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A Reflection in the PAUSE, by Eileen Bild


Startup your SUCCESS, by Shelbi Souther


From Bridal to Coaching, by Sandra Chinogurei






A Year in the life of ME, by Shauna Van Mourik


A Year of Self-Discovery, by Julie Tomhe

None of my business, by Maria C. Krause

My most transformational Year, by Abby Kneipp

What 2020 brought into my Life, by Claudia Tinnirello

2020, Change of Plans, by Candace Patrick

My word of the year: BALANCE, by Ceza Ouzounian



Homescolling lessons, by Roisin O'Connor

TA Year of Ascension, by Jordan Wright

Alaska to Oregon and everything in between, by Nadya Siapin




Sailing in High Winds, by Julia Blouin


The Rise, by Bella Morgan


2020, in Hidsight, by Stepanka Kuralova


Embracing the Here and Now, by Colleen Love-Kielton







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This magazine’s full purpose is to reach out and help the souls who are looking to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, learning to love who they are by unchaining their inner strength and full soul power. Can we all agree that we have one life and one life only? So what not live it the best way we can by doing the things we love, spending time with the people we love and be as happy as we can be! YOU CAN! You got what it takes to make it happen… You might just not know it yet, but trust me, if you’ve made it this far, you got what it takes to do what you want. UNCHAIN your inner strength, wants to help you achieve the life and business of your dreams. We want to share with you the tools that you need to live your best life yet, to make everyday count, to help you get up every morning and be grateful of who you are and the choices you have made.

Maria C. Krause Mindset and Business Mentor International Bestselling Author Founder and Owner of UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH The Rising Soulpreneur podcast

You deserve to live a life filled of happiness and joy, doing what you love and loving who you are!





The year 2020 started off with momentum and a vision of growth, both personally and professionally. Then it came to a screeching halt. Everything stopped and life took a PAUSE. As a high achiever and Type A personality, I tend to go at full speed. This can be my trajectory for years on end with no slowing down. Over time I developed a practice of mindfulness meditation and learned techniques to quiet the mind while focusing with clarity on what I want and take action to achieve the success desired. The PAUSE challenged my sense of moving forward and put into place a reckoning within the inner self to take an assessment of what life right now really means to me. This was a time of going into quietude and solitude, as well as, aligning with the ability to rise above the potential stalling of movement. We, as a nation and a world, together locked in on finding a way to stop the spread of a dangerous and deadly virus known as COVID-19. While many became fearful and stressed, I saw this challenging change in a way of living as an opportunity. The shift was intense, as everything that included in-person connection was completely stopped and went virtual. I spent some time reflecting on where my life was heading and if there was anything I needed to do to ensure my continued success. A door opened creating more opportunities than I could have expected. Within the first two months of shut down, I took a class, began a talk show, landed a new business client, started two additional ROKU channels and this has led to becoming a ROKU channel developer.

I did not have these on my radar, and yet, I was shown the possibilities and confidently took the steps to bring them to fruition. Anything is possible! I believed in myself, in the process and in the miracles that happen every day. What is the difference between someone who has victim mindset and someone who has growth mindset? Perspective. My philosophy about life is no matter what I think, I am right, and while I am thinking and doing things to support my current thoughts, life still goes on. Am I in flow with what works in my best interest, or am I caught up in the disconnect from what is a natural harmony within the fabric of living? Part of life flow is the Law of Polarity. This states that everything has poles identical in nature in varying degrees. All the opposites in the universe are complimentary as part of the whole; therefore, when there is chaos, calm is present. When there is fear, certainty is possible. When there is anger, ease and comfort is achievable. The year 2020 made me realize how fragile we are as humans, yet, we have strength that can be utilized any day at any time. There is no room for doubts or questioning what tomorrow will bring, because tomorrow may not come. The noise in the outer world can be deafening and create confusion for a mind that cannot get clear on creating. The universe is a mental mind that connects with the human mind through the act of creation. During times of stress, the will can overcome any possible stagnation.





At the beginning there seemed to be a compression that felt like a heavy weight, weighing down the world, and had nowhere to go. I spent time becoming an observer and watched the unfolding of events from the sidelines. I began to define my place in this new world and how I could escape the clutches of this weight that seemed to have so many people scared and angry. It went from a dense energy to a lifting, as if there was a sigh of relief on a global scale. I felt this shift both externally and internally. For a short time, there was a “peace” of sorts and this gave pause for reflection. Because of no movement, the individual and mass conscious mind had to refocus and find grounding. It was during a 6 week period I rested my mind, body and spirit. I took time to enjoy the pause and just allow what was shown and brought to me to be a part of my experience. Keeping my thoughts on positive outcomes was an invitation to continue the forward momentum regardless of the world hiatus. I am preparing now for 2021, for it is an extension of what has begun in 2020. Planning and executing a strategy to carve out a world in which I can experience the best life has to offer, will ensure my next level of success.







This past year has taught me to be strong when facing adversity and to trust that everything will be okay. Do not give up, always keep a positive outlook, and find reasons to be inspired. I kept the faith that this too shall pass. My intuition tells me that through the trials and tribulations, comes rewards. Next year will bring about a harvest that will be plentiful and vibrant. The human spirit can not be dampened forever; I know in my heart that a bond has formed yet to be visible and understood. I intend to continue to be a shining light within the darkness and keep building upon the foundation set forth in a year that tried to crumble the very soul of humanity. I may take my own pause from time to time to replenish, refresh and rejuvenate for a more productive outcome in my endeavors to make this a better world. I like to say that life is the master teacher, and we are her students. The year 2021 was a lesson in empowerment for the uplifting of mankind so that we can continue to build a vibrant future one day at a time.




Eileen Bild, MA, Breakthrough S.P.A.R.K. Coach, is founder of The Core Thinking Blueprint Method. She is an author, mentor, writer, coach, teacher and executive producer. Her field of expertise is Core Thinking, whereby, she re-engineers the brain to upgrade thinking for success.



STARTUP YOUR SUCCESS My year started off with my husband and I selling most of what we owned, purchasing a truck and an RV, and hitting the road to be full-time travelers. My husband was unemployed, and I had just quit my job as an employee and started a business being a full-time consultant. If this sounds crazy, it’s because it was. We had little savings, no plan, and a whole lot of courage that this was somehow going to work.

Surprisingly, it did work. We got a couple good months of traveling to our hearts content and seeing some of the most beautiful places the United States has to offer. Then COVID-19 hit. Everything was closed, including campgrounds. We decided to go back home and stay at a member’s only campground close to our families until the virus blew over. As we all know now, that turned out to be much longer than expected. The never-ending waiting period I found myself in wreaked havoc on my already less than stellar mental health. I had always struggled with depression, and even attempted suicide and was committed to a mental hospital when I was 16. I found myself back in that unforgiving hole of depression, trying to grasp anything that would keep me from giving up entirely. It took everything I had to just get through each day, and I was having suicidal thoughts almost daily. I could not stand it anymore. That was my breaking point.

I decided to try a therapy app and see if that would give me any relief. I had negative experiences with therapy in the past, so I was hesitant to try it again. The first therapist I was assigned wasn’t a good fit, but the second one was a perfect match. She was kind, calm, and I felt like I could trust her – which was exactly what I needed to combat my chaotic mind. I found it extremely difficult to be open with her at first, but as with anything difficult, the more I did it the easier it was. One month into therapy, I started struggling to explain what was going on in my head, and my therapist suggested I start journaling. I was hesitant at first, but once I started, I haven’t stopped. I’ve done it every single day for almost 8 months now. I never knew how much I had to say until I gave myself an uninterrupted outlet to release everything that took up mental space rent-free. Another unanticipated benefit was that I started to understand who I was, how I got there, and what I needed to work on to become who I wanted to be. Journaling helped me see what was going on in my own mind and what thoughts I was cycling that kept me underneath the wet blanket of depression. I did intensive therapy for 2 months, combined with journaling, reading, and incorporating time for self-care into my daily routine. Once I saw that I was making consistent progress towards a better mindset, I decided it was time to spend less time working through my past, and more time working on my future. Who did I want to be?

by SHELBI SOUTHER, Business Optimization Consultant & Coach

What did I want to be doing? I decided I wanted to do many things, first of which was helping people with their businesses. I had successfully started my own consulting firm, and I wanted to coach others on how to be successful too. The thought of pursuing this not only filled me with joy, but it made me feel excited and motivated. I was finally shifting my path towards my purpose and starting to enjoy the process of getting there. Believe me when I tell you, the me today is unrecognizable from the me 6 months ago. My mindset has done a complete 180, and I now have far more good days than bad days. When the bad days do arise, I handle them with tools that keep me focused on the beautiful life in front of me. This year was one of complete personal transformation, including my lowest lows and my highest highs. I haven’t felt the grip of depression in months, and my outlook on life has completely changed. For the first time in the past 10 years, I feel alive.

Business optimization Consulatant & Coach


I AM a 25-year-old Colorado native with a lifelong passion for adding as much value to this world as I possibly can. I am married to the love of my life and have 2 HUGE dogs that light up my world. I am my best self when I'm traveling to new places, practicing self care (hello facials!), spending time with family, and gaining knowledge in new areas. I love finding creative solutions to complex personal and business issues, and I am on a forever path of self-improvement. I am dedicated to serving others and being a fierce leader in the face of adversity.



Sandra helps new female preneurs go from stuck in attracting their ideal client to clarity, confidence and discovering strategies to boost visibility online. www.instagram.com/Sandy.chinogurei

SANDRA CHINOGUREI My 2020 story of Transformation I want to start off by giving a background of my entrepreneurial journey. I have been in business for 7.5 years in the wedding industry designing and creating custom gowns. Growing up I never saw myself going into business and let alone be a creative designer so how did I find myself going into a bridal business? I went into this business after my sister got married and I ordered a custom gown for her. I believe I am one of those people who can say I did not find my destiny but my destiny found me. I had been working my bridal business as a side hustle until I decided to quit the job that I no longer enjoyed doing to go into business full time. 2020 covid hit us and the wedding industry was shaken hard. So many brides were canceling their wedding or postponing. This pushed me to go back

to the drawing table and I decided to pivot in business. I decided to tap into something that I had a passion for which is helping new female entrepreneurs and I was already doing it for free and was not monetizing. This led to the birth of my new business I launched as a business consultant and social media strategist. One year prior I was already helping people for free with strategies to use on social media so I decided to turn my passion from a hobby to a business. Before launching I decided to work on my fears of going on camera and so I started creating videos and sharing them on my personal Facebook page to help me boost my confidence. In August 2020 I finally launched my business as a business consultant and Strategist. Truth be told when it was getting close for me to launch I started getting cold feet and at some point started doubting myself.

