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Nourishing the souls of community members affected by all types of cancer COMMUNITY




SOUL RYEDERS® is a volunteer-driven charitable organization based in Westchester County, NY that is committed to empowering those in our community who are affected by all types of cancer. From diagnosis through treatment, recovery and survivorship, we offer practical resources and nurturing support services that provide dignity, confidence, hope and compassion.

• Develop and implement support programs to address unmet cancer-related needs in our community • Provide individualized resources and emotional support for those with all types of cancer from diagnosis through treatment, recovery and survivorship





Sandy Samberg from Rye, NY participates in the 39-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in memory of one friend and in honor of another. Two friends join her to walk in honor of their loved ones. She shares her idea of starting a team from Rye for the 2007 walk.

Sole Ryeders joins the Westchester Cancer Coalition and starts supporting community members with any kind of cancer.

Sole Ryeders officially changes its name to SOUL RYEDERS to reflect its evolution and commitment to touching the souls of those affected by cancer. SOUL RYEDERS initiates the Giving Circle, a kids team for the Westchester Triathlon, SOUL Cares, and its SOUL STRONG survivor program.

2007 Inaugural Sole Ryeders team of 35 women from Rye use the soles of their feet in the fight against breast cancer and raise over $100,000.

• Promote cancer awareness and prevention

In response to repeated wig requests from those undergoing cancer treatment as well as those seeking to donate, the idea for The Wig Exchange forms.



The Wig Exchange launches, serving 32 women in the first year and receiving over 1,000 wig donations.

Sole Ryeders organizes its first education and awareness event, Wisdom & Wine, featuring a prominent breast radiologist.


• Offer a variety of community service opportunities for volunteers of all ages • Award grants to fund initiatives implemented by other local cancerrelated organizations


2009 Partnering with FJC*, Sole Ryeders establishes its own organization, develops a grant program, and begins awarding funds to support specific initiatives at several local, cancer-related, non-profit organizations. *

Sole Ryeders initiates Strand Together hair donation events and Stitch & Sip evenings.

2014 Sole Ryeders launches Mondays with Sole Ryeders, Wigs Without Borders®, and its TieTheTownPink awareness campaign.

2016 SOUL RYEDERS launches Big Batch cooking sessions, Yoga for Cancer classes and the SOUL Kids & Teens initiative. SOUL Fit launches to encompass the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the kids team for the Westchester Triathlon while adding new teams for the Making Strides Walk and the Adult Westchester Triathlon.

2017 SOUL RYEDERS creates the SOUL Healing program to provide additional alternative therapy options and initiates a Caregivers program. A labyrinth in Rye Town Park is dedicated to the community as a thank you for 10 years of support.

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Individuals donate a minimum of seven inches of hair. After being professionally cleaned, the hair is used to The Gift of Hair from create a partial wig, which Women Who’ve Been There incorporates a hat and offers a comfortable, chic Provides women undergoing and versatile alternative chemotherapy with highto a traditional wig. quality wigs and practical tips for managing the issues surrounding cancer-related hair loss. In addition, The Wig Exchange provides a meaningful way for women to recycle their gently used wigs while helping other women facing cancer. “Just wanted to thank you so much for today. Losing one’s hair shouldn't matter, but, frankly and vainly, it does. YOU MADE SUCH A Provides wigs DIFFICULT PROCESS SO to women with INTIMATE AND SPECIAL. cancer in developing I didn't know what to expect countries where and how it was going to turn cancer-related out and I am happy to say resources are that I FELT SO RELAXED critically lacking. AND COMFORTABLE WHEN YOU WERE HELPING ME.”

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Modeled after ‘Mondays at Racine’ on Long Island, NY, Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS enables women with cancer to visit our partner salon one Monday each month for complimentary hair and spa services, emotional support and information about local cancer-related resources.

SOUL Cares

Initiatives designed to help community members being treated for cancer while providing volunteers of all ages with fulfilling opportunities to offer their support

Big Batch Under the leadership of a talented local chef, volunteers gather to make healthy comfort food to nourish community members affected by cancer. Volunteers deliver the meals and connect with the families.

SOUL Kids & Teens Children of all ages gather to participate in creative projects that bring comfort and smiles to community members living with cancer.

“What an AMAZING COMMUNITY YOU HAVE BUILT WITH SOUL RYEDERS. I feel so grateful to be part of this community and so fortunate to have access to all of the resources & wisdom that you have woven together over the years.”

“I feel like crying. YOUR HELP AND PATIENCE WENT FAR BEYOND ANYTHING I COULD HAVE IMAGINED. Thanks for all of the advice and resources you shared. You made my day more than a little brighter — YOU MADE MY LIFE MUCH BRIGHTER!”

