samurai of the year in 2007 and in 2017 he received the Professional Excellence Award. Zlata Holušová, the director of Colours of Ostrava was also delegated to Samurai in 2019. The Czech representatives appear in discussion panels as mentors. The Czech Mafia, as the womexicans call the Czech group of festival organizers, promoters and journalists, were gradually accompanied at the Womex program by individual groups and artists: Tara Fuki, Clarinet Factory, Ponk, Marta Topferová and Invisible World.


Where the world music beats: Festivals



Boskovice / Festival pro židovskou čtvrť Boskovice / Brno: Babylonfest / Iberica / Jazz Fest Brno / Maraton hudby Brno /

Cvikov / Barabanfest / Červený Kostelec / International

foklore festival Červený Kostelec

Český Krumlov / International Music festival Český Krumlov

Dobrš / Dobršská brána Frýdek Místek / International

folklore festival Frýdek Místek

Fryšták / Fryštácký malý svět Holešov / Festival židovské kultury Ha-Makom /

Hradec Králové, Pardubice Folklorní festival /

Opava / Další břehy

Hradec Králové / Jazz goes to town

OSTRAVA: Colours of Ostrava / Czech Music Crossroads

Hradec Králové / Na jednom břehu Hradec nad Moravicí / Hradecký slunovrat / Jičín / Lodžie Worldfest Jimramov / Festival Otevřeno Jimramov / Klatovy / International folklore festival Klatovy / Kyjov / Slovácký rok / Lázně Bělohrad / Pod zvičinou fest Moravský Krumlov / Djembe Marathon Náměšť nad Oslavou / Folk Holidays Nasavrky / Lughnasad / Olomouc / Festival colores

Festival v ulicích /

Písek / Cool v Plotě / Písek / International folklore festival Písek / Plumlov / Keltská noc / Plzeň / Živá ulice / Polička / Colour Meeting PRAGUE: Barevná devítka / Día del flamenco / Festival Kaleidoskop Habrovka / Jazz Meets World / JudaFest / CzechUnionOfJewishStudents


Khamoro / Prague Balfolk Weekend

Strážnice / International Folklore Festival Strážnice /

Prague Folklore Days

Sychrov / Highland Games

Refufest / Respect festival / Strings of Autumn / United Islands of Prague

Žižkovská noc /

Prague and other cities / Mladí ladí jazz Prague, Brno / Balkan Bashavel

Šumperk / International folklore festival Šumperk / Telč / Prázdniny v Telči Trutnov / Jazzinec / Třebíč / Šamajim / Uherské Hradiště / Festival hudebních nástrojů lidových muzik / Únětice / Czech ukulelele festival

Prague, Hradec Králové, Brno

Ústí nad Labem / Barevná planeta

Vlčkovice / VlčkoviceFest

Festival tvůrčí Afrika

Rakovník / Skotsko v kostelíku Rožnov pod Radhoštěm / Festival Hlasy

10 Strakonice / International Bagpipe festival /

Vroutek / Rock for Churchill / Znojmo / Šramlfest /

VENUES Bojkovice / Klub Maják

České Budějovice / Highway 61

Brno: Fléda / Kabinet Múz / Klub Alterna / Leitnerka / Music Lab / Podobrazy / Ponava / Sono / Stará Pekárna / U kouřícího králíka

Český Krumlov / Divadelní klub Ántré /

Broumov / ArtCafé Černošice / Club Kino /


Česká Lípa / U Bílýho Černocha Česká Třebová / Modrý Trpaslík

Doksy /Jazz club Píchlá nota Frýdek Místek / Klub Stoun Frýdek Místek /Stolárna Frýdlant /Café Jazzová Osvěžovna Havířov /Jazz club Hradec Králové / Kraft Hradec Králové / Satchmo Jablonec nad Nisou / Klub Na rampě /

Jičín / Valdštejnská lodžie Karlovy Vary / Klub Paderewski / Kopřivnice / Živá Mandala koprivnice Kyjov /Jazzklub Kyjov Kyjov / Pražírna / Liberec / Warehouse Nový Jičín / Klub Galerka Olomouc / JazzTibet Club Olomouc / Divadlo hudby Opava / Jazz café club Evžen Opava / OKO - Klub Art Ostrava / Cooltour Ostrava / Dock /

Ostrava / Heligonka / Ostrava / Klub Parník Pardubice / Divadlo 29 / Pardubice / Jazz Tangens Club Plzeň / Anděl Café & Bar Plzeň / Jazz Rock Café Prague: Café V lese / Forum Karlín / Futurum Music Bar Jazz Dock /

