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GD-5003-T-10M (Three Phase 500 Amps, Motorised Variable Transformer) GD-5003-T-10M is a tree phase open type transformer, a technologically advanced from other manually operated transformers. It incorporates latest technological advancements from Green Dot India – SELF ALIGNING BUSH MECHANISM and DURA DOT TECHNOLOGY which greatly enhances the life of the product.

Good Regulation - Output voltage is substantially independent of load. Smooth Control - Can be set to very closely to any output within its range. High Effieciency - Very low losses under all load conditions. Long Life - Exclusive "Dura Dot" technology ensures the extended life of the product.

Constructional Features Bush Mechanism - The product offers trouble free bush gear. It provides a self aligning brush mechanism which provides:Minimum heating and wear Maximum contact area Constant contact resistance and losses

Windings - high conductivity copper insulated with synthetic enamel of the polyvinyl acetal-phenol formaldehyde resin type providing good space factor, high abrasion resistance and having a good ability to resist the effects of prolonged distance

Insulation - between windings and core is provided by moldings so as to prevent any possibility of slackening of the turns during use.

Less Maintenance - negligible maintenance with occasional wiping of contact surface. AdvancedMechanicalDesign - Rugged Construction, for simple conversion from front to back of panel mounting.

ModerateTemperatureRise - Ideal for continuous

Skeleton Design of the product is shown below

Product Code Phase Amps

Input Volts





Output Volts 0-470

Dimensions(in mm) 2230 X 2215 X 1555 X 1455 X 800 X 1480

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Computers Medical Equipment Electronics Equipment CNC Equipment Communication Systems

The product superior in its category comes with a guarantee for a period of 12 months the offers applications in areas where high precision automated cutting machines are used, in sectors where power quality is critical to the proper functioning of the equipment. The equipmen removes the spikes which can be harmful to the proper function of the appliances and their life in longer run.

After Sales Service All the products of Green Dot are backed by round the clock service, customers can report any matter related to service at our website or can write to us at

Copyright Š 2010 Green Dot India reserves the right to change any or all of the specifications indicated or implied without prior notice.

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