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 Introduction  AIESEC Bangalore  Statistics  Resources  Tracker Links  Quality Tool  EB 2014-2015  MB 2014  GB 2014  IT Tools  National Search Tools  Clients • NOTE • CLOSING

INTRODUCTION Hello AIESEC Bangalore. With the dawn of 2014, having had a brilliant closure to 2013 with being announced as the “Most Progressive Local Committee “ of the year 2013 along with the “Most Progressive Talent Management”, “Most Progressive Business Development” and the “Best GIP ICX”. This calls for something great in 2014. Something which brings about a paradigm shift in the things we do and the way we do it. Something which creates legacy. Hence introducing to you the “Legacy Tracker” which is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to all your tracking problems. The link of the tracker:

This booklet is the guidebook for the “Legacy Tracker” and will give you all the information on how to use it in a concise manner. For any queries/suggestions/feedback, please contact

INSTRUCTIONS 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. This is just the introduction page. You can find the online link of this document on this page. 2. AIESEC BANGALORE 2.1. AIESEC Way: Please go through this and make sure you know it well. For any doubts call your VP. 2.2. AIESEC Bangalore Office: Please find the office address here. Use the address mentioned here in all the contracts, visiting cards, proposals, documents. 2.3. Bulletin Board: Stay Tuned for the latest news. 3. STATISTICS 3.1. This page will be edited by the program VP’s on a weekly basis. 3.2. You can check the number of experiences delivered by AIESEC Bangalore. 3.3. You can also check the Net Promoter Score which is the measure of the quality of the experiences delivered.

4. RESOURCES 4.1. This is the HEAVIEST page in the tracker. 4.2. Back To Basics: It includes the links of all those things which an AIESECer needs to know. Please go through this. You can be quizzed, so be prepared. 4.3. Forums, Channels and IM Tools: This contains all the links of the AIESEC Bangalore forums, Facebook Group/Pages, Google Groups, Podio Workspaces etc. The team Leaders and Vice Presidents are responsible for the block. 4.4. VIDEO’s: this includes all the promotional/educational/random videos. 4.5. KNOWLEDGE HUBS: This contains the links of all the portfolio knowledge hubs. You will literally find everything regarding your portfolio here. 4.6. Promotional Documents, Proposals and Booklets: This contains all the promo material and important IR documents released by both AIESEC Bangalore and AIESEC India. This also contains the proposal links. 4.7. Outputs, Reports and Newsletters: This contains all the important Local/Regional/National/GN specific and International Conferences/Summit Outputs along with all sorts of important reports of various events. This contains the quarterly/annual reports as well. This contains the link of all the newsletters released by AIESEC Bangalore/India/International. 4.8. Interesting AIESEC reads: Like AIESEC? Why not now more. Do go through it. 4.9 Non AIESEC Interesting reads: Get to know what’s happening around the world, develop your skills, find interesting things. Go through this and develop yourself. 4.10. DAAL’s and AFT’s: Find the DAAL and AFT files released by AIESEC International.

5. TRACKER LINKS 5.1. This page has the links of all the portfolio trackers. The EB is responsible to keep this page updated. 5.2. There will be monthly checks on the level of activity by the CIM Crew. 6. QUALITY TOOL 6.1. This is the quality tool for all the Exchange Programs of AIESEC Bangalore. 6.2. This needs to be edited after every match/realizations. 6.3. This will be monitored by the VP XD’s and CIM Crew. 6.4. If you need any information about an Exchange Participant and his/her experience, you can find it in the quality tool. 6.5. This contains details about their Job Roles, Finances, Accommodation, Flight Details, Exchange of Documents, EP+EPM+TNM contact details, partnership avenues, Timelines, Buddy Details and all other kinds of logistical details. 7. EB 2014-2015 7.1. It contains the EB contact details. Do not hesitate to contact the EB if you need. 7.2. This contains the EB subcommittees, their members and their roles. 8. MB 2014 8.1. It contains the MB contact details.

9. GB 2014 9.1. The GB details are mentioned here. 9.2. The things mentioned are their names, contact details, and recruitment month.

10. IT TOOLS 10.1. All the IT Tools used by AIESEC Bangalore have been mentioned along with a brief description if the tools and their links. 10.2. Training will be conducted on all these tools depending on the requirement and timelines. 10.3. If you have a suggestion for any new tool, please write to us at: 11. NATIONAL SEARCH TOOLS 11.1. This page contains the National Search Tools which can be used by the Exchangers. 11.2. If you come across a Search Tool which is not mentioned there, please write to, with the Search Tool Details.

12. CLIENTS 12.1. The contains the details of all the National/Local/Alumni Board of Advisors. 12.2. This also contains the details of the GIP and GCDP clients and university partners along with NEP’s. 12.3. This page will be monitored by the VP BD.

NOTE: 1. All the members need to be added on this tracker. So if you are a VP/TL, please add all your members. If you are a member, please make sure all your co-members are added as well. 2. If you want to add anything on this tracker, please write to us at: 3. We love to mould our product into something which our customers like to use. So please give us suggestions/feedbacks on how to improve our service on 4. All AIESEC Bangalore members are our customers.

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Legacy tracker guidebook  
Legacy tracker guidebook