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Top Tips to Build Emotional Intimacy in your Relationship, by Anza Goodbar

The truth behind MARCONICS ENERGY HEALING, by expert practitioner Jen Gagnon

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Welcome to our 2nd edition.


On the Cover: Susi Kauefer


Traveling the world as a Digital Nomad since 2014, helping female Biz Babes to create and scale a freedom business they love. Mindset and Business Coach.

DreamDeluxe Queen.

Anza Goodbar: Relationship and Emotional Intimacy

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Everything CAN Change... Never judge a book by its cover




How to get over Excusitis

Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker adn Best-selling Author

JEN GAGNON: The Truth behind Marconics Healing.

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Podcast: "UNCHAIN your inner strength"

Holistic Whole Health Coach, Bliss Activator & Advanced Marconics Practitioner!


Fun and easy tips to always looking like the Goddess that you are!


The TEAM special contributors

Andreah Barker,

36 Ghost Writer and

Writing Coach

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Nadya Siapin, Travel Blogger

Wendy Friston, Transformational 46 Life Coach and Business Strategist


23 Jessica Wyse, Editor in Chief



Maria C. Krause, Founder and Owner of UNCHAIN your inner strength


For a long time I thought it was impossible for me

Maria C. Krause Mindset and Business Coach

to do something different, mostly because I was afraid, I thought I wasn’t worth enough and I didn’t have what it takes to do something that actually made me happy and gave an income that could replace that job that I so much disliked.

Welcome to "UNCHAIN your inner streangth" As I embarked in my journey to self development, This magazine’s full purpose is to reach out

I rediscover things about myself that I been

and help the souls who are looking to live a

hiding for a long time, talents and skills that I

more meaningful and fulfilling life, learning

forgot I had; and through this discovery I learned

to love who they are by unchaining their

that no matter what happened in my life until this

inner strength and full soul power.

day, I had the power to create the future that I wanted for myself, all I had to do was to get out

Can we all agree that we have one life and

of my own head and out of my comfort zone and

one life only? So what not live it the best

start becoming the person I needed to be in order

way we can by doing the things we love,

to achieve what I wanted to achieve.

spending time with the people we love and be as happy as we can be!

Now, is my life passion, and the women who form part of this magazine, to teach others to do the

YOU CAN! You got what it takes to make it

same, embrace their own power and uniqueness.

happen… You might just not know it yet, but trust me, if you’ve made it this far, you got

UNCHAIN your inner strength, is about finding

what it takes to do what you want.

your voice, finding who you are, finding your skills, your dreams, your desires… Live the life

UNCHAIN your inner strength, wants to help

that you deserve to live!

you achieve that. We want to teach you what it takes to live your best life yet, to make

Each and everyone of our incredible experts

everyday count, to help you get up every

share their most valuable tips and advice to help

morning and be grateful of who you are and

you on your journey to make your wildest dreams

the choices you have made.

come true.

Just like most people, I once was living a life

They all have helped me make this dream come

with no purpose and no meaning, I was lost,

true; since the moment I started to read, I wanted

I didn’t know who I was anymore or what

to create my own magazine and thanks to their

was I supposed to do with my life. I was

love and support, this is finally happening.

working a job with the only purpose to pay my bills, and if I was lucky enough to have

I am 40 years young now, and life has just began

something left over, go on a one time

once again!

holiday; I was living in autopilot, everyday

Let your inner child come and play, let it shine in

the same thing, the same routine, the same

its splendor and grace… Magical things happen

“ol, same “ol… Thinking that it had to be

when you start believing in yourself.

more to life than this! Does that sound familiar? Love, Light, BE Maria C. Krause. Mindset and Business Coach. UNCHAIN 4









"People are often too scared to "loose what they have" and that makes them missing out on something big, and beautiful and wilder than their wildest dreams. Don't fall into this trap. Play big!" Susi Kaeufer


Personal Development Coach. Sexologist. Motivational Speaker. Best selling Author


When I inquire about the intimacy level of my clients’ their relationships, they get awkward and embarrassed because they assume that I’m asking about their sex life. Even though sex is a component of physical intimacy, experiencing MIND-BLOWING sex is a result of developing emotional intimacy outside of the bedroom.

Women are wired to feel a deep emotional connection with their partner. Feeling safe and secure allows them to let their guard down and relax so they can fully experience all of the pleasure that is possible in the bedroom. But before we can discuss sexual disconnects, we must first evaluate the level of emotional connection between partners and address issues that are impeding communication and trust.

Women are guilty of settling for less than they desire because they don’t have the skills or tools to address their unspoken needs. They leave it up to their mate to innately know what they want and how they should experience pleasure. As a result, women often end up with mediocre and less than satisfying levels of intimacy inside and outside the bedroom.

We must take radical responsibility for every aspect of our life if we want to create a life that we love. We can’t leave any element to chance and hope that things will work out in our favor. We must take intentional action to teach our mate how to connect with us and meet our emotional and sexual needs. If your relationship is experiencing a slump, these five action steps will invigorate and revitalize your intimacy levels:


1- FOCUS ON YOURSELF BEFORE YOU FOCUS ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP In order to truly love another human, we must first fall madly, deeply in love with ourselves. We need to know ourselves insight and out and we need to learn to accept ourselves unconditionally. In order to get our needs met, we must be able to articulate them to our partner. It is our responsibility to teach our mate how to love us and provide pleasure to us, both inside and outside of the bedroom. Regular journaling can help spot trends in behavior or patterns in communicating can raise awareness to areas where inner-work is required to create the shift you desire in your relationship. It all begins with YOU! Action step: Make a list of your own emotional needs, this might include: being seen and heard, being understood, being nurtured and encouraged, being accepted physically and emotionally, being desired sexually, and receiving non-sexual physical touch. Ask your mate to do the same and discuss similarities and differences. Create an action plan to close the gap.

