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Founder & CEO

Summer greetings!!! We are in the midst of summer and I trust that you are enjoying these wonderful months and indulging yourself, if even a little. I am delighted to present our beautiful summer edition of our Soul Purpose Lifestyle Magazine. It’s time for you to make a real splash—and we have everything you need to do it! In these pages you’ll find individual products, gift sets and information that will keep your summer business literally buzzing with activity as well as helping you look and feel positively delicious! That’s because the hot, sunny days and balmy nights of summer really demand that you pay attention to your skin and hair care needs. Soul Purpose knows all about the need for conditioning, smoothing and softening every inch of your body this time of year, and that you want those bare arms, shoulders and legs of yours to look soft and radiant every single moment. We have products to help you put some renewal in your life and isn’t that what spring and summer are all about? Products that are especially designed to renew you in body, beauty, style, and spirit. From our Body Glow Gift Sets (perfect as summer party hostess gifts or wedding shower presents!) and our Salon Red Hair Care for beautiful, manageable hair, to dazzling jewelry from Suzanne Somers and our 100 percent soy candles that add a touch of romance to any summer evening; Soul Purpose has everything you need to make this summer absolutely sensational. We are also excited to announce the sale of our new line of naturalorganic skin care line called NURTURE. Speak to your Soul Purpose entrepreneur today to schedule a skin care class and experience what Mother Nature can do for your skin. So, go ahead—take a look inside and make note of the products that can make this summer a refreshing splash of beauty! Here’s to your fabulous summer of 2012!

Nadine Thompson

nurture your face clarifying serum vitamin c harmony serum beautifying oil clarifying vitamin c face wash balancing vitamin c toner moisturizing cleansing milk hydrating rose water & glycerin

beauty elixir

alive rejuvenating day cream restore restorative night cream

62 115

60 112

reveal your summer glow Your complexion looks duller, your cheeks are dry and chapped, and maladies such as canker sores may flare up. So it’s more critical than ever to treat skin with gentle ingredients and products that lock in your skin’s natural moisture. Take some time this spring to give your face the nurturing it needs. Begin with the use of our Soul Purpose Nurture Cream. Use it morning and evening to restore, replenish and revive with the power of essential oils.


Call or email your Soul Purpose entrepreneur today to experience any of the abolve featured products. Better yet host a party and learn how you can earn your products for free as well as earn free gifts and share the Soul Purpose products with your friends.


NUTURE Rejuvenating Day Cream

$15 [SP390] Regular price $20 - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

exfoliate & mois

sturize Tiny flakes of dry skin trap the light rather than reflecting it, making the skin on your body appear dull. Though your first impulse may be to slather on moisturizer, first you need to remove those dead skin cells with an exfoliant. Any one of our Soul Purpose salt or sugar scrubs will exfoliate as well as moisturize your skin. Just be gentle – you want to lift off the dead cells, not irritate the fragile barrier. Next, apply a moisturizer that will hydrate the new cells and plump and brighten dried-out skin. We recommend your choice of either our lotion, custards or balms for nourishing all day moisture. For an even bigger moisture boost, put lotion on after leaning over a sink of warm water – the air just above the surface of the water is super-hydrated and will add moisture to skin.

our moisturizers LOTIONS: Brazilian Jackfruit, Caribbean Ginger, Haitian Vetivért Pepper, Malaysian Mango, Hollywood Fresh, Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey, Armenian Pomegranate

BALMS: Brazilian Jackfruit, Hawaiian Tuberose, Zanzibar Girls’ Club, Australian Sandalwood, Caribbean Ginger, Hollywood Fresh, Haitian Vetivért Pepper, Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey, Simply

CUSTARDS: Brazilian Jackfruit, Caribbean Ginger, Thai Water Lily, Haitian VetivĂŠrt Pepper, Persian Pomegranate Mango, Hollywood Fresh, Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey, Japanese Peony, Lovely Day, Simply

happy feet Don’t forget your feet as you are about to start wearing all of those sexy sandals and flip flops. Soul Purpose has an all-natural line of organic foot care products to pamper, renew and keep your feel looking healthy and beautiful.