I was approached by someone who then asked me to come on his platform and give motivation to people during these covid times that I knew I had no choice but to get brave and kick my fears to the curb and launch my business. My biggest drive to go into this industry was the desire I had to help other new female entrepreneurs navigate their business with strategies to help them get clarity, confidence, and get visible. Helping them avoid the errors that I made in my bridal business whereby I had no clarity and achieve their goals without having to take the long route I had to take. I help them navigate using the experiences and strategies I have acquired over my 7.5 years of working online.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -augustine of hippo


Nadya Siapin is an avid traveller, writer, and blogger. She overcame humble, conservative beginnings to travel, and hopes to inspire others to reach beyond what they thought possible. Right now, she’s working random odd jobs - at the moment driving horse-drawn carriages - while shovelling the ideas out of her head and onto a computer in her spare

Travelling Storyteller and

time. She figures all of this will be

Freelance Writer

useful someday to her stories. If you want to know more, head on over to NOMADIC | 24 nadyasayre.wixsite.com/thestoryteller


2020 has definitely been an interesting year, more like a game of Jumanji than actual life, what with Covid, murder hornets, raging fires, and floods. Crazy. You know what’s even crazier? I started out in Fairbanks, Alaska, and I’m currently in Southern California, with a brief stop in Michigan in between. Going from insane Alaskan extremes to sunny Southern California within a single year? Nuts! (Actually? I really miss those extremes. They make life so much more interesting!)

Okay, considering this year, not that crazy. So no, 2020 did not curtail my travel too much, but then again, my travel was essential. My year of working in Alaska was coming to an end, and I’d found a summer job in Michigan, as a tour guide. Once that job ended, I went back to California. I had planned to go home to Australia to see my family between Alaska and Michigan, but as you can imagine, that didn’t happen. A lot of other things did go down.

FOR THE HEART One of the biggest things I did this year was invest in myself. Not for my professional life, but for my personal one. Like most folks, I’ve got a lot of issues. Spent years working on them, but there’s a couple that have been very stubborn. I knew them, but didn’t know why I had them, or how to get rid of them. My mom had worked with a woman, Amy Balmer, who’d really helped her. I looked her up, got a 30 minute session, and the rest is history. She had every negative emotion that I’ve been dealing with figured out in no time. I learned a lot about myself, and with those blocks cleared, I could finally confirm in myself that writing is what I really want to be doing. Gotta say, writing won't be the most unusual thing I've ever done. Plant nursery laborer, internet cable isntaller, baker, bartender, server, tour guide, and carriage driver. All those things were only temporary. Through most of those jobs, I've been writing on the side. Small stuff, just for me.

Once those blocks were cleared, everything looked a lot…clearer. (Sorry, it’s the word that fit best.) On the writing front, I was part of a book collaboration this year! Twelve women, twelve stories, all gathered in one spot. We published the book, and courtesy of Amazon’s algorithms, we made it to the top in the US, UK, and Canada!

for the exact same flight again, and I could only arrange things through them. Yeah, sure! I called them up, and they told me it would cost another $200 to rebook the Australia flight for November. What. The fuck.

Like any sensible traveler, I’d checked This is only the beginning, too. I’ve been working on a novel, and now I’m ready to start looking into publishing, and trying to figure out the best way to get my book out there, so watch out, World!

those flights out online before I ever

I’m coming.

I don’t fucking think so!


called, and they averaged $800. I’d originally paid $1000. Now you’re telling me it’s gonna cost ANOTHER $200?!

So I stuck that on the back burner. My Michigan job got pushed back, right around the same time that flight got canceled.

Like I already mentioned, I still traveled plenty. Masked, on planes and trains, mostly. Well, and horse drawn carriage, too! (I was a tour guide on Mackinac Island, Michigan, which doesn’t allow motorized vehicles on it. So I learned how to drive draft horses, drove a carriage, and gave a tour along the way.) Because of Covid, however, I had to monitor everything rather obsessively. Turns out, not every travel website operated above board during these rather trying times. I’d booked all my flights – to Australia and Michigan – through a third party website. Well, Covid happened, all my flights were canceled, and this website sent me an email, mostly to tell me that I had credit, but my credit was only good

No worries. Once I got a new start date, I contacted the website and rebooked. And guess what? It was roughly $200 to rebook. Okay, I don’t like it, but if that’s what it takes…! The very next morning, I received an email, saying my flight had been canceled! Called in to rebook, it was gonna cost another ~$200! That would take my total up to $800, just to fly from LA to Michigan.

t n e i t a P y S ta an d

Trus t your Journey

she overcame everything that was meant to destroy her

I ended up chatting with

The airlines and trains appear

With Covid ramping up

Maria that morning. I was on

to be doing a great job

emotions, and providing such

the verge of crying, so

keeping things sanitized, too.

a risk to a wide demographic

frustrated I didn’t know what

I’ve taken 3 trains and 6

– and even more, being

to do with myself. I can’t

flights, and I’ve not noticeably

unable to tell ahead of time

remember exactly what she

gotten Covid. I can only hand

who is most at risk – I can’t

said, but it was enough to calm me down, get me thinking, and feel my next emotion.

it to the travel industry for doing their best to keep us safe.

believe how many people refuse to wear a mask. They acknowledge that Covid is a risk, but that they

Anger. I was fuming! Called my bank to dispute the charge, and began looking into alternatives. Mostly trains. Fortunately, I called the airline next. Turns out, they never had any sort of payment for a new flight, and

PROFESSIONALLY As mentioned, I’ve finally accepted that I can and should do what I’ve wanted to do for years now – write. While writing fiction novels is my passion, and where I plan to end up, making the

shouldn’t have to wear a mask because it infringes on their Rights. Wah, wah, cry me a river! Their lame excuses for not wearing a mask are pretty freaking thin, but their Rights! Then you’ve got the ones who are constantly fear mongering, sharing posts that

the flight I’d just booked and

decision to get into freelance

had canceled was still flying!

writing has been most

importance, but are really just

The website LIED!


designed to scare folks.

they claim are of upmost

Funnily enough, those are Mainly, they lied when they

Of course, now there’s the

usually the same people who

said I had to rebook all my

work of figuring out pricing,

share posts about how we

flights through them. I was

and getting my web page for

need to be more about love

able to get my travel to

it up to snuff, and putting out

and less about fear.

Michigan taken care of, and

feelers looking for clients. It’s

I’ve gotten all my money back from the Aussie flight, thankfully. When it comes to 2020, only

a different line of work to what I’m used to, but I’m excited for the new adventure!

buy tickets directly from the airline, sign up for all notifications, and obsessively check travel notifications.

I’m literally rolling my eyes right now. Every time someone reads this, I’m rolling my eyes. Believe me. Along with all that, however,

THE PEOPLE I’ve found it…appalling, how many people I know who apparently don’t care about others

were the wonderful people. The ones who wore pretty masks, or ones with cute sayings.

IN THE END... Here’s to the guy who wore a shirt saying Socially Distancing Before it was Cool! Then there’s the kids who were so enthusiastic to be on a horse drawn tour. I had three little kids right behind me one day, and two more in the second row. When I asked if anyone had any questions, five hands shot into the air. Their questions were good, thoughtful, and you could tell they just wanted to know more about everything. I’d get people who would be so quiet, I thought for sure I’d put them all to sleep. Turns out, they were listening and paying attention to everything. I have to admit, it certainly made me feel good as a guide! The best times were the ones where I’d make a joke about nobody wanting to listen to me talking for too long, and someone would say they didn’t mind, and they could sit there all day. Way to make a girl feel special!

I can’t really say I learned much about dealing with dinners out, or how to travel, nor did I suffer much with quarantine. Like most introverts, I thoroughly enjoyed quarantine. I’m often separated from my friends because I travel, so we’ve already got established ways of hanging out that work. Working fewer to no hours has made it easier to talk to people. I think I was talking to one friend or another every day during the spring quarantine. I socialized way more than I did when working. Really, the oddest thing for me about 2020 was wearing a mask, and it didn’t take long for it to simply turn into another accessory. Hunting around, looking for cute masks to wear, or ones that have some significance. No worries, I can totally do this! But everybody handles things in different ways, so for you extroverts out there…now you know how we feel, living in an extrovert’s world! Mwuahahahahahaaa!!!

The Millennium Bridge, Salem, Oregon, on my way to California. October 2020

Standing with a Belgian draft horse, Brody, before he was taken off Mackinac Island for the winter. I drove Brody and his brother Grant for 2.5 months. Mackinac Island, Michigan, September, 2020

cheers to the past & cheers to the future

Merry Christmas! T H E







goodbye 2020

Happy New Year! welcome 2021

I’m a mum, and this year has ripped me out of any innocent slumber I might have been in, and put me solidly in the driving seat of my children’s life.

Written by Rosin H. O'Connor, Mum and Marketer teaching online biz

Imagine! Imagine many years from now, the feeling

Did you grow from it? I bet you did!

of wonder as you leaf through the pages of your own life story in a beautifully presented book. The

Did you learn a lot about your own resilience?

cover is exactly as you would choose, the texture of the pages as you flick through them, perhaps

Did you find a new form of faith that you didn’t

there’s even gold embossed features on it. It’s your

know you had?

own life’s story, so it’s your choice, even though this year that seemed to slip right through our

Did you discover new degrees of depth in old

fingers so many times

values, like family, and those you love?

As you take a wonder through your life’s story, you

Did you flip the angle of how you go about life,

come across the vastness that 2020 was.What’s

your business and your days?

there? When you zoom out on it you can get a larger perspective on the message 2020 was here to give.

If you’re like me, there have been a whole tonne of

No more playing in the fresh air, no breaks from it,

long voice messages staying in touch with friends,

except to eat, breathing in their own carbon dioxide,

when you just don't have the time for sitting down on

even throughout their physical education class! No

calls with so much havoc in our home and our house of

more holding hands, and skipping alongside in the


schoolyard. Contact is so last decade.

I’m a mum, and this year has ripped me out of any

My 6 year old daughter and I started homeschooling in

innocent slumber I might have been in, and put me

October. I couldn’t stand her unhappiness from 40

solidly in the driving seat of my children’s life.

hours a week like that. Yes, in Italy, school weeks are long. It’s a society where school hours replicate the

It’s caused me to make choices, find my voice and use

working week, so parents can work and kids grow up

it when often I found myself in a sea of drowned

conditioned to the working week and what it takes to

silence. This year, eyes have played a big part in

be a valuable worker.

communication. Without seeing people’s faces while being covered up from below the eyes to under the

Choosing to remove her from the education system was

chin, I’ve seen so many expressions of desperation on

going against the grain. We met with a lot of criticism

people’s faces. Sure, I’ve seen joy and a naughty glint

and ignorance, and also support from a lot of mums

on a child's eye but I’ve seen conditioning and even

who would also love to do the same but don’t feel they

feel myself having been conditioned. I now watch a

have a choice.In a nutshell, it’s been one of the most

movie made before 2020, and I see people get into an

transformational experiences of my life, this

elevator or closed confined space and think; ‘why don’t

homeschooling thing.

they have their faces covered up as we do, as our kids do?’ Maybe that specifically hasn’t happened to you,

I can see just how much we are all conditioned to

but I’m sure something of the sort.

believing that something has to be a certain way. I see plainly that the education system is pre-empting for the

I’m a mum to 2 girls, one is turning 7 now, and the

working life. We are taught to not think for ourselves,

youngest is 3. We live in Italy where my partner is from,

follow the herd, sit down and shut up all under the

but I’m Irish, so like many, I’ve experienced that heavy

guise of being in a ‘protected’ environment of socially

homesick feeling of not knowing when I’ll see my mum

accepted growth.

and family again. Last year when we had distance learning we struggled In Italy the government made it compulsory for kids 6

with reading, but now I’ve discovered,my daughter

years old and above to wear masks. Now, you see why

Adele actually loves reading IF we then act out the

I say I’ve seen the eyes of quiet desperation as they

scene, so we have many theatre shows of all

pour out of school after an 8 hour day, just stunned,

descriptions. I’ve learned to let go and act the ape, if

like a deer with headlights!

that’s what the scene requires.

