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® Supporting & Connecting Those Impacted by Cancer

SOUL RYEDERS MISSION SOUL RYEDERSÂŽ is a volunteer-driven charitable organization, based in Westchester County, NY, committed to empowering those in our community who are affected by all types of cancer. From diagnosis through treatment, recovery and survivorship, we offer practical resources and nurturing support services that provide dignity, confidence, hope, and compassion. SOUL RYEDERS is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, primarily serving the New York Tri-State area (TAX ID 47-3803900). All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.




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LETTER TO OUR SOUL RYEDERS COMMUNITY Dear SOUL RYEDERS Friends, We are proud to share our Annual Report and illustrate the numerous ways your generous support enabled us to fulfill our mission during our 2019-2020 fiscal year. SOUL RYEDERS supports and connects those in the New York area who are impacted by all types of cancer - regardless of age, gender, race, treatment stage, or needs. Whether a client is newly diagnosed, experiencing a recurrence, or in remission, SOUL RYEDERS offers a wide spectrum of programs, emotional support and individualized resources to help clients navigate each phase of this personal and complex journey. As we reflect upon our accomplishments, we are excited to share some highlights with you: •

Young Survivor Group: After recognizing an increase in the number of clients in their 20’s – 40’s, we launched a Young Survivor Group to help meet the unique needs of this age group. Over 30 young survivors have been actively engaged through this initiative which includes a digital chat group and monthly, professionally facilitated sessions. We are excited for you to ‘meet’ some of these remarkable cancer survivors in this report.

Geographic Expansion: The name of our organization is justifiably misleading. While we have chosen to keep ‘RYEDERS’ in our name as a tribute to our roots, we have clients, volunteers and donors who live well beyond the confines of Rye. Each year we continue to expand our reach, embracing this geographic diversity and further strengthening our SOUL RYEDERS community.

Caregiver Program: Recognizing that caregivers are frequently overlooked and often stretched to capacity, we launched a new program to support caregivers and encourage them to prioritize their own health and well-being. Stacy Weissberg, an oncology social worker who joined our Leadership Team in 2019, is championing this effort which provides a safe space for emotional release and includes initiatives designed to create community and connection among caregivers.

For those of you who are familiar with our history, you might remember that in 2015 we changed our name from ‘Sole Ryeders’ to ‘SOUL RYEDERS’ as an acknowledgement of our evolution from a team of walkers raising funds for cancer research to an organization that touches the souls of those impacted by cancer on a daily basis. Five years later, we are doing another deep dive and refining our mission, vision, logo and messaging. Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the year ahead! While the pandemic emerged towards the end of the fiscal year encompassed in this Annual Report, we would be remiss to omit its impact on our organization. We are proud of the way we quickly and imaginatively adapted our programs, created and delivered multiple rounds of care packages to our clients, and continued to serve our community - because sadly cancer does not take a break during pandemics. Thank you for your generosity and for being a critical part of our SOUL RYEDERS family. We would not be where we are today without your support. Stay healthy, safe, connected and please reach out if we can help any of your friends, family or neighbors.

With gratitude, Billy Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors & Sandy Samberg, Executive Director


SOUL RYEDERS SNAPSHOT PROGRAMS • The Wig Exchange • Wigs Without Borders ® • Strand Together • SOUL Cares » Stitch and Sip » Big Batch • SOUL STRONG » Yoga4Cancer » Meditation » Support Groups and Workshops • Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS • Caregiver Program • Grant Program

EVENTS • SOUL Fit » Do What Makes Your Soul Shine » Kids Tri Team » Making Strides Team • TieTheTownPink • Community Awareness Events


OUR COMMUNITIES CLIENTS Whether you are newly diagnosed, experiencing a recurrence or are in remission, we are here to support you. Every one of our clients is a person first and one size does not fit all. Clients are defined at SOUL RYEDERS as anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer. SOUL RYEDERS will help ensure that you are surrounded by community and supported by those who understand each phase — from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

CAREGIVERS As a caregiver, paying attention to your own health and well-being is imperative. Caregivers are frequently overlooked and usually stretched to capacity. Being there for your loved one means taking care of yourself too. SOUL RYEDERS provides an empathetic ear during what can be a turbulent time. In the moments when you feel overwhelmed, our team is here for you, providing coping strategies and information on how to be an effective and impactful caregiver.

VOLUNTEERS Our dedicated volunteers are the core of SOUL RYEDERS. All of our volunteer opportunities are client-focused; involving both direct and indirect support. We could not provide our wide range of services without this tireless team that continually goes above and beyond. Volunteers of all ages contribute their time and energy in a myriad of ways, and we strive to collaborate with them to find the most meaningful direction for their volunteer time.

