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AD Sing’s Glamour and Glitter of Couture By: Kim Harris

AD Sing always grew up seeing beautiful women in the magazines who were always dressed to the hilt; this created an interest in him to design fascinating designs and understand how to make God’s most beautiful creation Women dress more beautifully. As he grew older his passion turned into an obsession and he took up a formal design courses and started his Ultra Luxury label AD SINGH. What inspires you to create such amazing designs? I love Diamonds, glitter glamour these are the elements I work with in every design that I create. All our designs communicate this. I always attempt to create apparel which they will love to wear and flaunt. What makes your designs distinct? We make bespoke designs, tailor made trying to understand every client needs and specification. If you wish for the sky blue color of Paris we ensure it’s the sky blue color of Paris. Our attention to detail and intricacy is something that we stand for, everything we use in our embellishments is fine-tuned, specifically crafted and hand made. Who was your mentor/role model? My father has always been my mentor and role model. Whatever I am today is because of his help and continuous grooming. What is your favorite fabric to use? I love tulle net and georgettes and chiffons. I think they the best and most dreamy fabric one can get. What is your favorite season/why? I love Fall and Winter, as most of the wedding and couture events happen in those seasons; I love festive seasons. What makes the perfect wedding? A happy couple who is madly in love and dressed to celebrate ;)

Do you listen to music when you create and if so; which artists? I love listening to U2 and MJ How long does it take to create a design? Creating design always starts with an idea which can be done as short as 5 working days but perfecting a design is what makes u a designer. We continuously improve on all our creative segments. What are your future plans? We’re currently working on a franchise model to expand our business model and give other people a chance to grow from an already proven business model. This will give us growth and also change lifestyles of millions of people who will adapt our business model and make more disposable income. Are you involved with any charities? I support World Blind Vision and I also help anyone who needs help in my own strength. More than anything I try to help individuals who are struggling for making their big dreams come true just because they are short of little financial help. I love helping these people so they can realize their dreams. www.youtube.com/adsinghdesigns www.facebook.com/adsinghdesigns www.twitter.com/adsinghdesigns

Piper Gore at LA Fashion Week

Project Ethos

Photography by Honorato Guiterrez

Austin Fashion Week Photography by Honorato Guiterrez

Piper Gore at LA Fashion Week

Photography by Honorato Guiterrez

Project Ethos

Photography by Honorato Guiterrez

Photography by: Anthony Mitchell, Hair: Hanna Denham, MUA: Vanessa-justine

Photographer Seth Dobie

Photography: SOLW-Ethan Ingram Makeup : Aimie Vredevoogd Model ( Blue & Green Dress) : Christina Nannos

CafĂŠ Circa 464 Edgewood Avenue Southeast Atlanta, GA 30312 Known for its: Morrocan Spiced Lamb Skewers

Carribean Grill 3068 Forest Lane Dallas, TX 75234 Known for its Plaintains, Jerk Chickern, Curry Goat

Prado Restaurant 244 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004 Known for its: Jamaican Tamales

Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant 819 5th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139-6511 Known for its: Spicy Conch

Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca 110 Waverly Pl New York, NY 10011 Known for its: Gnocchi with Oxtails

EXOTIC CULINARY PASSION By Chef Adolphus Stuart There is nothing more fulfilling to me as a culinarian than to see the smile on the face of a person who just took a bite of something I created. To see their eyes close and shoulders slump as they savor the flavors and textures in one bite of an amuse brioche, hors d' oeuvre, something to excite your palate for the courses to follow. There is nothing new under the sun. There are endless ways to profile flavor. Don't be afraid to think outside the box, brake a culinary rule or two, get creative. It took me a while for me to accept I don't have to follow anyone’s rule once I learned the basics like water boils at 212 degrees in Dallas just as it does in Dubai. EXOTIC MUSHROOM BEGGRARS PURSE