SOUL PURPOSE is happy to be a proud sponsor of



We celebrate Adiree and Africa Fashion Week New York. Soul Purpose is proud to sponsor and provide body, beauty, hair, skin care and beauty products to support this extraordinary event. Our body and beauty products are designed to make everyone both look and beautiful. I believe that everybody has a purpose, everyone a calling and potential that continues to be revealed as we live out the journey of our lives. My vision is to support those individuals who want to tap into their passion, potential and purpose by creating an empowering community and environment in which to do so. My vision with Soul Purpose was to create a company that would offer a rich and diverse global perspective on many levels. I wanted to develop beauty and wellness products that were highly differentiated and contained natural, botanical-based ingredients— products that would enable

people to experience universal beauty that would speak to the mind, the body and the spirit. Our product line includes bath and body products, hair care, foot care, therapeutic salves, soy candles and in summer 2012 a new all natural and botanical line of skin care products.

We have created products for women of all colors and ethnicities to look and feel beautiful! Nadine Thompson Soul Purpose Founder & CEO

RARE WOODS Includes three scents: African Mahogany Kawayan Bamboo Indonesian Teak $35 [SP713]

EARTH Includes three scents: Australian Sandalwood Haitian Vetivert Pepper Hollywood Fresh $35 [SP710] Fathers are such special people. They’re the ones who take on the tasks of coaching T-ball and soccer and wince when their kids kick a goal into the opposing team’s net or miss the easy catch at second base, then give their kids a heartfelt hug afterwards, win or lose. Fathers bite their lips with worry but smile with pride when their child takes his or her first wobbly bike ride down the sidewalk

for the first time without training wheels. And fathers are the ones who listen to problems, offer solutions and know that parenting is sometimes just offering a big hug—for no reason at all except unconditional love. This Father’s Day, Soul Purpose invites you to show the special father in your life how much you appreciate all he has been to you

throughout the years. Our Hollywood Fresh and Haitian Vetivert Pepper gift sets are filled with ingredients blended especially for men. We think he’ll love these refreshing products and will think of you even more fondly each time he uses them. Who knows, he may even forget that time you put a dent in his new car just after you got your driver’s license!

For the

men in your life

Pamper the men in your life!

PAMPER ME SILLY GIFT SET Includes: All natural soy candle, body custard, body butter, and solid perfume. $65 [SP767]



BODY GLOW GIFT SET Includes: salt scrub & shea butter balm $50 | [SP793]



THE ESSENCE A wonderful sunny fragrance with bursts of exotic fruits, bright flowers and kisses with citrus notes.

PERFUME ESSENCE $10 | [SP313] HAND & BODY WASH $18 | [SP480] BODY CUSTARD $20 | [SP370] SOY CANDLE $20 | [SP356] Complete Boxed Set (4 items) $60 | [SP723]

natural body care.

Vitamin D is formed in the body in part by interaction with sun light. Vitamin D is an antioxidant, an anti-carcinogen, can help prevent free radical damage and may play a role in skin pigmentation. Since it can be absorbed by the skin, applying this vitamin topically can have a beneficial effect on skin’s health. Vitamin D is an antioxidant and based on the observation that skin damage caused by the sun and other environmental agents are induced by free radicals, there is the possibility that vitamin D may be effective in preventing skin damage. Vitamin D is being used more frequently in skin preparations as a way to fend off this damage. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It can help prevent free radical damage. Based on the observation that skin damage caused by the sun and other environmental agents are induced by free radicals, there is the possibility that vitamin E may be effective in preventing skin damage. It is being used in more and more skin preparations as a way to fend off this damage.

Our newest line of all natural products are 100% natural, vegan, paraben free, toxin free, and fragrance free.

Ideal for people who are allergic to fragrances or sensitivities. With its unique blend of botanical ingredients and 100% pure antioxidants, these all natural products are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Free of alcohol, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance, and other ingredients that can be harmful when absorbed into the skin.