DONORS SOUL RYEDERS would not exist without the generosity of people willing to share their resources in order to help our clients and caregivers. Many donors have been touched by cancer, either directly or indirectly. Our unique and personalized services make giving to SOUL RYEDERS a very tangible investment. Donors not only help others but experience personal fulfillment knowing what a difference they are making in our greater community.


DEBORAH GOLDMAN It is very important to my family to be involved in philanthropic organizations that are meaningful to us and to our larger community. Through my many mutual connections to Sandy Samberg and to my college roommate, Kerri Winderman, I first became involved with SOUL RYEDERS (SR) when I did the Avon Walk in 2009 and 2010 and later participated on the Triathlon team, as well. In September 2019, our youngest son participated in the Kids Tri to support his friend who had recently lost his mom to cancer. The camaraderie among SR event participants is supportive, encouraging and palpable! It is obvious everyone is doing their best to be a part of an organization that is there for them and their community when needed... I felt it. My son felt it. Our family feels lucky to be connected to a part of this community and we want to help educate and encourage other people to support this amazing resource in Westchester and beyond. Recently, I have witnessed many members of my Northern Westchester community and their family members, who are enduring a cancer diagnosis journey, connect with SR in very meaningful ways. My friend, Fran Samit, was immediately comforted by Sandy’s conversations and resources, the special Big Batch soup deliveries to her home, the yoga opportunities, and then the amazing salon services and camaraderie she found at Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS. I will personally always be so grateful to the women who were in the salon the day that I joined her for an appointment. The environment was so welcoming, friendly, comforting, and supportive—I know that Fran was not only grateful for the amazing services, but also for the opportunity to chat with other women going through her same experiences—seeing her as her chatty friend self in such an understanding and safe environment will always be so memorable and meaningful to me—and an opportunity that I want other people who would benefit to utilize as much as they can. I have another friend who found great comfort and information from the wig program—she will always

The Goldman Family

be grateful for the resource and community of helpful volunteers who made her feel so comfortable. She is now looking to stay involved with SR to pay that feeling forward to others. Through these few recent experiences, it is even more clear to me that the SR community is welcoming and supportive in a way that is so personal and so special. This organization is obviously an amazing resource no matter where you live, and as an active Board Member living in a community outside of Rye, I hope that I can help spread SR’s outreach wider, in order to increase awareness for those who need it and involvement for those who can and want to help. Along with some new volunteers in the Northern Westchester community, we have become involved in the TieTheTownPink event and will work to increase awareness and involvement of the kids in our local high school Youth Against Cancer clubs, continue to recruit volunteers for the myriad of amazing SR volunteer opportunities, and simply focus on creating awareness about this special grassroots community organization. It truly saddens me to think about individuals going through a cancer diagnosis without the resources and support of an organization like SR at their fingertips. I am honored to be a small part of this mission. 



YOUNG SURVIVORS GROUP A UNIQUE SUPPORT SYSTEM Cancer Does Not Care How Old You Are … One of our goals at SOUL RYEDERS is to help ensure that nobody feels alone in their cancer journey. Finding the right support system can be a challenge since everyone has different needs. As part of our intake process, we often connect our new clients with others who have experienced a similar situation so they can offer emotional support, wisdom and practical tips. Upon recognizing an increased number of clients in their 20’s – 40’s, we created a Young Survivor Group (YSG) to help address issues that are unique to this age group. The YSG focuses on a myriad of topics that can arise when dealing with a cancer diagnosis at this stage in their lives ranging from work, family and self-care to treatment-related side effects and life changing decisions that need to be contemplated. Topics ranging from the comfortable ones to the sometimes awkward ones are always welcomed for discussion. The professionally-facilitated group originally met in person, shifting to monthly online sessions once the pandemic began. There are over 30 participants from our local community and surrounding area in the YSG and they communicate with each other on a daily basis through a private digital chat, which has become a lifeline for many of them. The YSG provides space for these young women to support each other while sharing valuable information, resources and practical advice. We asked them to share their thoughts about being part of this special group. 6

The What’s App chat has provided me with the most comforting and supportive group of women my age who know exactly what I’m going through. Not only have these women become my support system but many of them have become true close friends.” The chat is like the nurse that’s my bestfriend who I can ask anything and not be embarrassed or afraid of judgement.” Going through cancer treatment can be a very lonely experience and this group makes it feel like you are a part of a community of peers who will love and support you offering wisdom throughout the journey.” Also meeting new people and giving advice to others lets you realize how far in your journey you’ve come since you are now the one to give advice and your experiences to others.” It’s a precious time when I personally felt very connected and understood by people I have never met in person.”

