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Getting Up To Speed For An AVoIP Future, Part 3 The IT manager and you.

62 Sound & Communications February 2019

By Rob Ziv, CTS-D, CTS-I, ISF-C, DSCE Almo Professional AV In the previous installments of this series, we discussed some of the benefits of IP signal distribution, along with a few technical terms to help sift through the noise in the market. However, when network-based solutions utilize the enterprise network infrastructure, they often face the scrutiny of IT managers. As such, it is essential to both understand the IT department’s concerns and prepare yourself to address them accordingly. Although there are multiple potential pain points for IT, they come down to a few closely related technical areas; among them, the top two are security and bandwidth. Before going further, let’s get some perspective. I anticipate that many people who read this have limited experience in AVover-IP (AVoIP) matters. (Other wise, why would you be reading this primer, right?) The potential appeal of this piece is to offer some form of enlightenment—or, perhaps, fear reduction—about the subject. After all, even with the convergence of AVoIP, is it reasonable to expect all AV specialists to know ver y much about IT? I ask that rhetorically, as it illustrates the expectation I have found from some AV professionals who (incorrectly) anticipate that IT people will understand AV. I, too, had the same misperception that IT department heads would already know about AV. Simultaneously, my non-scientific research anecdotally shows that some IT managers assume AV people understand little about networks. As is usually true, reality doesn’t lie in generalizations. It is prudent to put aside assumptions about the person who sits across from you, and, instead, to have an open dialogue from the outset about perceptions and concerns. Sometimes, concerns can be alleviated through dialogue. Be prepared to answer the following question: “What do I need to do to my network to get this to work?” The easiest ways to fail in implementing AVoIP is to choose

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