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December 2012 Creativity



December 2012 Creativity

Welcome to Soulwoman This month’s mission: Creativity yourself, your loved ones, and working in the garden, dancing, creating jewellery, the world. writing, making music, and all The wonderful thing about forms of play! being creative is that it doesn’t This issue is packed with matter if your creations aren’t ~ Pablo Picasso perfect. Creativity is your time ways that you can allow yourself to engage in creative I am so excited to present to feel alive, to explore what is activities. We also have true for you, and to express to you our Creativity issue. To interviews with talented artists yourself authentically. me, creativity truly is the for inspiration on your own lifeblood of the soul. Be careful not to limit your creative journey. understanding of creativity to Creativity allows you to Enjoy! traditional art forms. Creative express your uniqueness in Mia Rose xo expression can be a multitude wonderful ways that serve of things: cooking a meal, 2

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

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Peace Joy Love

Christmas Magic ★ Happy Festive Season by Mia Rose Page 5 ★ Creative (Affordable) Christmas Gifts by Mia Rose Page 6 ★ The Soulwoman Sanctuary by Mia Rose Page 10


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Happy Festive Season from all of us at Soulwoman eMagazine I love Christmas in Australia. Where I live in tropical Queensland, it’s much too hot for turkey and ham, so we’re planning a traditional Aussie seafood feast: freshly cooked banana prawns, fresh pacific oysters, crabs, marinated green shell mussels with bell peppers, calamari with glass noodles, a marinara seafood salad, smoked salmon with capers and mackerel with spanish onions.

Where-ever you are, whatever the weather, and however you are planning to celebrate Christmas, I wish you an abundance of joy, peace and harmony. Please don’t work too hard or stress too much. Give yourself the gift of slowing down and set an intention to enjoy the one thing that really counts: quality time with your family.

Dessert will be christmas plum pudding Much love from me and all the with custard, panna cotta with sour cherries, contributors of Soulwoman eMagazine, fruit mince pies, and of course a yummy Mia Rose xo pavlova with cream and passionfruit. Perfect! 5

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Creative (Affordable) Christmas Gifts by Mia Rose

With a little bit of creative flair, sticky tape, glue and a pair of scissors, you can make thoughtful gifts for friends and family. mia rose

For fabulous (and affordable) Christmas gifts in a hurry, all you need to do is think creatively. Most of what you need to produce gorgeous gifts can be found in your own home. Just pick a theme, fill a jar or small basket, and secure with cooking twine. With a little bit of creative flair, glue and a pair of scissors, you can make thoughtful gifts for friends and family.


SOULWOMAN December 2012

Christmas Cookie Recipe Beat 85g of unsalted butter until fluffy, then add 2 small eggs and dry ingredients: •1 cup flour, •1/3 cup M&Ms mini, •1/3 cup Cadbury milk chocolate baking chips, •1/3 cup white sugar, •1/3 cup brown sugar, •1/2 cup oats and •1/2 tsp baking soda. Mix, roll into balls on a heavy tray and bake in pre-heated oven at 180 C (160 C fan) for approximately 15 minutes.

Kitchen Theme 1. Fill a plate with beautifully decorated gingerbread men. 2. Fill a vintage jar with homemade jam. Consider making a recipe note to stick on top of the jar or on a gift tag. 3. Present nuts and aromatic spices for a Christmas cake in a small basket. 4. Fill a pretty tin with aromatic black or green tea. 5. Place old-fashioned lemon drop candies in a decorative dish or bottle. 6. Surprise your loved ones with simple Christmas cookies. 7

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Bathroom Theme 1. Mix Essential Oils and fill decorative bottles to be used in massage therapy. 2. Handmade soap is always welcome. There are plenty of recipes online. 3. Prepare fragrant bath salts and seal in small bottles or stand-up poaches.

Basic Bath Salts Recipe 1 Cup Natural Sea Salt 1 Cup Epsom Salts 20 Drops Essential Oils of Choice Combine salts in a mixing bow. Drip in the essential oil and stir well. Line a tray with paper and spread out salts to dry. Package in airtight container.

Essential Oils When creating a massage oil, choose oils that are calming such as chamomile, lavender, geranium and marjoram.


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Herb Garden Plant lemon balm, sage, parsley or thyme in decorative canisters and mugs.

Garden Theme

Gardeners will love these thoughtful garden themed gifts. 1. Plant herbs in small pots. Wrap in brown paper and tie with string. 2. Beautiful little bags with seeds are the perfect gift for avid gardeners. 3. Floral gifts are perfect for the lady who has everything. xo 9

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom. anais nin

Spirituality & Growth ★ Kickstart your Creative Journey by Mia Rose Page 12 ★ Creativity: The Essence of the Soul by Ariaa Jaeger Page 15 ★ The Voice of the Soul by Tara Ursulescu Page 18 ★ Vision Board for the New Year by Chris Alexandria Page 21 ★ Creative Journaling for Self-Transformation by Mia Rose Page 24 ★ Creative Juice by Pamela Wills Page 27 ★ Healing through Story by Rachel Resnick Page 31 11

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Kickstart your Creative Journey by Mia Rose

The more playful you are, the easier it is to adapt to the demands of a changing world. mia rose

I’ve always thought of myself as less than creative. My sister? That’s another story. She has creative flair. If creative expression is about using the right side of your brain, Karen has it made. It’s her natural way of being.

It’s only lately that I’ve started to relax into play. I have to credit my grandson for the transformation. I watch him flow from creative activity to activity, joyously and open, and I can’t help but laugh at my own anxieties.

I, on the other hand, stumble into creative activities all analytical, uptight and perfectionistic. I cross my t’s and dot my i’s. I fear that my creations are not good enough. Or rather, that I’m not good enough.

What I’m discovering is that you can’t really do creativity wrong. Better yet, in my own experience, creative expression brings similar benefits to meditation. It’s a sure way to still my mind, go into flow, and connect with who I truly am. 12

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Right Brain Magic As a psychologist, I’ve always been very interested in the workings of the brain. When you engage in creative activity, you commission the right side of your brain, the side you naturally used playing and having fun as a child.

As a kid, you learned about the world through play. Sadly, as we get older, we often experience a sense of disconnection from our bodies. The mind takes over and judgement steps in.

One way to get out of your head and into your body is to re-engage in play. Play renews your depleted energy stores. It’s a mindful activity that helps you to see the world from In her book, The Art of Emotional Healing, a different point of view. Play also Lucia Cappacchione explains that once you rejuvenates your sense of optimism, exploration and fun. The more playful you enter the atmosphere of grades, evaluation are, the easier it is to remain flexible and and judgement, the natural artist inside of adapt to the demands of a changing world. you takes a backseat. She says: “As we are ushered into a world of ABCs and 123s, the 2. Connect with your Body straight lines, circles and dots become letters and numerals and line up to report for duty Another approach to be more creative is to the left brain, where our language centers to tune into your body. One of the reasons reside. And the right brain, which specializes why creative expression is such a wonderful in visual-spatial perception, emotional way to relax and have fun is the way it helps expression and intuition, starts to shrivel up you to connect with your senses. from lack of use.” Creative expression engages your senses: the sounds of music; the visual delight of The question is how to actively and color, shapes and design; the gratification of consciously spend time engaging your left working with balance and different textures; brain as an adult. Here are two suggestions to the fragrance of food cooking or the smells of the earth as you create a flowerbed in the enter into creativity mode. garden... When you tune into your body, it’s easy to be mindful. When you’re mindful, you experience joy in the moment. How To Kickstart your

Creativity 1. Connect with Your Inner Child

Notice what you enjoy doing most. What feels effortless to you? What makes your soul sing? Do more of it!

One way to enter into creativity mode is Creativity as a Healing Force to reflect on things you loved to do as a child. Did you enjoy finger painting or baking In my private practice, I often witness the cookies? Did you keep a creative journal? power of creativity to help people heal from Did you enjoy taking photos? Did you dance trauma and heartbreak. up a storm? Did you compose your own songs? Set an intention to do at least one of I have clients who find healing in writing, those activities every week and have as much cooking, knitting, designing their own as fun as you can muster in the process. jewelry, or learning how to draw henna tattoos. 13

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Creative expression helps you to 2. Creative activities reduce stress, voice what is deeper than words. It and promote health and offers an alternative way to view your happiness. life. When you express your I am slowly letting go of my need emotions in a creative way, it gifts you with a tangible sense of hope. to do things perfectly. Creative It’s proof that beauty can come from expression allows me to take time tragedy. out for myself and to enjoy the

gifts I can offer the world.

I am slowly learning to let go of my need to do things perfectly. 3. Creative expression is a proactive Creative expression allows me to take way to process change, loss and time out for myself and to enjoy the trauma. gifts I can offer the world. For me, 4. Creative expression is a creativity has become a saving grace, mindfulness practice that helps a kind of medicine, and I can’t you to slow down and appreciate imagine going through life without it. the Now. 5. Creative activities assist in problem-solving and gaining 6 Reasons to Engage in personal insight. Creative Expression 6. Living a creative lifestyle helps you to fulfill your potential and be 1. Creativity is exercise for the mind. who you really are. xo

Creative expression helps you to voice what is deeper than words. mia rose

Join prize-winning author and psychologist Dr. Mia Rose in the Soulwoman Sanctuary, your online community for Soul-centered women. http://


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Creativity: The Essence of the Soul by Ariaa Jaeger

“Self-expression runs akin to an artist laying paint upon a canvass; Master works occur” life. It is not just art we speak of but the very essence of your soul expressed and brought into fruition. It weaves in and through your emotions running the gambit to find a way to outwardly express and reveal the secrets of the heart. You become the artist painting the ever changing terrain as it winds into your art, your music, your career, your relationships and your personal life. It needs your inner child and drinks from its imagination. Creativity’s Creativity is the culmination of your food is innocence and the desire to create at a childlike level; in essence it is own experiences and if you are really awake it is the concert of you and Spirit your inner child running amuck yet bears the fruits of productivity. made manifest in every area of your 15 The music of Il Divo fills the room as I sit before a slab of sandstone, eyes closed in a state of Zen. As with the ocean sands which break across the rough bed of the liquid floor forming into peaks and valleys, an image takes form. Whatever is in my heart that day transcends into the clay forming an extension of my mind’s eye. That’s the way I see creativity, as an extension of the mind or Divine mind’s eye.

SOULWOMAN December 2012

In my work, it is essential as the more you allow the creative juices to flow, the greater the miracles that unfold in your life, so in many ways it is a form of faith. Where there is no thought of limitation there is the birth of creativity, for self-expression is the genesis of all creativity. I had a client many years ago who had seemingly lost her joy. She was rather shy and claimed to have no special skills or talents to which I proclaimed, “Impossible!” I have never met a person who did not have something unique to offer. A few weeks later during one of our weekly classes, one of the women in the class noticed a handmade book protruding from Celia’s purse and as she lifted it out of the bag a collective gasp filled the room. Celia had created a portfolio of all her drawings and ink scribbling’s and they rivaled Picasso. As we all poured through the pages, Celia sat sheepishly with a cheeky grin on her face, she never knew just how

good of an artist she was until that very moment. It turns out that all that pain and heartache from childhood became the catalyst to launch a great artist. Today Celia’s art sells for thousands of dollars and she is one of the finest artists the Southwest has ever produced. Many don’t realize that we create based on the measure of our passion and passion is often born from challenging circumstances.

The more you allow the creative juices to flow, the greater the miracles that unfold in your life. ariaa jaeger


SOULWOMAN December 2012

I am always amazed at how creative those in Austria and Germany are. I have been traveling for almost 22 years and am dazzled by the cuckoo clocks, the door reefs and all the other wood carvings of everything from angels to Christmas ornaments. Walk into any German household and the walls are covered with handcrafted decorations and if you ever attend a party in Germany you are in for a real treat. It is typical for everyone to make at least 2 cakes for every birthday party and they look like something out of a catalogue, every cake dressed as if it were the coveted centerpiece. In Salzburg Austria, the crystal and glass blowers are busy at work while those who work with porcelain are crafting fine dinnerware, each piece a unique work of art.

astounded at the murals painted on the ceilings of great cathedrals.