2- PRACTICE MAKING REQUEST FOR WHAT YOU NEED WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY Learn to say “YES” to yourself as part of your regular self-care routine. This might include asking for help with housework, carpooling or getting the kids ready for bed. Between careers, running a household, and building a successful relationship, women often put ourselves at the bottom of our priority list. As a result, our needs go unnoticed and unmet. Feeling of invisibility creep and create fertile soil for resentment to get a foothold. Men can’t read our minds, nor should they. Each partner should be able to articulate what they need in a succinct way so their partner isn’t operating in the dark. Release feeling the need to justify your needs. Create an agreement with your partner that all requests are legitimate and need to be respected. To serve each other at your highest level, you need to be at your very best, you will become better partners, lovers, and parents. Action Step: Use your journal to identify where you feel like you’re unable to ask for help to get your needs met. What underlying belief do you have that is holding you back?

Ask your partner to make a list of his needs that aren’t being met in the relationship and develop a plan to be more mindful of each other’s needs. Open up the discussion for negotiations to find a win/win solution for both of you.


An intimacy building retreat for couples who want to enhance their communication, confidence, connection, and sexuality... Open your heart to feel more connected to life, yourself, and your partner


3- UTILIZE RESOURCES TO EXPAND YOUR PERSPECTIVE One of my favorite tools to help couples re-establish intimacy in their relationship is Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages.” When it comes to expressing love and appreciation for our mate, most of us fall short by merely using actions and words that are meaningful to us. By default, we speak our primary love language. Rarely does it occur to most couples that their mate may experience love in a different way. If our mate doesn’t share the same primary language, our efforts can go unnoticed. Learning to communicate in words and actions that are meaningful to our partner is an essential step to building emotional intimacy. When we make the effort to become fluent in our partner’s love language, we communicate value and worth. Action Step: Follow the link above to take the love language test. Review each of your primary and secondary love languages and discuss how you can better meet each other’s emotional needs by speaking each other’s love language. Be creative. Schedule a date night at least twice per month to work on increasing this skill.

4- STOP BLAMING AND SHAMING YOUR PARTNER We all fall short. We forget important dates. We all let our partner down every now and then. But at the end of the day, we are human. We are fallible. That’s part of the deal when you’re in a relationship. We all have a gremlin (internal self-talk) who berates us for the lack of follow through or disappointing those we love most. We don’t need to spend time bashing our mate, they are already doing a fine job of it themselves. Agree to move past the passive aggressive behaviors and take to 100% responsibility for your actions. Own up to your mistakes and find a plan to move forward. Make amends where needed and identify ways not to repeat the offense. Use loving and kind words to practice self-compassion and offer compassion to your partner. Action Step: Ask your partner to commit to a new way of communicating in your relationship. No more list keeping or blame-casting. Moving forward, each partner will be responsible for their own words and actions. Make a list of ongoing grievances that keep coming up and sabotaging your relationship.Write them out on a piece of paper and address them one final time...then burn the paper and start with a clean slate. Negotiate a win/win resolution for moving forward. Forgiving past hurts will rebuild trust in your relationship.

5- FACE THE FEAR THAT HOLD YOU BACK FROM BEING AUTHENTIC AND VULNERABLE WITH YOUR MATE. Fear of being rejected, ridiculed, or losing our mate can cause us to hold our tongue when it comes to getting our needs met. In our quest to be known, we must first understand, accept, and love ourselves. If we are unsure of who we are and what our core values are we run the risk of losing ourselves by trying to become the person we think our partner wants us to be. People pleasing erodes intimacy because the “real” you never shows up. When we are not being true to ourselves, our mate can sense the inconsistency, and it can weaken the bond of trust. Building emotional intimacy depends on our willingness to let our guards down and set aside judgments of ourselves and our partners.


Action Step: Ask your partner for a commitment to allow your real selves to show up daily. Create a “safe zone” to talk about your innermost fears that keep you stuck and prevent you from being vulnerable in your relationship. Establish guidelines for creating space for an honest, open dialog to deepen your intimacy levels.

Building a stable relationship that will last a lifetime takes intentional effort. The concept is simple, but the work required is never easy. There is no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter recipe for every couple. It takes some experimentation and a journey of personal discovery to identify the path for your particular situation. If you are committed to creating a relationship that allows energy that supports passion, intimacy, love, trust, loyalty, and forgiveness, you have to dare to face your biggest fears and be vulnerable. Bringing your concerns into the light will diminish the power that anger, distrust, and disillusionment have over you. Practice daily gratitude for your partner and keep a positive attitude as you build a wildly happy life together!

About Anza Goodbar,

Anza is a certified coach, trainer speaker and best-selling author. She has contributed chapters to two anthology books, Your Shift Matters: Resistance to Resilience and You’re Never Too Old To which will release this month. Her newest book project, Activate your life will come out in August, 2019. Through private coaching, group coaching programs, retreats, and speaking, Anza inspires and empowers couples to redefine what they want in their relationships and create strategies to go after it. She is passionately committed to opening up conversations about sexual empowerment and supporting couples to conquer incompatibility issues, communicate their wants, needs, and desires; and increase intimacy and sexual satisfaction. She works with individuals and couples who feel disconnected from their partner emotionally and/or physically and want to rediscover, rekindle and reignite the passion they once felt in their relationship. She creates a safe environment to explore sensitive topics that lead to more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. She guides couples who are coping with the loss of libido, difficulty achieving orgasm, infrequent intercourse, or menopausal issues to be receptive to concepts and techniques to bring healing and restoration to their physical relationship. You can learn about Anza by connecting with her on social media: UNCHAIN 10





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Make up and Confidence Queen!