Simply Gift Set (all 4 items) $58 | SP474

HAND & BODY WASH $18 [SP472] CUSTARD $20 [SP471]

BALM $6 [SP473]

BALM $20 [SP470]

Start your own business today and begin to create the wealth and prosperity

JOIN US for $35 Join our Soul Purpose team of empowered entrepreneurs today and create the life you deserve. Enroll today for $35.00 or host a party and then earn your enrollment kit and the products you need.

Speak to your Soul Purpo

that you desire.

ose Entrepreneur today!

O-My-Cupcake Teen Kit Medium to Dark

Contains; (1) 16g Sweet Pea Liplock, (1) 2g Sweetheart Blush, (1) .8g Lady Bug Eye Shadow, (1) .8g Lolipop Eye Shadow, (1) Baby Kabuki and 1 Special Edition Pink Eye Shadow Brush, along with a sample tower of foundations and a coupon for a full size foundation once the teen has been color matched. [163036M D]

O-My-Cupcake Teen Kit Light to Medium

Includes: (1) 2g Lust Blush, (1) 3g Caribbean Kiss Bronzer, (1) .8g Cranston, Bordeaux, Norway, & Siena Eye shadows, (1) Lily LipLock, (1) Cherry Blossom Lip Pencil [163036LM]

Happy Hour Includes: 2 gram Lust Blush, 3 gram Caribbean Kiss Bronzer, 8 grams Cranston, Bordeaux, Norway, & Siena Eye shadows, Lily LipLock, Cherry Blossom Lip Pencil [163HAPPY]

Mineral Makeup

Our Salon Red Hair Care, developed with world renowned hair care expert Arthur Harris, is an exquisite, conditioning blend of Moroccan Argan oil, silk amino acids and powerful antioxidants, designed to give hair of all types a beautiful, healthy luster and bounce that says “Look at me— I am gorgeous!” Hydrating Shampoo Features:

Our Hydrating Shampoo is fortified with antioxidants, green tea extract, Acai Berry, Sugar Cane, Argan oil and silk amino acids . Convenient 12oz size for the entire family; suitable for all hair types. $22 [SP380] Moisturizing Conditioner Features:

Our Moisturizing Conditioner is fortified with antioxidants, Argan oil, tea tree oil, green tea and silk amino acids. Convenient 12oz size for the entire family; suitable for all hair types. $24 [SP381] Nutri-Shine Hair Gloss Features:

Promotes a healthy shine for all hair types. Prevents frizzy, dry and fly away hair. Nutrient rich oils, butters and vitamin E. Enriched with olive oil, shea butter & avocado butter. Promotes a healthy scalp and hair. A beautiful, healthy gloss for all hair types. Convenient, travel friendly .5oz size. $15 [SP385]

Hair Care.

The essence Soft powdery notes of vanilla, amber and white sugar with a base of succulent, sweet, tropical fig.

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doing WELL, by doing GOOD Learn how Soul Purpose Shea Butter helps the people and families of Ghana! The mission of the Thompson Foundation is to promote the restoration and development of Africa and the African Diaspora. Beginning in Ghana, TF works to promote education, health and economic development through community based efforts.

Purchase with Purchase! Soul Purpose customers can purchase their choice of two beautifully selected pieces of jewelry from the Suzanne Somers collection for

Hoop Earrings $15 [szjw1214]

Classic style and just the right size. Silver tone with clear crystals. Size 1 3/8�.


with ANY purchase of SOUL PURPOSE products Quantities are limited. Trio Gold Bracelet $15 [szjw1215]

Brass with gold tone.

We Love Our Customers! Receive a FREE PERFUME ESSENCE




a $10 Value!

a $20 Value!

When you spend $50 or more

When you spend $100 or more

of your choice

of your choice

We want to honor you, our customer, by giving you a gift when you spend with us!

VIEW OUR BEAUTY PIECE beauty-inside-out


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Soul Purpose LifeStyle Magazine - Aug '12 Issue  

The Soul Purpose Lifestyle Magazine - August 2012 issue

Soul Purpose LifeStyle Magazine - Aug '12 Issue  

The Soul Purpose Lifestyle Magazine - August 2012 issue