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Momentum Retreat Programme

Your guide to what’s happening this weekend 15th – 17th March At Sherwood Forest Center Parcs


Hello There! It’s great to be here at Center Parcs and have this weekend to hang out, worship God and seek him together. The theme that we’ll be looking at in our teaching is what it means to wholeheartedly follow Jesus. We all have many different roles and responsibilities, are facing different challenges, and are dealing with different highs and lows. So we want to explore what it means to give our everything to Jesus in all areas of our life. We want to keep focussed on God through life’s ups and downs, and think about how we ensure our faith thrives no matter what comes our way. We also know that life can feel like it moves at 100mph sometimes, so we have left space in the schedule where you can rest, enjoy time with friends, get to know others and enjoy the Center Parcs facilities. Our prayer is that the weekend leaves you feeling encouraged, refreshed and ready for all that day to day life holds. We’re expectant of all that God has in store for us this weekend. Let’s be open to him and what he wants to do in our lives.

Love, Mike and Andy


The sessions

Don’t forget

Who’s who?

Dates for the diary

Weekend schedule


What’s happening The Sessions We’ll all be getting together for a number of sessions with worship, teaching and ministry. These will be hosted by Mike and Andy, with Christy Wimber joining us as a guest speaker. Each session will begin with a time of worship, will have a talk, and will close with space to wait on God and see how he wants to minister to us. Or at least that’s the plan…We also want to be open to where the Holy Spirit leads us so you never know what might happen!

Freetime Throughout the weekend there will be bags of time to relax and chill out. Center Parcs has a whole load of things for you to get stuck into this weekend. You can bike, swim, cheerlead, sit in a spa or take on the rapids. Please head to Guest Services in the main concourse for more info on all of these activities and more.

Coffee for six On Saturday afternoon we will be running ‘Coffee for six’ to give anyone who wants to the opportunity to meet new people. The idea is pretty simple and works as follows: Sign up at the registration desk before 1:30pm on Saturday. You can sign up alone or with a friend if you prefer. Your name will be randomly assigned to a group of six. At 4pm come to The Venue and meet Rosie from our team who will introduce you to the others in your group. Charity no. 1080720

Head to Starbucks, buy a drink and enjoy a natter with new found friends. This is a great opportunity to meet new people so sign yourself up and get involved!



grab a drink. To go together with your liquid refreshment, Sam our worship leader and Zara our teams co-ordinator will be providing some background music in the form of acoustic covers. Check them out – they’re ace!


Company no. 03991111

After the sessions on Friday and Saturday evening the bar will be open for you to

Who’s Who? Mike Pilavachi Mike is one of your hosts for the weekend. Despite recently celebrating his 65th birthday, Mike is still as limber as ever, as he will demonstrate at his tree-climbing course this weekend.

Andy Croft Andy is also one of your hosts for the weekend. As a natural communicator Andy will be spending most of his weekend trying to talk Mike out of his tree-climbing course.

Christy Wimber Christy has joined us all the way from sunny California where she and her husband Sean are pastors of the Yorba Linda Vineyard church. Christy is the daughter in law of John Wimber and spent many years ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit with him all over the world.

Beth Croft Beth will be co-leading worship this weekend. Did you know that Beth is related to Persian royalty? (Bowing and curtseying are both expected.)

Sam Bailey Sam will also be co-leading worship this weekend. Sam has a love of animals, so much so that his parents call him Dr Dolittle. Either that or he looks like Eddie Murphy. You decide!


Schedule for the weekend Friday 15th March Registration

4pm onwards

Venue open


Session 1

8pm – 9:30pm

Bar open ‘til


Resources Area The resource area will be open before and after each session and during the breaks.

Saturday 16th March Venue open


Session 2

9:30am – 11am



Session 3

11:30am – 1pm

Coffee For Six

4pm at The Venue

Venue Open


Session 4

7:30pm – 9pm

Bar open ‘til


Why not visit our stand at the back of the venue?

Sunday 17th March Venue open


Session 5

9:30am – 11am


11-11.30am Why not check out the exhibitors at the back of the venue?

Session 6

11:30am – 1pm

Monday 18th March Villas to be vacated by

10am but you can use Center Parcs facilities ‘til 2pm


Don’t Forget! Departure If you are one of the fortunate ones who doesn’t have work on Monday or you can blag an extra day away from Uni, our friends at Center Parcs have allowed us to stay until Monday. Villas must be vacated by 10am but you can use the Center Parcs facilities until 2pm.


Tweet Tweet!

Within the next week we will email you a short questionnaire about your time away with us this weekend. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this Momentum retreat and what you would like from us at further events.

Throughout the weekend we will be attempting to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on with the twitter hashtag: #Momentum13

You’ll also be able to access the link through our website: or through our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Make sure you keep us posted with what you think of the weekend.


Center Parcs had limited wifi in the main venue. Please see the Center Parcs desk for more info.



Dates for the Diary Summer

Like the ingredients to a massive logistical cake, the plans for Momentum in the summer are coming together nicely. This year Momentum falls handily over a Bank Holiday weekend so why not invite friends along for the weekend or the day? Day passes are available from £30.

Summer 2013 dates:

23rd -27th August 2013 (Royal Bath and West Showground)

For bookings head to Cost: £99-£112 depending on time and mode of booking For more details about any events we run, please visit or

Equal On Saturday 15th June, Mike P and Ali Martin will be joined by Jane Williams for our third Equal conference. Jane is a published author and lecturer at King’s College London and St Paul’s Theological Centre, as well as being the wife of former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. Together we want to

Equal date: 15th June 2013 Cost: £5

encourage women in church leadership by exploring what the Bible says about this and practically supporting women in leadership roles. Sorry guys, this one is just for the ladies!










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Momentum Retreat Programme 2013  

Momentum Retreat 2013 at Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs - March 2013

Momentum Retreat Programme 2013  

Momentum Retreat 2013 at Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs - March 2013