Hey Beauties! Happy Spring time! One of the things I get asked about a lot is how to get the perfect eyeliner look. Because whether it’s smoky and smudgy, winged cat eyes, using coloured liners – there’s nothing worse than doing a beautiful eyeshadow look, only to make a mistake with the eyeliner at the end and think that all your hard work is destroyed in an instant!! SAD FACE!!!! But have no fear, because this month I am here to help with a quick guide on which products to choose, top tips for an easy eyeliner flick and help on how to fix those mistakes without having to start from scratch! First up - choose your weapon!! Eyeliners come in lots of different shapes and sizes – pencil, pen tip, liquid, gel. But which to choose? They all give a different effect – so here’s a quick lowdown.. Pencil eyeliner – gives a soft definition to your eyes. Easy to apply and if you make mistakes, just smudge out with your finger or a smudge brush for a subtle, smoky ‘I meant to do that’ look. Pen tip – these are great for sharp lines, but can smudge if you’re not careful and once in place they are tricky to remove without disturbing other eye make-up! Gel liner – glides on easily for a sharp, defined line. You need to have a steady hand for this one as you apply it with an eyeliner brush – so it does take some practice! Liquid liner – great for precision lining and a sharp, bold finish. Liquid liners are the perfect choice for a feline flick!


HOW TO APPLY? There are lots of ways to apply eyeliner - but generally, starting with a thinner line in the inner corner of your eye and gradually making it thicker towards the outer edge gives you a more flattering, feline look – but here are some quick top tips to ensure a perfect look every time. - Lining your lower lash line with liquid or pen liners can look too harsh and make eyes look much smaller. Instead try using a deep brown/charcoal eyeshadow (or a shade that matches the eyeshadow look you’ve done) and line the outer edge of your lower lash line instead for just as much drama - but with a more eye-opening effect. - Think you can’t wear eyeliner with hooded/monolid eyes? You can! Apply a thick chunky line to your upper lash line so that the liner is visible when your eye is open and wing it out to lift your eyes. - Wide set eyes? If the space between your eyes is bigger than the width of one of your eyes, focus eyeliner on the inner corners of your upper and lower lash line and gradually fade towards the outer edge. This will balance your look and draw the focus inward.

- For close set eyes, start your liner from the middle of your lid and extend slightly beyond the edge of your lid (top and bottom) to elongate your eyes, then apply a shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corner of your lids and tear duct to widen and brighten!

- If you have downturned eyes, a small feline flick starting just before the end of your top lid lash line will instantly help to lift your eyes.

Still struggling to perfect the eyeliner flick?! – try this quick hack and cheat your way to the perfect cat eye in 7 easy steps. I highly recommend using liquid liner for this as they give you the most control and precision. I absolutely LOVE the Moodstruck Dip and Draw eyeliner which comes in classic black, shimmer brown/bronze, metallic maroon and silver glitter! 1. Find the right angle for your liner by using a pencil or make up brush to line up the corner of your eye with the end of your eyebrow. 2. Mark three dots 3. Connect the dots to get your first line. 4. Draw your liner along your eyelid, as close as possible to your lash line. 5. Draw three dots from the top of the first line you drew to the middle of your lid. 6. Join the dots and fill in the space. 7. Clean up with a wipe and concealer for a sharper line! DONE!! UNCHAIN 14

And finally…what if it all goes wrong? Don’t panic!! No need to start again, just use these top tips… To clean up mistakes, use a tiny amount of face primer on a cotton bud and erase those errors in an instant without smudging your liner! Line looking wavy or winged liner smudged? Using an eyeliner brush, apply a small amount of concealer and run it along the line for a sharper finish. If all else fails with your winged liner, simply grab a blending brush and a dark matte eyeshadow (a deep brown or a charcoal is perfect!), then apply it to the outer edge of your eye over the top of the eyeliner - and blend out and up for a smoky look with no sign that you ever attempted a wing! And if all else fails, just add more liner and embrace your inner Amy Winehouse!!! [Amy pic] Hope that helps beauties! I’ll be back next month with some more top tips!! UNCHAIN 15

I’m Elise, mummy to a gorgeous 5-year-old, make up lover, poodle fancier and business owner at BeYoutiful Belles. My background is in marketing and advertising, but after


working in agencies for 15 years, health issues meant that I had to look for another way to work, and I discovered that network marketing could give me the flexibility I needed. I have been running my own business promoting and selling 100% natural, mineral-based and cruelty free make up and skincare for the last year now and I feel truly blessed to have finally found something that I feel truly passionate about – and my ethos is all about helping to empower and uplift women and make them feel good about themselves, inside and out. You will mostly find me trying out the latest crazy make trends and hacks, product testing in unconventional ways, doing live tutorials while my little boy hares around in the background stealing my brushes, and sharing my musings and outlook on life on my Facebook page. Feel free to join the fun and live action on my FB profile - and for top tips on make up and skincare visit:


Everything CAN Change... Never judge a book by its cover By Maria C. Krause Mindset and Business Coach. Founder and Owner of UNCHAIN your inner strength

Everything CAN Change...Never judge a book by its cover Are you familiar with this quote? “Never judge a book by its cover” If you are, then you know that is not literally referring to books but life itself instead; to the first time you meet someone or the time you try something new. Or what about the time one of your best friend comes to you with this amazing opportunity that could change your life forever; or when that same friend tells you how he’s/ she’s about to embark in an incredible spiritual journey and you should join; but since you’re not sure what it is, you decline and keep on living your life the same way you have been doing until now. Does any of the above sound familiar at all? Let’s get real and honest. How many times you’ve met someone and you already made up your mind of who they are by the way they were dressed or by the first words that came out of their mouth; by the way they moved their hands or didn’t; or made a weird expression when you said something and you immediately start disliking them. How many times have you felt that way? And how many times do you think you made someone feel that way? Let me share something with you, as a human, most people are scared of what they don’t know. Why taking them into the unknown when what they know is totally comfortable, is easy, is familiar. Would you risk everything to get out of your own way? When you don’t know what’s on the other side? Or just thinking of it makes you feel: Scared! Helpless! Unworthy! Content! Happy? Fearing of what would happen if something different came into your life. Fearing your whole life might change and what’s worst… You’ll have to change