Any assortment of mushrooms can be used; try capes, chanterelles or shiitake. Makes: 8 4 leeks, washed thoroughly 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 1/2 pounds wild mushrooms, cleaned and sliced 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves Salt and pepper 1/4 cup Madeira or veal or beef stock 6 sheets phyllo dough 6-8 teaspoons melted butter Split leeks in half lengthwise, leaving root attached. Remove some of the inner layers to use for tying purses; blanch them for 30 seconds in boiling water, refresh in cool water, drain and set aside. Remove green tops and thinly slice leeks. SautĂŠ in 1 tablespoon of the oil until soft, about 5 minutes. Do not brown. Remove from pan to a large bowl. Add another tablespoon of oil to pan, turn heat to medium high, and add enough mushrooms to cover bottom of pan. Cook, stirring frequently, until just softened, about 3 minutes. Remove from pan and add to leeks. Repeat until all mushrooms are cooked. If using a variety of mushrooms, cook each type separately. Return leeks and mushrooms to pan. Add thyme, salt, pepper and Madeira or stock, and cook over high heat, stirring until liquid is reduced to syrupy consistency. Set aside to cool. Unwrap phyllo and unroll flat. Cover completely with damp towel to prevent drying out. Lay out a sheet of phyllo and brush sparingly with melted butter. Repeat until you have three layers. Cut into 4 rectangles. Place 1/3 cup filling in center of each and gather into a cinched purse shape. Repeat with remaining filling. Chill purses until firm. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Place purses on baking sheet and bake until evenly brown, about 15 minutes. Tie each purse with a leek ribbon and serve hot.

Chef/Owner Sage N Thyme Chef Adolphus Stuart

Designer Camille Wood As the daughter of a 1940s Vogue model, Camille Wood is no stranger to fashion. Although her 5-foot 2-inch frame was too short to follow her mother’s footsteps down the runway, she instead took a circuitous route to center stage, including stints as a portrait artist with her own gallery, appearing in radio for a number of years during morning drive time and then to the unlikely position as manager of a 300 acre ranch. It was while working on the ranch Wood fell in love with baseball caps, so much so that she wanted to wear them out on the town, but was frustrated by the lack of fashionable, chic caps available. So she did what any enterprising woman would do. She began creating her own, and before long she was making them for friends and other admirers. In addition to caps, Wood started creating hats and headpieces and eventually began designing full time. Hats lead to swimsuits. When she was contacted by a producer putting a swimsuit show together who asked about showing her headpieces along with the swimwear, Wood suggested the producer include some of her swimsuits as well. “I had never designed a swimsuit before in my life,” Wood says. “When he said yes, I got busy.” The swimsuits were a hit, which lead to shows featuring Camille Wood -designed mermaid costumes. The rest is history. Check out the exotic swimsuits, dresses and headpieces at http:// camillewood.com

Photography by Frank Ross

Melissa Leyba, Miss Arlington, talks Pageant Life I was born in Bronx, New York. My mother and biological father where both born in the Dominican Republic and my step dad is Mexican. When my mother and biological father got divorced, my mother moved my sisters and me here to Texas where I have lived for almost 15years. How does it make you feel when you are on stage? Being on stage, whether it is an actual physical stage of a metaphorical stage, gives me a greater voice and a chance to excel. I take pride in knowing that people look up to me and I enjoy sharing experiences with others. How would you say that pageants help young women? From what I have witnessed, pageants helps young women by building their confidence level and helping them get an outside view on the impact they are having on the world. Do you make a lot of friends in this industry? Yes, I meet a lot of people in this industry, which is very good for networking! Tell us about your talent? I study architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington and my dream is to be able to combine my studies, my passion for community service as well as my natural talents for entertaining. I would love to help build and design for victims of natural disasters or other tragedies. I would also love to further take architecture and design into the Latino community through television. If you could give 3 tips to young girls thinking about becoming Miss USA; what would they be? The #1 tip I would give is to prepare yourself! Do your homework and know what you are getting yourself into. You will be investing a lot of time and money so might as well do it to the best of your abilities! I would also advise to not intimidate yourself. If it is something that is in your heart and you feel you will benefit from it, why not go for it? What are your future goals? I will continue to represent Arlington and Latinas through Miss Arlington Belleza Latina special appearances as well as through upcoming projects I hope to share with everyone soon! I also hope to enter the master’s program at the UTA School of Architecture this fall 2014! Photographer: Aikema Photography Hairstylist: Julissa Gomez Makeup Artist: Amanda N. Cano Facebook: MelissaPurezaLeyba

