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Review Of Panasonic Viera TX-L42U3B (TXL42U3B) 42 inch Full HD LCD TV With Built In Freeview HD,Full HD 1080P, Viera Image Viewer,Viera Link,Game Mode And Networking If you are on the lookout to purchase a new Television that isn’t complicated to use yet still has stunning picture quality and amazing built in features then the latest Panasonic TX-L42U3B is the TV for you.

Panasonic have put a great deal of thought into the unit especially considering the consumers surroundings and where they will be using the set as the Panasonic TX-L42U3 is finished in a luxurious shiny black gloss that will look amazing wherever you decide to use it and is the case whether on or off. With the purchase of a wall bracket you can also hang it on the wall too where it will look great as well. With a lot of LCD TVs you usually have to sit in a particular place to get the best picture but with the Panasonic TXL42U3B this is not the case as it has a wide 178° viewing angle and backlighting enhances the contrast between light and dark and improves motion-image response. As well as giving superb picture quality, Panasonic have also considered the environment too as the backlighting on this TXL42U3 uses less energy in comparison to conventional LCD panels and additionally doesn’t contain any harmful mercury so you can be safe in the knowledge that as you are watching television you are also looking out for the environment too. In addition to giving you amazing picture quality, Panasonic have thought about connectivity too. 2 HDMI inputs allow you to connect up other HD sources for example a Blu-ray DVD player or even your games console. HDMI allows easy connection with one single cable transferring both HD pictures and sound without compressing them so you don’t experience any loss in quality and don’t have to worry about having different cables that can become messy. With VIERA Link on the Panasonic TX-L42U3B as well this gives you the option to control different sources with the one VIERA remote control so no more looking for that lost remote. An SD card slot on the Panasonic TXL42U3 will allow you to easily view full HD images. All you have to do is insert an SD Memory card to display your photos and full-HD videos on the large 42 inch screen. You can also special background music, slideshow frames and transition effects. file:///C:/Temp/Untitled-1.html




Integrated into the Panasonic TX-L42U3B in a built in Freeview HD Tuner allowing you to watch a whole array of free channels (if Freeview HD is available in your area) ranging from documentaries to sports offering something for everyone and even better it is subscription free unlike the channel service from Virgin Media or Sky which you have to pay for. It is simple to use, all you have to do is connect to your existing TV aerial to begin enjoying the amazing selection of channels and all in stunning HD. A great feature for those of you who like to play their games consoles is the Game Mode on the Panasonic TX-L42U3 as in Game mode quicker image response increases your enjoyment and if playing online could give you a distinct advantage over your adversaries. Also whilst playing games darker images in the games are produced more clearly as well. So as you can see this is a great LCD television, easy to use yet still has amazing benefits to offer and looks stunning too. Follow This Link To Read Additional Information And A Great Deal On The Panasonic TXL42U3B 42 Inch HD LCD TV With Freeview HD, VIERA Image Viewer, VIERA Connect,2 HDMI, Game Mode And More

Specifications & Features Picture/Display -42 " Diagonal Screen Size (Inch) -106 cm Visible Diagonal Screen Size -16:9 Aspect Ratio -178 Degree Viewing Angle -1080p resolution -1920x1080 pixels -VIERA -Game Mode Manufacturers Technology Features -VIERA -VIERA LINK Convenience -Digital TV Ready -Freeview-HD -Teletext -EPG (Guide Plus+) Connections -2 x HDMI Connection/s -1 (rear) x Component Video Connection/s -1 (side) x Composite Video Connection/s -1, side x Headphone Socket Power,Weight & Dimensions -AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz Power Supply

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Panasonic Viera TX-L42U3B (TXL42U3B) Review – 42 Inch Full 1080P LCD TV With Freeview HD  

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