We think that to learn, we need to be sitting upright at a desk, right? I believe there is a time and a place for it, but not always. Adele learns when lying over the back on the couch or upside down. She wants learning to be fun!

I've seen for myself, how school books need you to have a RIGHT answer, anything else is WRONG, but working with her I’ve seen how many ways a question can be open for interpretation, but we are being groomed to live in the confines of the box, to fear getting it “wrong” if we decide that the answer or colour gets to be different than the one the book wants us to choose.

We’ve explored the outdoors and

for the problem that mask wearing

I’ve had to let go, and just play, knowing

nature together, talking about

was having on her life. I offered it to

that in actually spending quality, present

everything we see around us, and

her at the start of the new year, in

contact time with my daughters playing

bringing our classroom to life,

September, but she’d already been

it’s the best school of life they could ever

allowing whatever topic which

distanced from her friends since

desire, and quite honestly me too.

comes up to be our subject.

February when it all blew up here in north Italy, so she chose to put up

I am ambitious and driven, but needed

We allow different subjects to

with it so she could see her friends.

this to see the golden opportunity 2020

mesh together, like art and maths.

But 6 weeks later she hated school

could be for me, for you, and for us!

Remember, it’s the making it fun

so much it was becoming a battle,

part that counts for them, and for

and we gave her the choice to solve

I now desire to work with more mums who


the issue herself with our support.

would love to have this kind of time, so I

I’ve remembered how much my

We met with so much criticism, and

designing your strategy and business

heart was craving for fun, and

by people very close to her, but it

around your family values and the 1-3

how much I’d associated

was interesting to see her stand her

hours a day you have to build out your

discipline and ‘shoulds’ with

ground and explain how she gets to

business while being the owner of your

success and striving, when my

socialise with friends in the

time, purpose and choices.

daughter is teaching me that if

playground and how she’s learning

there’s fun sprinkled in everywhere

now despite our traditional opinions

Let’s go back for a moment to the start,

we actually can learn more and

that learning is only in school.

shall we?

am crafting my message around

retain it better. We have to remember, as parents,

Now can you see that the book of your

I’ve learned to let her teach me, to

we are their first teachers! Let that

life story gets to be as we write it? Our

stop trying to control everything

soak in again! Read it again and

lifetime is a vast tapestry of chances and

and literally let her show me what

again! You are more than capable

opportunities most often springing from

she has learnt through this

and worthy! You are the first eyes

challenges. We get to wonder at our own

paragraph, exercise or question.

they look to for a sign of direction,

life’s story and write the chapters as we

I’ve seen that maths is always

safety and contact.

choose them, weaving in and out joy and

giving us problems, but only

choice, as our main story line.

accepting it when we give the

I guess the most special thing which

authors of the book want.

has come for me is how close I feel

2020 has been a slap on the face but

to my daughters. Adele went to

also a gift of our own power to climb out

I’ve learnt more Italian, by

creche when she’d just turned 1 year

of the box if it doesn’t feel like we fit in

allowing her to see that she can

old, because I had to work, and now

there anymore!

offer help to another and is

we’re making up for lost time,

valued even as young as 6!

bonding closely and learning from

No matter how it has gone, and what

each other.

we’ve been through, we still have the

Her English has soared through

choice to add the flavour to how the

the roof in just this short, intensely

I’ve had to shift my whole life

chapter gets to close out, and how we

effective time together. Yes, I am

around, change my plans and

get to be impacted by it for the years to

her Mum, and have always spoken

expectations. I run an online


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Roisin O'Connor




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Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough



UNLEASH THE GODDESS WITHIN Have you ever thought about the impact that your story can have on someone else's life? How your experiences can bring you closer to your ideal clients to create a unique and special bond. How much your ideal client wants to relate to you?


Learn from you.


Grow with you.


Telling your story helps your ideal clients KNOW that you are REAL.


That you are human with emotions, feelings, struggles, have made mistakes and despite all that, you have been able to turn your life around.


Inspired by you.

That's what inspires them, gives them hope, and believes that if you CAN, they CAN too.



with Maria C. Krause Mindset & Business Mentor International Bestselling Author Podcaster Publisher


BALANCE By Ceza Ouzounian

2020 has been a crazy year, but it has taught me so much. The big thing it has brought to my attention is how I want my life to be. When lockdown happened in March, I realised I was spending a lot of time going from one place to another for work and how much time and money this was wasting for me. I was tired from rushing around but until lockdown I didn’t really feel I had a choice, it was part of my job.

2020 brought the opportunity to collaborate in the co-authored International Bestselling book Unchain Your Authentic Soul. Writing my chapter and marketing the book really helped work on some of those self-belief and self-worth resistances I had. It allowed me to show up in a way I hadn’t before, in a “This is me and whatever you think is irrelevant” kind of way.

Lockdown got me thinking about how I want my business to be, it got me asking important questions. How much time do I want to be running around? Am I making enough money for the times when I’m travelling around? Is it worth it? What direction do I want my business to be heading in? Am I heading in the right direction? What do I need to do next?

I have had the chance to read a lot this year too. I have read lots of fiction books, which I love, but also I have had the chance to read business and self-development books. Each one encouraging me and getting me to look inwards at why my business isn’t where I want it to be. Each one adding to my desire to stop hiding and show the world what I’ve got.

I realised the way my business was at that moment wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. It wasn’t heading in the direction I wanted. It wasn’t going to be able to fulfil my business goals. I wanted so much more from it but I was spending too much time rushing around doing what I thought I needed to do.

Lockdown has meant not being able to go to networking events in person, but in a way this has been great. I have been able to attend more online networking events and meet people from all over the world. This has been an amazing way to connect with so many people and build important relationships. I have loved networking in this way.

This year has given me time to think in detail about what I want from my business and what I want to focus on. It has given me time to work on myself, my self-belief and confidence around my business and really focus attention on how I want it to continue after lockdown. I know all about self-belief and confidence, it is part of my job, but sometimes it is easy to use busyness as an excuse to avoid working on ourselves. There was resistance there I hadn’t tuned into, I was still hiding.

All of this means I can share my work with anyone around the world. I can help them have amazing relationships and get them fitter and they don’t have to be Glasgow based for me to make that happen, for me to be able to make a difference in their life. I have made big jumps in my business, especially when it comes to showing up and shouting about what I do. I have had time to put the systems in place to progress my business in the way I want it to go.

This has been so so so valuable. It has allowed me to get into flow with my business, it has lowered my stress and overwhelm, I feel more confident to shout out about what I do. I am super excited for 2021. I know this wouldn’t have happened if lockdown hadn’t meant slowing time. In normal life, we are rushing from one place to another, from one task to another, trying to do a million and 1 things, when do we actually slow down or stop to look at our lives and what we want from it? Lockdown has forced me to do that. It has forced me to identify what I want from my business and my life and what I need to do to get it. It has encouraged me to work on my own self-belief and self-worth and take the steps necessary to grow my business. I don’t believe I would be at the stage I am if I had spent this year running around trying to do everything required to just get by. It is all about balance. Having a business that fulfils my needs without burning myself out. Having a business that brings enough income for it to all be worth it. Having a business that allows me to have time to spend with my fiancé, friends and family, as well as working.

Being stuck at home more has meant my fiancé and I have spent really good quality time together, without worrying about all the rushing around doing things. It has been really nice to connect with each other in a way we wouldn’t normally be able to. One thing I want to continue after lockdown is balance in my life. Balance at work and balance between rushing around and slowing down.

FREEBIE: Lockdown hasn’t been so easy on a lot of people’s relationships, both those who are currently in a romantic relationship and those who are single. This time has highlighted a lot of desires and resistances for people. It has got them thinking about what they want and what isn’t working. If this year has highlighted what isn't working in your relationship, then join my FREE 5 Day challenge starting 1st Feb 2021, where I will reveal how to let go of anger and sadness and take aligned steps to have the relationship you desire, with tools that will be there to support you throughout your life. For more information: https://bit.ly/RelationshipLoveChallenge

CEZA OUZOUNIAN Relationship, Fitness and Health Coach

Ceza is a Relationship, Fitness & Energy Coach, helping women be confident, get fit, and have amazing relationships through relationship coaching and fitness sessions. She is a qualified Pilates & Burlexercise Instructor, an accredited Energy Alignment Method Mentor, and a Beyond Wellbeing Lifestyle Prescriptions© Provider. She is an inspirational Speaker and keen blogger. She is the Founder of Warrior In Training and the creator of Unleash Your Wonder Woman.


knows the difference it can make when a woman steps into her power, believes in herself, and chooses to live a life on her terms, embracing her inner warrior.

Website: https://warriorintraining.co.uk Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WarriorInTrainingwithCeza Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WarriorInTrainingTribe LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ceza-ouzounian Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warriorintrainingwithceza Email: ceza@warriorintraining.co.uk








WHAT 2020 BROUGHT INTO MY LIFE Claudia is the CEO and founder of Sophisticated Cloud. She is a professional SquareSpace Web Designer, UX expert, former cookery chef and enthusiastic public speaker. She works with small businesses that want to build beautiful one of a kind responsive websites, that are SEO optimised and compatible on all screens and devices - desktop, tablet and mobile phones. She is currently the President of the Toastmasters International Basingstoke Speakers Club.

Early in 2020 Claudia Tinnirello launched Sophisticated Cloud, a web design business. Despite the fears brought about by COVID-19 and the economy being in crisis she managed to grow her new business during this time

WEBSITE: www.SophisticatedCloud.com EMAIL: Claudia@SophisticatedCloud.com

Her mission is to help a million people to be heard and seen by having a robust online presence and embracing public speaking.

LINKEDIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/claudia-tinnirello FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/claudiatinnirellowebdesign INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/claudiatinnirello_webdesign

For many of us 2020 has been a year of simply trying to survive. New entrepreneur Claudia Tinnirello decided to make the most of this current situation and make 2020 a year to remember for the right reasons. Early in 2020 Claudia Tinnirello launched Sophisticated Cloud, a web design business. Despite the fears brought about by COVID19 and the economy being in crisis she managed to grow her new business during this time. She puts this down to the fact that she managed to stay calm and push harder than usual. Using a positive mindset and attitude and surrounding herself with good people she invested in herself and the best possible resources to support her business growth One of her many highlights from 2020 is having a Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon in the UK, US and Canada. The book ‘Unchain Your Authentic Soul’ is a collaboration with 11 other amazing women, so mid-November 2020 as the UK was in the middle of their second lockdown, Claudia found herself becoming an International Best Selling Author. By sharing her story alongside these other women and publishing their book in conjunction with the charity Operation Underground Railroad she has been able to support and benefit children all around the world against abuse and trafficking.. As well as juggling her business, Sophisticated Cloud, and a young family, Claudia was also elected as President of the Toastmasters International Basingstoke Speakers Club. Not bad for an Italian who speaks English as their second language! Toastmaster Clubs help people around the world become better at public speaking. Claudia said on becoming President “I am incredibly proud to become President of an English speaking club which has made me realise that I can achieve anything I want in life if I set my mind and my heart to it.”

