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It’s finally here. After months of preparation and a lot of hard work, stress and disappointment, the time has at last come for The Sound And Motion Stage.

With the help of our readers we have hand-selected twenty-five of the finest unsigned bands and artists around, talents that we feel show the world just why rock music and Organised by the all its sub-genres will local council and our always rule the world. glorious leader last year, the live music We’re here for two event at Eastbourne days, July 13th and Extreme is an 14th. We can’t wait to awesome tradition. see you. We’re proud to be a part of it.



Accidents Will Happen

A female fronted rock five-piece from London, Accidents Will Happen are a real force to be reckoned with. Influenced by bands from Don Broco to Biffy Clyro, Jade and her boys are unmissable live. With a touring history that’s seen

them share stages with bands like The Smoking Hearts and Hildamay, they pack each and every song with soaring, melodic riffs, rhythmic, clashing drums and bench bass, all topped off with powerful vocals that just scream girl power.

Jade Spiro is a fantastic front for the band. Boasting feminine grace along with moments of raw and passionate intensity, she stands out as an artist cut from the same cloth as greats like Debbie Harry, Beth Ditto, Brody Dale and Victoria Harrison.


An alt-rock fivesome from London, Amaryllis’ catchy and energetic sound shines light on a long list of influences, from bands like Madina Lake, You Me At Six and Paramore, to Twin Atlantic and Deaf Havana.

heavier than most alternative acts, the band have a dark but romantic and catchy vibe to them. Emotional and tender but full of strength and vigour, they could be likened to bands like Fightstar and Young Guns, with an undeniably punk edge, cut With a sound that’s slightly sharp by elegant but hardy

instrumentation with dynamic transitions. Out to have fun, Amaryllis aren’t posers. They’re a band whose live performance mirrors them as people, who play live the way a great band should; without being too serious. Who wants that?


A real rock three-piece from Brighton, BlackFireRising fuse together the grimiest parts of their very broad genre; from the hair-flailing 70’s era of blood, sweat, tears and other, stickier fluids, to the ripped jeans and floppy hair of early 90’s Seattle grunge. Influenced by classic bands like

Nirvana, Audioslave and Foo Fighters, as well as modern heroes like Muse, System Of A Down and Biffy Clyro, they pull together a long history of music to create a fusion that echoes the best of the rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame. BlackFireRising’s style breathes


lyrical into

darkness and kicks at past acquaintances, missed chances and lost opportunities with, let’s face it, pretty thinly veiled anger. Carried by a sound that’s seen them compared to Nirvana, Muse, Biffy Clyro and Faith No More, BlackFireRising will have belting their choruses

Chris Priest

A singer/songwriter from Eastbourne with a voice so very manly it makes our editor’s whiney tones stand out like a soprano in a crowd of tenors, Chris Priest is absolutely outstanding, and one of three support artists that’ll be playing

during changeovers Extreme.


Influenced by Ben Howard, Knife P a r t y, P o r c u p i n e Tr e e , J a m e s Black, Ed Sheeran and Rise Against, Priest is more than just a stereotypical or tired

acoustic artist. WIth a broad range of sounds he’s created a style that allows him to keep the attention of the audiences he lays before, bringing together robust and gritty vocals with sweet and beautiful m e l o d y.


One o f th e f ines t band s to gra ce t he s t age la s t y e ar, Bright on dub me tal l ers Collis ions ge t the pul se r ac ing with s yn th , br eak downs , he avy gr oov es an d v o cal s that s hould m ak e ba nds l i ke E nt er S hik a ri hide away in r ed- f ac e d embarrass m ent .

S i n c e w e fi rs t h e ard On c e We a ry Eyes n e a rl y tw o y e a rs a go, we’ve c o n s i d e r ed C o l l i s i o n s to b e o n e of th e g re a te s t u n s i g n ed b a n d s a ro u n d . M a rry i ng to g e th e r e l e m e n ts of d ru m a n d b a s s , p u nk, d u b s te p , p ro g re s si ve ro c k a n d me ta l , th e y bl ur

together genre l i nes and create somethi ng total l y memorabl e. C ombi ni ng di storted gui tars and compl ex synth, C ol l i si ons seek to create a mul ti -l ayered and fi nel y crafted mel ee of utter, utter aw esomeness.