"Find Your Vision At Sa'brak Boutique." Sa'brak Boutique takes pride in selecting classy, eccentric, and fun apparel that allows each customer to create an individual style, and offers fashion tips that will compliment any woman's body/shape. Sa'brak Boutique is more than just your ordinary fashion store. According to owner and stylist Charly Pierce, Sa'brak Boutique also offers inspirational vision board workshops where people can come together and visualize their hopes and aspirations. By using magazine clips, photos, ideas, quotes, etc., with an emphasis on positive thinking, others can build a foundation for discovering their true desires in life. SOUL AND SALSA talks with Pierce to get her take on her contribution to the world of fashion.

Interview By: Kim Harris

SOUL AND SALSA: Tell us a little about how you got into the industry and your fashion background.

Charly Pierce: I actually come from a background in finance. One day I was looking out my office window thinking, what's next? At that moment, a friend called and reminded me of a time when I would style our group of friends, providing all the outfits and accessories. That conversation re-ignited the passionate I have for fashion. I decided to walk away from my job as a financial advisor to fulfill my dream of becoming a fashion stylist with a store front. I placed the name Sa'brak on a vision board, and one year later it came to fruition. SOUL AND SALSA: How did you come up with the name for your boutique? Charly Pierce: It's a combination of the first two letters of my daughters names (Sasha and Bralynn), and the last two letters of my nickname Shak, which means patience in Arabic. SOUL AND SALSA: Do you recall how you felt when you purchased the first items for your boutique? Charly Pierce: I was very excited. As a stylist, I did not want to select to many items that were the same. So, I would only purchase up to three items from a particular vendor at a time. SOUL AND SALSA: As a stylist, what catches your eye?

Charly Pierce: I go for rich fabrics and unique pieces, as well as those never-seen-before or one-of-a-kind designs, because women wants something special to wear for outings like girls night out, first dates, and weddings, etc. SOUL AND SALSA: You offers a variety of sizes not typically found in most boutiques. Was this a conscious decision? Charly Pierce: Yes, because I don't want anyone to feel left out, regardless of their size or shape. SOUL AND SALSA: The words peace, transformation, joy, and growth grace the walls of your boutique. Do they have any special meaning? Charly Pierce: These words represent how I feel at peace with how Sa'brak is transforming into a fashion boutique of substance. I'm experiencing joy and growth all the time. SOUL AND SALSA: What's next? Charly Pierce: I'm developing a summer styling show, as well as continuing my vision board workshops. Also, my oldest daughter has shown interest in fashion and styling; therefore, I envision there will be more Sa'brak boutiques in the very near future. To find out more about Sa’brak and upcoming events, check out: http:// www.sabrakboutique.com

Photography by: Zaac Wade Images

Shail K

LLA Fashion Week

Photography by: Honorato Guiterrez

LA Fashion Week at Sunset Gowers Photography by: Honorato Guiterrez

Two Generations of Beauty Interview of Mother and Daughter Duo Yvonne and Jazzman. Yvonne’s Interview How old where you when you started in the business? I was nineteen years old when I started modeling. What was your first assignment and how did you feel? My first modeling assignment was with J.C. Penny’s modeling clothing lines for videos to give to buyers for Penny’s to sale. It was amazing I felt like I was walking on cloud nine the feeling when you are working in unexplainable because it’s a feeling you’ve never felt before each time.