I use to feel that way… And it wasn’t until something unexpected, out of my control, happened in my life that I had no other choice than to power through and do what needed to be done. Is through tragedies that we end up finding our best self; through those moments of total despair, pain, and uncertainty is where we found our strength and discover the person that we truly are. It wasn’t until I pulled myself together and out of depression, with the help of people who really cared about me, and loads loads of reading, exercising, and therapy; that I realized that my life had to change, therefore I had to change too. Was I scared? Hell yeah! Did I wish everything went back the way it was before? Hell NO! I am a strong believer that the Universe is always sending new chances our way, sometimes we catch them straight away… and sometimes it takes us longer, but eventually most of us do. I was ready to start step into the unknown, and to start seeing and feeling things in a different way; from a place of love and no judgement; from a place of compassion and understanding; being more human and at peace with myself and the world around me. Life changes you; through what you’ve gone through; through what you have learned from it all; through the people you have met in your life, for the good and the not so good, they have all made a difference. Who are we if we don’t learn from all we have experienced and gone through? Who are we if can’t become better, kinder and wiser? Who are we to judge someone else by their appearance? By the way they talk? Based on what kind of job they do? Or they culture or background? Everything can change from one moment to the next, no matter how much you planned your life; no matter how hard you worked to have what you now have; no matter what fancy degree you got from University… EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE! So the next time that you meet someone and they seem angry, or dismissive, or sad, or on a hurry or happy; please don’t be so quick to judge and create a fixed character for this person; you don’t know what’s going on on their lives, be kind, a simple gesture such as a smile which doesn’t cost anything, can change a person’s day. Leave everyone knowing that there are still kind and good people in this world, because that’s what the world needs more of right now: Kindness and Love.

Love, Light, BE Maria C. Krause. Mindset and Business Coach.


Maria C. Krause’s souls mission is to help others Unchain their inner strength and uncover their true passion for life itself and all the beautiful things that life has to offer.

Like most people, Maria has gone through her own personal struggles and challenges in life, and after battling with severe depression through her mid 30’s she has learned to love the woman she now has become, to be stronger and follow her dreams to help others overcome their fears and live their best lives yet.

Maria is the founder and owner of the recently rebranded online magazine and podcast “UNCHAIN your inner strength” and the Facebook tribe “THE ELITE SOUL SOCIETY” (all previously known as SOUL SISTER’S UNIVERSE) .Through her platforms, Maria empowers women who are just getting started on their self-discovery and entrepreneurial journey to share their life stories and open up their heart to inspire others in believing in themselves.

Maria believes that no one should be boxed for what they do or what they have done, the Universe gives us opportunities every day to be who we were always meant to be, and we have the power to be and do whatever we want if we put our minds and souls into it. To contact Maria, drop an email to


w: nd e a i v n r inte dom Fa e h T ree er F , d ma re seek o N tal ntu e v Digi d A


UNCHAIN: Susi, you've been living the laptop life since the beginning of your business? Tell us how does that feel? SUSI: Living the life I live today has been a life-long dream. Until after my 30th birthday I was following the "conventional" German lifestyle of office job, savings account and worrying about retirement. In 2013 I quit my day job to travel the world, and my first around-the-world tour brought me to Africa, Asia and Australia. In Australia I started my own coaching business, which now allows me to keep going. You know... everyone was expecting this "once in a life-time adventure" to end, but it doesn't have to. I've been living internationally and location independent since 5 years now, have done two round-the-world trips, and to answer the question how this feels: Vibrant. Exciting. Alive.

UNCHAIN: How many countries have you traveled to so far while working on your business? SUSI: Uuuuh I actually haven't counted yet. Let's do it: Australia, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Austria, USA, Canada, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, England, Vietnam. 23 countries, 7 of them twice.

UNCHAIN: What was the crucial moment in your life where you decided, you wanted to help others and started a coaching business? SUSI: I was always great with coaching and mentoring. I got some trainings during my last day job in Australia and I have a talent for making people see their potential and believing in themselves. I trained people how to handle 4 customer requests at the same time - however that wasn't really a topic I was passionate about. I didn't even know that "online coaching" is a thing when I started coaching women. Basically, I took my skills and passion for personal development, location independence and mindset - and created my own baby out of it.

UNCHAIN: What did you do before starting your business? And did anything that you learned in your job, influence the way you now run your business? If yes, how? SUSI: Back in Germany I worked in media and marketing for years - something I wanted to leave behind completely, until I noticed that it's actually quiet useful when it comes to branding yourself and finding clients online. In my job in Australia at an online casino, I learned how coaching and mentoring can get people results faster, and getting to where you want to go faster if one of my main drivers for everything I do. I have no patience for slow results or weeks of struggle. You get to decide how slow you wanna go. If you want to speed things up, get a mentor, get someone who challenges you, pushes you, and someone who's done it before.


UNCHAIN: The reason why I asked this question, is because I see a lot of women stopping from doing what they love because they think that they would have to start from scratch, all over again... What are your thoughts on that? What would you like to share with women in this situations?