As we age, we become masters of creativity...

About Ariaa Jaeger

As we age, I think we become masters of creativity, especially women. We tuck and squish, we lift and separate, we sculpt and weave, we color and paint until we look like women 2 years younger than our actual age, grin. We wear our creativity on our face, in our wardrobe and our very homes reflect how vivid or bland the owner’s imagination is. When we live in the freedom of creations desire there is no limit to what we can produce. “A creative mind is the great deliverer from the disease of idleness.” When you use your imagination the results can be infinite, you only have the entire universe to leave your particular creative signature upon.

Ariaa Jaeger is a internationally recognized Expert Intuitive, Life Coach, Philosopher, Author, Singer, Voiceovers, I have watched elderly gents as they Humanitarian, Love Ambassador, Visionary, carve ornate smoking pipes and have stood & people magnet who has taught thousands still to have a belt crafted and created around the world with her special blend of exclusively for my waist. The pride these artisans take to mold and fashion unique yet wisdom, humor & accurate prophecy. everyday items is priceless. When you see Her "Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul" how much love they pour into everything and "Ariaa Quotes" have reached and they make you are more than willing to pay a little more just to own something that has impacted millions in social media.  She been given so much time and attention. I’ve inspires and teaches others to LOVE learned so much in my travels over the past OUTLOUD and is the founder of the Love 25 years. The gnomes the Scots hand pour, Outloud Movement. Ariaa's latest venture is the concrete sidewalks with their designs a her new video blogs on You Tube work of  pure art the Germans etch out, the clay idols the Nicaraguans mold and the AriaaJaeger?feature=mhee Venetian glass earrings and necklaces the Italians make, all so beautiful and cherished even more because each one has been given To make an appointment with Ariaa or great attention and loving care. I’ve walked hear her music go to the halls of castles where ornate gold leaf fills every room and sconce and am always 17

SOULWOMAN December 2012

The Voice of the Soul by Tara Ursulescu

“The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive. To them…a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is

We are all creative beings, capable of some great art in one form or another.

an ecstasy, a friend is a lover, a lover is a god, and failure is death. Add to this cruelly delicate organism the overpowering necessity to create, create, create – so that without the creation of music or poetry or books or buildings or something of meaning, their very breath is cut off… They must create, must pour out creation. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency they are not really alive

Think back to a time when you were feeling the rawest of emotions – it could have been the devastating, heart-wrenching pain of heartbreak, or a shattering, tragic loss of someone you loved. No one, not even your best friend, sister or brother, could comfort you, or reach you in your darkest moment. Many of us turned to music to bring us out unless they are creating.” of that dark hole of despair, to shine – Pearl Buck, 1892-1973, American the slightest bit of light and hope best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize into our lives when no one or nothing else could. winner.


SOULWOMAN December 2012

We clutched to that song or artist like a life raft, needing to hear the lyrics or melody for hours or days on end because it was like a healing balm, soothing our soul when it ached more than words can describe, while we grieved a death or loss that split us to the core. Whether it brought you to tears or your knees, or the very rawest emotions to the surface, each time you heard that song, something touched you on such a deep, intense level -- you still can’t explain why or how. Enter creativity -- or angelic, divine intervention -- whatever you prefer. Music, like other art forms, is the utmost form of power. Nothing else touches us on such a deep level, and goes straight to the soul of the most hardened, cynical, frustrated, depressed, or confused individual, and makes sense. Not only makes sense, but hears, heals -- and actually influences us, moves us to change our behavior, and inspires us to act. There is no other form other than music, art, film, or literature, that moves us simply from reading, hearing, or seeing, someone else’s words or expression, reaching the souls of billions of people around the world, helping us express our own emotions. How does a songwriter, a musician, a writer, artist, or actor from another part of the world affect us so deeply? How can a complete stranger we let into our lives for a brief moment cause a chain-reaction of pure emotion from a millions miles away? I call it creativity – the voice of the soul. Artists such as musicians or writers feed that fire burning in every one of us. Inspiration means “in-

spirit” ( We are all creative beings, capable of some great art in one form or another. When we are in-spirit, we have the powerful potential of reaching people at the most deepest soul level. I believe we receive divine help with this, and that creativity is one of the purest forms of love we can share. In our logical world, sensitivity or emotions are not always honored or accepted, especially for men. Creativity is not only an acceptable form of speaking what’s in your heart, but when expressed in the form of art, is often revered or worshipped and envied by others. Many times we see the artist, musician, writer, or actor reach fame and profit from expressing what is in all of our hearts. Creativity, whether it’s in the form of music, writing, acting, re-arranging your closet, playing with your kids, cooking, gardening, or discovering a new way to conduct business at work, is a universal language of love, in art form. Being creative means taking a risk, not caring what others think, being vulnerable, emotional, raw, passionate, and having the guts to speak from a soul level. Creativity means playing with reckless abandon, especially as adults. It is the farthest thing from being realistic, rational, or logical – all surefire ways to kill your creativity. Above all, creativity is heat, passion, and fire. It is the Love of Life, the air we breathe. “The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.” (Edith Sodergran, Finnish poet).


SOULWOMAN December 2012

We are all born creative geniuses; we just get distracted with everyday life. In 1968, researcher George Land completed a study using a test devised by NASA to recruit the most innovative minds they could find. About 1600 children were tested at age 5, 10, again at 15, and so on. In the first round of tests, a shocking 98% of the children scored at the genius level. By the time they were 25, however, only 2% of the same group scored in the genius level. Land concluded that “being creative is natural, and being non-creative is learned behavior!” (

Being creative means taking a risk, not caring what others think, being vulnerable, emotional, raw, passionate, and having the guts to speak from a soul level. tara ursulescu

Creative people inspire us “Creativity takes courage,” so much, they can change our said Henri Matisse, famous lives. French artist.

I am inspired by the underdog, the survivor, the fighter, and the dreamers To become more creative, who have not given up on themselves even when lose the self-doubt; it will destroy your creativity. If you everyone around them has. I aspire to express myself with are looking for a solution, the goal of connecting to focus less, and daydream others in a way that makes more. Trust your instincts. me feel like I gave my soul the voice it so much deserves.

We all deserve to be heard. We all want to hear you share from that soulful, gut-level, deep emotional place where so many fear to go. The world needs you more than ever before. Be brave. Express your true self. Here, you are warmly welcomed, and truly blessed. xo

About Tara Ursulescu Tara has recently started her life coaching business, In-Spirit Life Coaching (which means “Inspiration” or “To Inspire”), and a columnist for Soulwoman eMagazine. Topics of interest include: empowering women, highly sensitive people, entrepreneurial women, and anything related to spiritual and personal development, health, wellness, nature, and having FUN! 20

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Vision Board for the New Year by Chris Alexandria

As this brilliant new year is upon us, 2013, why not plainly state your vision, your expectations, your desires clearly? A Vision Board, Soul Collage ®, Heart Illumination Board - whatever term you resonate with ~ can assist you in focusing and manifesting your heart’s truest desires. The process is easy, fun and excuse the pun, quite illuminating! If you have never made a board like this before, I strongly suggest that you allow your heart to enlighten what your truest desires are.

Sometime we aren’t getting what we ‘want’ because it really isn’t want we want!

Grab a favorite beverage, light some candles and put on some music. In other words, set the mood and restate your intentions for what you wish to create within your world.


SOULWOMAN December 2012

Below are your instructions - enjoy! You need: • Poster Board - as large or as small as you feel comfortable working with • Rubber Cement - keeps the paper from getting crinkly • Scissors • Two to three magazines of your choice. Pick magazine(s) that reflect your projected theme. For example, you probably wouldn’t need automechanic magazines if you were focusing on a new home, unless of course you desire an in-home garage! You Can Add: • Feathers • Construction or scrap booking paper • Glitter • Beads • Scraps of fabric • Any other decorative material that you would enjoy placing on your Board

...don’t start when you are tired, rushed for time or aren’t in the right mood. The results will be less than magical... chris alexandria

some music. In other words, set the mood and restate your intentions for what you wish to create within your world. You already started this process when your magazine(s) were purchased, begin now to leisurely go through them. Look at each page as an individual entity that stands on its own.

photo. Does it make you feel empowered? Does it make you feel: HEALTHY? SEXY? STRONG? ABUNDANT?

Remember, the photos you choose of people don’t have The ‘How To’s’: to be reflective of your same skin color. They don’t have to The process of making Phrases may pop up at you be the same hair color. They your Board is meant to be a - incomplete phrases, phrases don’t even have to be in the joyous exploration and same age bracket; go with that are part of a title or articulation of you. advertising campaign. Try not how they makes your feel. to judge or think twice; simply Therefore, don’t start After you have gone when you are tired, rushed for rip that page out! through your magazines once, time or aren’t in the right The same goes for photos. go through them again. mood. The results will be less The odds of finding a photo You’ve ripped out pages and than magical and you will have put unwanted energies the energy has shifted within in a magazine that looks into your creation. the magazines and you may exactly like beautiful you are rather slim. Just go with how see something very important Grab a favorite beverage, light you feel when you look at the to you that you missed the some candles and put on 22

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Thirdly, cut out the photos and the phrases as they pertain to your intentions. Use creative-edge scissors or regular scissors. It doesn’t matter - it’s your board!

You may be surprised how beautifully these random phrases and photos begin to take on a Now arrange all of these photos and life of their own and how they phrases on your board. Play with this. Arrange and re-arrange. Can’t find space for truly interact and work together. all of them? Don’t worry; you may have just Ahhh... doesn’t this feel truly needed to be reminded of a certain feeling and can now move on. It’s very important divine? that you simply play at this stage. Put phrases over pictures. Layer phrases over phrases to state the exact sentiment you wish to see. You may be surprised how beautifully these random phrases and photos begin to take on a life of their own and how they truly interact and work together. Ahhh... doesn’t this feel truly divine? After you are pleased with the placement of everything you have decided to include, out comes your rubber cement! If you have decided to use decorative paper, arrange these directly on the board and glue them into place. Now begin to add your phrases and photos. Once this is done, feel free to add any other embellishments that you are drawn to add: feathers, business cards, glitter, etc. With great love and joy, I wish you wondrous new beginnings that start with the creation of your Board! chris alexandria

Relish in the completion of your beautiful, very personal Board! This is a true reflection of you, your desires and your world. Enjoy looking at your board daily and enjoy the magical effects as they begin to integrate within your daily life. In fact, adding an Askfirmation or two will certainly help. Try one like this: “Why am I so worthy of all I desire?” Now wait for the universe and the angels to answer and unfold for you, just for you, a beautiful process that shows you how worthy you are and are presented with great blessings. With great love and joy, I wish you wondrous new beginnings that start with the creation of your Board!

About Chris Alexandria Chris has been intuitive for as long as she can remember with a deep yearning to serve others.

Enlightenment Therapist and a Licensed Crystal Therapist. She was trained in a variety of healing modalities.

Through-out her life she was guided to read about angels, intuition, and the Law of Attraction. She became a Certified Soul Coach, Archangel

You can read more about Chris on her beautiful website: http:// xo 23

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Creative Journaling for SelfTransformation by Mia Rose I’ve been keeping a journal for as The fruits of serious self-reflection long as I can remember. During cannot be measured. times of personal crisis, my journals have kept me sane. Over the years Lucia Capacchione journaling has helped me heal traumatic experiences from my childhood, heartaches and embrace, but with patience and heartbreaks, and old patterns that no commitment, it becomes easier to longer served me. In short, soulful hear the whispers of your higher self. journaling is a pathway out of pain.