To have this chat be consistent and available whenever you have a question or issue and have such a supportive and amazing response from the other women when you need them is invaluable and amazing.” Hearing the stories and experiences of others prepares you for the steps ahead and makes you feel like you are not in this alone.” We all share an immediate connection given the nature of what we have overcome and it is a privilege to be able to connect in person or over online.” It’s been a huge help. It’s connected me with other women going through a similar experience, a way to give and receive invaluable advice and support one another through this.” The in person and online sessions have been great in making special social connections with other women in a similar age bracket who are going through cancer. It is always enjoyable and comforting to spend time together in person and to develop friendships without the pressure of traditional ‘support groups.’ ”

While my friends and family are as supportive as they can be, it is never the same as having the support of a group of women who have also been diagnosed with cancer and know exactly what I am experiencing. The chat allows me to vent, share fears and positive stories, and to get to know other women in a similar situation.” I love that this group uses WhatsApp because it allows for quick discussions, questions and answers to be special because we are all young women (many with children and full time jobs) trying to make sense of this diagnosis and treatment while also trying to keep living normal lives.” I have learned to be more patient with myself, to allow myself to breathe and be present in each moment.”



BEING THERE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES MEANS TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF TOO. Adrienne Mecca I became aware of SOUL RYEDERS through individuals I met in my yoga class in Rye. My husband and I bought ribbons every year, however, I was under the misimpression the organization was only for breast cancer support. I was encouraged to reach out when my husband’s lung cancer had recurred and metastasized. Being a caregiver or support person for someone experiencing cancer is so complex, it is difficult to put into words. I have developed the ability to shift personas depending on the situation - cheerleader, protector, mediator, listener, medical expert, communication specialist and more. I do this while managing my own emotions, which is quite a challenge.

Adrienne and her grandchildren

“Being a caregiver or support person for someone experiencing cancer is so complex, it is difficult to put into words.” 8

No one... and I mean no one... understands cancer until they have entered this world. SOUL RYEDERS provides a setting in which a feeling or thought can be expressed and there will be someone who will say, “Yeah, me too” or “I get it.” Whatever my interaction has been with SOUL RYEDERS, I have come away with a peaceful feeling. Whether I attend a Meditation and Conversation session, a Check-In with their oncological social worker or a day or evening at a Stitch & Sip program, I think of it as an emotional reset and I am thankful to have found such a supportive community to help me through this. If I could offer advice to another caregiver, it would be to find someone you can talk with. As a caregiver, you find yourself shielding family members and sometimes scaring friends away. An unrelated resource is important. Being able to have contact with people who understand this journey has been the most valuable piece for me. 


A MEANINGFUL WAY TO SPEND TIME TOGETHER NORMA & LILA Meet Norma (Noni) & Lila Multigenerational Volunteers Our volunteers are the glue that holds us together pledging their time and talent to help our clients in a myriad of ways. Norma Canzio and Lila Capparelli are two extraordinary volunteers who have consistently dedicated their time participating in many of our programs and events. What we especially love about them is that they are multigenerational volunteers - Grandmother - Norma (Noni) and Granddaughter - Lila. The two of them shared with us how special it is to them to volunteer together at SOUL RYEDERS. Norma has always been a community minded soul. At her high school graduation, she won a town community service award and has continued volunteering for many other organizations over the years. Norma had learned about SOUL RYEDERS from her oncologist as she was going through her cancer treatment and started volunteering with us in the Fall of 2015. Lila was actively looking for ways to earn her community service hours for school and Norma took notice of the other young volunteers attending our Stitch & Sip events and thought it would be a great fit. From there, they both became our “volunteer extraordinaires” attending Big Batch, Stitch & Sip, and TieTheTownPink together. Lila is following in Norma’s footsteps of having a passion for helping out in the community, making her Noni very proud. Spending this quality time together while doing so much good for others has strengthened the bond between them and created some long lasting memories such as making 16 pumpkin breads and tying the town full of pink ribbons.

Norma and Lila volunteering at Big Batch and together at home

To quote Lila, “Although we volunteer to help others, we always have a good time and enjoy ourselves.” 