Kaštan — Scéna Unijazzu

Lucerna Music Bar / Palác Akropolis Potrvá / U staré paní /

Příbram / Spolek ve čtvrtek


Teplice / Jazz Club / Turnov / Kulturní centrum / Uherské Hradiště / Klub kultury UH / Uherské Hradiště / Klub Mír / Ústí nad Labem / Národní dům / Valašské Meziříčí / M Klub / Varnsdorf / Městské divadlo Varnsdorf Veselí nad Moravou / Kafé v Kině Zlín / Zelenáčova Šopa / Znojmo / Na věčnosti / Žďár nad Sázavou / Žďárské interference


B O OK I NG Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (AUS) Divanhana (BiH) Dubioza kolektiv (BiH) Džambo Aguševi Orkestar (MK) Invisible World (CZ/TUR/SRB) Miramundo (E/BR/I/MEX) Omer Klein (IL) Orkesta Mendoza (US) Tamikrest (Mali) Terne Čhave (CZ) Tim Eriksen (US) Zabelov Group (CZ/BY) and more... E A RT H M USIC CONCE RT S Prague, 2019 20/06 > Cash Savage & The Last Drinks (AUS) 20/09 > Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni (IT) 12/11 > Flook (UK/IRL) 27/11 > Lauren Ruth Ward (US) 17/12 > Ye Vagabonds (IRL) F E S T I VA L Colour Meeting, Polička/CZ info@ear I +42 0 603 48 6 857 w w w.e a r t h mu s ic .eu


Printed magazines & newspapers Full Moon Magazine Harmonie / Rock & Pop / Kulturní magazín Uni / Lidové noviny / Hospodářské noviny /

Online zines

Radios & TV Czech Television / Czech National Radio: Vltava (jazz / world / classical channel) Czech National Radio: Wave (alternative channel) Czech National Radio: Jazz Proglas / Radio 1 /



12:Piet / Acoustic Irish / Al Yaman / Anatoli / Asonance / Ateliér / Augenblick / skupinaAugenblick ba.fnu / Bachtale Apsa /

Cimbálová muzika mladí Burčáci Cimbálová muzika Ohnica / Cimbálová muzika Olina / Cimbálová muzika Olšava / Cimbálová muzika Pajtáš Cimbálová muzika Slovácko mladší Cimbálová muzika Strážničan /

Bardolino /

Circus brothers

Beata Bocek /

Clarinet Factory /

Beránci a vlci /

Claymore /

BraAgas /

Conamara Chaos

Bran / Caravanabanda / Cimbal Classic / Cimbálová muzika Burčáci /

Čankišou / Čechomor / Dalach /

Cimbálová muzika Kunovjan /

Dareband /

Cimbálová muzika Michala Miltáka

Deliou /


Deshane /

Heimat /

Deše /

Helemese /

Dick O’Brass /

Hlaskontrabas /

DJ Gadjo /

Horňácká cimbálová muzika Petra Mičky /

Dobrohošť / Docuku / Dva / Džezvica / Euphorica / Five Leaf Clover / Flair / Free Balkan Quintet García Kateřina / / Haeri / Hakka Muggies / Harafica /


Harmálek Orchestr

Hradišťan & Jiří Pavlica / Hrubá Hudba Chorea Bohemica / Choroš / Ida Kellarová / Invisible World Irish Dew / Isara / Iva Bittova / Jablkoň / Jauvajs / Jiří Slavík / Jitka Malczyk & Vojtěch Jindra

Jitka Šuranská / Jull Dajen / Kantoři / King’n’Doom / Klec /

Martin Brdečko Martin Hrbáč McBerds /

Klezmehrin /

Mijaktič Orkestar

Korajunglejazz /

Milli Janatková /

Korjen /

Milokraj /

Kumbalu /

Moras /

Lada /

Mosskin /

Létající rabín /

mr. folxlide /

Lua /

Musica Balkanika /

Lucrezia Borgia /

Musica Folklorica /

Magda Uhlířová


Mantaban /

Natalika /

Marešová Yasinski RAZAM

Nina Rosa /

Mariachi Espuelas / mariachiespuelasboskovice

Ondřej Smeykal /

Marta Topferová /

Omnion / Oswaldovi /


Pipes and Pints /

Talaqpo /

Pláče kočka /

Tara Fuki /

Poitín /

Terne Čhave /

Ponk /

The Rebel Pipers /

Posmrtné zkušenosti The A. D. E.