P{hotography by: Odell Standifer

If you can name 3 things that have changed in the industry since you were a model; what are they? There weren’t any local designers like they are now back in my day and due to this now the doors have open for women of color by having the opportunity to model for different designers; Women of color now have the opportunity to showcase their talent in more ways and in more places thin before in front of an audience of people. Now not so much blonde hair blue eyes which were a huge demand

Do you think Diverse and Curvy Models are accepted more now? Yes I do, more so now than when I modeled. Who was your favorite Designer? I didn’t really have a favorite designer but I did love how many different actress dressed back in the day but didn’t know who designed there outfits. Which Model did you feel was a role model for Minorities? I would have to say Bever ly J ohnson because she stands for what is right and speaks out about it. I once read where she spoke out during a recent panel discussion for Fashion Week in New York “If you don’t have any models of color walking the runway, don’t invite me”.

For Jazzman:

What makes you unique? Being tall I guess I should say because that’s all I hear everywhere I go people of all ages look at me as though if I’m the tallest person in the world. My mother was once told this by a well know model her in the Dallas area that makes me feel unique at least that how I took it , “She is so extremely tall ….and the issue is that she doesn't blend well with the other girls. It's really not about her.. It’s about how well she would work in context with the other talent here”. Is there shows you watch on TV..Etc. that prepares you for the Industry? I enjoy watching Americas Next Top model and also the Face these shows let you know how things are really going to be in the real world of modeling. Who is your favorite Model? Coco Rocha What are your favorite Fashion Weeks? New York Fashion Week. If you could pick One Designers whole Fall Line to be gifted to you; who would it be? Gior gio Armani https://www.facebook.com/jazzmanmonee

Photography | Diabe Sale Model | Jazzman M. Make up | Noella Kabongo Hair | Mavel Taylor-Hanson Stylist | Gege Joshua Gilzene II Jewelry | Trudi Bell Fascinator | Dee'Vine Kreations

Branden Nicholson says: If you have lost your motivation to eat better and exercise more, you may find it difficult to get back on track. A bad week of poor eating habits with little exercise may make it hard for you to get back on a low-calorie diet with regular intervals of physical activity. To find your motivation again, think about the reasons you began your weight loss endeavor and the rewards you reap once you reach your goals.Here are ''Six'' easy steps to get you back on track with the dream health and body you have always desired. Step 1 Find a support system. Enlist friends and family members to help you get back on track to lose weight. Contact friends and family in times when you feel your willpower waning. Step 2 Begin with small goals. If one-hour daily workouts sound too much to handle, pick more reasonable goals. A sample goal could be to walk everyday during your lunch hour instead of eating at your desk. Step 3 Set up a reward system. Every time you reach a goal, whether it be working out an extra 15 minutes or skipping fast food for a week, treat yourself to a nonfood reward. For instance, buy yourself a new outfit in a smaller size or purchase a bouquet of flowers for yourself Step 4 Enter a weight loss betting pool. When you enter a diet and exercise challenge where the person who has lost the most weight wins money, it can help drive you to reach your goals. Arrange the weight loss pool with coworkers in your office or check if a current challenge is going on at a local fitness center. Step 5 Get rid of all of your "fat" clothes. Avoid lounging around in baggy sweats and a T-shirt. To get motivated again, only keep around smaller sized clothes that flatter your figure. Donate any larger clothes to a charity. Step 6 Discover the enjoyment of healthy eating and exercise. If you feel that dieting and exercise is a chore, you will find it difficult to get motivated. Instead, eat low-calorie foods you enjoy and participate in fun forms of exercise, such as rollerblading, tennis, kickboxing and swimming. *For future motivation and guidance visit www.bnickfitness.com*


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Soul and Salsa Magazine's Summer Issue features new Fashion Trends from the Runway, Recipes, Unique Artists, and indepth interviews with Des...

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Soul and Salsa Magazine's Summer Issue features new Fashion Trends from the Runway, Recipes, Unique Artists, and indepth interviews with Des...

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