SUSI: First of all - isn't starting from scratch something wonderful? You get to create something that is purely you, no hiding, no playing small, no carrying around of any old luggage. You're now working for yourself, and only yourself. You create your reality. However, I get that many women have responsibilities and bills to pay, so the idea of "loosing it all to start from scratch" can be very scary. Nobody says that you have to go back to Zero. You can start your business on the side, whilst still working in your job to support you. You can utilise your skills and experiences, and use them in a field that ACTUALLY lights you up. People are often too scared to "loose what they have" and that makes them missing out on something big, and beautiful and wilder than their wildest dreams. Don't fall into this trap. Play big! . UNCHAIN: I have to honestly say, you are one of the few coaches that I follow that is constantly joining a new course to improve themselves. What certifications have you got so far and how many more are you planning to have? SUSI: I don't think I'm even capable of summarizing up everything I have completed to work on myself, I am constantly in 2-3 courses. I don't really care about the certification or title as well that's not what makes a difference. I am simply very driven to learn more and more about the human mind, how we can mirror excellence and create success, and how to become a better human being every single day. My core value is personal growth, as you might have noticed. I recently finished my Master NLP certification, which is something that has really gotten me to the next level - both in my own personal development, as well as how I can now help my clients. Hypnosis is something I would like to learn on an even deeper level as well. If you're not growing, you're dying. It's not about your title, but about being a life-long student.

UNCHAIN: Your success was mostly instant, after starting your business. You signed your first client just after 2 months, right? Can you share a bit of how did you achieve it? SUSI: That's funny, because 2 months didn't feel like instant to me at all. If felt more like "60 days of hard work for nothing" at that time. I lost my patience after 6 weeks of struggle, and invested into my first business coach. I learned all the ropes of Facebook groups and marketing, funnels, building an email list and a following and started showing up constantly and consistently on social media. Consistency is the key. You have to show up for your people, no matter what - and they will appreciate it and follow along.


A Day in Susi's Life

I usually wake up between 5am and 6am, without alarm. I do some form of morning ritual, like a hypnosis or meditation, followed by a couple of pages of mindset journaling. Then I have breakfast and start working. I focus on the most important task to bring my business to the next level (which is currently, to create valuable programs and content) and after 2 hours of working on this priority, I take care of the rest. Checking in with my team, my clients, my Facebook group, sharing a couple of Instagram stories and promoting my most recent offer. I usually work 4-5 hours per day and than do something else. "Something else" includes a lot of learning, upleveling, mindset work or courses. In my free time I enjoy spending time with animals, playing poker, or just exploring our current destination. As I don't have a home, there's always something to explore or enjoy around me. I go to bed around 9pm.

Click in any of the links below to contact Susi FB group:

UNCHAIN:You have grown a beautiful Facebook community, Location Independent Biz Babes, with over 12.000 members, who follow you and engage with one another. In your opinion, what is the main sauce to create such an empowering Facebook group? SUSI: I think it's about focusing on the community. I see too many group owners treating their Facebook group just like a Facebook page - post after post of self-promotion. If I'd wanna read this, I'd just follow your business page. So in my community I give people space to connect with each other, to find clients and like-minded biz besties and to get visible in front of 12,000 likeminded women. My space is your space, and there is no "taking away" from someone.

UNCHAIN: As a Mindset coach, what are your favorite routines or habits that you follow through every day? SUSI: I start my mornings with hypnosis and mindset journaling. I keep repeating my goals, my desires, all the reasons why I can have it and deserve it, and why my work matters in this world. I work on myself every single day and get better and better at reframing situations and catching myself on any negative thoughts. Being the master of your own thoughts is a powerful tool, which requires daily practise.

UNCHAIN: In your opinion, how important is to work on your mindset while running a business? And why? SUSI: I honestly don't know any successful business owner who isn't doing this. When I started modelling the success tools of 6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs, I noticed how they think different and take different actions based on their beliefs. Scaling to the next level in your business will always require YOU being ready for it on a spiritual and mental level first.

UNCHAIN: Is there anything you would like to share with women who are trying to follow your steps, becoming a successful entrepreneur? SUSI: It's literally about following the successful people and learning from them. Stop hanging out with entrepreneurs who are struggling, sharing their struggles to feel better because others are struggling too. Who you surround yourself with, is who you become. So you want to surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs. Get a high-level coach, join a mastermind, and start thinking and acting like the people you admire because they have achieved something outstastanding. Susi, once again, thank you so much for being part of this magazine and share your love and knowledge. Keep inspiring and empowering women, help them believe that everything is possible. UNCHAIN 24

"When we are capable of loving

ourselves, we are already protecting

and nourishing society. When we are

able to smile, to look at ourselves with

compassion, our world begins to





JEN GAGNON, Holistic Whole Health Coach, Bliss Activator & Advanced Marconics Practitioner!

MY TRUE EXPERIENCE WITH MARCONICS ENERGY HEALING This journey of mine as you’ve read, or perhaps not…;) began 8 years ago now! As I write this, I realize what a ride it truly has been and the leaps and bounds I’ve grown. My journey began with weight loss and finding myself and turned into so much more. When I look back, it’s not about the weight I loss, but truly about the life I’ve gained! I went from surviving to living my most authentic & blissful life! Now don’t get that mixed up with perfect as nothing is perfect. Everything is always only as good as we choose to make it ;) I digress! Haha. I’ve done a lot of work on this journey, I’ve become the healthiest, happiest & most aligned me and I continue to perfect this art of being my best self. Every day I show up and do the work, even when sometimes, I’d rather pull the blankets over my head. I’ve done the personal development and continue to do so, I am very aware and remove toxicity from my body, mind & soul daily, I workout, AND I do the energy work that needs to be done!! I’ve held back a bit on the topic of energy as I felt it was a little too “woo woo”, but in aligning with my authentic truth I have to speak up, and have been doing so as of lately. Marconics energy healing has been a catalyst in this journey of mine! In November 2016, I received my Chakra Unification & Recalibration and began healing on levels I didn’t even really comprehend at the time. I began the true journey of self discovery! Even though I didn’t fully understand it all, I had a knowing that this is exactly what I needed. I’ve since come to understand and embody all of it! In February of 2018, I woke up with a burning desire to learn more about energy work, I wasn’t quite sure where this desire was coming from as I had always believed that for one to work with energy, you had to be born with a “gift”, be a medium or something of the sort, which I was neither nor. Luckily, the beautiful soul that was my bridge to Marconics assured me that we all have a gift, that I just needed to unwrap mine, trust and believe in it The following week they were holding their annual 8 day intensive to become an Advanced Marconics Practitioner and I signed up (thank the Universe for synchronicities!) and the rest is history! When I first got my certification it was mostly for my family and myself and the journey I was on. It still amazes me because when I walked into that room, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Lol. I just knew I needed to be there. UNCHAIN 26