Rather than focussing on the negatives of not being able to travel much this year, or spend as much time in Italy with her family as she would usually do, Claudia remains positive “I’ve saved a chunk of money as a result!” savings from travel, hotels and restaurants have all been invested into her business. In the meantime, they are spending more quality time together as a family, holding Friday Pizza and Movie Nights. Every Friday her husband, who is also from Italy, prepares homemade pizza from scratch using Grandma’s recipe and they have set up a big white screen in their tiny living room to create the feeling of a night out at the cinema. Before the UK lockdown, Claudia was limited to taking on clients that were local to her, spending quite a bit of time traveling to meetings and visiting clients. Thanks to lockdown and embracing technology Claudia can still easily meet with her clients on-line saving in travelling time but best of all she has extended her contacts beyond her local limits and now boasts clients around the UK and as far away as New Zealand. Freed from full time employment and rushing from home to the nursery to the office and on repeat in the evening Claudia now enjoys a pleasant 10 minutes stroll with her son to school before returning to work from her home office. Giving them both quality time together and the opportunity to spend time in nature rather than in the car. This bonus free-time Claudia has used to learn Spanish using an app on her phone. With the closure of her local gym it also meant seeking enjoyment in the (free) outdoors even more, discovering hidden gems in places she previously never knew existed. This new calmer way of life and clearer mind suits Claudia, also finding time to read books. Working from home means her personal library is always handy when it comes to taking a break. As far as Claudia is concerned the escapism of reading a book beats Netflix any day!










You know that say that goes something like:

After a rough 2019, in which I experienced what entrepreneur burnout really feels like, I couldn’t

“What other people say about you is none of your business”

Well, if there’s something that 2020 taught me, among other things, is how powerful these words are .In October 2019, I manifested that by the year’s end, I would have quit my job, sublet my apartment, pack my bags, and start living the freedom lifestyle I always wanted. By January 12th, with a big smile on my face and a suitcase filled with summer clothes, I arrived in my hometown in the South of Argentina, Lago Puelo. Freedom, my favorite word, and feeling in the whole wide world. I was finally experiencing it in its full context and meaning of the word.

believe how far I had come from feeling so overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, and on the verge of giving it all up; to feeling completely FREE, and all that, thanks to my online business. I remember when I started my first business with an MLM company, almost 4 years ago. This was before I discovered my passion for coaching female entrepreneurs to discover their uniqueness and power; I spent a year in an MLM company recruiting people and selling health and wellness products. The day I joined that company, I was so excited that I asked one of my best friends to join me for lunch to share the news with her. We met at our regular spot. I was so freaking excited about the new business that as soon as I sat down, I started telling her all about it. She asked questions, I answered. Then, as most of the people who I knew back then, started telling me I should be careful, “It sounds like a scam”, she said.



I bet you, you’ve heard that from one of your family

I knew then, I needed to surround myself with

members or friends as well… Haven’t you?

people who had similar interests and goals as me. People who wanted more in life. People who

How did it make you feel? Did you stop to think that

wanted to experience and live FREEDOM in every

maybe they were right and you should be doing

way possible.

something else instead? Or, did you do as the quote says “What other people think of me is none of my

3 years later, I found myself in a similar situation but

business”, and kept following your dreams?

this time it had nothing to do with my business, it had to do with who I AM, the woman that I finally

I am going to assume, that same as myself, you

got to love, accept and respect in this new chapter

ignored what others had to say and you kept doing

of my life.

what your soul was calling you to do. I’m a Spiritual Mindset and Business Mentor who is HELL YEAH, SOUL SISTER! CONGRATULATIONS!

constantly working on herself, learning, and finding ways to grow and be more of my authentic self so

That day, I felt was so disappointed that my friend

there’s no wonder that every time something

would say that, especially because I thought she

doesn’t work out the way I expected, I dive deeply

knew me better than that. I wasn’t one of those

internally to figure out what needs to improve.

people that would just jump and invest, without first doing my research. I joined that business

What blocks are stopping me from achieving the

because I was tired of people bossing me around,

outcomes I desire.

tired of working for someone else, for them dictating how much my work was worth, when should I take

What am I reflecting/mirroring onto others that are

holidays, what days should I be off and which ones

bothering me about certain situations or attitudes?

not. Why does something that someone says it’s I wanted to have something of my own and that first

triggering me so much?

business was giving me the opportunity to have the lifestyle that I so much desired. So the last thing I

Why are their actions bothering me?

wanted to do was to think of all the negative things that could come out of it and instead focus on all the

I take full responsibility and take immediate action

good, positive things that I could get out of it.

to figure out what’s the root of the problem.

That was the last time I saw her.

And then, one day, this quote popped into my head. I have heard it plenty of times before and between

It was a tough decision, I really liked her and the

you and me, I thought I was actually living proof of a

time we spent together, but I wasn’t strong enough

person who lived life on her own terms and did what

then to stay around people that couldn’t support me

she wanted to do, no matter what others would say.

and encourage me on this journey.

let your SOUL shine 3-weeks intense course create magical cotent that attracts your soul clients ease and a whole lotta love








Someone I love deeply had been offended by one of

I stopped playing small and overthink at the time to

my actions, she didn’t speak to me for almost 3 days,

offer my mentoring and coaching services to others.

which can be really annoying when you live in the

People come to me because I have something that I

same household.

can help them with, so why should I get into my head and worry about how they would react if I offer

At first, I tried asking what was the problem, so I

them my services. If they say yes, awesome, and if

could go work on it and make sure I wouldn’t do it

they say no, awesome too, I get to redirect my

again. The last thing I want to do is hurt someone I

energy and time to someone who really needs me

deeply love and care about.

and I give space for them to find someone who can help them.You can only be responsible for what you

The explanation I’ve got is that what bothered them

do and how you feel. People are all different. Is not

wasn't something I said or did, it was actually about

your job to be second-guessing what goes through

the way I am. Being strong and verbal about my

their minds. Your job is to ask the questions and

opinions was something that I always saw as a curse.

based on those questions, give them a solution if you

It led me to believe that there was something wrong

have it, or if you know someone who does, redirect

with me, almost as if I was a mean and hurtful

them to them.

person. STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY soul sister!!! I started reflecting on it and thinking about how I could improve it and then I had that A-HA moment.

Someone out in this big world of ours is looking for what you have to offer, don’t be afraid to show up,

In my heart, I know for sure that the last thing I want

talk to them, and offer them what you’ve got. You

to do in this world is to inflict any sort of emotional

will be doing them a huge favor. And if it’s not a

or physical pain on someone else. I have been there

perfect match, it’s OK, don’t retreat into your own

and trust me, it is not a nice feeling. Being in that

head thinking you’ve done something wrong.

situation for years is what led me to make changes

Overthinking will only lead to negative thoughts. It

and dive deep into spirituality, self-development,

wasn’t meant to be, simple as that.

and growth. Don’t let your emotions, the negative comments, or Part of me felt guilty but as I worked on it to try to

whatever BS people are saying about you, get on

understand what I did wrong, I realized that I can’t

your own way to success.

be responsible for everything and anything that others feel. Mirroring is a reflection of both sides and

You’ve got this!

in this case, it wasn’t my reflection that needed work, it was the other’s person.

Love, Light, be

From that day onwards, I started applying the same

Maria. XXX

principle to my business.

maria c. krause













Maria C. Krause helps female new entrepreneurs STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY, become more visible. Inspire, Heal and make a Bigger Impact. This year, Maria, has become an International Bestselling Author. UNCHAIN YOUR AUTHENTIC SOUL, Real Women turning their deepest pain and fears into Superpowers hit NUMBER ONE in the US, UK and Canada on November 18th, 2020. This is her first book collaboration under her publishing company, Unchain Your Inner Strength.

Maria is a strong believer that no one should ever be defined by what they have done in their life, their past is the path for everyone to find their true calling and passion in life.We’re all humans and we make mistakes..As The Beatles would say “Live and Let Live.”

She loves helping new entrepreneurs become more visible. Her platforms, UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH podcast and online magazine, are dedicated to help women thrive and shine their gifts by reaching a wider audience worldwide.

“My Inner Strength is my Freedom”, this is her lifetime motto that she lives by and even has it tattooed on her left arm as a reminder of how powerful she is and how far she has come in life.

W W W . M A R I A C K R A U S E . C O M I


THE RISING SOULPRENEUR Hoster by Maria C. Krause A podcast and blog created for entrepreneurs, packed with valuable mindset and business strategies to help you grow your business and revenue. I share everything I have learned in my journey as a spiritual Mindset & Business Mentor, including my f@ck ups and wins. Find #therisingsoulpreneur on your favorite platforms and Pinterest



The beginning was really rough with the bushfires and when Covid hit (which, like a lot of people, meant my kids needed to be home full time), but the journey that this year has opened up for me has been amazing! During the time my kids and I were all in lockdown together I was lucky enough to participate in a course with the legendary Joel Bauer which meant that the months we spent at home, I was also coaching with him. The course itself was incredible, but my biggest takeaway were the amazing and incredible people that I met.

Those people completely set the basis for what my year was going to be and the amazing things that were about to happen. While I’m here looking back at everything that’s happened, I honestly can’t believe that it’s only been 12 short months. The people I’ve met and the things I’ve achieved have completely changed my life and andopened my eyes to what’s possible.

HERE ARE A FEW THINGS I'VE ACCOMPLISHED THIS YEAR I managed to not go crazy while having my kids home full time in isolation. I completed Joel Bauer’s Zero2Hero online program and met some of the most amazing and supportive people in my entire life. I created my own course and business where I help people write their own books easily and effortlessly in a quarter of the amount of time, and... I’ve also had my own fiction novel The Mandala Chronicles published and became a number one international bestselling author in four countries!. I’m so proud of my Mandala Chronicles book and everything we have achieved with it so far, especially because I know that it will help change the lives of so many people through its message. This book has also been a basis for my entire writing business that I’ve managed to build up from the ground in 2020. My clients have referred me to the most amazing people and I've been able to learn the most incredible things

all because of this one book that I started writing when my daughter was still a baby. One of the most incredible things that I’m so proud of with the Mandala Chronicles is that it’s been released for less than three months and it’s already starting to change peoples lives. An example of this is that a friend of mine is a grade three teacher and she teaches a group of twenty-two young eight-year-olds, and her eight-yearolds absolutely fell in love with the book. Every day they wanted her to read more and more, and as the day went on and they completed their lessons they would jump up before the final bell rang and if they hadn't done their gratitude or their appreciation or their visualisation or their breath work they would insist on doing it before they went home.