How To Keep a Creative

Soulful journaling is a way out of pain. mia rose

Many of my clients who struggle Journal with depression and anxiety start their healing process with regular journaling. It’s a good way of shifting 1. View your journal as a kind and understanding friend. The goal is distress. Some bring their journals to connect with your loving, into therapy for discussion when supportive self. they hit a wall. It’s amazing how they discover time and time again that all 2. Make time to go within and spend the answers to their deepest time in stillness every day. questions have been inside them all along. The truth can be difficult to 3. Use your intuitive and creative right brain as a portal to content that is located in your subconscious mind. Use color pens, make sketches, and doodle as much as you like. You don’t have to be artistic. There is no right or wrong way to do creative journaling. 4. Find a special place to keep your journal, away from prying eyes. It’s easier to be honest in your journal work if you know your thoughts will remain private. 24

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Benefits of Journaling The process of soulful journaling helps you to gain clarity and insight into your values, beliefs and patterns. The key is awareness. The more you bring what is hidden deep inside you into consciousness, the better you can heal your life. If you have a hidden belief, for example, that you’re a ‘loser,’ or a ‘failure,’ or simply ‘not good enough,’ your outer reality will reflect that belief. To change your external circumstances, you always have to change on the inside first. It’s imperative that you stop feeding negative patterns in your life. If you want your life to change, YOU have to change. Journaling has the power to show you the way.

Keeping a journal is a way of accessing helpful inner wisdom. It’s a marvelous tool to help you get out of your head, so that you can tune into your heart and intuition. Through the pen and the paintbrush, you can re-invent yourself, discover your purpose and what is really important to you, and start the process of manifesting your most beautiful dreams.

Read more about Soulful Journaling in the Wellness Oasis of the Soul Sanctuary. You can join the Soulwoman Sanctuary here: http://

Soulful Journaling Exercise 1. What is your most challenging recurring emotion? Draw it. 2. How would you like to feel instead? Draw it. 3. Reflect on your drawings in writing. How can you minimize your challenging feelings and create more joyful feelings? Do it.


SOULWOMAN December 2012

Get MORE, in the Soulwoman Sanctuary

In the Wellness Oasis, you are encouraged to use Soulful Journaling exercises to explore what is true for you, beneath your fears, doubts, denials and suppressions. ★ Learn how to keep a Soulful Journal ★ Take a deep dive within and discover your Life Purpose ★ Identify and manifest your Deepest Desires New Exercises are added through-out the year...

Want to grow spiritually, personally and professionally? Want to be cheered on by some of the most wonderful women on the planet? Join us here: 26

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Creative Juice by Pamela Wills ...creativity is inside all of us; it’s not as mysterious and difficult to tap as we think. pamela wills

We all know someone who is incredibly creative, a Martha Stewart wannabe. The woman who can cook like a French chef, decorate like a top designer, throw a party like a rock star or scrapbook like nobody’s business. The woman we all want to be but think we’re not creative enough to emulate. As someone who is surrounded by creative people on a regular basis, I can tell you that creativity is inside all of us; it’s not as mysterious and difficult to tap as we think. In fact, I assert that all you need to do is discover your outlet and add a little juice. What do I mean by juice? Well...hang on. First, we need to talk about your outlet.

Actually, before that we really need to talk about creativity. What is creativity, anyway? Wikipedia defines it as such: Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value. Lots of wiggle room in that definition. Who defines “value” anyway? Newsflash: YOU do. So, if you’re the one defining value, then your definition of practicing creativity might include: 27

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• Reading your kids a story (character voices optional) • Cooking dinner or baking cookies • Teaching a classroom full of kids • Wrapping a gift or writing a report

Do we all create? Absolutely. Our processes? All different. Our results? All different.

• Getting a toddler to eat vegetables None of that matters. The point is, we all make stuff and we all make stuff happen. • Shooting a video of your dog eating an ice So what do we all have in common? Let me cream cone for widespread (hopefully viral) hear you say it: Creativity! distribution on YouTube... • Decorating the tree or the table

You get the picture. Whenever you create something or make something new, you are practicing your creativity. At this time of year, many of us practice creativity with our budgets. We’ve all experienced “getting creative” with our cash flow in order to buy the maximum amount of gifts while avoiding massive debt. The result is irrelevant to this discussion — it’s the practice, the “creative process”. Do we all create? Absolutely. Our processes? All different. Our results? All different.

By practicing creativity, making stuff and making stuff happen, we learn new things, hone our skills, create things of value, reinforce positive energy, improve productivity and boost self-esteem. Each of us provides a terrific example of successful, productive creativity. Now that we’ve discussed the what, how about the how? How do you find your own creative outlet? For me, my creative outlets have been clear since I was a kid: Writing and choreographing. I write stuff and I make up dances (True Confession: I used to combine them by writing musicals for my dolls and/or friends to perform, complete with a soundtrack played on my portable record player...). For you, it might be making jewelry, organizing volunteers, keeping a garden, making your own greeting cards, compiling playlists, tinkering with old cars, clearing out clutter, playing all-star basketball, writing a blog… This list could stretch for miles. The point is, creating = producing something new. New things bring us energy. When we’re the 28

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Find your outlet. Try something new. Let your heart guide you. pamela wills

ones doing the creating, we feel strong and you’re ready, we can talk about the juice... confident that we are able to make something out of nothing, that we are able to Creative juice = imagination or ideas. achieve something, that we have learned and (No worries, this is really the easy part, I applied new skills. promise!) Here is my challenge: Find your outlet. Try something new. Let your heart guide you. Don’t judge yourself. DO NOT entertain negative self-talk that says, “You can’t do THAT!” or “Why rush into things? It can wait...” Just start, just do it. What have you always wanted to learn, achieve or even just attempt?

In order to get your creative juices flowing, all you have to do is look around. That’s right. Just pay attention to the world around you.

Look at paintings and sculptures in a gallery or online. Watch professional athletes improvise during a match. See a live Sit with that for a minute... Feel your Self performance at a theater. Read books and accept the answers you come up with. When blogs. Watch commercials. Watch YouTube. Listen to kids talk about anything at all — kids have TONS of juice. 29

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And THAT, my friends, is all it takes!

English for a global retailer, choreography Your mission, should you choose to accept and dance instruction for theatre, plus English language training for foreign it: executives. Pamela has written travel articles, 1) Discover your outlet. a regular column on cultural differences, book reviews, guest blog posts, her own 2) Get some juice. weekly blog and eZine. She also gives in3) Make stuff or make stuff happen. person workshops and speaks on radio and 4) Send me an email and tell me all about it! TV shows. Book a FREE Spark Session or Power Hour Session with me today for more juicy ideas at

About Pamela Wills Pamela uses her past experiences and hard-won successes to guide you from darkness into the light of feeling strong, confident and sexy. She does this by helping you take on regular challenges with success, learn to treat your Self with kindness and respect, set and meet high expectations and finally, tap your innate charisma and get your sizzle on!

Most recently, Pamela joined the Expert Panels of Coach Kristen Howe’s and savvy businesswoman Kerry Swetmon’s In addition, Pamela belongs to the Speakers Bureau of B.I.G. Women’s Network in Massachusetts.

Helping you to increase confidence has become Pamela’s passion because she learned the hard way how important confidence really is for success in love and relationships, parenting, career and business, friendships and life in general. She wants to spare you the hard, dark journey she took and set you on a bright, happy path as Pamela earned her Certified Professional quickly as possible! Coach (CPC) credential from FowlerWainwright International and her BA in English Literature from Georgetown University. She has been writing and teaching professionally for over 20 years but continues to learn and improve her talents and skills with experience and training.  Her unique background includes PR and marketing for the US Army and a natural wood finishes manufacturer (both in Germany), translations from German to 30

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Healing through Story by Rachel Resnick At 41, I suffered a miscarriage. I desperately wanted this child. I remember thinking, there's got to be a way to strap this baby in. But I lost it along with the chance to bear my own child. This was a painful experience. As a woman, I needed to grieve. As a writer, I wanted to write about it. This is how we heal, how we share our stories and let others know they are not alone. We are not alone. Though the miscarriage was profound for me, it seemed commonplace in print. How many stories of miscarriage can we read before we get saturated? Or bored? I knew this as a writer.

over a billion, where the cities are so crowded whole families live in dusty stairwells or in tents pitched by the side of roads filled with trucks, autorickshaws and sacred cows -- and it starts getting interesting. It became a story about something bigger. Shifting the context put my pain in perspective. I’ve told this story now in fiction and in non-fiction. I will continue to tell it in different forms. It is one of my pivotal experiences. It will never be completely told. What’s one of yours?

Notice I didn’t simply share I had a miscarriage. Nor did I publish my unformed journals. I looked at the experience from a professional standpoint. Felt the emotional truth of it. The universality. Then came up with a narrative strategy. I found a unique way to make the story fresh so I could write my way through the pain. Recently I’ve had to use that creativity in my own reinvention.

I confess I am relatively new to the entrepreneurial world. Although I began teaching writing in 1995, So I wrote about an published my first book in If you can be vulnerable, American woman who 1998, and started my own you can reach people. You business six years ago, I knew miscarries on a trip to India. can connect. You can inspire. next to nothing about I’d traveled in India for a Pour your honesty into a business. A year ago, I’d month and had plenty of creative structure and people never even heard the term outrageous material. My will get to know you because ROI, let alone leverage or miscarriage happened in you had the courage to sales funnel! California. That's not articulate who you are, and unusual. But set the story in a who you were. You’ll claim Art was pure. Money was authority. You’ll gain trust. country with a population filthy. Writing was sacred. You’ll attract clients. Business was sin. 31

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If you can be vulnerable, you can reach people. rachel resnick

Not the best foundation dwindled. I was at a for running your own writing crossroads. Could I reframe my own life’s narrative? Find and book coaching service. another way to share my gifts with the world on a larger In March I will turn 50. scale? This shocked like a flame held against bare skin. Time After years of exploring to make more money. my vulnerability and crafting a strong voice in writing, I Nobody told me, when turned bashful in business. you dive into business, you My voice was tentative. I face your deepest issues of found myself hiding out. self worth. I was plagued with doubts. What was my I was ashamed to confess value as a childless woman, to my artist and writer friends bearing down on the halfthat I wanted to make money. century mark? I was afraid to admit my lack of knowledge to the My business had hit a business world. My ego was wall. Income plateaued. too big. Energy and passion

Then, this past Thanksgiving, I wrote the truth. I pressed the button. Published. When I wrote that blog post, I felt exposed. I also felt relieved. It was the first time I'd claimed my voice in the business world. The response has been powerful and encouraging. In business, stories are context for a message. What is the message of the miscarriage-in-India story? Resilience. 32

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Resilience of the human spirit. I didn’t curl into a fetal ball and give up. I transformed the story by changing the setting. By channeling the pain of not having a child, I was able to birth something I could share with the world.

on. What is that? The human spirit. You, stepping out. What would happen if you shared this story with your clients? If you let them see you? How would it change your message?

Consultation for the first ten people who sign up. There’s a story you need to tell, a book it’s time to write. Come join me. Flaws and all.

Rachel Resnick is a Los Angeles Times bestselling The more we share our author whose books have shaped truths, the stronger also been published in Your problems are the key our connections. When we England, Australia, Germany reveal our dark side and to your success. They are and Czechoslovakia. She doubts and take action what make you human. earned her B.A. in English anyway, others take courage. Relatable. And real. Yet I see Literature from Yale College, Success can't help but follow. so many people in the and her M.F.A. in Creative entrepreneurial world who I invite you to join me as Writing from Vermont hide their flaws and College of the Arts. She has I share this ongoing heartbreaks behind endlessly exploration of deeper self been mentoring men and cheerful voices and polished worth and value. Follow the women in writing for almost exteriors. two decades, inspiring them story at How have you been hiding? and to find their unique voice and Write a moment where you stand out from the crowd. become part of our felt like your life was over. Currently, she helps community. Grab your free Like you couldn't go on if entrepreneurs tap into the Creativity Contract and get you didn't get this thing you committed to regular writing. why of their business and wanted. And you didn't get it. I'm offering a 15-minute experts write innovative And you didn't die. You went complimentary Creativity books that pop.