New Clients offered personalized support services throughout the year

100 Clients attended weekly Yoga4Cancer classes

123 Clients were served through our Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS Program

183 Wigs loaned to our Clients through The Wig Exchange


THE LIVES WE TOUCHED IN 2019 EVENTS Æ Over 120 children participated in the Westchester Kids Tri raising over $25,000 Æ New fundraising events attracted over 500 attendees who raised nearly $35,000 to support our programs Æ Over 1100 Pink Ribbons tied by countless volunteers in several towns to support the TieTheTownPink campaign


454 77 100

Volunteers dedicating over 2,000 hours of their time and talent to support our community members and their families who have been affected by cancer.

Meals prepared by our Big Batch volunteers and delivered to our clients.

SOUL Lifting, Caregiver and Kids Kits delivered to our clients and their family members including fleece blankets and hats, eye pillows and many other craft projects made by volunteers ages 5-85.



“Life Happens” Luncheon: Filled our hearts in many ways In our Annual Report last year, we mentioned our “Life Happens” luncheon – an inspirational event arranged by our amazing volunteer co-chairs with the support of our Leadership Team. It was held at a fabulous venue in a sun-filled room overlooking the water, every seat filled with local community members, and designed with the purpose to share our passion and raise further awareness about the SOUL RYEDERS organization. We were joined by a panel of five powerful, inspirational women who shared their “Life Happens” stories of how they overcame adversity and got through some very challenging times. SOUL RYEDERS is a name familiar to many in our community and often is an early call made after a client receives a diagnosis. Yet, despite the fact that our marketing and communications were aimed at driving home our mission to support all individuals with all types of cancer, there was still this semblance that we were here for only women and only breast cancer. “Life Happens” was kicked off with an energizing speech from Sandy Samberg, our Executive Director, sharing the wide-ranging impact we have had on our community and beyond. Sandy also had a very specific goal in the delivery of her talk — dispelling the myths and misconceptions about SOUL RYEDERS’ mission. By the end of her speech, the crowd walked away now knowing these facts: 12

Æ We help men, women, teens and children Æ We help individuals with any type of cancer. Æ We help the support system caring for their loved one. Æ We help people locally, nationally and internationally. Æ We provide resources and programs to help cope with every aspect of cancer.

® Supporting & Connecting Those Impacted by Cancer

The event continued with the panel of amazing women who shared their heartwarming stories and how they found ways to be resilient in tough times. We laughed, we cried, we gasped and everyone walked away with feelings of hope and a new perspective on SOUL RYEDERS. We saw an increased desire in people who wanted to join us in the work that we do through volunteering their time and donating money. Our reach and impact started to grow exponentially. In recognition of the continuing evolution in our organization, the SOUL RYEDERS Leadership Team and Board of Directors saw a need to refresh the messaging and branding, to bring it more in line with the SOUL RYEDERS of today and creating language that speaks to different audiences and constituents. SOUL RYEDERS consists of four key communities: clients, caregivers, volunteers and donors and our interaction with each needed a clearer, more dynamic approach. Our pink logo was also contributing to the breast cancer-only belief, so we decided a change would do us good! The last several months our Leadership Team has worked

with a variety of experienced marketing professionals in refining our messaging and are excited to introduce our new colors in this annual report. We believe our new approach will more clearly define how our volunteers and donors support our clients and caregivers. We are excited to incorporate our new messaging into all of our communications. The “Life Happens” event was a pivotal point for us in recognizing a need for being more welldefined about our mission and vision.  13



April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020



55 Volunteers 234 Hours • $7,322

Grant Committee 16 Volunteers 80 Hours • $2,503

Stitch & Sip 140 Volunteers 487 Hours • $15,238

Giving Circle $234,518 Corporate Gifts $58,704 In-Kind Support $88,505* Community Support $167,222**

Wigs Without Borders

Monday’s with SOUL RYEDERS

2 Volunteers 30 Hours • $939

22 Volunteers 386 Hours • $12,078

The Wig Exchange


13 Volunteers 132 Hours • $4,130

11 Volunteers 78 Hours • $2,441

General Donations $99,449

Total Income: $648,398



155 Volunteers 215 Hours • $6,727

SOUL Fit 16 Volunteers 102 Hours • $3,192

Spring Luncheon 12 Volunteers 164 Hours • $5,132

ADMINISTRATION Grantmaking $125,028


Administration $78,950 In-Kind Support $88,505**

2 Volunteers 13 Hours • $407

Community Support $60,363

Board of Directors

Programs $254,452

10 Volunteers 120 Hours • $3,755

Total Expenses: $607,298 Based on un-audited figures for Fiscal Year April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020. *In-Kind support includes our Volunteer Executive Director salary and legal support. This number is not included on the filed 990. **Community Support includes awareness and participatory events including TieTheTownPink and SOUL Fit. A copy of the SOUL RYEDERS 990 is available at 14

Totals Volunteers: 454 | Hours: 2041 | Value: $63,863 The New York State value of volunteer time for 2019 is $31.29 an hour.

