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Review Of The Panasonic TX-P50VT30B (TXP50VT30B)–50 inch Full 3D HD 1080P TV, THX Certified With Freeview HD, Freesat HD, 600hz,4 HDMI inputs, DNLA certified Technology is getting more advanced now so if you are in the market to purchase a new TV that incorporates the latest technological features, then look no more as the Panasonic TX-P50VT30B is the one for you.

The Panasonic TX-P50VT30B is a 50 inch Plasma Television that is not only packed with amazing technology and features, it also looks stunning too. Finished in a great black gloss it is not just good to look at when it is on, it is stunning when off as well and will certainly be a conversational topic when you have friends around to visit.

Panasonic have really put thought into the TXP50VT30 to give you the best picture quality possible. With the Neo Plasma technology you will discover how image reproduction is enhanced, blacks are deep and rich even when viewed in bright surrounding. When watching movies you will notice true, deep blacks allowing you to enjoy the film as the director intended you to. As the Panasonic TXP50VT30 is a Full HD 3D TV, your viewing experience will become almost lifelike thanks to the advanced technology. Fast switching phosphors used in the plasmas panels and an file:///M|/PDF%20File/TXP50VT30I.html (1 of 4)11/07/2011 16:03:47


original light-emitting process minimises double images to deliver you with clear 3D images. Additionally the unit has THX certification and THX 3D display. You dont just have to watch 3D either to enjoy the stunning picture quality as 2D images use the same technology as well. Movie watching will be highly enjoyable with the Panasonic TX-P50G30 watching films at home will never be the same again as picture quality is vibrant and detailed with smooth motion. Why go to the pictures when you can recreate the same cinematic effects at home. One added bonus being that the Panasonic comes complete with 2 pairs of 3D glasses included in the price as usually you have to buy these separately so saving you some money straight away. 600Hz technology is another of the amazing features of this TV as the pictures on screen run smoother without flickering, and blur that often occurs from fast moving images is vastly reduced, producing a far sharper image, perfect for watching sports and you will notice the difference. Built into the Panasonic TC-P50VT30 are 2 HD tuners, one being Freeview and the other Freesat both of which will offer you an array of channels to suit everyones tastes from films to sport and you enjoy either of them in stunning High Definition. Both of these options are subscription free the only difference being with Freesat HD you will need a satellite dish to receive the channels, with the Freeview HD if it is available in your area all you have to do is plug into your existing aerial connection and away you go. So again Panasonic are offering you the chance to save money unlike the channels being offered by the likes of Sky and Virgin Media where you have to pay monthly for the channels. For your added enjoyment, the Panasonic TX-P50VT30 is DNLA certified so you can easily share your digital content – movies and more – all around the house, wirelessly, you could be in one room and share your pictures with everyone else in the rest of the house without any effort at all or you all having to be in the same room. 4 HDMI inputs on the Panasonic TX-P50VT30B will allow you to connect any of the latest HD sources e.g. Blu-ray Player, HDD, or your games console catering for all of your needs at once. 3 USB inputs are also present for connecting other sources such as your digital camera or mp3 player or you can make use of the Viera Image viewer for looking at your Photos and videos. VIERA Connect on the Panasonic TXP50VT30B will allow you to enjoy games, music, videos and others very simply through your remote control with only the one being needed so no more looking for the lost remote. Panasonic have even considered the environment when designing the TXP50VT30 which is something we are all trying to think about more now as Panasonic no longer uses lead in the plasmas nor do not contain any harmful mercury either. So when you are watching your TV set you are also being kind to the planet as well. So as you can see the Plasma TV from Panasonic has something to offer for everyone whether you will just be looking at your holiday snaps on screen or watching a 3D film this amazing unit will keep you happy for a long while to come. Click on this link Panasonic TXP50VT30B For More Information And A Great Deal On This 50 Inch file:///M|/PDF%20File/TXP50VT30I.html (2 of 4)11/07/2011 16:03:47


3D Full HD Televisions Wi-Fi Ready, DNLA certified, THX certification, 600hz and much more

Specifications & Features Picture/Display -50 " Diagonal Screen Size (Inch) -3D TV -16:9 Aspect Ratio -Viewing Angle Free Degree Viewing Angle -0.0001 (ms) Screen Response Rate -600Hz -1080p resolution -1920x1080 pixels -HD Ready 1080p -VIERA -NeoPDP Manufacturers Technology Features -Full 3D -VIERA -VIERA LINK Convenience -Digital TV Ready -Freeview HD -Freesat HD -DLNA Certified -VIERA Cast -Teletext -EPG (Guide Plus+) -1500 Page Teletext Memory -Parental Lock/Parental Control -Sleep Timer Sound & Power Output -Dolby Digital Plus -Dolby Pulse -DTS 2.0 -V-Audio ProSurround 2.1 Connections -4 x HDMI Connection/s file:///M|/PDF%20File/TXP50VT30I.html (3 of 4)11/07/2011 16:03:47


-RCA phono type w/Cable adaptor x Component Video Connection/s -AV2: CVBS w/Cable adaptor x Composite Video Connection/s -3 (1 side, 2 top x USB 2.0 Connection/s) Accessories Supplied -Pedestal stand -Remote Control -User Manual -Mains Cable -X2 3D Eyewear/Glasses Power,Weight & Dimensions -1,202 x 768 x 335 mm Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand -1,202 x 733 x 50 mm Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand -AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60Hz Power Supply

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Click on this link Panasonic TXP50VT30 Review For A Low Priced Cheap Deal And More Information on this 50 inch neoplasma 3D HD TV with Freeview HD Freesat 600Hz THX Certification and Much More file:///M|/PDF%20File/TXP50VT30I.html (4 of 4)11/07/2011 16:03:47

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