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Review Of Sony Bravia KDL-26EX320BU (KDL26EX320BU) 26 Inch Slimline HD Ready LED TV More often nowadays people are using technology to do a multitude of tasks at the same time. So bearing this in mind Sony have developed a Television that is not only for watching movies or programmes but can also be used to access the internet too. The Sony KDL-26EX320BU is ideal for doing just this.

The Sony KDL26EX320 is a 26 inch able to produce amazing picture quality thanks to one of the latest innovations from Sony, Edge LED. With this technology LED lights are placed around the edge of the display screen instead of the traditional CCFL backlighing behind the LCD screen and images are projected onto the screen. This allows for the use of a thinner and more lightweight LCD screen display making it easier if you want to move the television to another position in your home. As it has a slim design it is also easy to wall mount should you wish to do so (with the purchase of a wall bracket). Extra picture detail is produced as the Sony KDL-26EX320 is HD ready, allowing you further viewing enjoyment as you watch, programmes, movies or games in detailed High Definition quality. With the X reality picture engine offered by the set, picture reproduction is great with natural colours and clear file:///M|/PDF%20File/kdl26ex320i.html (1 of 4)18/07/2011 16:57:36


detailed pictures you would perhaps expect to see on a more expensive television set. With added features such as scene select which will optimise picture and sound settings automatically to suit whatever you are watching. As well as producing stunning picture quality, the Sony KDL22EX320 also looks fantastic too with an unusual base that the screen sits on adding a touch of style to wherever you decide to use it. Finished in Black and Silver at the bottom of the LED screen it is not obtrusive and will complement your surroundings. With built in Wi-fi on the Sony KDL-26EX320 you can very easily connect to the Internet allowing you to stream entertainment from your wireless home network without the hassle or clutter of cables. Or if you wish you can also connect your TV set to the web and keep up to date with social networks for example or visit your favourite websites via the simple web browser. With Freeview as well you can access an array of channels from documentaries to news channels all at no extra cost as it is subscription free. A great feature of the Sony KDL-26EX320 though is Skype. With the addition of a voice control camera and microphone you can begin to make free Skype calls to friends and family all from the comfort of your own home, which is even better when it is free. Connections of the television are great too, with 2 HDMI inputs allowing you to connect up other HDMI devices such as a games console for example and with HDMI you don’t suffer a loss of signal so don’t lose out on quality as HDMI keeps formats in their original uncompressed digital format. Plus you only need the one connection so no more tangled wires. A USB input allows you to connect a USB device or hard drive to view photos, films and music in multiple formats. Not only picture quality is amazing though, sound reproduction is also great too with S Force front surround digital surround sound effects from your TV. Sony have not only thought about giving you a great tv though, they have also considered the environment too. The presence sensor feature can detect whether or not you are in the room and turn off the TV picture automatically, Light sensor detects the brightness levels in the room and automatically adjusts screen brightness levels for optimum picture and power consumption. This not only helps the environment though it also saves you some money too. So with the Sony KDL-26EX320BU it is much more than a simple television set and comes with a great amount of built in features to enhance both your viewing and listening pleasure. For extra info and a low price on the Sony Bravia KDL-26EX320B(KDL-26EX320B) 26 Inch HD Ready LED Television click Sony KDL-26EX320

Specifications & Features file:///M|/PDF%20File/kdl26ex320i.html (2 of 4)18/07/2011 16:57:36


Picture/Display - 26 " Diagonal Screen Size (Inch) -Edge Lit LED -16:9 Aspect Ratio - 720p resolution - 1366x768 pixels Manufacturers Technology Features - HD Ready - BRAVIA - SKYPE Certified Convenience -Digital TV Ready - WiFi Ready - Teletext - EPG (Guide Plus+) -1000 Page Teletext Memory Sound and Vision TV and Home Cinema Stores Sound and Vision Bolton 44-46 Higher Market Street Farnworth Bolton Greater Manchester BL4 9BB Telephone: 01204 861 861 Sound and Vision Leeds 78 Armley Road, Armley Leeds West Yorkshire LS12 2EJ Telephone: 0113 244 3030 Website:

For extra info and a low price on the Sony Bravia KDL-26EX320B(KDL-26EX320B) 26

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Inch HD Ready LED Television click Sony KDL-26EX320BU Review

Also known as Sony KDL-26EX320B,Sony KDL26EX320B,Sony KDL-26EX320U,Sony KDL26EX320U

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Sony Bravia KDL-26EX320BU (KDL26EX320) Review - 26 Inch HD Ready Slimline LED With Freeview HD  

Review of the Sony Bravia KDL-26EX320(KDL26EX320) 26 Inch super slim widescreen LED flat panel. HD ready to give brilliant picture detail. F...

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