DONORS THANK YOU Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission in supporting all those affected by cancer.

GIVING CIRCLE Anonymous (3) • Julie & Dwight Anderson • Maureen & Phil Angelastro • Diana & Ryan Byrne • Liza & David Bainbridge • Shari & Amos Balaish • Hunter & Alicia Baldwin • Loring Bartlett • Anita & Stuart Beeber • Josh & Julie Bieber • Allison & Joshua Block • Melissa & Justin Boisseau • Emily & Jon Borell • John & Laura Breckenridge • Monica Brenner & Tom Cosenza • Alan & Alicia Chabot • Mary & Mario Ciampi • Erica & Craig Coblenz • Julia & Michael Dailey • Joanne & Christopher Daly • Amy & Paul Davis • Adrian Deen • Daniela & Brian Delaney • Liz & Craig Delizia • Doug & Sue DeStaebler • Laura & Joe DeVita • Antonia & Mary Diaz Albertini • Fiona & Ogden Dogan • Lisa Dominici • Mark & Mary Ellen Doran • Jane & Owen Fitzpatrick • Erica & Jeff Fritsche • Arlyn & Edward L.Gardner • Stephanie & Nick Gardner • Allison & Zach Gibbs • Nicole & Adam Gibbs • Ronda & Matthew Gilroy • Andrea & Andrew Giobbe • Gina & Glenn Giordano • Lois & Blake Goodner • Amy & Walter Gorman • Stephanie & Douglas Gould • Michael & Maria Guarnieri • Holly Hartman • Kimberly & Brian Higgins • Pati & Michael Holmes • Michael & Veronica Iuliano • Arielle & Jon Jachman • Susan & George Janart & Family • Laura & Jeffrey Iverson • Kelsey & Tim Johnson • Emily & Jimmy Keenan • Sue & Jim Kelly • Kristine & Joseph Kennedy • Nora & Ned Kirk • Laura & Steve Kovacs • Cathy Crowl Kraft • Brian & Jen Lapin • The Lapin Foundation • Steve Roberts & Kimberly LaPointe • Jodi & Howard Lavitt • Amy & Shaun Lawrence • Lauren & Michael Lehmann • Christa & John Liddy • Leslie & Gene Lynch • Paulette & Eric Mann • Christie & Chris Manning • Susan & Stephen Marynowski • Steven & Jacqueline Mazzilli • Connie McBroom • Lisa & Pat McGowan • Victoria & Christopher Meier • Billy & Sara Miller • Elisabeth & Barry Mitchell • Annabel & Tom Monaghan • Trish & David Muccia • Janet & Scott Muller • Clark Munnell Jr. • Christy & Tom Murphy • Wendy & Paul Nagle • Amanda & Lew Nash • Jennifer & Robert Peters • Sharon Pohoryles & Jim Gelb • Yvonne Pollack & Leslie Pollack Family Foundation • Esther & John Regan • Sandy & Joe Samberg • Art & Becky Samberg • Maiju & Rich Savage • Robert Santangelo • Tom & Angela Schonberg • Tracy & Evan Segal • Emily & John Sharko • Caryn & Eric Steinert • Ellen & Douglas Stern • Jessica Reisman & Adam Tuckman • John & Tricia Tartaglia • Kerry & Mike Tepedino • Andrea & Jason Tighe • Beth & Neil Townsend • Tracy & Chris Turner • Jeri & Simon Turner • Margaretha van der Voort • Kim & Jeff Veber • Maura & Matt Walther • Cynthia & Jon Weber • Michelle & Burt Weiss • Carolyn & Mark Whaling • Mark & Vicki Whatley • Michael & Kerri Winderman • Christi & Nick Wood • Lee & Bob Woodruff • Tracy & Zac Wydra • Milan & Jeff Yokuty • Corinne & Neil Zola 15