Come The Spring

A five-piece indie rock band from Brighton, Come The Spring write tracks that become i m m e d i a t e l y c a t c h y. Relatively young having only formed l a s t y e a r, t h e b a n d breathe life into their

sometimes over used genre, offering tracks not at all short on passion, that are big on sound and effortlessly anthemic. Released in their debut Seven For A

March record, Secret,

is a really pleasant surprise for all who hear it. Full of posthardcore anthems that instantly grab your attention and choruses that stick in your head and never leave, the album is an absolute m u s t h e a r.

Emma Harrop

A singer/songwriter from London with a voice that’s simply beyond belief, Emma Harrop is the delightful individual gracing the cover of this magazine, and artist we just can’t get enough of. Hooked as a teenager by the likes of Blink 182, New Found Glory and SImple Plan, Emma

slowly began to develop a real talent, writing simple songs on her own and playing open mic nights around London. Since fronting an all-girl rock band, Emma has once again stepped out as a solo artist, making a name for herself on Youtube with tracks like Desperation, Uh-Oh and Ex-Girlfriend.

With a lyrical style that echoes the melancholy of bands like Alkaline Trio, she stands wellapart from many of the other “girls with guitars” that are tena-penny online. A punk princess turned down a notch, Emma Harrop has a real, dynamic attitude. Don’t miss out.

Glam Ryze

A classic era band from Eastbourne, Glam Ryze play rock the way it was meant to be played, with catchy hooks and massive choruses. Influenced by the greats like Guns ‘n’ Roses, Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones, Glam Ryze have been

a little quiet of late, but have already taken their hometown by storm. WIth gigs around Eastbourne, as well as outside the town at venues like the Guildhall in Portsmouth and The Hove Centre, the fourpiece have made a real name for themselves as live

performers. With real rock poise they rule the stage like the legends that came before them. The band released their debut album, The Fantastic Mr Money Bags…And The Comedian From Hell, last year.

Hot Fiction

A 70’s inspired funk rock duo from London, Hot Fiction are to psychedelia what Hunter S Thompson is to literature. WIth a sound that makes you want to take peyote and wander the desert searching for the

new sound, they appear cut from the same cloth (albeit in a stripped down way) as the likes of Jefferson Airplane and Deep Purple, with comparisons able to be made to the great Queens Of The Stoneage.

As a partnership Andy and Simon are a perfect match. With the seldom seen pairing of vocals and drums, Hot Fiction immediately stand apart. Powerful, wailing vocals wash over h a z y, echoing drums and fat riffage. Superb.

Jetpack Elastic

Formed out of a mutual respect for alternative rock and a paired talent for songwriting, Jetpack Elastic are a female fronted Brighton band with sultry and stylistic energy.

The Subways and Led Zeppelin, the foursome’s sound fits well into a classic rock mould, but they spill out of the container too, seeping into blues and modern rock.

Influenced by the likes of Metallica, Blur, Kasabian,

With exciting, potentially controversial lyrics, Jetpack

Elastic possess a deep, raw talent that transfers itself into a vibe that’s as exciting as it is powerful. With EP, Not So Black And White, released this year to positive reception, Lucy Holland and Co are clearly born for this.

Legend In Japan

C lai mi n g to be t he bas t ar d c hild of B illy Talent an d Th e Offspr ing, London ’ s L e gend In J apan are a b unch of r ebelliou s k na v es i n an age of po p p rince and pr inc es s es .

h a v e s h a re d s ta g e s w i th th e l i k e s o f OPM, Ki d’ s C a n ’ t F l y a n d S u m m e r l i n, w i th fe s ti v a l s e ts at S c o tl a n d ’ s W i c k e rm an and B l a c k p o ol ’ s Rebellion.

Fo r me d l a s t y ear, t h e b a nd (front ed by a s ome what f am iliar f ac e )

W i th a s o u n d th a t’ s fast p a c e d a n d g ri my, L e g e nd i n J a p a n s ta n d a si de

A pop-rock trio bound to burst from the underground of Brighton and Hove, leaving crowds dancing and jumping a l o n g t h e w a y. With infectiously catchy tones that leave air guitar fingers twitching, the

Loose Lips

band skate around the lighter side of punk, with a love for bouncing, sweet melodies and brutally honest songwriting. Influenced by the likes o f P a r a m o r e , B i ff y C l y r o , J o h n M a y e r, K i d s I n G l a s s Houses, The Who and

from the stereotypes of punk and beyond thanks to i nformed opi ni on, and a R age A gai nst The Machi ne l evel of angst and atti tude. Intense, rel entl ess and energeti c, they’ re set to be more W hi te R i ot than K abuki Theatre.