Another example using those same eightyear-olds is that, because a lot of them were carrying some anxiety on their shoulders, through the skills that I teach in the book they’re now learning to talk about their feelings, learning that they can reach out to other people if they’re struggling and also learning that the little voice in their head doesn’t tell them the truth all the time. Which is absolutely incredible and 100% why I wrote the book and I am so excited to see how many more people I can help. So while 2020 has been a hectic year and no one could’ve seen this coming, it’s also been absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve learnt so much about myself, so much about my friends, new and old, so much about my family and I’ve just met so many incredible people. On top of that the opportunities have just flooded in, so while it’s not been the easiest year, it’s definitely up there as one of the most incredible. During these last few weeks I really cannot wait to sit down with my family and reflect on everything that’s happened, share amazing stories over Christmas dinner and bring in 2021 with the most grateful heart. So, what’s going to happen in 2021? Who knows! But I’m so excited and can’t wait for the opportunities to rise just like they have this year. I can’t thank the people I’ve met this year enough for the opportunities that they provided for me, the support they provided me and the incredible referrals they gave me which has allowed me to be included in the most incredible group of people in the world, and I cannot wait for when the international travel restrictions lift and I will finally be able to go and meet them in person.




JORDAN WRIGHT Specialising in writing books to compliment businesses, Jordan provides easy, effortless strategies to get thoughts on paper, allowing her clients to finish their books quicker than they ever thought possible. Jordan discovered her talent for writing while she was still in primary school, although she didn’t implement this skill into her work until much later; in 2019 when she won a Publishing Contract for her Fiction Novel; The Mandala Chronicles. Jordan is now a full-time writer, working with a wide range of specialties, personalised for each individual client. In a short amount of time, Jordan has gone from freelancing, to working with 6-figure earners who repeatedly come back to work with her time and time again. Jordan has been able to turn a childhood passion into a business that allows her to provide for her young family, and does so with the utmost pleasure of being able to supply her clients with the result of a published book in their name.

available in Amazon










hour, but it didn't feel in alignment; I despised being on calls all day and that energy flowed out into my sales, meaning, I wasn't selling. I needed to figure out some other business plan that truly lit me up. I dove into what free resources were out there and was accepted into a scholarship program for a 12-week business course. During it, I realized that my passion was teaching people how to use TOOLS to help them raise their vibes, instead of just

This year has shown me what having faith truly means.

holding their hand. So I began creating my own High Vibe Tools and turned my

Right before 2020 started, I had signed a contract to sell

business in a new direction. This felt more

my house in a quick sale, with a large profit that I

in alignment, but I still wasn't generating

intended to put into launching my business and traveling


the world. I had just used up the last of the savings from my first year in business and was depending on this money to be able to hire the team I needed to market my company. But, 2020 had other plans for me. Not only did the house not close, but it turned into the buyer living in the home and paying rent as we kept moving forward to a closing date. In the meantime, I had EXPLORER to move back to my parent's home and find another way to fund my business. I was coaching by the

“By staying isolated, it gave me the opportunity to be still enough to recognize my hormonal changes throughout the month, tapping into that energy to flow with life instead of resisting it.”

Then COVID hit. The one thing I wanted to do

So many times this year I had to pull myself out

this year was travel, and the Universe was like,

of fear mode; out of scarcity mode; out of the

"No girl, you've got to stay grounded and focus

deep, dark pit of playing victim. Every single

on your business, and just in case you don't

time I pulled myself back up, there was new

want to listen, we are shutting down the

clarity. I would take action towards something

borders". This message was heard loud and

that scared the shit out of me, and the result


was always wonderfully received by others.

I found myself working through deep shadow

It took me 11 months of the year before I

aspects of myself, uncovering hidden wounds

started making an income, and it only

that were being reflected in my relationships

happened when I pushed myself to be fully

with others, and diving down to the very

seen and vulnerable. It only happened when I

beginnings of my life on Earth; working through

stepped into the unknown- despite the fear.

childhood wounds. I unearthed wounds with the masculine that were preventing me from feeling

This insane, wild ride of a year taught me that I

safe to receive money; wounds with the

needed to fully trust in the bigger picture. I

feminine that were preventing me from feeling

needed to put my full faith into knowing that

worthy enough; and patterns of attention-

what is meant to happen is going to happen at

seeking that were landing me in manipulative,

the exact time it is meant to happen. It forced

draining relationships. By staying isolated, it

me to dive into my shadows and face my fears

gave me the opportunity to be still enough to

so that I could be the true, authentic leader

recognize my hormonal changes throughout the

that I am destined to be. If my plan had

month, tapping into that energy to flow with life

worked out how I wanted it to, I would've been

instead of resisting it.

on the other side of the world, spending money without having a solid business foundation to

While working through all these pieces of myself,

survive. My house is still occupied by the

I was also dealing with this tenant who was now

squatter, but I've learned patience and

squatting and refusing to leave my home, but I

resilience throughout the situation. I know that

couldn't evict because of the COVID laws. The

whatever is coming from it, is going to be a

money I was hoping to put into my business was

magical ending. 2020 taught me that my faith is

nonexistent. I had to find a way to make money,

bigger than my fear. Is yours?

NOW, but I refused to do something that didn't fully light me up. I continued to push new products, adjusted services, shared stories, and planted seeds everywhere I went. But, I was still generating less than $300 a month. What was I doing wrong? I was literally doing ALL THE THINGS and couldn't seem to make my business work. I knew that the products and knowledge I had could change lives. Why wasn't anyone biting?


Candace Patrick, founder of Journey With Your Soul and the High Vibe Toolbox, transforms lives by teaching people how to step out of their comfort zone and face their fears to achieve the freedom they are searching for. She specializes in creating unique High Vibe Tools such as crystal pendants, oracle cards, and energy-activated photography, fulfilling her life purpose to educate and guide others in working with their energy so that they can raise their vibes! Energy is everything. If you can learn to recognize the energy around you, you can transform your life.







just for you


AbbyKneipp is a mystic guide and supports men and women in reclaiming their sovereignty & stepping fully into their power. She has experienced countless initiations throughout her life - near death experiences, many plant medicine ceremonies, learning off some of the most humble and fierce elders around the world..


abby kneipp

She loves holding spaces for people to return to their truth, to come home deeply within themselves. She creates programs for women in reclaiming their womb cycle, going from painful to blissful bleeds and accessing deep levels of pleasure and ancient feminine wisdom. By embodying and using many different healing modalities, she is able to feel into the unique essence of the individual she is working with and release traumas from childhood or past lives, connect to their spirit guides, channel messages and support them in the reclamation of their true divine essence and own the medicine and gifts they carry. She is a writer and also a voice for the children of this world and is on her way to creating a non for profit foundation for the ending of child trafficking

IG: @abbykneipp FB: https://www.facebook.com/abby.kneipp Linktree: https://linktr.ee/Ignitingsoulsworldwide


my 2020 "This year has been one of the deepest most transformative years of my life."

This year has been one of the deepest most transformative years of my life. This was the year I quit my job working as a preschool teacher. I ruffled quite a few feathers as I never do anything by the norm. I became fully self employed in February and started mentoring people for 3 months and 6 months doing what I love. I walked away from people that were not good for my soul and whom were not aligned with my mission. I supported so many women this year go from painful to blissful bleeds, reclaim their bodies and their wombs, embody their pleasure and their gifts, leave narcissistic relationships and create their own businesses.

I literally met the man of my dreams this year. We are meeting in Bali next month - he is on the other side of the world and the incredible level of connection we have created long distance shows our deep devotion to one another. I am so in love. I have gone next level with my health and feel incredible. I launched my first online women’s program and it has been so powerful and so sacred. I have been interviewed on so many epic podcasts. I have supported so many people that had their awakenings this year.

" I T H S O A L

W A L K E D A W A Y F R O M P E O P L E A T W E R E N O G O O D F O R M Y U L A N D W H O M W E R E N O T I G N E D W I T H M Y M I S S I O N "


I have been supporting the ending of child trafficking through collaborating with other entrepreneurs and through running events and donating to Underground Railroad and Hope For Justice.

I started working with a new mentor and I did online courses and programs. And through all of it,

I have healed deeper layers of myself I didn’t even know needed healing.

What has become most apparent is how the depth of our love is the shining force of faith in times of utter despair and terror.

And I found God. I have come home to God and myself.

That the force of our love is what is creating the new world, the new ways.

My gifts, sensitivities and psychic abilities have increased.

That the power of our love is bridging worlds and changing humaniy as we know it.

I am writing my first ever erotic poetry book.

That the power of my love has literally changed so many lives this year.

I have sat with plant medicine again and journeyed so deep into consciousness and beyond.

That one person does make such a massive difference.

This year has shown me and taught me so much.

That we are resilient and more magical than we could ever realise.

I have been humbled in ways I didn’t even know I could be humbled.

That we are the way showers, The warriors, The rebels, The change makers, The lovers, The artists, The new earth.

I have stepped up in ways that have brought me deep fulfilment yet more importantly served so many people in my community. I served a workshop at a retreat, I ran online workshops, I supported other artists and entrepreneurs workshops and events, I presented at online retreats and summits.

We are the new earth. 2020, This is just the beginning

author unknown


a year in the life of me: 2020

by Shauna Van Mourik Freelance Content and Copy Writer





This year has been a remarkable journey; as individuals, neighbourhoods, nations, and humanity. The polarizing events that we have witnessed inspire some and defeat others. However, for most - in my humble opinion - we have travelled through a remarkable world of relative balance which is comforting, if not altogether pleasing. We have come to a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us through the ebb and flow of positive and negative happenings. Every day has been riddled with emotion and uncertainty but haven’t they always truly been that way? Have we ever been given - or just taken - the opportunity, as we have this year, to truly reflect on the world around us and our position in it? This opportunity is not lost on me and I implore you to consider your progression through this challenging year as well.

Twelve Months of Living Twelve Months of Learning

Shauna Van Mourik Wife, Momma, Writer, Reader, Student, Advocate for abolishing hate and prejudice, Lover of music, art, and nature... It is hard to write about yourself - even if you’re a writer! However, with a strong foundation in psychology and Rhetoric, I use my copywriting skills to help service-based entrepreneurs to increase engagement and sales by writing fan-creating copy that converts. shaunaleigh@shaunaleighartistry.com www.shaunaleighartistry.com


I finally bit the bullet and broke through some mindset barriers that were preventing me from hiring a business coach. She turned out to offer so much more than advertised. I’m now a part of a community, supported in life, business, and everything in between. Investing in yourself is not only okay but highly profitable! The ROI is always exponential.


My children came down with hand-foot-and-mouth (HFM) so we were quarantined all month. Once we were able to visit people again, the pandemic was already here. At least we were already used to the ‘at home’ lifestyle. I must admit, lockdown turned into projects completed that I never thought I had time for. Just as it can always get worse… so too can it get better!