GENERAL DONATIONS of $250 or more Rosa Acocella Ferrante • Melissa Alaimo • Julian Allen • Latoya Anderson • Maureen & Phil Angelastro • Sarah & Scott Barringer • Laura & Gary Basso • Anita & Stuart Beeber • Ronald Belmont • Paul Bessolo • John Beyer • Lear Beyer • Billingsley Family Fund • April Book • Claire Duley Bouttineau • Jo Bryan • Diana Byrne • Andrea Calise • Christopher Carballo • Linda Cavanna-Wilk • Suzanne Chamberlain • Catherine Clemens • Sasha Cupic • Audrey & Greg David • Ellen Deixler • Daniela Delaney • Connie Dempster • Kathleen Dill • Arielle Diskin • Henry L. & Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation • Jennifer Donnalley • Anne Douglas • Claire Duley • Meredith Dunne • Abbie Durkin • Karen Ebeling • John & Jennifer Eckerson • Laura & Michael Faino • Caroline Featherston • Gail Fell • Michelina Ferrante • Erica & Jeff Fritsche • Perry Garber Memorial Fund • Jenifer Garvey • Arlene Gibbs • Sara Goddard • Frank Gordon • Amy Gorman • Karen Hamilton • Jac, Ben & Besso Harper • Nicole Hazard • Jane Hentemann • Camilla Hofmann • Pati Holmes • Arielle Jachman • Amy Jennings • Joseph & Debra Julian • Andrew Kaminsky • Kevin Kavanagh • Kristine Kennedy • Stuart Koenig • Rob & Lori Kost • Elizabeth Kuchta • Judith & Jeff Linton • Leslie & Gene Lynch • Susan Marynowski • Kathleen McCabe LaForge • Kimberly & Sasan Mehrara • Victoria & Christopher Meier • Marsha & Ira Moses • Elizabeth Moyer • Trish & David Muccia • Jean & Gregg Nabhan • Wendy & Paul Nagle • Asuka Nakamura • Oncology Nursing Society of NY • The Osborn • Alissa Osier • Armand & Janice Paganelli • Olivia & Timothy Parton • Sally Pettus • Lori Pitta • Sammy Politziner • Denise Preston • Patricia Randall • Gregory & Margo Ressa • Cornelia Robinson • Alison Rodilosso • Tavenne Rogers • Augustina Rueda-Santucci • Rye Country Day School • Cheryl Salters • Joe & Sandy Samberg • Farley Santos • Julianne Schmidt • Angela Schonberg • Sarah Sisbot • Jennifer Soussa • Julie Souza • Ellen & Doug Stern • Andrea & Peter Sullivan • Danielle Tagger-Epstein • John Tartaglia • Davin Thigpen • Kimberly Thurston • Andrea & Jason Tighe • Kendall & Jason Truman • Kim Tucci • Margaretha Van de Voort-Kager • Kim & Jeff Veber • Katherine Vernace • Erica Wagner • Maura & Matt Walther • Jennifer Wells-Roth • Carol Wilke • Edward & Elisabeth Wolfe • Richard & Lou Anne Wolfson • Joan Wood • Christi Wood

In-Kind Donations & Business Support Alberto Orozco & Ana • Al Coster, Baldessari & Coster, LLP • Amanda Nash, Social Worker • Amy Gorman, sports trainer • Augustina Santucci, Social Worker • Cancer Awareness Club at Rye High School • Dr. Chris Rago, Greenwich Sports Medicine • Fordham Wigs • Homespun Foods • Jackie Berner, Meditation Instructor • Jo Bryan Photography • Judy Siegel, Pro Bono Partnership • Julie Engerran, Meditation Instructor • Julio German & Noga Ruttenberg, High Performance Training (HPT) • Landmark Construction • Larry Levin, The UPS Store in Rye • Laura Laura, Rye YMCA • Lee Sandford, THRYVE Outdoor Fitness for Women • Lemon Perfect • Night Owl • Red Oak Transportation • Rye Town Park • Sally Rogol, Rye Recreation • Spring Luncheon Raffle Item Donations: Hillary Assael & Elissa Weinhoff, Virginie Baur, Samantha Benon of Sammy & Nat, The Beauty Bar and Salon, Holly Bonner Photography, Rachel Chalchinsky, Katy Garry Fine Art, Virginie Baur, Janet Muller, Wendy Nagle, Dawn P & Therese Karl, Stephanie Rejtig, Linda Thomas • Stacy & John Sakellariou, The Beauty Bar & Salon • The Capitol Theater & Garcia’s • The Gibbs Family, The Shade Store • Tom Ewing, Ewing Graphics • Tracy Turner, Social Worker • Yvonne Bibas, Personal Trainer