The more we share our shaped truths, the stronger our connections. When we reveal our dark side and doubts and take action anyway, others take courage. rachel resnick


Look out for the Courage Issue of Soulwoman eMagazine

Courage Issue

Available in the Soul Sanctuary on 9 January 2013 ★ Finding the Courage to Live your Best Life ★ Facing your Inner Fears ★ The Courageous Journey of a Female Entrepreneur ★ Women who Make a Difference ★ Dreamscape ★ ... and so much more! 34

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Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge. stephen levine

Love &

Relationships ★ Be Here Now by Mia Rose Page 36 ★ Creative Parenting by Kristy Wyatt Page 38


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Be Here Now An Extract from Awaken to Love by Mia Rose

Be aware of what you create energetically through thought and word and deed. mia rose

Whatever love you can feel in this moment, feel it. Practice opening your heart: breathe love in and breathe love out. Think of your beloved and feel the force of love in your blood. Don’t wait for perfection to offer your caring. Even if your words are not perfect, offer them in love. Even if your hands are shaking, offer service in love. Deliver your gifts right now with the deepest integrity you can muster. Do your best to heal your hurts and let go of the past, remembering that everything worthwhile takes time. Honor this present moment as perfect, just as it is. Love Illuminations 36

Last night I played with my two-year-old grandson for a good few hours. It turned out to be a lesson in mindfulness. I followed him as he moved from activity to activity, pleasure beaming from every cell in his body. He naturally expressed himself fully and creatively in every moment. He was a dinosaur, a monster, a lion and its prey. He demanded that I use a magic word to open the door; he tried to whistle and cracked up laughing when he failed. When he heard music, he danced. When he wanted something, he said so. If he did not want to do something, he refused. There was no consideration of the past, and he spared no thought for the future. There was just fully being in the most beautiful now. I learned a great truth from my little playmate. I discovered how much easier it is to give voice to my needs rather than expect everyone around me to read my mind. I relaxed into play, and chose to be open and vibrant in the moment—no masks needed, no deceptions condoned, no manipulations tolerated. Just jolly, jumping joy. Similarly, you can choose a joyful path in your intimate relationship if you are willing to let go of the past and align your actions with your vision of what you truly desire in love. Be aware of what you create energetically through thought and word and deed. What you give, you get. What you put out circles back and magically transforms into your own experience. Always. Every moment truly is a new beginning. It is love that makes it so. If you choose to hold on to the bitterness of misunderstandings, disappointments, resentment, and anger, the end results are disconnection and unhappiness. But if your relationship is worth holding on to and there is enough goodwill left, you simply have to put your heart and soul into the journey of love. An intimate, committed relationship is your best opportunity to learn and grow into who you really want to be. How you use this opportunity is up to you. So, just for a moment, surrender to the notion that all is well. Imagine what it’s like to carry no baggage from the past and to have no expectations for the future. You are pure and perfect. Your partner is pure and perfect. Your relationship is pure and perfect. Be here now. Get your electronic copy of Awaken to Love for a limited time for only $15: http://


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Don’t try to change your children to be who you think they should be. kristy wyatt

Creative Parenting By Kristy Wyatt The very first thing I need to address is no, I did not go to school for child psychology. The second thing is, no, I do not believe I am an expert on children or parenting. So why am I writing an article about parenting? Well, I was a kid once. That has to count for something. Also, I have three of the little monsters. I’ve learned a thing or two about how not to parent them. I’ve also learned some really creative ways to parent well. I’m sharing my failures and success stories. What you choose to do with it is up to you, my friend.

Parenting is not a one size fits all. Every child is different and therefore has different needs. In our household, we have three children; all of which have different personalities. While we strive to treat them all equally, we must parent them slightly differently from one another to complement their individuality. If your child is overly sensitive, or a people pleaser who is crushed if they’ve disappointed someone, try discussing their “bad” behavior with them. Give them options of how to handle the situation differently. This will get you much further than yelling or physical punishment. 38

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If your child is incredibly sarcastic and says inappropriate things, teach them what is appropriate to say. I disagree with the belief that sarcasm is bad. I am sarcastic. It’s part of my personality. It’s part of monster # 1’s personality too. There is a way to be sarcastic, yet polite.

Mrs. Pearson is a fictional woman I created in a moment of crazed madness caused by my dear monster number 1.

And if all else fails, use Mrs. Pearson! Those of you who’ve read my blog might If your child is a charmer, watch out, remember the post about Mrs. Pearson. A you’re in trouble. That’s my monster # 3. few of us joked that we were going to start a He can charm anyone into anything. parenting revolution, and that Mrs. Pearson Sometimes, even my defenses are useless. When he gets out of hand, I poke and tickle would one day be as well-known as Santa him. I know. It’s weird. But hear me out. If Claus. I yell at him, he cries. That’s not getting us Mrs. Pearson is a fictional woman I anywhere. If I try to talk to him while he is created in a moment of crazed madness on the defense, he’s not hearing what I say. caused by my dear monster number 1. She is But, if I take him out of the situation in a woman who lives in a black house with no which he is getting himself into trouble with, windows. All of the naughty children go and make him laugh, suddenly, he is putty in there. She only serves broccoli to eat – my hands. He’s having fun. I let him have NOTHING ELSE. (Gasp) The children his laughing fit, and then I cuddle with him. must do chores all day – every day! There is no playing and no talking. It is the worst That is when I talk to him about his place for a child. My monsters are scared out behavior. I tell him what he did wrong and of their minds of Mrs. Pearson. When I am the better choices he needs to make next out of ideas, I whip out the old “I’ll take you time. He is responsive in that atmosphere. to Mrs. Pearson’s house!” threat and You know your child. If what you are suddenly, I have three angels. (Evil grin) doing currently is not working, try something else. Play off their personality. It’s different for each child.


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What I’m trying to say is don’t try to change your children to be who you think they should be. Let them be who they were born to be. Our job as parents is not to change them, but to teach them to be the very best versions of themselves. We are to teach them to have integrity, to forgive others, to strive for greatness and to love wholeheartedly. Take your child’s less than great qualities and show them how to use it for good. Allow your child to develop their creativity and explore their curiosity. Be silly with them. Be stern with them. Be a parent. They will thank you for it one day.

About Kristy Wyatt Kristy is a twenty-eight year old living in the Midwest. Right after high school, Kristy was working with a producer from

a major record label when she discovered that she was pregnant with her first child. With this new development, she walked away from her musical dreams and started a family. Kristy married her high school sweetheart and they now have three “little monsters”, as she often calls them. Kristy loves to read and decided to write her own books. She is currently writing her first novel in a series of four books. She is the lead singer of a band who is about to record their first album. She believes in love and going for your dreams. Blog Facebook writer.KristyWyatt

...teach them to be the best version of themselves. kristy wyatt 40

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Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. john muir

Health, Mind & Body ★ 7 Secret Ingredients for Cooking Up Creativity in Your Kitchen by Nina Manolson Page 42 ★Let’s Play Dress Up by Alison Sappington Page 46


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7 Secret Ingredients for Cooking Up Creativity In Your Kitchen By Nina Manolson

It used to be that we learned to cook from our mothers, in our own kitchen - but many women are now being taught how to cook from the Martha Stewarts and the Rachel Rays of our society.

Woah, that’s a lot of expectation on dinner!

Celebrity chefs have become our HomeEc teachers, and according to them, our dinner should beautifully plated, and be served with the perfectly paired wine.

As a Health Coach, I help busy women reclaim themselves and step into deep nourishment. That often includes helping them step back into the kitchen to cook up their own healthy meals. 42

In fact, it’s enough to squelch our own ease, fun and creativity in the kitchen.

SOULWOMAN December 2012

But I often encounter resistance. I hear a lot of: “I can’t cook” or “I don’t have time.” In fact, one of my clients, after watching me whip up a superfood smoothie, said “I couldn’t do that, I’m just not adventurous in the kitchen.” Well it’s time to reclaim our place in the kitchen! I don’t mean that in the old fashioned “we only belong in the kitchen” way. As powerful women, we’ve obviously moved far beyond that old paradigm.

I help busy women reclaim themselves and step into deep nourishment.


SOULWOMAN December 2012

What I mean is, we need to reclaim the deep nourishment, the deep creativity and total pleasure that can exist for us in our kitchens. Because really, when we feel deeply nourished, enriched and fed on a creative and soul level – no matter what we cook up – everyone around us feels deeply fed.

2. Healthy Basics

So how do you get play, joy, individuality, imagination, and love back into your oven?

It helps to have a little starting inspiration in the kitchen. It gives direction to your yummy creations. Here are some examples:

Here are seven secret ingredients for cooking up some delicious creativity in your kitchen. 1. Spacious Time: When we’re tight on time, we tend to default to our familiar recipes. If we’re looking to create some fun in the kitchen, there needs to be a bit of time to experiment with new foods, recipes and techniques.

A well-stocked pantry and a fridge brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables is the foundation for your tasty inspiration to become a reality. 3. Simple Inspiration:

A food ethnicity ~ “I’m in the mood for Indian food” A specific food ~ “I bought a beautiful squash at the Farmer’s market” A recipe ~ “I can’t wait to try that bloggers new smoothie recipe” A season ~ “I’m so hot, I want something to cool me down” A mood ~ “I need some comforting food” A need ~ “I need food ready to go for the week” 44

SOULWOMAN December 2012

       Really, anything can be a food inspiration,

fragrance of each herb and spice you use but it really helps to have a focus when you take you to its country of origin. Deeply walk into your kitchen. Clarity actually opens savor the flavors of the food you’ve created the door wider for creativity. and have fun! xo 4. Realistic Expectations

7. Be mindful – be in the moment

Here’s where we get into that celebrity chef syndrome that I talked about earlier. It’s time to let go of that highfalutin expectation of picture perfect food. Now don’t get me wrong, we want our food to be gorgeous, but that can come naturally from the food. Unless you delight in detail, let go of the fussiness of food so that you can enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the food.

Chopping, stirring, washing, drying - the basics of kitchen work are tasks perfectly suited for mindfulness practice. By focusing on the simple repetitive action of our knife rising and falling or the spoon moving in circles allows us to still the mind.

You don’t have to make a 5 course dinner. A one pot wonder is a truly wondrous thing. Let your expectations be grounded and real. Let go of having to impress or please everyone. It’s OK if not everyone at the table loves the food you make. Make food you love and that makes you feel good.

Stilling the mind from all the chatter of everyday life opens us up to the deep river within us, which is an endless flow of creativity. xo

Nina Manolson, M.A,. CHC, is a Certified Health Coach and Psychology of Eating coach. She helps busy moms reclaim their body and end their war with food. She is the founder of Soulful Mom and 5. Infinite Flexibilty 6. She is the recipient of the prestigious Cooking and flexibility walk hand in hand. Recipes lend themselves to Integrative Nutrition Health Leadership modification, so be sure to go “off –road” Award and is the author of “Feed Your Kids when you are cooking. Well In A World That Doesn’t: An everyday guide One of the easiest ways to start playing to make healthy food happen in your home and with your food, is to get some new spices. If beyond. you’ve never made Indian food, start experimenting with some curry powder. If you’ve never made Japanese food, start walking into that palate by adding a sprinkle of Gomasio (toasted sesame seeds and sea salt) and fresh ginger. 6. Delicious Pleasure Let yourself deeply experience the sensuality of food, cooking and eating. Take in the visual beauty of your produce. Let the 45

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Let’s Play Dress Up by Alison Sappington Have you ever dressed up to be someone you wanted to be? As little children, dress up is a game we all play. Dressing up teaches us to step into roles of mother, father, baby, doctor, storekeeper, fireman, and use our imagination, all while developing a sense of self. Creativity is an essential tool for children to discover who they are or who they want to be. Through roleplaying we can learn what we like, dislike, and even love about being. Throughout our lives we use clothes to fit in, become part of, or to look like what we aspire to be. As we weave ourselves through life we often use clothing to fit in with a group we aspire to be part of. Remember navigating the High School years? Everyone had to wear

certain styles, labels, jewelry to be “part of ” whatever group was our clique! There were unspoken rules and everyone used their creativity to stand out just a little bit from the rest of the pack! It seemed that every group had a label (jock, freak, redneck, nerd) and their clothing told their story. We were easily identifiable. College wasn’t much different. It enabled us to really find ourselves. Being in college often is a time of real exploration, especially for girls, who are discovering the power of their sexuality. Learning to dress in order to attract a life partner is part of the learning process. What works, what doesn’t and how far we can push the limits is all part of exploring.