By staying home and interacting with a whole new set of people from all around the world, I was able to understand how individuals’ ‘zones of genius’ really work. The way you light up and truly shine when you talk about that one thing, geeking out about your passions, and helping others in a way that only you can; that’s the good stuff. Own your Genius.


This is about when I started shouting from the virtual rooftops for everyone to keep going! In business, in life, in all things - keep going; share your stories, create, reach out, relate! With so many people at home, when will there ever be so many people ready and willing - eager even - to connect, listen, and take in all that you have to offer. Consistency is Key.


I made some pretty huge commitments to myself that felt both invigorating and terrifying at the same time. Taking the first steps to accomplish those big, scary goals felt borderline impossible. In the end, I was happy that I pushed onward to be able to realize the satisfaction of a job well done. That first step is the hardest, but it’s so worth it.


Many hard truths were revealed to my naive heart. This was a time of introspection and decision making. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What am I doing now to make a difference? Would future me approve? How can I do better? I can do hard things.



I began learning to play the ukulele. It’s funny how such a trivial little tidbit can hold so much profound meaning. Psychologically, it fired up the engines again - neurogenesis in full force - but at its core was pure joy. Breathing clean country air, hearing a baby giggle, watching the sunrise; this hobby woke up my senses dared me to be more.

You know that feeling when you’re on a roller coaster and it’s climbing that first, highest peak? You know when you can see the cusp coming but gravity hasn’t quite pulled you over the edge yet? Are you comfortable there? No, you’re frightened and maybe a little bit exhilarated. Like the coaster doesn’t falter but rather succumbs to the pull of gravity, when you’re drawn to where you feel truly aligned: get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Don't let fear control you, I didn’t.

Learning is fun!

Take chances, make mistakes, get messy - Thanks, Mrs. Frizzle.



Being authentic became very meaningful to me. I fell into a more honest representation of myself over video calls, in my content, and toward my family. When I became clear in communicating my ideals and owning my unique perspective on the world, things just lined up.

All of my children had birthdays without friends at their parties this year. We spent the time as a family and with the holiday seasons fast approaching, we knew that they would look similar for us. It’s surprising how little it disappointed us to make this realization. We have learned how to make the moments count and truly enjoy one another’s’ company. Do what you can with what you have where you are.

Put yourself out there, you have important things to say.



When the days get shorter and greyer and wetter, my spirits drop. Spring and summer are my favourite seasons and, where I live, this is usually the time when our long winter begins to really settle in. Melancholy, to say the least. No explanation, just worldweary and in desperate need of a hot tea and a good book.

A chance to reflect and plan, living in both the past and the future while occupying the present. As I lay my youngest to sleep, I look at my son’s forest mural in his room and admire the glowing star stickers that resemble the night’s sky. He requests snuggles and I warmly oblige. For this, I would do anything. I can move mountains. I will succeed. Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

It’s okay to not be okay.

In hindsight, most of the year’s ups and downs had nothing to do with the news or worldly events. It was all about perception, responses, and outlook. The historic events that happened this year simply gave us all a chance to realize this. Let’s not forget it.

by shauna van mourik

A year of Self-discovery


My name is Julia, I’m Lebanese Canadian. Have BA in graphic design, certified as Master chocolatier. Took Tony Robbins and Marisa Peer courses. I have been a stay at home for last 8 years but was doing freelance jobs as well as business in baking and chocolate making. 2020 was the year I have decided to become a life coach and currently leading a team of 26 wonderful women and guiding them to improve their life.

https://www.instagram.com/julia.scaleoflove/ https://m.facebook.com/alajulia.ca/


When 2020 was a nightmare for some, it was for me the year of selfdiscovery.

My Journey of conscious living started in 2019, but 2020 was the journey of digging deeper and my healing taking place in different aspects of my life.

I may not have made a business this year. But I believe success is not how much you are earning. Success is how many layers you are peeling out of your shoulders and connecting with your inner source. I do have an internal call to serve and share with the world about my journey. Helping others and seeing them succeeding is a mission I will hop on very soon. This year I will call it a hibernation year, I made beautiful relationships with my kids, I used to think I’m just a maid serving my family by cooking, cleaning, driving, storytelling etc... Today I see myself as a polar star that decides to shine every day and guide her daughters to make better decisions and love themselves.

1 SLEEPING EARLY, WAKING UP EARLY Being stay at home mum my evening hours meant a lot to me, I can finally have few hours to myself without kids around but I developed a very bad habit of binge watching and most of the time I sleep very late around 1 am and my kids are early birds, so next day I have to be up by 5:30 but I would give my kids the tablet or anything to distract them and try to catch few extra minutes while rolling in bed and being annoyed by them asking me millions of questions. Today I go to sleep as early as my kids go to bed but I make sure to wake up at least one hour before they wake up. This time is nonnegotiable. It’s the time when I commit to my morning routine: Meditation, journaling, manifestation, workout, cold shower, affirmations and finally an Instagram post.





If you met me two years ago the first impression you will have about me is that I’m in total chaos, I can’t keep up one discussion without opening another subject and probably will interrupt anyone that is speaking just to share my thoughts. I never really listened, I was always repeating in my head what I will say next... meditation made me more grounded, a better listener and connected to the source, God, Universe whatever you name it!

I have a list of questions I ask myself daily: how I want to show up daily, what do I want to be, to give, to feel, what I will release, what are the things I am grateful for, who do I want to forgive.... while journaling I feel I am responsible for my feelings and I take better decisions. Having all my notes documented I can see my patterns and point out the things I must work on.







In 2019, I started working out and in return I have lost around 30lbs from simply doing 30min workout and eating mindfully. During the confinement I lost another 15 Lbs, today I am able to maintain my weight, I never gained any pounds because of this habit. I feel strong, determined and persistent after every workout. Three things I focus on during my workout are: My breathing, I feel less pain when I breathe well, my mantra « My body is loving it » and finally going out of my head and connecting with my body.

Taking a cold shower was the most difficult habit, it never seemed to get easier, especially in winter time the water in general is way colder « I live in Canada » so you can imagine how cold it can be. But also my daily mantra during my shower is « I can do hard things » it gives me confidence to start the day rejuvenated.


7 INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT Three years ago I created a foodie Instagram account and I was so happy to share my recipes and creativity. But this experience was a disaster. My old me was extremely meticulous and perfectionist. I would spend hours planning and executing a simple post. In 2018 we had flooding in our house and it caused demolishing a big part of it. This incident actually caused my awakening and I’m grateful for it. In March 2020, I created a new account, I let go of my perfectionism. Today I prepare all my 7 posts of the week in 1 hour and do a photo-shooting of 30min and I’m done for the week. Getting organized and strategic made me enjoy practicing my hobby yet keeping my sanity!

This is the most recent habit that my coach taught me: I look in the mirror direct eye contact and say my affirmations « I am strong » « I am lovable » « I am supported » « I am enough » I’m trying to teach my daughters to do the same, some days it works perfectly for them and some days they refuse. I won’t give up, I know eventually they will get used to it, as humans we are creatures of habits so better we do good habits.

I do the most difficult task first thing. Some days it could be a phone call that I don’t feel like doing, other days might be a drawer that is cluttered and needs my attention. I make sure every day I check this habit.

9 TIME I learned how to manage my time efficiently. I have my morning routine that I have previously mentioned. During the day while doing chores, I take online courses about selfgrowth. Evening routine: I verify my habit list, I have 26 habits that I practice daily like: Connecting with nature, Breathwork, homeschooling, drinking water, playing with my kids, etc..) and Reading.

10 NO TV My new year resolution of 2019 was no more TV for 2020 and I do take my resolution seriously. Covid started, lots of my favourite shows were released and I was able to resist all this temptation. As a young child I was diagnosed with dyslexia and have been told by my mother: “Reading and writing will be a big struggle in your life. You better focus on the creative world you will excel better in this field”. As I started my awakening journey I needed to learn more, yes YouTube is fantastic but nothing beats a good book. So I started reading every night a little before sleeping and later I would commit for 10 pages every night. Today I read 10% of the book so I can read at least 3 books a month. Yes It’s my 30th book that I have read since I started my journey. This simple habit blew my mind how limiting beliefs can really limit us until we decide the opposite.

we love art!




“She wore her scars as her best attire. A stunning dress made of hellfire.”


This year started off on a high note. I revisited my vision board in January and I included bigger goals and dreams I wanted to achieve in 2020. Happiness was radiating at the highest possible level. Life was beautiful until the world came to a complete standstill in mid-March 2020. In early March, John Spender, a 23-time international bestselling author, award winning international speaker who is currently co-writing and producing a movie documentary starring Jack Canfield, Rev. Micheal Bernard Beckwith, Dr John Demartini, and many more asked me to take part of his newest edition in the international bestselling book series: “A Journey of Riches”, the subtitle was: “Facing your Fears.” Although the idea of co-writing a book was at the top of my list for 2020, I had to reflect on it. Days later, the world faced unprecedented times with the pandemic, so I decided to turn down the opportunity. Maybe deep down, I was not ready to face my fears regarding the unknown circumstances of the pandemic. Is that why I turned down the dream of a lifetime to co-write a chapter in a successful book series?


During the pandemic, I had two choices: I could let fear and sadness paralyze me, or I could choose gratitude to move forward and make my dreams


become a reality. I decided to become the best


hard times. In my chapter, I explain: “Gratitude will

version of myself and lead by example during the enable you to rise above the darkness and bloom

When the pandemic hit, because my son goes to

like a lotus flower. The path of gratitude is the

school one hour away in a different province, I

solution to finding the light in a time of profound

could not see him from March to June. My heart

darkness.” When you focus on gratitude, you can

was broken. I was devastated. The only way I could

find the strength to keep moving forward despite

see him was through video or talk to him by

the hard times.

telephone. During difficult times, I could not even hold my son in my arms and tell him that I loved him

My advice to thrive in 2021 is to create a vision

and that everything was going to be OK. I had to do

board and to identify short and long term goals in

it from a distance. I could have stayed sad and

the areas of career, health and relationships. Make

heartbroken, but instead, I decided to pivot my

sure your goals are attainable because it is

coaching. I offered free life coaching to those in

important to take action and move towards those

need who reached out to me. I rebranded and

goals every day. Find an accountability partner to

launched my website: www.julieblouin.com. I

help you stay focused, committed and motivated in

redirected my focus from sadness to being of

achieving your goals. It is important to revise your

service to others who needed assistance in

goals frequently to help you stay on track. Always

navigating through the difficult times. I provided

remember to celebrate every milestone achieved.

clarity in a time of chaos and uncertainty.

2021 is a new year, and a fresh start. Make it memorable!

“YOU CANNOT CONTROL STORMS, BUT YOU CAN LEARN TO SAIL IN HIGH WINDS.” - JULIE BLOUIN When the book: “A Journey of Riches: Facing your Fears” was released, it instantly became a #1 international bestselling book. I remember sitting in a restaurant with a friend discussing the opportunity to co-write a book that I had turned down, and I told him that I was now ready to cowrite a book. When I came home, John Spender had reached out to me that evening to co-write “The Attitude of Gratitude.” I immediately responded with an enthusiastic YES! The topic spoke to my heart. The book became a #1 bestselling book in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and #2 in France.