Foundation Funding & Sponsorship Athleta Scarsdale • Benevity Community Impact Fund • Bikram Yoga - Rye Brook • Blackstone Group • Caela’s Closet • Capitol Enterprises, Inc. • CHUBB • ConEd Matching Program • Disney Employee Giving Program • Goldman Sachs Matching Program • Henkel Corporation • Julia B Fee Sotheby’s • M-52’s • Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts • New Rochelle IAFF 273 Firefighters • New Rochelle Police Association • Professional Fire Fighters Association • RHS Girls Soccer • RHS Boys Soccer • Rye PBA • Rye Presbyterian Church, Women’s Association • SportTech • The PIMCO Foundation • The Rye Tri Club Inc. • White Plains Fire Department • Hmacdo Stationery • Reveal Hair Salon • Sammy & Nat • Jordan Basso

GRANT PROGRAM SOUL RYEDERS helps thousands of people each year through its Grant Program. Grants are awarded to local cancer-related organizations for specific initiatives that improve the quality of life for families affected by all types of cancer. The grantees and initiatives are chosen by our Grant Committee and Board of Directors to complement our own programs and provide important, often essential, services needed for the individuals we serve.

GRANT COMMITTEE Alicia Baldwin • Anita Beeber • Stuart Beeber • Joie Cooney • Adrian Deen • Lisa Dominici • Mark Doran • MaryEllen Doran • Stephanie Gardner • Allison Gibbs • Amy Gorman • Jennifer Leventhal • Connie McBroom • Lis Mitchell • Wendy Nagle • Amanda Nash • Sandy Samberg • Joe Samberg • Angela Schonberg • Tracy Turner • Kim Veber • Maura Walther 16

SOUL FIT EVENTS Do What Makes Your SOUL Shine Do What Makes Your SOUL Shine is a way to give back by building your own fundraising challenge. These individuals participated in a variety of events to raise funds for SOUL RYEDERS. Adrian Deen • Healing Half Marathon: Amy Gorman, Sandy Fizzinoglia, Maureen Angelastro, Camilla Hofmann • Ken Harris: Iron Man • Cross Fit: Zach Gibbs • Sydney Lipez

KIDS TRI Team The Kids Tri Team provides a fun way to combine participating in a competitive fitness event while supporting SOUL RYEDERS. Over 120 children participated as part of the SOUL RYEDERS team in the Westchester Kids Triathlon raising more than $25,000 to help those in our community affected by cancer. Hope Abbey • Sage Abbey • Kayla Aburida • Luke Ardire • Martin Ayala • AJ Ball • Maddie Ball • Charles Barker • Elle Barker • William Belleville • Wyatt Belleville • Ty Bibas • Kyle Bisceglia • Harkin Brown • Ella Calise • Lucas Calise • Sophie Calise • Ethan Carey • Matthew Carey • Natalie Carey • Nate Cosenza • Catherine Crotty • Conor Crotty • Jack Dorin • Robert Dorin • Juliana Echlov • Nicolas Echlov • Sofia Echlov • Charlotte Emerson • Jack Emerson • Theodore Emerson • Michael Engerran • Luca Ferrante • Matteo Ferrante • Valentina Ferrante • Grayson Findlay • Christian Foster • Dylan Friedman • Caroline Gallagher • Maggie Gallagher • Finnley Gibbs • Saedi Gibbs • Teva Gibbs • Penelope Gilmore • Gabe Goldman • Lex Goldstein • Rebekah Golub • Niklas Hofmann • Caleb Houghton • Eliza Houghton • Alexander Hull • Sophi Hull • Charles Iverson • Emelyn Juenger • Campbell Kaderabek • Morgan Kaderabek • Nate Karl • Owen Karl • Sophia Karl • Aine Kennelly • Lucas Kidder • Graham King • Josey King • Charlotte Kirk • Alexander Leisengang • Kelston Litwin • Benedict Lloyd Roath • Kayla Lombardo • Natalie Lovig • Alessia Mazzilli • Cameron McClumpha • Cara McClumpha • Audrey Meier • Oliver Meier • Konstantin Miebach • Charlie Molloy • Eddie Molloy • Kieran Moran • Patrick Moran • Reese Morrow • Cooper Nagel • Gavin Passaretti • Madeline Powers • Cyrus Sadr • Kian Sadr • Leah Salkeld • Matthew Samit • Jake Schonberg • Jack Segal • Ella Sheth • Clayton Stark • Emma Stark • Julia Steeves • Matthew Steeves • Sarah Steeves • Daniel Strauss • Rebecca Strauss • Sophia Suiu • Chase Sumner • Charlotte Tait • Reid Thigpen • Henry Tighe • Benjamin Truman • Jack Truman • Isabel Valenzuela • Ollie Wagner • Owen Wagner • Max Weber • William Weber • Katie Weidinger • Tommy Weidinger • Kira Woolsey • Miles Woolsey • Deven Yokuty • Zoe Zambianchi • Frank Zingg