A l k a l i n e Tr i o , L o o s e L i p s incorporate a long line of musical history into their loud and callous sound. W i t h a n e w E P, S p i t t i n g Te e t h , r e l e a s e d a t t h e end of M a y, there’s plenty of these guys to catch up on.

Lost In Vegas

An Eastbourne rock band that fit a perfect gender ying yang and have song titles like Coconut Love Trumpet, Tw o L e f t F e e t a n d M r s Boudoir’s Holiday Dancers, Lost In Ve g a s a r e a b r i l l i a n t l y understated surprise.

With all the backbone of a typical rock band, L o s t I n Ve g a s h a v e as many layers as, dare we be so lame, a DreamWorks Ogre or an onion. With a super psych and foot-tapping rhythym, their sound is rich in depth and detail, with

plenty of variation to keep things fresh and interesting. An almost 60’s era attitude, a blend of old school and modern rock ‘n’ roll, and a deadly style makes Lost In Ve g a s absolutely unmissable.

Matt Bonner

A Brighton favourite and a singer/songwriter with over a decade of experience, Sound And Motion favourite Matt Bonner will sweeten the boredom of band changeovers with an art influenced by the likes of Dave Mcpherson, Jack Johnson, Staind, Marc Halls

and Gazz Marlow.

being the resulting product.

All about eloquent guitars and heartfelt vocal harmonies, Bonner seems influenced by the alt-metal scene of 1990s Britain, with a broken down sound of simple chord progressions and an emotional backbone

With songs steeped in metaphor, he fits the mould of a romantic poet; lyrics ladened with bittersweet tales of sincerity, loss, love and regret. He gives the audience something real to relate to.

Of Fire And Fate

A band that have built an uncommonly great reputation in a relatively short space of time, Of Fire And Fate create soaring anthems infused with the best of punk, metal, alternative, scream and J-rock.

conformity with an ability to create a fresh sound not often encountered, culminating in a stormy force of energetic, metal-tinged posthardcore that constantly collides with a melee of kinda barbaric punk.

This Crawley band damn

Influenced by the likes

o f A D a y To R e m e m b e r, G r e e n D a y, Z e b r a h e a d , Fall Out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold, Of Fire And Fate are more t h a n q u i r k y, b u t t h i s playful attitude of theirs doesn’t dampen what can only be described as a dangerous and inescapable heat.

Puppet Kings

A two-piece with an outstanding, fireball sound that in no way reflects their almost baby-faced appearance, Brighton’s Puppet Kings mix rock with euphoria. Influenced by Alice In Chains, Megadeth, Incubus, Deep

Purple, The Mars Volta and The White Stripes, Puppet Kings more than know where their roots come from. With a vibe and sound that’s as rock as it comes, the band are vocally outstanding, with a lead voice that blows away all who hear it.

Their tracks demonstrate incredible, classic rock infused guitar playing from the get go. With complex riffs that just keeping getting better, blended with memorable and effortlessly catchy vocals, Puppet Kings are rise well above their influences.


A band that are to venues what polycell is to walls, Roam are a remorseless scourge on your ears. If you hate great music that is.

Music that makes your sperm want to get up and crowd surf. Roam make music just like that.

Sound And Motion love music with passion. Music that you feel inside of yourself.

Thanks to a blistering heat that dominates t h e i r l i v e s h o w, R o a m create an atmosphere

that makes everything outside of it seem meaningless. With a frontman that wraps the entire audience around his little finger and mic handle, the band assault the senses with surges of sound and breakdowns that shatter the very foundations of


A multi-instrumental, dualnationality duo , Rotait, with their drums, guitar, vocals and distorted cello, are a jewel in Brighton’s already glittering crown. Beautiful and soulful, Jareth and Rosanna create an atmosphere at their gigs

that ensures the audience. With influences ranging from PJ Harvey to Nick Drake and a sound that, though it could never be in a million years be equalled in any way, feels reminiscent to the likes of The White Stripes and Radiohead, Rotait are a wonder to behold.

Rotait reel you in with a gentle but inviting vibe. With warm acoustic guitar and soft percussion, belted with bluesy croons and melancholy violin, they create a masterful blend of old bluegrass that creates an experience that can never be forgotten.