Marconics Energy Healing for those of you who don’t know, is the Evolution of energy healing for the multidimensional light body! It is a multidimensional Ascension energy healing modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of Humanity – The Human Upgrade. I know, a mouth full ;) To convey what Marconics is and does, here are some facts: Marconics raises your vibration above the Fear frequencies of the third dimension, so you can access the frequencies of love in the higher realms and come into alignment with your Higher Self, at Source. Marconics is achieving Ascension through the progressive integration of Higher Self energies, into the physical body. Each one introducing a higher vibration than the last. Anything you do emits a vibrational frequency, once you have received your own Marconic Recalibration, you will experience an acceleration of your life’s path. Your personal interactions and your work will emit a higher vibrational frequency, drawing experiences and people to you that are in resonance. Recipients of Marconics continue to download upgrades into their new operating systems with every new wave of Ascension energy that hits the planet from the newly completed infrared system of space.

MARCONICS ENABLES YOU TO: • Communicate with your DNA • Take Charge of your Personal Programs • Accelerate your Evolutionary Process • Discover your Life’s Purpose • Align with your Higher Mission • Awaken Intuition/ESP Psychic Gifts • Reclaim Hidden Talents & Skills • Release Negative Past life Imprints

I’ve been facilitating sessions for clients now and it has been nothing short of magical. I know first hand what it’s like to receive this energy and the impact it’s had on my life and now I also know what it feels like to pass it along and both leave me speechless…well not so much, but you get it ;)

Energy is everything! From your thoughts to your words, to your actions to your reactions. It’s a chain effect! The energy you put out is the energy that is returned to you. I’ve learned to be conscientious about my energy and how I show up in this life.


This life is meant for us to grow, to wake up and to be the person we were always meant to be….that’s exactly the path I’ve chosen. Helping other women do the same is a mission of mine. Helping women reclaim control, reclaim their sovereignty in this lifetime. My mentoring goes far beyond what I had imagined in the beginning. I have created the life I desire and continue to do so daily, living my healthiest, happiest, most aligned & blissful life, using all the tools that I’ve acquired throughout this journey of mine. I’m sharing those tools with women who are ready to take action and leave the excuses at the door! This lifetime is meant for you to soar!!! If you’re ready to create change in your life, contact me so we can chat about how I can best help you find your bliss!!! Much love, Jen

About Jen

Hi! I'm Jen a Holistic Whole Health Coach, Bliss Activator & Advanced Marconics Practitioner! My mission is to empower women to reclaim control of their lives through detoxification of all areas of their lives, mindset work, holistic health and for those that are ready to take it to the next level, energy healing! Finding your bliss is your birthright, that's what I'm here to activate in you! UNCHAIN 28

NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER, MARIA C. KRAUSE To all readers, if you look into Marconics Energy Healing, you'll find controversial articles against this practice; some claim to be cult based among other things. As the publisher and founder of "UNCHAIN your inner strength", I want to make sure to deliver the best value in each of our articles, therefore I have asked Jen to also elaborate on what she had experienced when she first discover Marconics Energy Healing, and here is what Jen had to share: I know some of you may be taken aback by Marconics. Many of you may have read an article warning against it, that it’s occult! You see, as human beings we fear what we don’t know, it’s natural. Those who fear this modality or judge it, are doing so without knowing what it truly is. They are giving their opinion based on assumptions or interpretations, and that’s ok, but you can’t go spreading information, when you really have nothing to go on! I will say this! If you take a step back for a moment and think. These judgement stem not only from fear and ignorance but from our perspective of things. We have followed religious doctrines for hundreds of thousands of years, the church has set rules to be followed and people follow without a question. Yet someone reads something they don’t understand, so it’s got to be bad?!?!? To me, spirituality and religion are personal, not something to be judged. My belief is that whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs may be, make sure that they are in alignment with your highest good, make sure that they bring you joy and create good in the world. That’s truly all that matters! Regardless of what those beliefs are, as long as they encourage you to come from a place of love and honor yourself and others, then what else matters? You see, Marconics promotes just that; self confidence, connection within, living your highest good, aligning with your truth, hearing & trusting your inner voice, healing on so many different levels and so much more! You may not understand all of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s scary or no good! To experience this energy modality is to become a believer! I was skeptic at first…because I had fear! Because it was different and I didn’t understand it. So before running for the hills, I would highly encourage you to reach out and speak to those who have experienced positive results from their experience with Marconics Energy Healing.