MAKING STRIDES Making Strides Walk Against Breast Cancer is a 5-mile walk in Purchase, NY organized by the American Cancer Society. The group of almost 50 individuals last year ranged in age from 9 to 76 and many families walked together across the finish line while raising over $90,000. Cosette Ammon • Juliette Ammon • Lisa Ammon • Latoya Anderson • Stuart Beeber • Anita Beeber • Linda Cavanna-Wilk • Sandy Chittenden • Kathleen Dill • Grayson Findlay • Lesley Findlay • Jane Fitzpatrick • Sandy Fizzinoglia • Tommy Froessel • Timmy Froessel • Chris Froessel • Tim Froessel • Billie Froessel • Isabella Gironza • Mia Gironza • Catalina Gironza • Amy Gorman • Niki Kennedy • Isabel Laverdi • Jenny Lee • Susan Marynowski • Jessica Matfus-Kelly • Gianna Mazzilli • Annabella Mazzilli • Jacqueline Mazzilli • Connie McBroom • Freddy Medina • Abigail Rittenberg • Andrew Rittenberg • Steven Rittenberg • Stacey Rittenberg • Sarah Sisbot • Josephine Tan • Jason Tan • Kim Veber • Kristie Vinopoll • Linda Walsh • Maura Walther • Gail Webber • Nicole Webber • Nancy Webber • Dylan Wilk • Doug Wilk 17

LEADERSHIP Board Of Directors

Mark Doran

Dawn Ewing

Zach Gibbs

Deborah Goldman

Pati Holmes

Kimberly LaPointe

Bill Miller

Sandy Samberg

Emily Sharko

Kerri Winderman

Leadership Team

Rachel Felenstein

Christine Lombardo

Lesley Findlay

Susan Marynowski

Heidi Kitlas

Sandy Samberg

Stacy Weissberg

Organizational Support LEGAL SERVICES




Judy Siegel & Pro Bono Partnerships Jackie Berne Julie Engerran

Rye TV Tony Coash, Coash Video Productions



Beyond Yoga


Al Coster Baldessari & Coster

Tom Ewing, Ewing Graphics Larry Levin, The UPS Store in Rye Scott Muller, Printing Solutions




Pierce Strudler



Linda Thomas Sarah Palmer

VOLUNTEER LEADERS Volunteer Program Leaders Our Volunteer Program Leaders support the organization by volunteering their time to ensure our various programs and events run smoothly. Without these individuals, we would not be able to provide our services. We are so thankful for the dedication and passion they bring to their roles.

THE WIG EXCHANGE Client Coordinators Patricia Alarcon • Nanci Briganti • Mary Ciampi • Sandy Chittenden* • Sondra Fizzinoglia • Kim Haas* • Sally Joyce* • Jackie Mazzilli* • Sara Miller* • Janet Muller* • Deborah Nye • Devina O’Reilly • Kim Veber* Intake Volunteers Anita Beeber • Monica Brenner • Maria Guarnieri • Ryan Marynowski


STITCH & SIP Laurie Gamble • Melinda Stein

Liz Ahrens • Lorraine Artale • Allison Brates • Sandy Chittenden* • Lisa Greenspan • Laura Lehman • Sarah Palmer • Nancy Picker • Jessica Reisman • Linda Thomas* • Tracy Turner • Kim Veber* • The Beauty Bar and Salon • Genith Mancero • Stacy Sakellariou • Tanya Torello • Christina Piliero


Sandy Chittenden*

Sharon Pohoryles


BIG BATCH MaryEllen Doran* • Hilary Karmilowicz Laura Kovacs* • Wendy Nagle*

SOUL STRONG Jackie Berner • Amy Gorman • Stephanie Gould* • Janet Muller* • Amanda Nash • Augustina Santucci • Tracy Turner • Kim Veber*

CAREGIVER PROGRAM Sue DeStaebler • Nicole Moser • Corinne Zola *Program Advisory Committee



Nicole Gibbs Marci Lyons Jannine Moran

Sandy Chittenden Marci Lyons



Joie Cooney Lisa Dominici Susan Janart

Allison Gibbs Wendy Nagle Kim Veber



Front and back covers: photos of dedication bricks located at the SOUL RYEDERS Labyrinth in Rye Town Park, Rye, NY that was dedicated to the community in 2017 in honor of our 10 year anniversary. 914.412.4884 • 1091 Boston Post Road • Rye, NY 10580 •