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Issue #1:Crossroads

Man is free at the instant he wants to be. - Voltaire

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5. Note from the Editor 7. List of Kick-Ass Contributors 10. Pennies that Add Up to Culture by Michelle D’Avella 12. Looking Back by Rashad Wright 14. The Right Way by Theresa Campbell 17. Untitled by Anna Perrett 20. Living the Questions by Kristen Costa 22. The Right Road, the Wrong Road - and the Road You Traveled By by Marthe Hagen 24. A Practice to Help You Get Real 26. Truth as an Inconstant by Ender Kirin 28. A Soul Awakening by Vienda Maria 32. Which Road to Take? by Rashad Wright 34. Crossroads - A Story by Eva Schroeder 36. Share Your Truth 38. My Career Homecoming by Laura Simms 40. Standing at the Crossroads of Infinity by Merja Willock 45. Every Moment of Our Lives is a Crossroad by Tabitha Jayne 46. Flickering by JoCheryl Holcombe 50. You Can’t Choose Wrong by Rebecca Hunter 52. At the Crossroads of Consciousness by Pramilda Seto 54. My Crossroads by Dina GV 56. Moving Ahead by Rashad Wright 58. Get Involved 60. Sneak Peek of What’s to Come 62. Contact Info

Hi! So. This is kinda awesome. Welcome to issue #1 of Soul Riot, home of the unorthodox, the rowdy, the vivid and the vulnerable. My driving motive? To toss out small talk and façades and get truthful about what’s really going on. Sick of all the surface-level stuff that surrounds us, I wanted to set into motion a media sea change. I don’t want to tell you what to wear, where to go, what to think or who to be. Instead, I’m gonna share stories from people who are letting their imaginations, intuition and straight-up uniqueness take the lead as they shape lives that embody depth and difference. The contributors to this magazine are all ‘bout the real talk, proving that you don’t have to tread the well-worn path and that there is more to this life. (And also? That life gets messy sometimes. And that’s OK.) The theme of this first issue is ‘Crossroads.’ ‘Cause we’ve all been there. Stock-still at the proverbial fork in the road, stacking up left against right. Especially when it comes to anything offbeat and daring. Well, whaddya know? The contributors stepped up. I know you won’t be disappointed. And I can’t forget to mention the crazygood images featured in these pages. Go give the photographers some love. They’re pretty darn incredible. Thanks so much for being here. Seriously. This magazine can’t and won’t exist without you, so your support’s pretty weighty. I’ve been floored by the level of love and anticipation in response to this movement. The hunger for change is palpable. So, let’s get to it, shall we? High-fives + realness,

Soul Riot 2013 | 5

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Founding Editor

Rebecca Hunter



Theresa Campbell Kristen Costa Michelle D’Avella Dina GV Marthe Hagen JoCheryl Holcombe Tabitha Jayne Ender Kirin Vienda Maria Anna Perrett Eva Schroeder Pramilda Seto Laura Simms Merja Willock Rashad Wright


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When we talk about being at a crossroads in our lives, we are typically referring to a critical moment when we realize that we have to make a decision and that decision is going to have an impact. These are moments of heaviness in life. We place a lot of attention on these choices. We seek advice. We contemplate. We weigh our options. We care about the effect this decision will have on ourselves, others, and the world. Now, I’d like to ask you to consider this:When are we not at a crossroads? Our actions, our choices;when are they not crucial? When does an action not have a consequence? The only difference between this moment and the next is our perception of it. We choose whether or not this decision is a big one. Placing value judgements on circumstances assists us in saving time, energy, and effort. These cultural norms have enabled us to make decisions more efficiently. Deciding whether to take a human being off life support or what cereal to eat for breakfast are different choices with different weights. It would be silly to exhaust our energy on whether we choose Froot Loops or Kashi, but the decision has an effect nonetheless. The point here is that we tend to make many unconscious choices simply because 10 | Soul Riot 2013

they are upheld by our cultural norms. Let’s quickly remember that at one point it was normal for women to “yes” their husbands and stay at home while the men ran things, and it was normal to own another human being if their skin was darker than your own. Someone had to question this normal.


The definition of crossroads says, “a point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have farreaching consequences.” Well, I would argue that all our pennies, and all our tiny actions, have farreaching consequences. If we all loved an inch more, if we discovered true Now we live in a world where humility, if we were really willing to see everything for slavery sounds like a fiction what it is, the whole picture story to most (despite the reality that it still exists), and would look quite different. women with great freedoms Our perspectives guide our choices. Our choices shape are rarely reminded of how our world. Everything is part recent they are. We grow of a whole, and all of us are up drinking cow’s milk with always at crossroads. our cereal every morning because culture dictates this norm, and we don’t Michelle D’Avella is an idea question it unless we person, a challenge(r), a encounter a vegan. I remember reading an article world-changer. She’s a learner, in a newspaper when I was a a reader, a designer. She’s a kid about a man who flicked life-lover and a good hugger. She writes a blog called off a woman who cut him Pushing Beauty, a platform to off on the road. There was push beautiful ideas into a glare on the window, and culture. She also makes when he was able to see her designs for people who are face, he caught her positively contributing to the expression of warmth and world through her business, Free Agency. She loves gratitude morph into shock and pain as she realized her connecting, and she’d love to connect with you. mistake wasn’t so easily forgiven. How many times Websites: do we lean on the side of / separation? What has Twitter: @michelledavella become culturally acceptable? We flick people off. We give dirty looks. We mutter under our breaths. We don’t give people a break. These moments matter. They are crossroads of humanity. They are pennies that add up to

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Pennies that Add Up to Culture by Michelle D’Avella

Our perspectives guide our choices. Our choices shape our world.