Ghost Writer and Writing Coach. Founder and Owner of "SADIE TELLS STORIES"

This Before That and All The Bullshit Excuses We Hold Onto

Ever since before I can remember, I also never thought to consider writing as a viable career option. The stereotypical image of the starving writing pulling there hair out while waiting for a publisher to accept their manuscript just wasn’t for me, at least that was what I told myself anyway. Until now. Now I’m a writer. I know what I want and I’m not waiting for anyone to tell me I’m good enough. It took me a while to get here though. When I first started my business I began with copywriting and ghostwriting articles. It was riveting stuff I tell ya. Seriously, I could barely contain my excitement. I mean who doesn’t want to spend hours figuring out a million different ways to describe the same watch? Or, what makes a garage door opener the best garage door opener you’ve ever purchased? Or, what to look for when you think your ex might be hiding money from you during a divorce? Yep, that last one is sad but true. In truth, these were all great experiences and combined, they taught me a very valuable lesson: I was playing it safe. I was using my skill to make money, but I wasn’t going for what I truly wanted. And so, I asked myself the hard questions: What do I want? Like, really want? What makes my soul sing? What gets me excited? The answer is simple: I want to tell stories that have an impact. I want to tell stories that change lives. I want to help others realize that they too, can do anything they set their mind to. Armed with this honest awareness of the ways in which I want to make this world a better place I decided that I needed to share my words, in my voice. I challenged myself to write, edit, design and publish a short eBook in one month.

And I did it.



The thing that happened next I was truly unprepared for: people actually bought it! What?! It’s not that I didn’t think it was worth reading or that I didn’t want it to sell. I was just playing small in my expectations again. It’s a hard habit to break! I thought that my first book wouldn’t draw an audience and I’m so, so glad that I was wrong.

Here are a few lessons I learned about business from completing Lean In With Love: A Story of Acceptance in a month: 1. Stop being so precious with your big ideas. What does this mean? You need to let go of the idea of perfection. Don’t wait until you know for sure that you’ve gotten everything about your business 100% right before putting it out in the world. Get your work out there. Share your posts. Go live on your social media streams. SHOUT YOUR MESSAGE FROM THE ROOFTOPS. Stop using perfectionism as an excuse to hold you back from doing what you truly want. 2. Keep It Simple. One of the greatest excuses we use to hold ourselves back from going for the big, scary, put-yourneck-on-the-line goals is over complication. We think that it has to be epic in order to be amazing. We think that we need to find innovation in order to succeed and so we stay living in the land of stuck waiting for inspiration to strike. Get out of the land of stuck and just go for your dreams. Wanna write? Write. Wanna paint? Paint. Wanna coach? Coach. Seriously… just go for it. You’ll learn along the way and open new thought pathways by doing, not by taking yet another course or learning yet another method or reading yet another book. Don’t get me wrong, all of these things help, but you shouldn’t be waiting to complete them in order to start. 3. Forward Momentum Is Key Fail fast. Celebrate your wins. But no matter what… kept moving forward. When you know, you know. Even if you’re on the right path, you’ll have days that will knock you down hard. Learn your lessons, get back up and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for the days when you do succeed. Stop using perfection, failure, the fear of failure, or the desire to create the next best thing as excuses to play small. Just fucking go for it already! I speak from experience here. I’ve spent a lifetime holding myself back from what I truly want. No more. This girl is on a quest and nothing is stopping her now! UNCHAIN 32

About Andreah Barker Business: Sadie Tells Stories Nature of business: Ghostwriting books, e-books, course workbooks, and articles. Andreah Barker is a dancer and dance/movement therapist turned writer, ghostwriter and motivational group leader. Her love of writing was officially developed during the completion of her Master’s thesis and has since continued to evolve. She recently published her first ebook entitled Lean In With Love: A Story of Acceptance, which has made it onto Amazon’s Best Sellers in Motivational Self-Help Books list. Social Media Links and websites: @sadietellslovestories (FB & Insta)

Check out my latest book, Lean In With Love: A Story of Acceptance on Amazon: https:// Read Lean In With Love already? Keep an eye out for my next book, Girl On A Quest, releasing June 1st.


As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your now normal" -ROBIN S. SHARMA

Nadya Siapin, Free spirit and Traveling Blogger

EXPLORE THE WORLD: WHY YOU SHOULD TRAVEL YOUR HOME STATES It seems a bit of an odd concept, but bear with me here. When I say you should travel your home state, I mean treat it as if it’s an exotic destination. What would you do if you lived in another country and were visiting your home state for the first time? Hit up the museums, coffee shops, art galleries, drive to those hideaway locations, try new activities, talk to locals…All the good stuff. We always treat our home state as a place to escape from, not to, so we tend to be really stingy with our time and money. I think that’s a large part of why we’re so unhappy when we’re home, because we’re not enjoying life. I could tell you five great cafes or pubs I’ve been to in Aviemore, Scotland where I lived for only a year but I can only name two or three in Adelaide. Weird, right? But when you travel your home state... Like a tourist or out of towner, you meet awesome people that you can actually see again. Example? I lived in Fresno for 4 years in my early to mid twenties, went to LA several times. This last time I visited and treated it like a travel destination. The result? I went swing dancing, did some archery (found out that as a lefty, I really shoot better left handed), drove the two hours to Yosemite and lounged for a day, and met some freaking awesome people. Saw Aquaman with a new friend and at one point in the movie Aquaman crashes through a ceiling to land on a lady’s floor. We looked at each other and said, “Yes, please!” and had to laugh and wonder how on earth we hadn’t met sooner. When I’d lived in Fresno before it’d been work, sleep, work and only occasionally see people when I had an evening off. Notice the difference? I can’t even take credit because my awesome cousin Joanna has been working to see and do more in her home town. There’s less of a need to escape when you acknowledge what you have, and you can gain a new level of appreciation for your own backyard.