JULIE BLOUIN International Bestselling Author Women's Empowerment Coach Motivational Speaker

Julie Blouin is an international bestselling author, a certified professional coach, a motivational speaker and a women’s empowerment coach. She helps those who feel stuck in the areas of career, health, relationships, wealth, spirituality and well-being step outside their comfort zone, reach a new milestone, set attainable goals and live the life of their dreams while ensuring a work/life balance.

Julie will provide a freebie to all who reach out to her by email at: julie@julieblouin.com with the subject line: Freebie - Unchain your Inner Strength and she will send a daily journal with affirmations, a vision board, a self-care worksheet, a self-reflection journal, a worksheet to help you reach your goals, and a weekly reflection sheet to help you thrive in 2021.

www.julieblouin.com www.facebook.com/julie.blouin.71 www.instagram.com/julie_blouin_coaching www.linkedin.com/in/julie-blouin-

The Soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears


FOR MY 2020 TO MAKE SENSE LET ME TELL YOU A LITTLE STORY ABOUT 2019... I had been working in film production and catering for a few years freelance and got offered a “great oppThe rise of the divine masculine Kingortunity” for my career. A poorly paid, long-hours, working on a film I didn’t have a soul connection to. Like so much in the film industry, the director was giving me a “great opportunity”. I did not sleep the night before travelling. My tummy was in knots. On the plane, I opened up to my partner and told him I didn’t want to do it, felt so much guilt and shame.

I opened up to him about how I felt, I was overwhelmed, and the energy exchange no longer felt right.

“FUCK THIS SHIT,” he said. We do not let people treat you this way.

WOW! I cried and cried, not only did he stand up for me, but he told the director a friend of his what he did not appreciate. Liberated, not only did he have my back, but we also had two weeks of unplanned time. My partner, Jens,

had been talking about moving to Sweden, and it was a clear no for me. Then he

mentioned it to me again, and in body, it was a yes!

My mind went wild.


this doesn’t make sense. I looked at a map of Sweden, and my inner voice guided me directly to

the town we live in today, Ystad. I told Jens to check out jobs in that town. He looked at me in astonishment it was the last day of application for a position for an ENT surgeon. He applied and got an interview the following week.

On the way to Jens’ interview, we almost crashed the car. A flacon swooped down and hovered over the road, right in front of the vehicle. Confirmation! I knew we were on the right path.He got the job!

TRUST My son did not want to come with us but stay in Iceland with his father. I had an uneasy feeling of mother guilt, and shame arise. I knew we had to move; I knew we were guided there, my body knew.

About a month after we moved the world went into lockdown, EVERYwhere except Sweden. Spirit had guided us the only country not locking down. I felt blessed.

THE MOTHER Reconnecting with the magic of the natural world has been a massive part of this year, listening to most of the trees, stones and the spirit of the animals around.

There is so much wildlife just 5 mins from where we live, I walk there most days.

THE RISE OF THE DIVINE MASCULINE As many of you, my plans for 2020 changed, I had been working freelance for many years on different catering; events ^ business consultancy projects. A few years prior, I had studied a shamanic medicine wheel that changed my life. Guided, to find a coach as I knew that my business was going to be a combination of business and shamanism; however, I did not know how or what I was creating. I had burned out so many times before forcing things that were not exactly how I wanted to do it. Being highly sensitive, I would have sensory overloads daily.

Realizing, that due to the hypermasculine energy that I was functioning in for so many years in business, I had developed a subconscious fear for making money, as my subconscious had linked making money to adrenal fatigue and burn out. I had to take a break from the whole business ”hustle” and take space. I was so incredibly grateful to my partner Jens to not only support me financially but invest in building my business. He invested money for me to hire a coach and start from a healthy work ethic of putting self-care in the center of my business.

My New business is less than six months old and is breaking even and some. I have launched two successful online courses, have private clients, and a woman’s circle I am transitioning into a more bespoke Coven in 2021.

I needed to let go of all the ideas I had in my head, the beliefs I had thought were right, and allow the magick to run through me and my business. I needed to get out of my way and let creation come to form.

LETTING GO AND CREATING AN INNER AND OUTER SANCTUARY This year I had to let go of opinions, let go of form and allow myself to trust the internal and external divine masculine to lead me and provide structure for me to flow into the sacred feminine creatrix I am by nature.

As a former nomad, I knew I yearned to create a physical sanctuary in order to find that sanctuary to be creating inside through the union and oneness of the polarities. Once the divine masculine and feminine work together in synergy, oneness, and alignment is made.

I am about to birth The sanctuary of Magick, guiding Feminine entrepreneurs in the Aquarian age through the journey I experienced to create unity through the polarities first internally and then in their relationships and businesses.

One last thing, I will kick off 2021 by being a published author, I wrote a chapter in a co-authored book called Wild Woman Rising, brave woman who caved their own paths.

Watch the space it’s going to be Wild!

Iceland is calling me once again back to the Land, thank you Sweden for this year of transformation and growth.


Initiated in her love of Acting and playing in the hills of Provence as a child, Arabella has dedicated the last six years to her healing and awakening. Motivated by her supernatural experiences as a child and throughout her life, she practices mindfulness and is initiations into different shamanic traditions. Before starting her purpose in the healing arts, Arabella studied English literature and drama and later in life graduated with honor at an international business school in Switzerland. Arabella’s teaching, mentoring programs, and workshops focus on guiding souls home to remembering the beat of their wild hearts and retracing destiny towards their highest potential. She believes that finding who you are by authentic divine design, by reclaiming parts of yourself that have been lost or forgotten along the way is the root to an abundant life; mind, body, and soul. Arabella works with Archetypes, movement, polarities, soul retrieval, journeying, potions, and shamanic energy.

https://www.facebook.com/bellamorganxx Website: (coming soon) https://humholistic.com/ https://www.instagram.com/bellamorgan/

books we love! the perfect gift

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TSIPAREHTONPYH LACINILC SStepanka Kuralova is a clinical hypnotherapist and women’s empowerment coach. She guides soulcentered women to follow their deeper callings, to become unstoppable, empowered and stop being held back by fears, insecurities and anxiety. Stepanka helps her clients to become the most magnetic & glowing version of themselves, so that they can achieve their goals with ease and start living their dream life.

Download a free Deep Healing Hypnosis from here: https://www.hypnocoaching.me/healinghypnosis Free online Sisterhood for women on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shinebrightbeyo urself/ Stepanka’s Website: www.hypnocoaching.me Stepanka’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/newearthwoman Stepanka’s Podcast: www.hypnocoaching.me/podcast


a k n a p e t S a v o l a r u K

"I truly believe that we are being invited to be grateful for all of our life experiences and to liberate ourselves from stories that no longer serve us"

2020, in Hindsight B Y



2020 is the beginning of a new

‘professional’ looking article

my beloved grandma, who I

decade and what a year it has

that would include six simple

spent most of my free time with,

been. The word that

general lessons learnt in 2020.

started to deteriorate. Just

summarises my experience of

Yes, the kind of impersonal

typing those letters makes me

2020 is expansion. Expansion of

lessons you would find all over

emotional and my eyes swell up

my hypnotherapy and coaching

the Internet every December

with tears. She was my partner’s

business, expansion of my

when people reflect on the

grandma, but we became a

ability to accept, surrender and

whole year. But the theme of

family and friends the moment

my ability to keep my heart

expansion arises again, as I sat

we had met for the first time

open even on days when it felt

in front of my laptop and it

years ago. The last couple of


guides me to expand my ability

days of being next to her when

to open my heart to others, to

she was still fully conscious felt

If anything, then 2020 has

take my ‘therapist and coach

strangely peaceful, there was no

stretched me, and led me to put

hat’ off and be vulnerable.

more rush, nothing to do,

everything I preach and teach

nowhere else to go. We watched

into practice like never before.

On 1st January 2020, I felt

the tide coming in and going

The word expansion came up

excited for what was coming.

out. She loved that view and a

for me again when I sat down to

Travel adventures were booked,

week later we said goodbye.

write this article.

business collaborations were

This was my lesson of

lined up and plans were made.

surrender, of simply being

Part of me wanted to stay in the

However, January took an

present and of keeping my heart

comfort zone and create a

unexpected turn when my

open even when it wanted to close.

"2020 has stretched me, and led me to put everything I preach and teach in practice" S T E P A N K A

February and March were filled

After returning back to the UK,

me, an introvert who loves

with a lot of ‘firsts’ for me. I

the reality of what was

working from home and being

hosted my first in person event

happening hit me hard. Like

alone, this was unexpected

and it sold out, made amazing

many, I was first overwhelmed


connections, launched my first

by the new restrictions,

collaboration programme and

upsetting news and by the fact

As much as Spring 2020 felt a

my first solo group programme,

that many of my plans were

little lonely, I decided to focus

my work got published in a

cancelled. The next couple of

on my business, rebranded my

printed hypnotherapy magazine

months were all about

online community and received

for the first time, and I also

navigating the sudden changes,

a lot of inspiration around

went on my first relaxing

processing the collective anxiety

where my mission is headed. I

holiday with my partner,

and fear of uncertainty, but the

planned the rest of the year,

literally days before most flights

thing that surprised me the most

launched a new programme,

got cancelled. We were lucky

was how I missed socialising.

signed up wonderful clients and

enough to enjoy traveling before

This might seem like an obvious

felt deeply fulfilled in that area.

many countries got shut down.

one for some, but for

Summer of 2020 gave me another

This was an incredibly different,

incredible lesson; even when we

challenging and heart-opening year.

think we have seen it all, we have

In some ways, life went on as normal

not. I focused on exploring our local

- we argued and laughed, many of us

area and on reconnecting with the

continued working, babies were

simplicity of daily miracles that are

born, the sun rose and set every day.

available to all of us. I have also

But in other ways, it was like no

learned that there is power in

other year we’ve experienced in our

slowing down and savouring one

lifetimes - it was a year that stretched

thing at a time. For me, this was a

our hearts in so many different ways.

walk in the fresh air, sunshine on my face, a meal cooked by someone

As 2020 is closing to an end, we must

else, a chat with friends over the

redefine the stories of what has

phone without rushing to ‘the next

come and change the way we tell


them, before we can truly reflect on what we’ve learned, how we’ve

Autumn of 2020 had a bitter sweet

grown and where we are going next.

taste for me, while I was

I truly believe that we are being

experiencing an exciting expansion

invited to be grateful for all of our

within my business and my heart

life experiences and to liberate

was deeply grateful for that, I also

ourselves from stories that no longer

felt sad, because two of my beloved

serve us. We cannot afford to

cousins gave birth to their babies

descend into victimhood, blame, old

and my November trip to see them

patterns and old ways of being -

got cancelled. I felt the truth of the

these have had an expire date on

words that life simply doesn’t always

them for way too long, it’s time we

go according to plan, and learnt that

gave them up totally. This powerful,

our personal flexibility, emotional

transformative energy of 2020 invites

intelligence and internal resources

us to find gratitude in the moment,

have never been more important.

to surrender to the fact that

Normally, I am a very organized

sometimes no plan we create works

person (aka recovering control

out, to receive the lessons we’re

freak) and love to have things

being given with an open heart.

planned out ahead of time. If the first plan fails I would have a plan B… and then a Plan C, but the truth is that throughout 2020 many of us, including myself, sometimes ran out of plans.