Looking Back by Rashad Wright

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I forgot where I was going Yet I still walk this path I forgot where I started Yet I still walk this path I look at my footprints And remember where I have walked I look at my scars And remember what I have done I look ahead And remember where I have been I remember when I couldn’t Nowadays I can I remember what I wanted to be Nowadays I am Back in the days I wasn’t In the future I will be Back in the days I didn’t In the future I will do In the future I’ll remember me back in the days Then I’ll say I sure came a long way

Rashad Wright is an 18-year-old college freshman from Jersey City in New Jersey, USA. He has only been writing for a year but has already created over a hundred poems. So far he has only performed them locally, but do look out for this aspiring poet. Website:

Soul Riot 2013 | 13

I’ve been there before. Feet firmly planted in fear at the crossroads. The path to the left looked all too familiar. It was paved, and it generated feelings of comfort and safety, while the path to the right was unpaved, dark, really scary, and I could have sworn I’d heard dragons.

“C’mon silly girl... Move your feet! Only 35 more years down this path, then you can retire. Just keep climbing that ladder. Who cares if you just like it but don’t love it? Regardless, you know it’s safe. What are you waiting for? Stick with the program! You know what’s next... Time to make some babies!”

mean? At this point, did it really matter if I knew what it meant if I could feel it?

All I knew was that every fiber of my being was propelling me to take a step. And finally, I did. I took a step down the right path, and I stepped right into faith. Down this path I discovered my purpose and The left path had my deepest truths (which obviously been traveled While my mind lectured on, didn’t come without slaying before;in fact, it appeared trying to get me to keep some of those dragons). to be a continuation of the on keepin’ on, my heart And the best part was... road I had been following and soul joined forces and my heart and soul were since high school. It was began preaching in unison right. Happiness and the next chapter of my (in from my core:“Trust us... success did naturally society’s eyes) predictably Follow the right path. Live ensue. perfect and storybookout your purpose. Yes, it successful life. So far, this will be scary, but you’ll be So now, I look back to road hadn’t been bad at all. living your truth and you, standing at the In fact, it was great! Along therefore, happiness and crossroads with your feet the way I’d picked up my success are guaranteed to firmly planted in fear, and bachelor’s degree, an MBA, ensue.” I want to personally invite and a sweet gig at a you to join us. Yeah, us! Fortune 500 company I was stuck. Believe it or not, this right (which came with a brand path eventually intersects new company car!). I’d It was decision time and I with the paths of others bought a nice condo in had no idea what to do. who are paving their own Florida, tied the knot with Actually, that’s a lie. Deep way, too. It’s amazing! The the love of my life, and down, I knew what I needed stories these folks will share even found God. Life was to do, but I wasn’t scared;I with you will provide you good. was terrified. with light when your candle burns out, direction when So if life on the left path While my rational thoughts you feel lost, and most was so good, why were my were trying to persuade me importantly, love and “feet firmly planted in fear” with this cozy idea of inspiration when you need at the crossroads? security through the them most. status quo, my heart and Truth is... I was paralyzed soul were preaching a With this personal invitation by the fear arising from the language I didn’t even in hand, and as you battle happening inside me. understand. “Live out your prepare to pick your path, purpose.” Huh? Excuse the only question left to My mind immediately me? And what the hell did ask is... How big is your started firing off directives: “living your truth” even faith?

14 | Soul Riot 2013

The Right Way

by Theresa Campbell

Coach, marketing strategist and author Theresa Campbell brings high-achieving, remarkable women into the lives they dream of but fear they can’t have. Whether growing a business, jumping a rung on the corporate ladder, or navigating a crucial conversation with loved ones, Theresa equips her clients to optimize their potential while feeling confident, reassured and supported in all areas of their full and authentic lives. As founder and CEO of Her Life, Her Legacy LLC., Theresa believes that authenticity, combined with action towards a compelling vision for the future, leads to influence and, ultimately, legacy. Websites: / Twitter: @theresacolleen

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I ask forgiveness I wonder, I question life I do not live it.

by Anna Perrett

Childhood dreams can fade Goals take over. What is left When old dreams succumb? Paths I have taken, Fade away, lost in the dark There is no way back. Aimless wanderers, Go unseen in the shadow. Please, let me just, be. Make me visible. Walk with me to the right path. Help me look inside. Where should I go, when The ties of a life bind me To one place, one being. Being is acting. Inaction breeds only death. So I choose to live.

I think I will dance at the crossroad of my life, before I find my way.

Reawaken child, Teach me to seek out my joy. To dispel my fear. I think I will dance At the crossroad of my life, Before I find my way. After graduation and her first foray into her chosen career, Anna Perrett moved away from her job to be closer to friends and family. Lately, the feeling has started to grow on her that her life was being dictated by a series of clearly defined steps, a constant tirade of, “You have achieved X. What next?� She decided she wanted to find out. So she is taking the time to slow down, reassess her goals, and experience more of the life that simply passed her by when she was too busy ticking off one box after another. Soul Riot 2013 | 17

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You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability. - Brené Brown

Soul Riot: Issue 1 (Sneak Peek)  
Soul Riot: Issue 1 (Sneak Peek)