The grass is no longer greener on the other side. Instead, when you travel your home state, you see it with fresh eyes Suddenly, everything is new, and you appreciate the little things. The quirky statue in the square, the flowers in the city park, and what the memorials mean. You start to notice the little things and take joy in them. It’s especially apparent because now you’re taking photos of those little things. The last time I live in Adelaide? I started taking photos of native flowers, especially the grevilleas, which are my favorites. See? These native plants are totally awesome! Never did that before. You learn more about local interests and events. I’m gonna go back to Adelaide here. Did you know that one of Australia’s largest wine regions is just north of Adelaide? Well, I did, but I didn’t really appreciate just how bloody big it is (80+ wineries in the Barossa Valley), and if you think you know all about Aussie wines – you don’t. We keep the best stuff either in the country, or make it crazy expensive overseas. You can literally find a wine to suit any taste. I know this because I don’t like wine, and I’ve found stuff from several wineries that I really enjoy. Plus there’s all the little things, like going to the Central Market. It’s one of those beauties where you walk in and five minutes later you have two cheeses, crackers, some fruit, maybe a chutney, and now you’re just trying to settle on a wine to accompany it all. The insane thing is I hadn’t done anything like that for years. No reason, I was just…busy with the day to day grind. Hell, I even did an undies run to raise awareness of bowel cancer! That’s right, folks, I donned branded bottoms and a shirt and hauled my butt a mere 2.3 kms through scorching heat for shits and giggles. If you’re historically minded, you may learn more about local events and history, though after surviving high school history, I feel pretty confident in that area. I took a short road trip with my sister to see the Great Ocean Road, and I know people who’ve never done it despite living a mere 8 hours drive from it for their entire lives.


Well, enough, anyway. See what I’m getting at? If not, I’m terrible at descriptions, but let’s recap this. Taking the time to do all those traveller and touristy things in your home city and state can help you appreciate where you live, and maybe make it so you don’t feel trapped. I’ve met travellers who say they never go out for coffee when they’re at home, and live only for leaving again. I call that crazy! You notice all the art that you’ve probably looked through your entire life, like the murals that pepper Silverton, Oregon (a cute little town I lived in for a few years), or the statue of the pigs eating rubbish in the middle of the street in Rundle Mall, Adelaide. How can you travel your home state? What sights is it famous for? Have you ever seen or experienced them? If not, maybe it’s time.

Nadya Siapin

About Nadya

Nadya was raised in Oregon, US, and Australia. She is an avid hiker and backpacker. It's her goal to walk the Canterbury to Rome pilgrimage trail, both for bragging rights and for the time to think. The blog started with a walking trail, and it continues because of what she learned with all that thinking space.


Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary. -JIM ROHN








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WENDY FRISTON Transformational Life Coach and Business Strategist


Founder and Owner of Soul Power Secrets

Think Kind Thoughts - Bounce Back Stronger… How do you talk to yourself? Are you always kind, positive, encouraging? Or are you critical, negative, full of self-doubt? The words that we use every day have a massive impact in our lives - more than most of us realise. “I can’t do that!” Have you tried? Could you learn to do it? “I tried - Now I give up.!” How many times did you try? Have you seen the cartoon with the diamond miner who gives up just before he finds the diamonds? Meanwhile, another miner keeps on going and finds the treasure moments after the other miner gave up… If you believe you can’t do something, the chances are that’s the way it will be. If you feel defeat, then guess what’ll happen? There is another way! Thomas Edison is said to have failed 10000 times before he invented the lightbulb He thought differently and said “I have not failed. I just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” He didn’t see it as failure. He found 10000 ways that didn’t work and kept going until he found the way that worked. Are you prepared to continue finding the ways that don’t work until you find the one that does? Or do you beat yourself up when things don’t quite go to plan? What happens when you realise it is another prove it moment, a chance to learn, so it’s better next time? You keep your focus, and your energy stays high-vibe. That determination and belief keeps you going. When you stay motivated and take “Action” you will achieve your goals. And maybe change the world along the way! Do you celebrate your Successes? No matter how small?


When you start to believe in yourself, magic starts to happen. You may like to use daily affirmations: “I am enough!” “I am more than enough!” “I can do this” “I am doing this” “I am successful in all I do” “The best is yet to come” Do you celebrate your Successes? No matter how small? It’s easy to forget the little things. Or casually brush it away saying it doesn’t matter. Did you know celebrations can fuel your success? Celebrating helps increase your vibe but it also keeps your focus on the good things that are happening. CELEBRATE EVERYTHING! It could be that you’ve done 10 minutes of exercise today, or simply enjoyed good coffee with good friends. Maybe you have signed your first client or your next client. Did you see the sunrise or the sunset? What are you celebrating today? Celebrate every success and every failure. You are learning every step of the way. Learn from your mistakes. Know that they are a stepping stone to success. Give thanks, for the lessons learned and move on. Appreciate and focus on the positive things you have accomplished. Acknowledge other people’s success with delight and genuine happiness. Be kind to yourself and be kind to the people around you. That’s where the magic happens. Are you ready to bounce back stronger? SAY IT OUT LOUD: "I AM MORE THAN I APPEAR TO BE, ALL THE WORLD'S STRENGTH AND POWER RESTS INSIDE ME!!!" And keep on repeat, just like your favorite song which you know all the words to!


About Wendy Friston Wendy Friston – Transformational Life Coach & Business Strategist

Find Wendy on Instagram @wendyfriston or Facebook @wendyfristonlive

Wendy Friston has been helping people transform their lives for over 15 years. With her business background in marketing, she has worked with many high-profile companies and was involved in marketing the launch of some products that are now household names. After her health and fitness suffered from spending hours in the car, Wendy qualified as a Personal Trainer. “I love helping people improve their lives.” says Wendy, who has lived and worked in Turkey for over 8 years. Wendy has studied the Law of Attraction since being introduced to “The Secret” in 2006, while her Spiritual Awakening journey started years earlier, when she was a teenager. After a period of feeling lost, Wendy combined her coaching background with the Universal Laws, and created Soul Power Secrets.


THANK YOU TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL SOULS WHO HAVE BEEN PART OF THIS NEW ADVENTURE, "UNCHAIN your inner strength" To empowering and helping women all over the world to step into their full Soul Power!

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