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Samsung HW D 570 D 550 soundbar speaker review “Sound quality from the bar is excellent. ” Wobbles | 21 reviewers made a similar statement”.Click here to read rest of this review

This is an elegant soundbar aka the Samsung tradition and comes with a Iphone dock which will charge your iphone even as you play music from it. . This is designed for large TVs such as 46 inch . The soundbar is extra long and comes with a 2.1 channel. You will get 80 W and also comes with a 150W subwoofer which chi wireless. This sub woofer also comes with 2 HDMI inputs and two optical audio ports. “So after you turn on the sound bar, the sound volume is controlled with the Verizon remote and will also turn off the sound bar when you turn off the TV. ” tdaspro | 9 reviewers made a similar statement.Click here to read rest of this review

Technical Details 2.1-channel sound in a slim, wall-mountable design 3D-depth sound with 310 watts of power

5.8GHz wireless subwoofer included Eco Power System reduces power consumption Compatible with Samsung’s Anynet+ remote system 2.1 channel 2.1 channel 310 watts 2.1 channel,3D depth sound 3D depth sound,310 watts Wall-mountable,Wireless subwoofer “It did this with the audio cable, the optical cable and the HDMI cable.” Dan Fontanesi | 6 reviewers made a similar statement..Click here to read rest of this review

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Top five Soundbar speakers We have researched and we have found the best five to be the Panasonic SC-HTB520 Sound bar | Yamaha YAS 101 Sound bar|Boston Acoustics soundbar|Yamaha YHT-S401 Soundbar|

Samsung HW D 570 D 550 soundbar speaker review