Tomáš Kočko /

Rajtaraj / Rebetiko /

Trio Le Moko

Rí Ra /

Trombenik /

Ridina Ahmedová /


RukyNaDudy / Shahab Tolouie Shivanam /

Traband /

Vacík Miloš & Tam-Tam Batucada Vesna /

Shum Davar /

Yellow Sisters /

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy

Zabelov Group / Zenový čaj /

Sona /

Zrcadla /


Žofie Kašparová /

22 Šoulet /

Zuzana Lapčíková /

LABELS Amplion Records / Animal Music / Arta Records / Indies Scope / Indies Happy Trails / Minority Records / PolĂ­5 / Rustical records / 26

Supraphon /

booking agencies & promoters 420 Production / Agentura Ars / Art Live / Earth Music / Fly High Booking / Indies Production / Jazz Meets World / Stapleford Artists (Maggie Samkovรก) Rachot /


WORLD MUSIC & Ethnomusicology Education in the Czech Republic

Charles University — Department of Ethnology / Charles University — Ethnomusicology / Czech Museum of Music / Department of the History of Music / Moravian Museum / Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum / Ethnographic Institute / Moravian Museum / Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno / Masaryk University — Department of Music / Museum in nature / Museum of Romani Culture / Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures / National Insitute of Folk Culture / PopMuseum / The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague / 29

Conferences & WORKSHOPS Cesta rytmu / Djembe and Dunun Lessons Colloquy Folk Holidays / Czech Music Crossroads Showcase festival & Conference / Hlasohled / voice workshops / Ida Kelarovรก / voice workshops / Ondล™ej Smeykal / didgeridoo workshops Nouvelle Prague / Showcase festival & conference 30

Zvuk /

Czech Music Awards Apollo / Ceny Anděl / Category Folk Czech Music Crossroads Award / Vinyla / 31

SONO Records studios

- great recording studios located in the beautiful countryside, only 20 minutes from Prague and 15 minutes from the airport. The residential studio complex provides 3000 square meters for musicians, writers and producers to work in and create recordings of the highest quality last 30 years. The studio complex includes pre-production suites, a cozy hotel, restaurant, bar, day rooms and a garden to relax in. Both studios are centred around Neve consoles – Rupert Neve 5088 and Neve V51 series with Otari and Studer analog tape machines and Pro Tools HD3 192kHz. SONO’s extensive equipment list includes some of the best quality outboard and wide collection of vintage microphones and instruments. The studio has also been popular with the most successful Czech bands and musicians Lucie, Kabát, Marta Topferová, Invisible Word, Iva Bittová, Lenny, Thom Artway, David Dorůžka, Organic Quartet, Tomáš Liška, Radek Baborák, Vertigo and many others. Satisfied customers over the years have also included David Bowie, Joss Stone, Nazareth, Gypsy Kings, Julian Lennon, Living Colour, Glen Hansard, The Levellers, Mike Stern, Limp Bizkit and G Love and Special Sauce. SONO has also catered for many different genres, as diverse as film and classical music, rock bands, jazz and dance music artists and world music artists.

SONO Records studio works closely with the publishing house Glitterbeat and the albums they created together won the Womex Award several times. Clients who worked on their albums in SONO studio are: Tamikrest, Noura Mint Seymali, Aziza Brahim, Samba Touré, Bassekou Kouyate, Fofoulah, Cheikh Lo, Leopold Lo and others.

SONO studio has a program supporting young artists and organizes workshops for students, sound engineers and musicians.

FB @ SONO Records

Arts and Theatre Institute The mission of the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI), a state-funded organization established by the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, is to provide the Czech and international public with comprehensive services in the field of theatre and partial services from other areas of art — music, literature, dance and the visual arts. ATI is an information, promotion, educational, counseling and research center. ATI stimulates a strategic approach to culture, promotes and links cultural workers and artists across disciplines and enhances their professional growth on the national and international scene. ATI also implements activities, projects and programs that reflect the current needs of contemporary art and culture, contributing to their development and social prestige. We Connect and Promote Local Art On a mandate from the Ministry of Culture, ATI announces twice yearly a tender Go and See for the support of international contacts in the field of professional art. The aim of the short-term mobility program is to support international cooperation and professionalization of Czech art in the field of live art. ATI is also setting up an information portal, Culturenet, a cultural information website focusing on cultural professionals and the professional public across disciplines; it consists of four sections — news, and three online databases. Follow ATI on social media

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World Music Guide Czech Republic  

Dear world music lovers, fans, professionals, and artists. You’re holding a special guide that maps the Czech world music scene, from clubs,...

World Music Guide Czech Republic  

Dear world music lovers, fans, professionals, and artists. You’re holding a special guide that maps the Czech world music scene, from clubs,...