Women often ignore the importance of using their wardrobe in order to reach their goals in life. alison sappington


SOULWOMAN December 2012

Creativity in our wardrobe can help us with our professional goals. There is a belief that in the work environment you should always dress for the position you want not the position you have! By using your creativity you can follow the lead of the women who hold those positions you aspire to and fashion your look to what they wear. In our society people are judged by how they look, usually in the first 60 seconds of meeting you. Women often ignore the importance of using their wardrobe in order to reach their goals in life. Creativity in our wardrobe is so much a part of who we truly are. Having our own personal brand or look sets us apart . Don’t we all know someone who has her signature look? No matter the environment or the dress code we can always incorporate something creative, something uniquely you, into what you wear. If you find yourself creatively challenged an Image Consultant can help you find it.

Sometimes just having someone to guide you and teach you things that you may have lost over the years and reignite the look will help you find the creative person within. Give yourself the edge create your brand; remember the most important investment anyone can make is in themselves! Be the child you once were, get in the closet and play dress up, try a few new looks! Give it a week or two it’s ok- what is the worst thing that can happen you hate it? Be bold and go for it add a pop of color, a piece of statement jewelry, a flashy pair of animal print shoes, great sunglasses and see how transformed you feel. Start small and work your way up gradually, see where the journey takes you. Remember life is short. Dress cute every day! Alison Sappington


SOULWOMAN December 2012

The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. Greg Anderson

Careers, Business & Community ★ 4 Ways to Gift Yourself this Holiday Season by Ali Brown Page 49 ★ Do You Need to Dump Your Desk? by Christine Bove Page 51 ★ 5 Keys to Cultivating Creativity by Mary Pinizzotto Page 54 ★ Imagination, Creativity, & Human Spirit by Kelly Roach Page 56 48

SOULWOMAN December 2012

4 Ways to Gift Yourself this Holiday Season by Ali Brown Giving yourself a gift is not a selfish act - it’s a way to honor yourself, your business, and your path as an entrepreneur. ali brown

For entrepreneurs, holiday shopping can be an especially big undertaking. We have holiday cards and gifts to send our customers, VIP clients, JV partners, and vendors. And this doesn’t include all the personal holiday shopping that needs to be done for our families, loved ones, hair stylist, pet sitter, nanny—the people in our lives who deserve our gratitude. We’re blessed to have so many people in our personal and professional networks, but unfortunately, there is one person who often gets forgotten: YOU.

there are bubble baths and massages. But here are a few “gifts” to help fuel your success…

Buy something nice for your office – If you’ve been depriving yourself of a better laptop, printer, a cozy rug, or an ergonomic chair, consider indulging yourself if you can afford the expense. Friends thought I was nuts years ago when I spent $750 on my Herman Miller Aeron chair (it cost as much as my monthly rent at the time), but they quickly understood why I did once they sat in it! It will last Giving yourself a gift is not a selfish forever and my spine thanks me every day. act—it’s a way to honor yourself, your But you don’t have to break the bank. business, and your path as an Even getting that big Year-at-a-Glance entrepreneur. So this year, when you’re wall calendar or that fancy planner you’ve coming up with creative gifts for everyone been eyeing at Office Depot can be a real on your list, add something special that treat. And remember, if it makes you more will make YOU happy too. Yes, I know efficient at work, it’s worth the investment. 49

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Hire outside help: I can’t tell you how many successful entrepreneurs I’ve worked with who are completely resistant to this idea. I hear, “Ali, I don’t have time to hire and train someone.”, or “I can just do that myself.” (I confess I was the same way when I first started my business. I made the mistake of doing all my own administrative work, until I wised up.) Whatever your fears are, I will say one thing: Bringing in outside help is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as a business owner.

you need a block of time every morning to connect with your purpose? Gift yourself with quiet time, and you’ll be amazed at what unfolds for you.

Connect with your accomplishments – This simple exercise is an extremely powerful, simple gift you can give yourself for the holidays. I start by lighting a candle and writing down my 25 accomplishments from this past year. Then, taking each one in, I read them aloud. After the last one, I blow the candle out, and then IMMEDIATELY Sure, it requires an investment. But as I make a list of 10 goals for the new year. tell my clients, when you have someone (After truly acknowledging all the amazing take those everyday tasks off your plate, it things you did this year, you’ll feel frees you to focus on the strategic, incredibly powerful and set even higher moneymaking activities that will GROW goals!) your business. So think of ways you can streamline your tasks. Get accounts with QUESTION: What do you do to give a virtual assistant, messenger service, back to yourself during the holiday errand service, bookkeeper, etc. And season? when you’re making more money, that investment will definitely pay you back Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women tenfold, with less admin work, and more around the world how to start and grow profitable time to enjoy your life. businesses that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Secrets for Flex your schedule – Last year, I Entrepreneurial Women” at decided to instate two focus days per week as part of my work schedule. These were days where I would be free from meetings, answering emails, approving items—any of the day-to-day tasks that I found were quickly sucking up my time and my mental energy. With my newfound, uninterrupted time, I was able to work on the big visions for my business and my growth, and do the creative writing I needed to fuel my soul. It was eye-opening, and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a business owner. Think about what else you need in your schedule to work best. Do you need plenty of breaks, or no interruptions? Do 50

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Do you need to Dump your Desk to Open up your Creative Energies? By Christine Bove

Creative people don't sit at desks! Ok, so yes you need a desk for writing email, doing your bookkeeping and admin chores, but I'm talking about writers, artists, painters, designers and singers. You probably heard stories about creative people waking up at 2:00 in the morning with an idea and start to work.

I recently had a client who told me that even though she had a beautiful office and a great desk she found herself working on the floor. Now, from a Feng Shui perspective that sounds like a “no, no” but after I thought about it I realized it made sense. Her creative energy came best to her when she was sitting in her living room surrounded by her pillows and dogs. She Inspiration comes when we are open to mentioned that for years she tried every receiving it and sometimes sitting at a desk method in the book to engage and be shifts are energy to admin mode productive at her desk such as painting the answering email, paying bills, making calls, walls and creative visions boards but it etc. never work. She always ended back on the floor! 51

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After a few minute of Q and A I clearly identify her as a water essence - a creative spirit who doesn't do well constrained to a desk. I explained to her that her desk was ideal for her email, bills and administrative tasks for her business, but not as a place to inspire her creative energy. She responded by telling me how much she loves sitting on the floor, with colored pencils, her favorite drawing pad and her dogs. Sitting on the floor actually honors her essence and releases her creative energy. Knowing who she was and trusting herself to know what works for her has allowed her to free herself and completely focus on creating beautiful artwork.

The arrangement of your space is key to how you tap into your creative energy. In Feng Shui, my goal is to help clients create spaces that honor who they are and support the work they do. I teach them to understand their style and personality through the 5 elements. By helping them know their style and how they operate my clients begin to relax and honor who they are. Let's discuss how creative people work and how the arrangement of your space is key to how you tap into your creative energy. However, this is different for everyone.

Water - the spiritual guru who prefers to be independent and beat to their own drum. When it comes to creative time they may prefer to be in chaise lounge surrounded by books, a blanket and a pen to write or draw. The Water essence likes to flow which may look like things all over the place. This work style, like my client’s above, may be to sit on the floor and spread out all your papers and tools around you. Wood - the pioneer who loves to be on the go. Their inspiration and creativity comes when they are working out, on a run or going for a walk. These people benefit from a treadmill in their space or workout equipment to use while channeling their creative energies. Fire- the out-going fun person who loves to be the center of attention. Turn up the music and clear the floor! The Fire essence wants to dance around and allow creative ideas to flow through their mind. Since they love the spot light, mirrors are a must for them to practice their sales talk, audition or entrance into a room. The Fire person loves rooms with bright colors, abstract painting and bright bold furniture. Earth- the traditional person prefers to be in groups of like minded people. They love tradition and being of assistance to others. They surround themselves with nostalgic items that have deep meaning for them. Their creative energies come through gardening, knitting, cooking and other traditional activities. 52

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Metal - the perfectionist and organized or methods to tap into your creative energy. person who strives for excellence. Creativity Commit to one to two hours a week in a comes to them through beauty and creative space and see what shifts for you. elegance. Visiting museums, concert halls, and even organizational stores are some ways to tap into their creative energies. In their space they need to surround themselves with high-end artwork, organized shelves with labels on everything, fresh beautiful bouquets of flowers, a beautiful journal and their favorite music in the background enhances their creative energy flow. To learn more about Christine Bove and Feng Shui, please visit By understanding your elemental style and claim your you begin to understand why certain places Free Gift: Five Feng Shui Video Tips to or activities enhance your ability to create. I enhance your Mind, Body and Home and create the success you desire. You’ll also receive suggest you give yourself permission to Feng Shui tips for you home, mind and find your creative style by spending a couple of weeks exploring different spaces body.

By understanding your elemental style you begin to understand why certain places or activities enhance your ability to create.

Give yourself permission to find your creative style.

Inspiration comes when we are open to receiving it.

christine bove


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5 Keys to Cultivating Creativity By Mary Pinizzotto The year I produced, posted and blogged 365 original dance videos in as many days, I learned a ton about how to get myself out of the way to produce a massive body of work. Here are 5 key lessons I learned: 1. Give yourself structure and be consistent My project had a lot of unknowns and everyday was different. Some days I danced alone, others I organized large groups with no rehearsal or dance training, and on many days I produced a full concept video. There were days I would spend the entire day agonizing over it, but I stuck with it. But everyday had a clear objective and a deadline. One video within 24hours. Showing up was not optional. 2. Move your body Nothing gets me unstuck faster than getting my blood flowing. Any kind of movement will help you get out of your head and into a better - more flowing state. Moving in fun and original ways is a great way to stimulate new pathways in your brain. You’ll feel more energized and resourceful too.

Stop labeling yourself as creative - or - not. 4. Stop labeling yourself as creative - or not It’s redundant for anyone to say “I’m creative” and it’s an absolute lie to say “I’m not creative.” Life is_creativity_is life. The type of creativity depends on your state.

When you worry or daydream or imagine what other people are thinking you are 3. Allow imperfection Among the 365 videos in my project some creating. Most of your thoughts are shaped are way over produced, others are really silly by your subconscious belief systems which or just plain weird. Some works of art that I quietly decide what meaning to create out of every situation. Often, that meaning takes am proud of. I allowed myself to express and the form of questions in your mind. “What’s experiment and accept all parts of the he thinking?” “What’s the matter with her?” process. “Why do I always have to be the one who takes care of things?” 54

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5. Ask the right questions What questions habitually roll around in your head? I know when I struggled I asked questions along the lines of “what’s wrong with me, why am I so stupid, who do I think I am?” I could say that those questions blocked my creative flow but more correctly, they redirected it into an unproductive and painful focus. Your brain’s job is to find answers to the questions you ask.

inspiration? • What can I use to inspire me right now? • How can I create something fun, beautiful, exciting, inviting...(you get the idea) • What new ideas can I come up with? • How many uses can I think of for (any object within your grasp?)

Remember, life is creative! Practice these I’ve learned to do what I call “The Flip” 5 keys and watch your creativity flourish. I’d where I flip the questions to get great results. love to hear your “Flip” and am curious what questions you come up with. Share them in the comments! The steps are as follows: 1. Listen to the questions inside your mind so know what they are - often times they are so habitual you don’t even consciously hear them. The more invisible they are, the more powerful of a force they are on you.

