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StreetNoise Death of A Foul Soul I lay on my bed breathless and stunned; I thought this time would never come. As I glance around my lofty home with expensive decor and shiny chrome.

I remember those whom on I had stepped, so up the corporate ladder I crept. I recall the alcohol, women and drugs and when told to stop I just gave them shrugs

To gamble and cheat and to strife. To collect money was my life I broke ties and severed bonds took things to which others it belonged

I killed innocent hearts and minds, for personal gain, they were just too kind. God, well he does not exist, I do what I want so I amounted this.

I see those fools worship and pray but I intend on more money today Money is what got me a life so fine, why restrict food, I love wine.

But I lay here now with my fancy attire on my last breaths about to retire. I loved how I lived and I look forward to rest in a golden grave I was the best.

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StreetNoise I don't care about those people that I hurt or those who suffered my assert. I know I will not answer to God those fools told me but I was smart and I stayed broad

No regrets I stand proud, I die rich and I never bowed. My legacy will never be gone my work will forever live on!

Only one disturbance though those two men in black robes They have been sitting with an eerie stare holding rough cloth most uncomfortable to wear

They sat with an evil face, scary to behold, with hatred in its base They sat ever still at my visions limit, looking in to my very spirit.

As I lay silent I am over come by a strange fearWhat! What?!

WHAT!!! What is this before my eyes? Above me descends a creature who flies?!

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StreetNoise Carrying with him a ghastly gaze one to shake up time and space!

A demon expression of the pitchest black I knew now I could not turn back His eyes of the palest blue and a jaw like I never knew "Look! Look! What is that thing? What kind of news does he bring?" "My maid my maid why don't you speak? Please look my future looks bleak!" 'SILENCE!' Spoke the frightening reaper 'Speak no more you evil creature. Don't you see that he sees me not? Your time is up its time for you to rot.'

As I stare up he lands by my head, I suddenly fill will remorse and dread. "Why oh why is this happening to me? I have so much money I am really wealthy"

He grabbed my throat and pressed my head, his hand felt like molten lead He reached down my neck and grabbed my heart I knew a painful experience was about to start.

He had reached in and grabbed my soul, a soul so dark like burnt coal. I felt a piercing ripping pain;

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StreetNoise on my body was incredible strain.

I realized I was about to part with the body I inhabited from my start So I dashed back in, holding on in fear to my ribs and arteries "is there someone here?" There came no response but the pulling of death inch by inch I was losing my breath The pain became far more severe my body ripped and constant flow of tears

My soul was finally torn free I tried to hold foolish could I be? I stared back in horror at my unmoving body, so this is it my time already?

My body hurt everywhere, only had I done some prayers There was piercing pain all over me, an ocean of pain or a miserable sea

The two scary beings took me away and placed me, to my dismay, On the rough fabric they had held in their hands and they wrapped me tight like a band

Already in pain from my soul being ripped, further agony from my shroud, it pricked. So much hurt, "how much more could there be? what was to become of me?"

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StreetNoise I notice a foul odor from my soul began to rise; it was truly a scent to despise A smell so rancid I could not bear, I felt like my senses were about to tear. "Where are you taking me, what are you doing?" "What types of horrors will I be viewing?" They flew me up high and high, higher then the buildings and higher then the sky. This was scary in a whole new way; I didn't know what to do couldn't it go away? We reached the heavens and I received curses,

of misfortune and misery-..only if I had read Gods verses. To me threats and insults all the angels hurled. Using the worst names called to me in the world.

We finally reached the gates of heaven, what a beautiful gate I saw there were seven Maybe I was wrong, maybe they will let me in, maybe what I did was not such a big sin "WHO GOES THERE?" asked a very stern voice "it is so and so" replied my carrier with poise. "May he enter the sacred gardens?" "Has this man been given pardon?" "NO" replied the stern gatekeeper "HE HAS BEEN REJECTED AND HIS GRIEF WILL GO DEEPER!"

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My carriers turned around and cast me down from the sky with such force and from so high. I landed with a smash back in to my body grueling pain so shaken and unsteady.

I noticed I was in my coffin and I heard people but no laughing or talking "Woe to me, where do you take me?" I could not move I could only see.

I then realized where I was going, what exactly those people were doing I no longer felt confident and brave they were taking me to the infamous black hole.... My Grave.

Death of A Foul Soul By 'StreetNoise.'  

"...A demon expression of the pitchest black I knew now I could not turn back His eyes of the palest blue and a jaw like I never knew..."