The Broken Chords

A hard, classic rock influenced three-piece from North London, The Broken Chords are a massive sounding, guitar-led behemoth. Part Norse demigod, part beer swilling scumbag, The Broken Chords play balls out rock that combines

phat riffs, wailing vocals, thumbing drums and guitar led mastery with seriously hard attitude. With massive solos and riffs that send tracks charging into enormous choruses, swamped with epic drums and acrobatic vocals, the band are real competitors for

the biggest act at Extreme. With a touring history that’s seen them visit infamous haunts like Camden’s barfly and the 100 Club, these guys are sure to blow our roof sky high, and that’s really saying something since the whole thing’s outdoors.

The Dead Life

Raw and overpowering, The Dead Life are the maelstrom of hard and heavy rock this little seaside town’s been begging for. With a sound that’s an effortlessly exciting mix of crunching riffs and balls and beers out attitude, The Dead

Life create an overwhelming atmosphere that continues to excite with every note, as clashing drums and pounding bass battle with scorching riffs and edgy vocals. Multi-layered tracks hold The Dead Life above other bands. With structure that goes

beyond genre standards, the band throw around slow buildups, breakdowns, colossal eruptions, cracking solos and storming crescendos like no one else. The Dead Life, a band with a sound that’s like Godzilla battling with the cast of Geordie Shore over a spilt pint, are not to be missed.

The Harkes

A four-piece from Eastbourne with a sound akin to greats like Alkaline Trio and The Gaslight Anthem, The Harkes are a band that’ll drive you out of your mind. W i t h g r a v e l y, s a n d p a p e r v o c a l s t h a t e c h o To m

Gabel and songwriting taken from the same darkness that spoke to Johnny Cash and Joe S t r u m m e r, and still inspires guys like Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano, The Harkes have an ever-growing, infectious sound that demands attention.

With influence from Bruce Springsteen, Joe Strummer and Brian Fallon, Stu Reynolds and Co are a band out of their time, one with a maturity that spans well beyond their years.

The Vindickers

The catchiest poppunk band ever to emerge from the cursed town of Hastings, The Vindickers are masters of infection, and that’s a good thing. Honest. Boasting a back-catalogue of songs t h a t n e v e r g e t

old, like Magaluf and Horrormore, The Vindickers are the soundtrack of a geek generation; catchy tracks packed with fast paced guitars, smashthe-X-Factor vocals, punchy bass and viral m e l o d y.

Fusing old school pop punk with modern rock, The Vindickers are as real and entertaining as they come and, just like Blink 182, they do serious just as well as fun.

Vice Like Grip

More than just another pop-punk band, Vice Like Grip are a mile above their contemporaries. WIth tracks packed tight with sing-a-long choruses, gigantic hooks and dark lyrics combined with uptempo melodies and whirling harmonies, they inject a bit of much-needed potency into a slumbering



Formed several years ago, Vice Like Grip have toured extensively across the south-coast, sharing stages with bands like River Jumpers, Struggling For Reason, My So Called Life and The King Blues, and developing a well-deserved

With danceable riffs that lead the listener in and out of memorable choruses and melodies that possess the mind and bump the head, Vice Like Grip are the best kind of pop-punk band, but they’re so much more as well.

White Clouds And Gunfire

A female fronted pop punk quartet that have been receiving never-ending praise but deserve far more, White Clouds And Gunfire of Peterborough are absolutely outstanding, with a vibe influenced by the likes of We Are The In Crowd, Army Of Freshmen,

Mayday Parade, The Summer Set, Paramore and New Found Glory. With vocals provided by the adorably small in stature but limitlessly powerful Eveline, the band are surely the next big thing in the pop/rock

genre. Individually talented they work perfectly as a combined unit, with unique influences and diverse playing styles coming together to create something nigh on flawless.


A Kent three-piece that feature ex members of Colt. 44 and After The Ordeal, the tricky to Facebook 48Hours have graced such well known UK venues as The Relentless Garage, and supported titans like Cancer Bats, We Are The Ocean, The Blackout, Mayday Parade, Madina

Lake, InMe and Breed77. With a sound that borders on the nu-metal, 48Hours make music that leaves a real residue behind it. Heavy drums, melodic choruses and blasting instrumentals, coupled with real passion and energy, give the band a massive

presence that harks back to the glory days of classic rock. With previous appearances at Sonisphere and Hevyfest, 48Hours will blow your mind right open.

13th-14th July

Free Entry

Princes Park


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