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the livin’ is easy...

k o o b k o o l 2 1 0 2 r e summ

bohemia scarves $15

Dragonfly Earrings $18

feather lariat necklace $16

symmetree organic t-shirt $26


turquoise tomorrow ring $24

Lightning strikes maybe once, maybe twice... And you see your gypsy... -Fleetwood mac (gypsy)

wanderlust patchwork skirt $48

candy shop bead bracelet $12

cu te b ea de d ta ss le s!


Close your eyes now. Look inside now. Let the sound take you away... -steppenwolf (magic carpet ride)

different day headband $18

re ve rs ib le!

salt water seas organic maxi $44 also available in salt water blue!

gr ea t fo r lay er ing !


Treehugger Organic Tank $24

forget me not pendant $24

b an d! cr oc h et w ai st

lotus stack organic tank $24 bit of beads bracelet $18

crochet peacock skirt $42 5

indian print headbands $10

Take a little trip. Take a little trip. Take a little trip with me! a va ri et y of ta pe st ri es av ai la bl e!

-war (lowrider)

free spirit peasant top $28 we ar it as a bra cel et!

paisley boho tube headband $12 rhythm of the rain hemp skirt $48 6

on the horizon hoody dress $56

maasai bangles $18

se t of 3!

Embrace love cuff bracelet $26


circle tree boho tube headband $12

petals of friendship flower dress $48

golden arrowhead necklace $20

Fikus Blossoms Tank Top $28 cu te bu tt on s!

frillay funkay crop pants $52 8

al so av ai la b le in Sa nd

Antiqued Brass Tree Necklace $24

Imagine how the world could be so very fine... So happy together! -the turtles

(happy together)

Peacock Feather Bangle $18


Ah’ Ca that’s t a leaf


layer ‘em u


aught you smiling at me, the way it should be, like f is to a tree, so fine.

-led zeppelin (Bron-Yr-Aur stomp)

sugar sugar crochet tank $28


down low hemp hat $20

wea r a sca rf as a wra p!

bohemia scarves $15

BFF Bead & Knot Bracelet $20 11

Peacock Feather Headband $24

bohemia scarves $15 Brown Eyed Girl Organic Dress $64

Copper & Lapis Ring $24 12

Take Aim Necklace $26

Laughing and a runnin’. Skipping and a jumpin’... -van morrison (brown eyed girl)

b r a id e d


Crossing Paths Braided Bag $28


Early morning sunshin I need to k

-allman brother

triple totem organic scarf $24 mor e orga nic scar ves avai lable !

carry your own sunshine V-neck $26

nothin’ but nature belt $48

kept quotes bracelets $16 14

ne tell me all know...

rs band (blue sky)

gr ea t fo r la y er in g!

Buddha Yoga Tank $28

Grape Pop Maxi Skirt $52


Indian Summer, I love you the best. Better than all the rest. -the doors (indian summer)

best fest halter tank $24 boho burlesque soy skirt $52

ad ju st ab le ru ch in g!

Guinea Feather Earrings $16 16

Sun ‘n’ Moon Yin Yang Medallion $22

hooper organic ebb & flow top $36

scall oped hem line

sahara shorts $42 17

3 Daisy Hemp Anklet $10

Walking in the the wind go like -the

flirt y cut- out on the back !

Illumination Necklace $15 Rasta Stripe Hemp Hat $20

mor e sand al styl es avai lable

Love Songs Summer Dress $56

a ls o a va il a b le in g re e n


tall trees. Going where oes. Blooming, blooming a red rose... grateful dead (sugar magnolia)


lowlands rope sandals $30

Riptide Hip Purse $28


Night’s Shade Woven Duster $36 Haiku Maxi Dress $46

Du st er als o co me s in pl um !

Mayan Recycled Shoulder Bag $18 20

Sittin’ in the morning sun, I’ll be sittin’ when the evening come... Wastin’ time... -otis redding (the dock of the bay)

Rasta Stripe Hemp Hat $20

Metallic Fringe Earrings $14 21

mor e tape strie s avai lable !

Indian Print Headbands $10

cuff rings $12 22

You know I know when it’s a dream... – Strawberry Fields forever... -the beatles (strawberry fields forever)

forever organic t-shirt $26

al so av ai la b le in b ro w n

Waves of Freedom Pants $48

Redwood Bead Bracelet $12 23

tiny dancer dangle earrings $12

im s u it great sw ! cover-up


re cy cl ed m ad e f ro m an d re cl ai m ed m at er ia ls !

Eco-Rad UV Sunglasses $20

Hippie Hippie Shake Sheer Top $26

Alley way and pay phone calls, I’ve been everywhere with you... -edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros (home)

we ar a sca rf as a hal ter !

Bohemia Scarves $15 Pit Pat Pattern Skirt $38

sid e car go poc ke t


Got to have the good vibe. Positive vibration, yeah! -bob marley (positive vibrations)

mother nature organic t-shirt $26 mo re co lor s an d pr int s av ail ab le!

Circle Tree Boho Tube Headband $12

Mudslide of TieDye Pants $32 26

koa spiral necklace $20 al s al l ou r sa nd ! ab h ar e w as le

Two-Tone Highland Sandals $30 27 Spread your wings. Take to the sky!

-janis joplin (summertime)

Soul Flower Summer 2012 Lookbook  

It's summertime, and the livin' is easy... Enjoy the sights and sounds of summer while rockin' your favorite Soul Flower threads. Shop organ...

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