Mary Pinizzotto looks like she’s just goofing off and dancing most of the time but really she’s motivating smart, successful, women to shake their a$$ets, and be the SuperHeroes they are meant to be. You can play with her at FreeboxMovement

2. Flip your questions- instead of “What’s wrong with me, why can’t I get this?” Ask “What’s good about this, how can I create something magnificent?” Or instead of “Who do I think I am?” Ask yourself - “How can I best contribute?” “What can I allow myself to be used for?” Your brain’s job is to find Write a list of questions that answers you can keep handy. Don’t wait to the until you have a frustrating questions creative block, but make it a you ask. practice to ask yourself empowering questions a regular basis. Here are some of mine: mary pinizzotto • What’s the best thing I can create right now? • How can I be more creative? • How many places can I find 55

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Transform your Environment for Business Success By Kelly Roach Imagination and creativity feed the human spirit, bringing a sense of fulfillment in a way many other things can not. It is that spark of an idea in a moment that can change your entire life.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Albert Einstein

When you think of an artist, what comes to mind? Vibrant colors, out of the box thinking, a stimulating environment, music and overall an amusement park for the senses.

you work in a tiny cubicle, there are many ways you can engage the senses and ignite your imagination. Working for a Fortune 500 company, there are standard operating procedures for everything we do, down to For many years, I have been a believer my office furniture, but that does not that to achieve ultimate career and business matter. Where there is a will there is a way! success we must engage the senses and drive creativity in our work. It is easy to see One of the first things I coach my why people get burnt out, overwhelmed, clients on is questioning everything to exhausted and totally uninspired, just by determine whether their daily routine looking at the environment they work in. supports the end goals they are striving for in business and in life. Life moves so fast, Whether you run your own business or we often do not stop to evaluate if how we work for a corporation, chances are you are are doing things is really the best way. guilty of being a creativity killer. Even if


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So ask yourself: • When was the last time I cleaned, cleared and redecorated the space I work in? • Does my work space reflect what inspires me, motivates me, moves me? • When I am attempting to take my business to the next level, do I take conscious steps to yield creative breakthroughs?

in a cubicle, bring in something alive and green. Too much to explain here but there are significant benefits to having something living in your space. • Light - Natural light completely changes your outlook, energy and mindset. If you don't have windows, get outside for just a few minutes every few hours to recharge.

• Color - Get crazy and bring a splash of color into your work environment. Whether you change the color paper you use, the color pen you write with, the Does my space engage the senses? Sight, • paint in your office, just do something sound, smell, touch... to bring a playful spirit to your environment. When I coach individuals to create extraordinary business breakthroughs, we almost always have to make changes to the space and environment they worked in before we implement the new business strategies. Just taking a few simple steps will set you on the path to new found clarity and creativity to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Here are 6 simple ways you can transform your environment, engage your senses and create breakthroughs in your business. • Music - Listen to music while you work. Inspiring, uplifting, upbeat music will snap you into a state of emotional clarity. • Green Life - Whether you are in the corner office, work out of your home or 57

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• Exercise bursting - Once an hour do a quick few minute burst of exercise. Movement and changes in your physiology are proven to bring additional sharpness in thinking and decision making as well as lead to creative breakthroughs.

It only takes a few breakthroughs to totally transform your business and your life. Why not make it easy by creating an environment that supports you in catapulting to the next level!

• Smell - There are certain smells that evoke positive, nostalgic feelings that take us to place of comfort and relaxation. Have you ever noticed that your best ideas come to you in a moment of a calm, relaxed state. Get a satchel of lavender, your favorite candle scent, potpourri or flower and bring it into your space, it creates an immediate change in your state, which will lead to positive, constructive thinking.

About Kelly Roach

To stay relevant and build a competitive edge that lasts in business, creativity is a must. If you want to grow your business by 50% or more and make 2013 your best year in business, take responsibility for how you manage your energy, state and environment.

Kelly Roach is a results based, peak performance coach. Her passion lies in helping individuals and organizations achieve targeted business breakthroughs, resulting in a competitive edge that lasts. Kelly can help you design and grow a business that allows you to meet your potential, fulfill your purpose and achieve financial freedom. As a Senior Vice President for a Fortune 500 firm Kelly has consistently grown teams and divisions by between 50-300% in profit consistently and through all economic cycles. Having racked up 7 promotions in 8 years, Kelly is an expert in creating record breaking growth in productivity and profitability. Kelly is a thought leader when it comes to the link between exercise, empowerment and exponential business growth. Kelly teaches leaders how to get optimal, so that they can cultivate the greatest potential and performance within their teams. Learn more about Kelly's coaching programs and speaking topics by emailing Connect with Kelly at or 58

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The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live. Auguste Rodin

Soulful Art & Poetry ★ An Interview with Artist Toni Carmine Salerno by Mia Rose Page 60 ★ Interview with Chris Blevins by Mia Rose Page 64 ★ Tapping Into the Creative Mind by Tara Ursulescu Page 69 ★ Unexpected Blessings by Sandy Fowler Page 74 59

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An Interview with Artist Toni Carmine Salerno

The feminine energy is fertile, a beautiful green meadow, she is the earth, she creates and sustains life, she nurtures, she is beautiful.

by Mia Rose

1. Toni, your artwork and writings are inspirational. Where does your interest in spirituality, philosophy and energy healing stem from? To be interested in spirituality, philosophy and energy healing just seems normal to me. I was born in Australia into a southern Italian family. Italians, especially of that era, were generally God-fearing,

toni carmine salerno

spiritual and superstitious. Jesus, Mary, the Saints, Angels and Demons all formed part of my world; an invisible spiritual world full of powerful energies and forces, not physically seen, but most definitely real. Though I did not consciously know it at the time, I believe

that I was deeply moved by the many beautiful depictions I saw around me on holy cards, pictures and in churches. This was my first introduction into both art and spirituality. It was the start of a deep yearning to explore all forms of art, spirituality and meditation.

About Toni Carmine Salerno Toni Carmine Salerno is an intuitive artist and published author with a strong interest in spirituality, philosophy and energy healing. Along with his wife Martine, he established the ‘Blue Angel Centers for Wellbeing’ in Melbourne, Australia and recently they established their own publishing company, ‘Blue Angel Gallery, Australia.’ 60

SOULWOMAN December 2012

2. Your work depicts soul-stirring images, reflections and meditations that deeply honor the feminine spirit. How is it that women feature so prominently in your work?

can come to see and feel the light, love and beauty that they truly are.

To me there is no real physical beauty without inner beauty. When the light and love of your soul shines through and is felt by those around you, that is true beauty. The feminine spirit is all that I have outlined above and much more. My hope and wish is that all women and indeed all of humanity

5. Your love for your wife shines through in your personal message and blog entry on your website. Do you have a message for the women of the world about love?

4. As a psychologist I deal with many women who seem to have a broken spirit. What are the most important things that I don’t really know. In general I usually relate women need to do to heal? better to women than men. The feminine That is such a hard question to answer. I energy is fertile, a beautiful green meadow, she is the earth, she creates and sustains life, believe that the essence of all healing is ultimately love. A broken spirit can only be she nurtures, she is beautiful - poetic, spiritually through love. In order to intuitive, round, spiritual, warm, mysterious healed heal we need to feel loved, we need to know and sensual, she holds the eternal wisdom of that someone cares, that someone is the ages, she is timeless, she is the portal into prepared to listen to our story, to our pain, another world – a world of dreams, an ocean to our fears and doubts. To me, a of love. I could go on and on. Regardless of psychologist is a spiritual healer because your whole aim is to heal or lift people’s spirits. the subject, my paintings and writings accentuate the feminine, that’s what inspires Perhaps the most important thing that we all need to be reminded of from time to time, is me - it’s what I do. that we are fine just the way we are. We do not need to change, we do not need to 3. In a world where so many women seem to be obsessed with how they look, improve, we simply need to accept ourselves and love ourselves just the way we are. Once what are your beliefs about physical we do this all automatically transforms. beauty?

Follow your heart – at times you may stumble along the way, but just keep going. 61

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Listen to your heart – trust your inner guidance and the messages you receive.

7. Please tell us about your vision for the 'Blue Angel Centers for Wellbeing' and the 'Blue Angel Gallery'.

Believe in love – know that you deserve to be happy Our aim is to continue the work that Martine and I started well over a decade ago. Blue 6. How do you believe can women make Angel is an unfolding journey, a work in the most of their sensuality and progress. Through it, and through our sexuality? publications, which include books, art and By honoring, accepting and embracing their music, we hope to touch the hearts and minds of many people around the world. sensuality and sexuality and the sensuality and sexuality within everything and everyone.

Listen to your heart – trust your inner guidance and the messages you receive.

7. Please tell us about your vision for the 'Blue Angel Centers for Wellbeing' and the 'Blue Angel Gallery'.

Believe in love – know that you deserve to be happy Our aim is to continue the work that Martine and I started well over a decade ago. Blue 6. How do you believe can women make Angel is an unfolding journey, a work in the most of their sensuality and progress. Through it, and through our sexuality? publications, which include books, art and music, we hope to touch the hearts and By honoring, accepting and embracing their minds of many people around the world. sensuality and sexuality and the sensuality and sexuality within everything and everyone. 62

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Toni Carmine Salerno’s art prints are available for purchase at http:// 63

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Getting to Know Chris Blevins

Not Your Grandmother’s Watercolors By Mia Rose 1. How do you define creativity? I think a lot of people believe they need to be artsy or craftsy or musically inclined to be considered creative. I disagree!

increase value…all accounting and finance related. Is this not also creativity? I think so!

When I teach painting classes, I encourage the students to play and So many ways to express experiment and not get bound up by rules and creativity. An Accountant friend of mine is one of the traditional approaches, so that the unique creativity most creative people I that’s within them comes know. He is constantly out…not someone else’s coming up with ideas to version of “the right way” improve processes and to paint..

2. Has art always been a part of your life? No! Unlike many artists, I did not come out of the womb with a paintbrush in hand. I always tell people I flunked art in grade school…haha. This is not exactly true of course, but the last time I voluntarily took an art class in school was when it was “required.” 64


SOULWOMAN December 2012

SOULWOMAN December 2012

You see, I had it in my head that I had to be able to draw to be “artistic” and so because I did not, and pretty much still do not, have any drawing ability, I concluded I was not artistic. I am, however, a life-long learner and for some reason that I still cannot quite explain to this day, I got a wild hair to take a watercolor class when I was 48 years old.

No one was more surprised than me that I appeared to have quite a natural talent.

When I start a painting I often don’t know what it will be. I get a piece of watercolor paper all wet, let myself be drawn to certain It took me three tries to get signed up for colors that feel good at that moment, and class (they were full the first two times.), but just begin putting juicy colors onto the wet paper. by the third of the 10-lesson series I was completely hooked. No one was more Painting wet into wet like this creates a surprised than me that I appeared to have ethereal look and feel that I just love and quite a natural talent. that is unique to watercolor. 3. Why do you like working in I find their unpredictability to be one of watercolors? my favorite aspects of the medium, and I find the act of painting with watercolors to be very meditative. 4. What is your earliest memory? Halloween…probably age four? I still love Halloween to this day, and dress up every year. For many years in a row, several of us girlfriends would select a theme to dress up as in a group. We started the planning process in June —to extend the fun factor—and even choreographed corresponding dance routines! What fun we had. I see now this was an avenue of creative expression for me before I began painting. 5. What makes you laugh out loud? Plays on words and free association with my intuitive friends. Also clever/campy humor like in the movie Galaxy Quest (yes, I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan) or the TV show Psych. 66

SOULWOMAN December 2012

6. What are you most passionate about?

8. When do you feel happiest?

People figuring out their I thought about this a lot, own passions, and pursuing and I just can’t pick one them. Being a part of the instance! shift from a focus on war and • When I’m painting, of conflict and competition and money to one of love and course. • kindness and cooperation When I’m dancing. • and service. When I’m at an outdoors blues music I believe we’ll change the festival. • world one person at a time by When I’m connecting doing our own spiritual in a meaningful way growth work…by finding our with others. • unique gift and giving it to When I’m teaching— the world. whether it’s in a corporate setting teaching leadership skills, in a University setting teaching Organization Behavior, or teaching watercolor classes— and I see the light bulb come on in a student. Or when I hear years later than something they learned from me changed their life.

There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.