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In my case, I’m not sure that I have ever truly experienced a safe and secure feeling. My childhood filled with turmoil, led me to a path of tumultuous relationships, which, as most people completely understand, resulted in a tumultuous life. I felt moments of safety and security and soon learned that those moments were fleeting at best. For a long time, understanding that our childhoods set the framework for our adulthood, I held anger over my upbringing. I was the one who was always smiling so everyone thought I was okay no matter what happened. I thought that I was a champion overcomer because I could smile through anything. I incessantly sought the bright side, the silver lining, the lessons never giving my obstacles a moment of space in my head - so I thought… I realized during this time of reflection, that smiling is nice and all, but we need to get real about our emotions. Some things are outright painful. Smiling through them seems a bit inauthentic.

The pain is real and will be heard at some point. Here’s the catch, we can stuff those unpleasant feelings, vault them so deep in our souls that we don’t even see them. No matter how deeply we think that we bury them, their presence affects our lives, sometimes in ways we would never even connect to buried feelings! We might not even be aware that we behave in ways that reflect our inner vault status. One of the best sayings I have heard relating to burying unpleasant memories and feelings is “what is in the well comes up in the bucket.” One would presume that a Master Energy Therapist would have her emotions squared away. We energy workers do become experts at bouncing back from turmoil. As most professions though, our personal experiences tend to lead us to our work. Most of us come from unpleasant childhood experiences, if not outright terrifying. We also find after working in this field for a time, that most people have had experiences in their rearing that lead them to uncomfortable

places in their adulthood. I found comfort in realizing that all of us have issues to address. After studying the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Teal Swan, Abraham-Hicks, Donna Eden, Cyndi Dale, David Hamiliton, Caroline Myss, and many others, mostly from Sounds True or Hay House publishers, I learned to embrace these experiences and now see them as learning or growth opportunities.


During the COVID time to reflect, I’ve taken my learning opportunities to a new level. Have you noticed that when we finally recover from our tragedies, we find that they have served us brilliantly? These interruptions to our pleasantries turn out to be the best partners we could have. I thanked my exhusband for his role in my growth. The incessant obstacle courses he presented in our marriage, and afterwards, combined with my determination, led me to take the hard human science courses, along with Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Holistic Modalities, Transcultural Health Care, Global Health, then earn a Master's Degree from Purdue University, and intensely study the work of my colleagues. All of this led to the development of the Holistic Stages of Development™, the Plexus Method™, and the creation of a revised and new Energy Therapy Modality. His criticism led me to refine my work. I realize this and am grateful. My relationship with my four sons has had its share of difficulties as one would expect being raised in an emotionally rough environment. My youngest is twenty three years old now, my oldest thirty. I think the hardest part from my perspective was feeling as if I didn’t measure up, I didn’t do enough, I didn’t make up for the pain I took part in producing as a mother. During this COVID time, I have been able to spend more time with them. I’ve heard them more than I have ever heard them. I heard their perspectives of their childhoods. They were all so different. The one common thread though, none of them felt heard and for a very good reason, they weren’t. Their father was consumed with not looking bad in their eyes and his most useful tool to succeed at it was to degenerate me. I spent most of my time picking up the pieces trying to survive while he tore everything I did down or interfered with my ability to apply myself. I’m grateful for the time that I have with my sons during this time, getting to know them more, seeing their perspective, learning so much about them, their father, and myself.

I’ve accepted and moved on to embrace the road that brought me here, where I can look forward to the road ahead. We’re not alone anymore. None of us are alone anymore. This new environment has given me the foundation I thought I was always missing. I guess what I’ve learned is that I was a bit like Dorothy. I was already home and didn’t know it. I melted the bad witch and now can embrace my family in a whole new way. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner together as a family. We’ve had dinner together before but not like this year. We all felt the peace and harmony. Not all of us were together in the same house. My youngest had been exposed to COVID at work so he cooked his first turkey dinner at his house. Who knew that cooking your own turkey dinner would open up a bunch of doors to responsible thinking?! He got a late start with the turkey because he didn’t get to the store in time to get a frozen turkey. He had to take over several people’s responsibilities at work due to COVID absences so he wasn’t able to prepare ahead of time for cooking. He is also twenty three and still likes to procrastinate. He had to buy a fresh turkey and the only one left was a 23 pounder! We all got a big chuckle out of that. He could barely lift the turkey into the roasting pan.

We were on Facetime most of the afternoon helping him get it in the oven stuffed. Good thing he likes to eat late! It was done at 9pm. He joked that the best cook in the family, who is my Italian partner of nine years, has competition now. He called the next day though with a very different conversation. He talked about the type of woman with whom he would like to share his life. He talked about responsible dating because as he put it, “the last thing this family needs is a psycho baby momma.” He also said he has a whole new appreciation for what we do every year in the kitchen! Aside from family bonds healing and growing, my professional life has also healed and grown. Like many people, I took a big hit financially. My contracts were canceled due to COVID and I feared exposing my partner to it so I closed my practice temporarily. Fortunately, last fall one of my clients invited me to participate in an online course building group. By January, I was well prepared technologically for a shift to teaching virtual courses. I also brought back my network marketing activities to the front burner. I have a little more marketing to do to communicate the value of remote energy sessions but we’ll get there. The network marketing company I am with has opened doors internationally for my work. I decided to begin learning other languages so I could communicate better internationally. I’m taking Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. I never would have followed through with this pre-COVID. I thought it would be fun to learn several languages but that is where it stopped before.

I’ve learned how to help people join the classes, and lead mediations and energy receptions through this platform. The online certification classes have been fantastic. They get better each week. I now partner with new teachers and lead the free Initiation to Energy Therapy classes. This is so easy with the online format. This way the students can be sure if our group and style matches them before they purchase the full course or courses, and the current student teachers can earn while they learn. I’ve been rattled out of my comfort zone and have reinvented myself so many times during this experience that my new comfort zone has permanently misted into vapor. I resorted to living only in the present. I no longer think very far ahead, plan for outcomes, or have expectations. I set targets and shoot at it until I hit something – which may or may not be my target – and celebrate my win! I’m living in the uncomfortable. I’m unsure of what is going to happen next. I’m unsure if I, my family members, or my friends will even be alive next month. I’m unsure if I will be living in the same place or driving the same vehicle. I have today though. I have this moment and I have control over this moment. There is something liberating about living right now. Right now is the only place that is real. Right now is the only place where I know I can bring everything I have to the table. Right now. If tomorrow comes, I will embrace it when it arrives. Funny how I had to go through all of the insanity to get to someplace I already was, here and now. Perhaps forever, I’m embracing now, in love and light.

I am communicating with my clients more than ever now and plan to significantly improve upon this activity with Zoom and Google Meets. I’ve learned how to record, edit, and launch videos. I’m getting better at making them interesting!

Words by Colleen Love-Kielton



ABOUT COLLEEN LOVE-KIELTON Master Energy Therapist and Founding President of the Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc, whose mission is to holistically restore humanity, one vibe at a time. With an educational base Bachelor’s in Psychology, Health Science, and a Masters in Strategic Communication, Minister of Therapeutic Energy, and ordained minister. Colleen’s private practice focuses on holistic stress relief and restoration for the mind, body, and spirit. She teaches her clients how to repair and restore their energy flow, embracing all of who they are, with the intent to release all they can be. She provides Reiki based energy therapy sessions, and certifies students in the energy therapy techniques that she learned, discovered, and fine tuned through her ten years of practice and studying the body’s energy flow, and how it relates to our emotional states.

glow L A R U T A N E T I R O V A F R U O F O S SOME T N E I D E R G N I

Your l u f i t u a e B






Applying olive oil on the skin blocks about 20 percent of the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. It does this by boosting the skin's natural sunblocking proteins. Olive oil also contains a fat called squalene. This natural fat is the skin's most important protective fat.

Colloidal oatmeal, oat extract and oat oil help balance the microbes on your skin, keeping it healthy The range of ingredients found in oats strengthen the skin’s barrier, soothing and moisturising it Skin cream containing oats can help soothe the effects of several skin conditions, like eczema-prone and symptoms of psoriasis!

AVOCADO OIL AVOCADO OIL ON SKIN Avocado oil contains a high percentage of Vitamin E, as well as potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients which can nourish and moisturize your skin. The oleic acid also promotes collagen production, which helps grow new skin. This accelerates the healing process, helping with issues like sunburn.

LICORICE EXTRACT LICORICE EXTRACT FOR THE SKIN Recent studies show that licorice extract benefits for skin may also include astringent properties, antioxidant protection, as well as the ability to promote skin-radiance. Licorice extract contains concentrations of flavonoids, such as glabridin, that equip the skin with antioxidant properties.

mocktails for Xmas

mulled nonwine INGREDIENTS: 500ml pomegranate juice 25g golden caster sugar handful of frozen blackberries 250ml apple juice 1 cinnamon stick 1 star anise 4 cloves 3 black peppercorns 1 orange, quartered

THE SOBER IRISH INGREDIENTS: 150ml double cream 50ml evaporated milk 2 tbsp maple syrup2 5ml freshly brewed espresso pinch of ground cinnamon 1 tsp vanilla extract pinch of finely grated orange zestice

Clementine Mockjito INGREDIENTS: 1 clementine

Xmas Coffee INGREDIENTS: 4 tbsp ground coffee 1 small cinnamon stick 2 pitted dates pinch of ground nutmeg 2 cloves strip of pared orange zest

½ tsp demerara sugar 1 lemon wedge, chopped ice small handful of mint, woody stalks removed a few drops of orange blossom water sparkling water, to top up


things to welcome the new year! 01


BURNING SAGE Some practitioners of alternative medicine believe that burning sage, or taking it internally, can help release negative energy

BURNING LAVENDER The dried flower buds of lavender have a light refreshing scent when burned. They're often incorporated into ceremonies that are focused on peace, restful sleep and happiness. Lavender can be burned therapeutically to address insomnia, depression, grief, sorrow and anxiety.


MANIFEST Manifest what you want for the New Year. Love, friendships, lifestyle, business, income. Set up the intentions for the New Year and let the Universe do the rest


DECLUTTER Burn that too Soul Sister! Write in small pieces of paper what are the things, emotions, feelings, situations that you would like to let go this year. Then fire them all up while saying them outloud and releasing them out of your soul.


It wasn't an easy year for anyone of us, a lot of breakdowns, a lot of breakthroughs. Lessons to be learned and experiences to be lived. However, it all forms part of your journey. Be grateful for the lessons , they are here to help you get more connected with your true self. SHINE SOUL SISTER!



















Thank you December'

Soul Sisters