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5 key aspects of brand identity Role of brand identity design in marketing. The term brand refers to a name, a term or may be a logo which helps a product to be identified in the market distinct from the competitor’s product. The term brand identity refers to the exposure of the brand in the market, which is the visual name, trademark, communications, and its visual appearances. Most people thinks designing a logo is brand identity, but brand identification is expansive. The other aspect of the brand identity design may include stationary, packaging, coloring and style. Brand identity is necessary for making a brand – memorable, notable and identifiable. The aspects of a good brand identity design are:Good brand name. A brand name is crucial to the reputation of a brand. It reflects overall product image. A good brand name is not only simple and easy to pronounce but also a sensible one. Also brand names are important for visual designs like posters and advertisement films. So a bad brand name can affect the opportunity of successful marketing. Consistency of the design and style. In a good brand identity design the design and style appears to be blending and consistent throughout. For example, the font, color scheme, design elements should all be consistent in the poster. Though some exceptions can be made but the overall brand identity should be uniform and consistent. A better recognition of brand identity can be achieved using a consistent brand design which increases salability. A good logo and color. A good logo is essential aspect of brand identity design. Literally a logo is the flag of a brand. It is the initial identity of a brand which portrays the values and goals of the company. Logo helps the brand to make an impact on target customers. A logo establishes ownership and is a powerful marketing tool. Colors play an important role in brand recognition and brand loyalty. Some firms considers brand color too important and they copyrighted its brand color. The logo and colors should be harmonious in the design, a customer should feel pleased. Color increases visibility by 80 percent. Typography. Though it sound silly, it is not silly. Typography is important element of brand identity design. Visibility and readability of tag line and brand name is ensured by typography. A good brand design sticks to a particular sets of font for typography. A font should be used sensibly according to seriousness of the brand. For example using comic sans in kids product is ok, but not in a serious brand design. Catchy tag line. A catchy tag line is very important in popularizing the brand. It helps to attract the potential customers. Unlike logos tag lines can be changed, it helps the company to stay up to date, fresh and focused. A tag line is creative and original. More catchy the tagline the more chances for getting stuck in target customer’s mindsets.

A guide to successful marketing with brand management  

Brand management can be explained as a process in which various techniques are used in order to increase the demand of a particular brand wi...

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