Jonathon Livingston Seagull 9. What is the most memorable book you 7. What is your favorite ever read? possession? I’m a reader, always have I’ve spent the past several been, so this is a tough years de-“stuffing” my life, a question! I think the book I’ve read over and over that I very liberating process, so I still love, and learn from, is don’t have a favorite “Illusions: Adventures of a possession. However, my Reluctant Messiah,” by doggy Cooper, a half doxxie/ Richard Bach (of Jonathon half shih tzu, is certainly a Livingston Seagull fame). favorite part of my life. (Although he probably thinks he One of my favorite owns me rather than the other way quotes from it is, “There is no such thing as a problem around. LOL.)

without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.” 10. Do you have a signature dish? Ah, cooking… Yet another opportunity for creativity! I try new things all the time so if I had a signature dish, it would probably be something new every year. This year’s signature dish is a winter squash soup with kale and sausage. The squash and kale from my CSA (community supported agriculture) and the sausage from piggies lovingly raised by good friends of mine. 11. What are your thoughts on friendship? Oh, my, one of the things I value most. Love me my girlfriends. 12. Do you have a message for the women of the world? I think feminine energy, whether it’s embodied in a female or male body, is what the world needs to heal and shift. We need to honor it, and get it out there. About Chris Blevins Many artists are attracted to art from an early age… not me! I took it up much later in life. After flunking art in grade school I waited until 48 years young to let a wild hair take hold and sign up for a watercolor class. 67

SOULWOMAN December 2012

I blame (thank) local artists Chris Walling and Laura Gable for getting me started. Anywho, by the third of ten lessons, I was hooked. I love working in watercolors because of their fluidity and unpredictability. I often begin a piece with no plan in mind. My best results are when I get out of my own way and let the painting happen through me. Since that fateful day in November 2006, Chris’ vibrantly colored,

atmospheric watercolors have been selected for display at several juried shows. Her works have also been auctioned at charity events both here in TriCities and in Aiken, South Carolina. Her most exciting moment to date was being published in the January 2010 issue of The Artists Magazine, as one of the winners of their annual competition, Abstract/ Experimental category.

Website www.chrisblevinswatercolors .com Gallery www.chrisblevinswatercolors .com/galerry Facebook chrisblevinswatercolors


SOULWOMAN December 2012

An Interview With Two Artists Tapping Into the Creative Mind By Tara Ursulescu

They’re both young, beautiful, breathtakingly talented, and have sold their paintings privately for hundreds and hundreds of dollars each... tara ursulescu photo credit (left): Tony Field

They’re both young, beautiful, breathtakingly talented, and have sold their paintings privately, for hundreds and hundreds of dollars each. Yet they are a touch shy and at a loss for words when I ask them to tell me who inspires them, where they go to feel inspired, and the definition of creativity. The thing is, I am a writer. I use words to express how I feel. I don’t fully understand or ‘get’ the artist who uses paint, acrylics, or other mediums to express their feelings and emotions. It’s like another language, another world. I try to get a glimpse into the lives of these two creative women and imagine what the world of a painter or artist is like:

Kym, in her mid-30s, is a successful graphic designer and mother of a very talented teenaged daughter by day, and amazing everything-else by night. What I mean by this is she can help create and organize a hugely successful “Running of the Dead” fundraiser overnight; bake a fondant Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired cake that would give any bakery a run for its money complete with wire, hard cherry candies, and glitter; paint her entire house with only the most fashionable trendy colors; AND cook a gourmet meal while hardly blinking an eye, 69

SOULWOMAN December 2012

probably in less time than it takes for me to wash and fold my laundry. Did I mention she was beautiful? Yeah, we love women like that… Kari, equally stunning, almost 25 years old, works for the city when she’s not mass-producing her paintings that resemble the “Day of the Dead” theme or major 1960s icons. She definitely stands out with her body covered in tattoos, and blue and purple hair. Her gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes will catch your eye from across the room. However, it’s definitely her laughter and sense of humour which, you may be lucky enough to discover, borders on the wild`n crazy side. Ohh yeah. She likes to push the limits, defy society’s trends, and likes to test how far you’ll let her go. All the while, she’s playing and having a great ol’ time with you.

My art is a way of me expressing myself without words. kym

photo credit: Virginia Couse

I have the useless habit of worrying every day; constantly thinking about the future, my goals, planning my day, etc. Too much in my head. NOT HERE. I did not get this impression at all with how these two artists live their everyday lives. So foreign to me! I wanted to know more. Me: How do you define creativity? What does it mean to you?

Kym: (pauses) My art is a way of me expressing myself without using words. It’s easier than speaking. A lot of people feel that For the short time that I spent with them it makes you incredibly vulnerable to be during the interview, of course they grabbed creative. I refuse to explain [my art/ paintings]. Everyone interprets it in their own the attention of the men around the cozy way. It’s subjective, open to interpretation… pub where we decided to meet…but even the waitress and the business woman next to so it gets me off the hook. Take what you want, I don’t have to justify it. I don’t owe us looked like they wanted to join us, we were having so much fun talking about things anyone an apology. you save only for your very closest My painting, “Jar of Hearts” exposed my girlfriends. With Kym and Kari, you could be heart and soul! I don’t know how to do that. yourself. They were easy going, laid-back, I know what that painting means to me. It and I doubted they took themselves too was therapeutic to me. seriously. I got the distinct immediate impression that they SIMPLY LOVE LIFE. 70 They both do -- and are -- like that. And oh, are they fun!

SOULWOMAN December 2012

[Kym had kindly donated this painting, which reflected heartbreak, to a fundraiser a few months ago. It ended up raising six hundred and fifty dollars.]

Me: Who inspires you? Why?

Kari: Music, smokes, and wine or beer! But only one or two, or else I feel too mellow. I also need to play my own music when I’m painting.

paintings of people from the 1950s and 60s, and then paintings with the “Day of the Dead” theme. Now, I’m painting on a big canvas with lots of bright colors.

Kym: (agrees, nodding her head.) Yes, if you drink too much, you get lost in a different world. Painting is like a meditation. You have to zone out. When I go to paint, I know I am going to be there at least ten hours. Sometimes 12-20 hours! I will take a break to eat, make a phone call, but I have to stay on it. It’s a ten-hour commitment!

Me: Why do you think creativity is important? Why do we need it in the world?

Kari: You can’t pick a day to say, “Today I’m going to paint.” You have to be in the mind zone. It’s about feelings. I might paint after work from 6pm to 4am. There must be minimal talking or you have to be alone!

Kym: Yeah I don’t like going down to my basement. It’s dark, cold, and there are bugs! But when I paint down there, I forget! I go through phases of when I paint, then don’t paint. But eventually you feel like you’re going to explode if you don’t just express it! 71

Kym: There’s definitely some cultural influence, as there is with music, fashion, style, and architecture, etc. It’s all related. We Kari: When I show pictures of my art on all inspire everything. Everything’s related. You can Facebook, it’s ok. I don’t have to hear or see be influenced by someone’s art, or someone rejection. It’s when it’s in person, showing my else can be influenced by your own art, art, that I find it hard…I can’t explain it. subconsciously. It also happens in music all the time. You could just happen to notice a Kym: I can’t express myself verbally very billboard on your way home and you don’t well. When I paint, it’s the most vulnerable feeling realize you’ve been influenced by someone in the world. else’s art. I like it! Me: What inspires you? But there isn’t a particular artist who inspires me. I didn’t go to art school to be Kari: Everything! A song you just heard. moulded! Art is not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. I am Something’s that just happened in your life. inspired by the people and the energy that Real life and emotions. surrounds me at the time. It could be a song, Kym agrees. a person, or an experience. I often paint Me: Where do you go to be inspired? When do you when I am overwhelmed, either in a good or feel most inspired? What do you need to be inspired, bad way. It’s a therapeutic outlet. or to paint? Kari: Not one person, really. I’ve painted

Kari: It’s a good way to deal with everyday things. When certain things are going on, it keeps the sanity. Absolutely! I hadn’t painted for the last two weeks and yesterday, I finally went downstairs to my dungeon (basement), and painted for 13 hours!

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Creating keeps me sane. It keeps you balanced, rather than internally exploding. You are taking what’s internal and expressing it externally. I NEED to paint! As we end the interview, Kym adds a comment that touches my heart for some reason, like I can feel the ache with her:

Giving or sharing your art is like handing over a part of you that you created, then cradled or nurtured, for hours if not days, weeks, on end.

I still miss, and think of my “Jar of Hearts” painting. I didn’t know the buyer, only that he had a white leather couch where he was going to hang my painting over. I imagine that room, and hope he had the right wall for it, that it was a small wall, for the painting. I have a hard time being vulnerable in the first place. I can’t explain it, but it becomes a part of you. Do I regret selling it to him? No. No regrets, because it was therapeutic to let it go. But I do miss it and I think of it all the time. xo

The paint becomes your words, the canvas is your heart, wide open for others to see. You are saved from saying exactly what you feel or say. Everyone sees and feels something through their own eyes and perception, slightly saving you from being too vulnerable, and risking too much rejection or hurt, but enough vulnerability to free your heart.

Giving or sharing your art is like handing over a part of you that you created, then cradled or nurtured, for hours if not days, weeks, on end. Sometimes there tears, pain, reflection, and a staggering amount of I would like to thank the artists for taking the soul searching involved. It is a part of you that no one time to share their inner most thoughts with me, about else will truly understand, nor something the artists, or a topic that reminds me a little like giving birth. creators, themselves can explain. What you create is Creation is something you create out of seemingly the Spirit of You – with a life and history, including nothing, but what is actually made out of deep, heartache and pain, love, beauty, and sorrow. It has a beautiful, intense love and emotion. It is made out of soul of its own. It is something that truly deserves to a whole lot of things you can`t see, but that mean the be handled with care, as you would any precious life world to you, from what surrounds you at the time. form. But then you set it free, hoping what you created People, beauty, other peoples’ art inspire you, even if will grow and be taken care of. And like a good it`s subconsciously. It’s all – we’re all – interrelated. parent, you keep it in your heart, hold dearly onto the love and memory. And you move on.


About Tara Ursulescu

documentaries, Disasters of the Century, featured on The Discovery Channel. Her experience includes working for a journalist for four years, a film company, social services, a women’s shelter, human resources, various government agencies, and Calgary Board of Education and Alberta Health Services as a Recruitment Consultant. Her passions include nature, reading, family and friends, animals, and life coaching, but

Tara, an empath and writer, holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Psychology, and is a Certified Coach Practitioner. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, she currently resides in Calgary. Tara has interviewed hundreds of people who have inspired her, including politicians, professional athletes, business men and

especially writing motivational, uplifting articles, meeting everyday people, and sharing their inspiring stories. She aspires to connect with people internationally, live on an acreage, and own her own holistic business that promotes health, wellness, personal, and spiritual development. Song “Jar of Hearts” - http://

women, and survivors of natural disasters for

...we were having so much fun talking about things you save only for your very closest girlfriends. tara ursulescu

Don’t be shy -she’d love to hear from you! Be your best – be inspiring! https:// tara.ursulescu


SOULWOMAN December 2012

What would it be like if we didn’t buy presents? sandy fowler

Unexpected Blessings By Sandy Fowler Many years ago, when my girls were little, I was frustrated with the piles of presents and hours of shopping for gifts that I didn’t really want to give. Our children received presents from so many other people that shopping for them was a chore rather than a joy.

the time and money drain of buying excess presents. I spoke to my husband and he agreed we could make gifts so that year he, our two girls and I all made our gifts for each other.

When I had this brainstorm I thought we would make little coupon books or the girls would color pictures for their dad. I had no One year as I thought about the idea what I was in for. No sooner had the upcoming season and all the gifts it would decision been made than I would see my bring, I began to wonder, “What would it be husband and one of the girls sneaking off to like if we didn’t buy presents? What if we his workroom with their heads bent together made them?” As I pondered this I got in quiet whispers. Suddenly there were “keep excited about the prospect, mostly because it out” signs, secrets and little girl chatter was different and it would reduce the amount everywhere. A new spirit had infected our home. of clutter coming into our home as well as 74

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Over the years our gifts have evolved, we learned many lessons and gained some new skills. We’ve become skilled at watching and listening to each other carefully throughout the year with an eye toward identifying something we could make as a gift, an item that will bring joy or solve a problem.

big fleece throw my husband created for me and I look through the scrapbooks we’ve given each other through the years. These gifts have become treasured parts of our lives and some will even be able to be handed down as family heirlooms.