Stitch & Sip

SOUL Kids Kits

SOUL Lifting Kits

SOUL Healing

Volunteers of all skillsets get together to create handmade mastectomy drain pockets, knitted chemo hats, fleece blankets and other craft projects.

Youth volunteers raise funds and create special care packages for local children who have cancer or have a parent with cancer. Kits include handmade pieces and other ageappropriate items.

These special kits include an array of practical and comforting items for women undergoing cancer treatment, including several which are handmade by SOUL Cares volunteers.

Provides a variety of healing therapies to individuals undergoing cancer treatment to help relieve pain and decrease side effects and enhance recovery through gentle, therapeutic touch.



r Cancer o f ga forYoga Cancer

(y4c): Bi-weekly class taught by y4ccertified instructors who are also cancer survivors. y4c is a methodology researched and developed by Tari Prinster, designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors at all stages.

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“Deep thanks for your dedication and consistency in teaching us how to practice yoga. Your approach is EDUCATIONAL, HEALING, POSITIVE AND ENJOYABLE. We can’t help but experience deep restoration after being with you. Cancer has torn us apart and broken our spirits but thanks to you guys and the y4c class, we have hope to get back to not only who we used to be, but better!”

workshops designed to empower survivors recovering from active cancer treatment. Sessions focus on exercise, nutrition, holistic health, artistic healing modalities and emotional support.

Grant Program SOUL RYEDERS helps thousands of people each year through its Grant Program. Grants are awarded to local cancer-related organizations for specific initiatives that improve the quality of life for families affected by cancer. The grantees and initiatives are chosen by our Grant Committee and Board of Directors to complement our own programs and provide important additional services needed for the individuals we serve. Examples of services provided through our Grant Program include: • Financial Assistance • Individualized Counseling • Support Groups • Caregiver Support • Physical Fitness Programs for Cancer Survivors • Patient Navigation • Programs for Children with Cancer • Programs for Children who have a Parent with Cancer GRANTEES INCLUDE

SOUL Fit provides the opportunity for giving back while doing something

to benefit one’s own health and fitness. These events offer our participants a healthy challenge, a sense of purpose and a chance to make lasting connections while supporting a cause that affects almost everyone. Our fitness-based philanthropy includes four different events, each requiring different physical preparations and levels of financial support. SOUL Fit enables participants to chose a physical challenge that works best for them.

Cover the Court with Coins


is our annual children’s fundraiser which challenges children to cover a tennis court with their collected coins. This event brings children of all ages from Rye and surrounding communities together to demonstrate that you are never too young to make a difference and no amount is too small. The Rye High School Breast Cancer Awareness Club is instrumental in organizing this event.

TieTheTownPink is

an awareness campaign organized by SOUL RYEDERS. During breast cancer awareness month, its goal is to adorn the city of Rye and surrounding towns with our pink ribbons starting on October 1st to show our support for community members fighting breast cancer. All proceeds from the campaign benefit SOUL RYEDERS’ local cancer-related programs and services.

Giving Circle The SOUL RYEDERS Giving Circle allows donors to pool contributions to have an immediate and significant impact on local families affected by cancer. Three-year pledges provide SOUL RYEDERS with the funding necessary to sustain our ongoing programs. All Giving Circle members have the opportunity to help shape and guide SOUL RYEDERS’ mission by volunteering their time and expertise as well as serving on the Grant Committee. The SOUL RYEDERS Giving Circle also provides a social network, leadership development, personal engagement, learning opportunities and philanthropic role modeling for others — including the next generation.

"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver." Maya Angelou

Laura DeVita Mark Doran Dawn Ewing Pati Holmes

Board Of Directors

“Being diagnosed with cancer

Cover the Court with Coins



is scary and overwhelming but it is so incredibly touching to have people and organizations like yours that are CARING AND SUPPORTING you along the way.”

Bill Miller Sandy Samberg Emily Sharko Kerri Winderman

“I WISH I COULD BOTTLE ALL THE GOODNESS YOU DO and spread it around to all the unsung causes. YOU TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE, thank you.”


Volunteer Your Time

We rely on the generosity of If you want to do a lot of good in community members, local just a little time, we have several businesses and donors to provide ways that volunteers of all ages a wide range of support. SOUL can get involved — from an RYEDERS is very grateful for hour in the office to an all-day event. SHARE your generosity.



Join one or more SOUL Fit teams or get involved in a cancer awareness event. The action of educating the public while participating with a group can make an incredible impact.

Share Your Talent

We continually tap into a growing network of professionals for advice and expertise and can help match your talents and interests with opportunities to help us fulfill our mission.

“As a full-time working mother, what I really appreciate about SOUL RYEDERS are the opportunities to socialize and connect with like-minded individuals, get in shape, and have my family participate in philanthropic activities ... all at the same time!”

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