We never anticipated any of this when we But the greatest gifts we received were the began this journey. They are truly unexpected unexpected blessings of a handmade holiday. blessings that have come into our lives simply Suddenly, in the midst of a busy and chaotic because we engaged in a little creativity and a season, my husband and I were spending vast little problem solving and mixed that with a quantities of time with our children. We were willingness to follow another path. talking to them about ideas, exploring books Sandy Fowler is passionate about deand stores, shopping for supplies and working stressing lives. She coaches, writes, speaks and together to create these homemade gifts. And hosts a radio show all focused on weeding out the children themselves, on Christmas stress and creating more joy. She’s the author morning, were more interested in watching of Beyond Eggnog and Mistletoe: Creating a Stress other people open gifts than they were in Free Holiday Season You’ll Love, and the host of opening their own. the weekly radio show, Heart Filled Holidays, Over the years we created mountains of which can be heard anywhere there is internet cherished memories, from the joy of access. For a free stress relief kit, to listen to watching my daughter create a Lego stand to podcasts of past shows or to work with hold the ornament she was trying to paint to Sandy visit the girls’ excitement when they pulled the wool over Dad’s eyes to the look of disgust The greatest gifts on my daughter’s face when we sunk her little we received foot in wet cement for a garden were the stone. unexpected And then there are the gifts blessings of a themselves. Many have been worn handmade holiday. out, used up or even eaten, but many others live on, remaining part of our sandy fowler daily lives. Every day I use the tea box my daughter made for me. Many evenings or weekends we play games on the boards my husband made for the girls. When we bake our favorite desserts we use the recipes from the cook book I made for my daughter. On cold winter day I wrap up in the 75

SOULWOMAN December 2012

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. albert einstein

Regulars ★ Reader Spotlight: Catt Zelda Geller by Mia Rose Page 77 ★ Women Who Make a Difference: An Interview with SARK by Mia Rose Page 79 ★ Dreamscape by John Glanville Page 83


SOULWOMAN December 2012

Reader Spotlight Catt Zelda Geller

Catt Zelda Geller - Catt Z teaches using the power of the intentional creativity method with, an organization dedicated to teaching this art method as a tool to support lifelong recovery from addiction. Catt Z is the Founder and CEO of and now travels the world awakening art in clients through the emotional journey of self-knowledge.

and traveled with as Sister on the Fly #35 (the wild cowgirl glamping (glamour camping) club she fly fishes with in Montana during the summer).

Today the rock star Catt Z has fully walked into her artist, teacher and Croneship self. Reaching this point of self-knowledge has been a terrific but intense journey. She has always loved art but had been cut off Catt Z was Cathlene Fishman for some from her ability to express herself at an early time before her fiercely independent Aunt age. She reclaimed her authentic self while Jayne renamed her. Aunt Jayne explained being mentored by the Shiloh Sophia Color Cathlene had used all her lives and was now a Of Woman intentional creativity method Catt. Catt claimed her middle name, Zelda, training in 2012. from a 1953 travel trailer she once owned Reaching this point of selfknowledge has been a terrific but intense journey. catt zelda geller


SOULWOMAN December 2012


off from her ability to express herself, Catt became a highly functional addict of food, work and alcohol. In 2009, she started on her life of sobriety and abstinence and through the method of intentional creativity she rediscovered the joy once known from drug, sex and rock and roll. Of course, rock and roll is still on the list that gives her great joy. Cathlene Fishman still lives on professionally as a software computer developer supporting the global manufacturing market. However, Catt Z Geller is getting more and more of her time in the sunshine these days. Catt Z loves to fly fish anywhere in the west, play with her dogs, Molina and Brooke, hang out with her COW buddies making art, and spending time with her husband, Michael. When she isn’t working out of her trailer as a computer developer or teaching a workshop, she is fly fishing the great rivers of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

Catt Z is fully supported by her husband Michael, who is very happy he doesn’t have to travel in the motorhome and can stay home with the air conditioning. Catch CATT Z in 2013 Catt Z is currently working on a spring workshop trip to New Mexico for Sisters on The Fly to meet Cosmic Cowgirls in New Mexico. The trip starts in Arizona, travels to Santa Fe for an art workshop, up to Navajo Dam to fish the San Juan River and finish the trip at Spider rock in Canyon de Chelly. This summer she is scheduling workshops in the west while traveling in her small motorhome, Hazelena, with her Labrador/Golden Retriever, Molina, heart storming with a fellow Color of Woman alumni in Hawaii for a Fall conference and currently in process setting a date for a Winter conference in Riverside, CA. Connect with Catt on Facebook or at


SOULWOMAN December 2012

Women Who Make a Difference by Mia Rose

1. SARK, our theme for this month is Creativity and you have always been an inspiration to me personally, and to millions of people on the planet. I have always wondered, how do you tap into your innate creativity?   Hi Mia! Thank you for your kind words and creative contributions! 

know it or not. Knowing it is the most fun. Knowing it means seeing everything through creative eyes: dirty laundry, overdue library books, crying children and everything else we think is "mundane" or unattractive.

When we see with our "creative eyes" all the dimensions and layers of everything, we can see and experience the creative nature of all things. Seeing in this way opens up our I believe that we are all like creative maple creative worlds and will cause spontaneous trees, waiting to be tapped;-) and we don't creative outbursts and inbursts! This way of need to wait for anyone else to tap us!   seeing and living literally changes EVERYthing.  We are all living creative lives, whether we

Did you know SARK has a Creativity Clubhouse?


SOULWOMAN December 2012

To activate more creative seeing and BEing, allow yourself to see in fresh new ways. This will lead you to do new things. These new things will lead you to even more creative insights.

To make it a creative one, act out, sing, draw, or paint your struggles so that others can be creatively inspired. If you say you want to help the world, embody your creative spirit- that will help it (and you) most of all.

4. I believe that creativity is a Let the dirty laundry lead source of joy. When are you you to a new adventure in most happy? some tiny or large way. The overdue library books ~SARK In creative communion with have stories to tell youwhat I describe as my "inner literally. The crying Wise Self" and other self-loving souls in that children are also inside you, and want your state. And when we create together, I am care and attention. Move and speak happier still. differently. Let your creative spirit advise you.

I believe we are all role models.

Call me on my Inspiration Phone Line and let me know what you discover: 415546-3742. 24 hours a day.

5. What is your greatest life lesson?

To live like a full cup of self love, sharing the overflow with the world. And when I feel half empty, which is almost every day, fill 2. Do you believe anyone can be creative? myself back up, utilizing the transformative practices and processes I have created and Yes. The belief that some are, some aren't, share with the world. is a hangover from outdated work ethics and no longer applies. 6. Do you see yourself as a role model? When I created my poem "How To Be An Artist" it was (and is) my statement that we are all artists of life. Our creativity literally knows no limits and is responsible for every great idea and solution that we are all living with! And our creativity will serve us ongoingly in every way.

I believe we are all role models. We are modeling what we live. Our lives are our art. And, we can be roll models, rolling along in the creative flow....... 7. What have you learned about being a woman in today's world?

3. Do you have any suggestions for people To be succulent is the greatest creative gift who struggle to express their creativity? I can give as a woman. And as a person. Stop struggling immediately. If you must struggle, make it a creative one.  80

SOULWOMAN December 2012

Succulence is defined in my book Succulent Wild Woman as: "A woman of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life." Succulent: Ripe. Juicy. Whole. Round. Exuberant. Wild. Rich. Wide. Deep. Firm. Rare. Female.  And I've expanded my capacity and love for spending great and extraordinary times with Succulent Wild Men!

world. I do that through my art, my words and my spirit. 9. Do you have a message for the women of the world? That "You are enough, you have enough, you do enough." To know and love yourself fully and live creatively from that place. To DO your transformative work and develop care systems for your feelings and inner critics, so that you are not guided by their voices.

8. What is the greatest gift that has come into your life? To live in creative communion with your The ability to love myself truly, madly, inner Wise Self, and be guided and mentored deeply and then share that love with the by that tremendous creative force within you.


SOULWOMAN December 2012

About Susan (aka SARK) *SARK, also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, is a bestselling author and artist, with 16 titles in print and well over 2 million books sold.   Synonymous with transformation, healing, movement and FUN, above all things SARK has spent the last 2 decades serving women and men around the globe, helping them tap into

their creative spark, accept themselves fully and embrace laughter (and naps) every day. An acclaimed speaker and teacher, SARK has been a transformational role model offering inspiration and guidance to people in their process of living more powerfully and authentically, and being more actively creative on a daily basis.  

Visit SARK at and be sure to sign up for her FREE Great Life Letter – 52 Magical Life Lessons on designing and living your own Great Life! As a special gift, SARK is offering free downloadable wallpapers for your desktop. You can grab yours here: wallpaper/


SOULWOMAN December 2012

DreamScape Lucy came to see me as a result of issues couldn't stop laughing. Then the birds flew back to Graham. He smiled and then he was overcoming grief. She had recently lost a gone." close friend to cancer and was having difficulty coming to terms with the void in I was fascinated. "Does this dream mean her life. anything to you, Lucy?" I asked. The friend, Graham, was dear to her. "It does now!" she said with a big grin. They had been friends for many years. Lucy said she would often seek I sat back and waited for her to offer up Graham's guidance and advice in times of what she obviously was dying to tell me. need. Most of Lucy's concern pertaining to Graham was his long, drawn-out suffering in "I just went to see a psychic. That dream death. Moreover, his passing got Lucy asking made me want to find out if he's ok so I questions about the after-life. One of her arranged for an appointment this morning." main concerns was whether her friend was now dust. "And?" She presented at this particular session and started by telling me she had seen Graham the previous night. Her revelation didn't really surprise me to be honest. I have been privileged during therapy to be privy to some of the most amazing stories. "So where did you see Graham?" I asked.

I was in this beautiful garden... I was just walking around admiring the flowers. Lucy

Lucy was excited. "He came to me in a dream. It was the most awesome thing!" "What happened?" "I was in this beautiful garden," she said, "I was just walking around and admiring the flowers. I looked up and Graham was standing at the end of the path. I felt such elation, such happiness. He just smiled at me and offered up his hands in front of him. They were cupped at first then he opened them and two bluebirds flew out. They came flying toward me and flapped their wings under my chin and around my neck. It was so real I could feel them. It tickled and I 83

SOULWOMAN December 2012

"It was incredible. I told her about

I continued to see Lucy after that

Graham and our friendship but nothing

session, however I can honestly say the

about the dream last night. She told me he content of therapy from that point on was was in the room with us but I didn't really

never about her grief. That single dream

believe her. But then she asked me

and the subsequent unfolding of events

something I still am blown away by!"

afforded Lucy the understanding and peace she needed with respect to her

"What was that?"

friend's passing.

"She told me Graham was laughing and that he had a question for me."

If you have an amazing prophetic dream, a dream that connected you with answers or helped you in some way, or you

"What was it?"

would like a dream interpreted, please feel free to share:

"The psychic said he wanted to know if I liked the bluebirds!"

Psychologist and Dream Interpreter, John Glanville


SOULWOMAN December 2012

We’re Building A Worldwide Sisterhood We are committed to building a community of soul sisters who support each other personally and professionally. The Soulwoman Sanctuary is a safe haven for us to connect as women, and to help and support each other personally and professionally.

You are invited to join us in our Inner Circle if you’re ready to step into your feminine power and share your unique wisdom with women all over the globe. Join us here:

Reach out, open up, hold on, lend support, keep in touch - staying connected is the surest way to feed your soul and boost your happiness. Look around and ask, ‘Who needs me?’ The connections between and among women are the most potentially transforming force on the planet. adrienne rich


SOULWOMAN December 2012


Suspendisse feugiat mi sed lectus aoreet nec interdum By Trenz Pruca

With gratitude! Creativity Issue Disclaimer All information, opinions and views reflect the views of the authors and contributors, and not necessarily those of the editor or of Soulwoman eMagazine. All information is for entertainment purposes only. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this magazine and/or the Soulwoman Sanctuary website. In accessing this magazine, you are only authorised to save or print the content for your own personal non-commercial use. Except where expressly stated otherwise, you are not permitted to reproduce, adapt or change in any way this magazine for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of Soulwoman eMagazine. Soulwoman may edit authors' articles prior to publication. We do not claim to hold copyright ownership for every article in this magazine. Except where expressly stated otherwise, you are not permitted to reproduce, adapt or change in any way the content of any article for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of the article's author. Some of the links within this issue are affiliate links, which means a percentage of any purchases made through these links will go to supporting Soulwoman eMagazine.


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Creativity Issue - December 2012

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