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Greetings from


Welcome to a vibrant opportunity to enhance your life with… Drawing on this knowledge, we have formulated a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company—where you’ll discover beauty inside and out offered through a holistic approach line of products featuring the restorative properties of nature. Nurture is designed to offer you softer, younger to health and wellness. looking, more radiant skin. You simply cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and then choose one of the targeted serums Soul Purpose is proud to be part of the Youngevity® global family of companies. Dr. Wallach has provided us to complete your daily regimen. We will also be offering with a strong foundation of quality health and nutritional Nurture products targeted for women of color. Grammyproducts that help to improve the health and wellness of nominated singer Kathy Sledge has helped us launch this new all natural skin care line because she loves how everyone—from our friends and family members, to our easy the products are to use—and the fabulous results. customers, and, most important—ourselves. “Nurture offers a powerful combination of all natural ingredients and beneficial peptides that are giving me I have always believed that beauty begins on the inside, the best skin of my life,” she says. and then radiates out with a glow that reflects good health and an empowered spirit. Beauty from the inside To learn more about our products, please visit our begins with our “ Be Well” product pack and campaign; website at and view our digital this includes all of the products that you need to begin catalog. While you’re on the home page, please sign up your healthy wellness regime. You can also select from our extensive line of products which includes 90 for Life for our e-mail announcements. Campaign featuring Slender FX that can help people Mother’s Day is May 12th, please view our magazine for feel and look better with healthy weight management. some wonderful gift ideas! Then it’s time to alleviate stress by luxuriating in Soul Purpose bath and body products—all designed to take I believe that the Soul Purpose line of products and you on a journey of the senses while giving you softer, business opportunity makes it possible to provide our more radiant skin. You’ll find shower gels, lotions, body customers with an award winning line of products for polishes and scrubs, shea butter balms, and decadently rich custards, as well as therapeutic balms that can help every aspect of their wellness regime and the business opportunity can change their lives and provide an soothe troubling aches. For hair, we offer an all-natural opportunity for authentic wealth creation. hair care line that will put back the “oomph,” the shine and the control your hair may be needing. Soul Purpose has everything we need to be successful. The opportunity is rich, powerful and sustainable. We are excited to offer our product line: Nurture, all natural and organic skin care. Women from around Sincerely, the globe have used traditional herbs, botanicals and essentials to maintain their youth and beauty for thousands of years.

Nadine Thompson

Founder and CEO

Mother’s Day

make it a

May 12th

Lovely Day

Lovely Day Gift Set

Solid Perfume, Body Custard, Soy Tin Candle, Hand and Body Wash $58.00 | SP723

Bath & Body $57

Enriched pampering, moistur

Set includes a shower gel, body lotion & soy candle.

Body Glow $50 Polish & pamper your body with this luxurious duo.

Set includes a body scrub and body balm. Brazilian Jackfruit | SP790 Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey | SP792 Hollywood Fresh | SP793

rizing & aromatherapy.

Hollywood Fresh | SP732 Malaysian Mango | SP733 Brazilian Jackfruit | SP734 Caribbean Ginger | SP737 Haitian Vetivert Pepper | SP739 Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey | SP780 Armenian Pomegranate | SP781

All Natural Soy Candles $20 Travel Tin - 10 oz Brazilian Jackfruit | SP340 Malaysian Mango | SP350 Hollywood Fresh | SP351 Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey | SP352 Armenian Pomegranate | SP353 Lovely Day Soy | SP356

Glass - 10 oz

Caribbean Ginger Glass Soy Candle | SP343


Brazilian Jackfruit, Hawaiian Tuberose, Thai Water Lily | SP704


Australian Sandalwood, Haitian Vetivert Pepper, Hollywood Fresh | SP710


Abundant Pomegranate, Pomegranate Noir, Pomegranate Rouge | SP714


Queen Esther, Sister Ruth, Princess Zahara SP715

Trio Gift Sets $35 Boxed Collection of 3 solid perfume essences

Beauty from the inside out.

Sometimes, it is equally challenging to decide what products to purchase when we are trying to decide what is best or what is essential for our daily health and wellness needs. Soul Purpose has created a simple, yet powerful product pack to provide you with everything you need from head to toes. Our “Be well� product pack contains a shower gel and lotion in your choice or fragrance; so you cleanse and deeply moisturize your skin with the benefits of shea butter and vitamin D.

Next, you can moisturize, rejuvenate and protect your face with Alive rejuvenating cream; it is a wonderful night cream as well. Next give your body all of the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids it needs with Beyond Tangy Tangerine and EFA gels. Finally your stress relief massage gel for your purse, briefcase or bedside table to relieve stress and tension throughout the day or at bed time. You can enjoy your day and rest assured that you have selected all of the right products for your wellness and self-care regime.

Pack Includes:

Beyond Tangy Tangerine

Ultimate EFA Plus

Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel

Caribbean Ginger Body Lotion

Alive Day Cream

& Be Well Massage Balm

Be well



$182. (

Beyond Tangy Tangerine® contains a base of Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals® blended with vitamins, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients. Building on a foundation of our famous Beyond Juice™ Fruit and Veggie formulas, we’ve added even more nutrients to make this a balanced and complete daily supplement.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine® is all-natural and contains no starch, wheat, or yeast. As a “Natural Living Product”, the color, taste, and consistency may vary from container to container. This product contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and is glycemicfriendly. Beyond Tangy Tangerine is an easily dissolving powder perfect for travel that contains Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals, vitamins, amino acids and 115 fruits and vegetables.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine

Ultimate EFA Plus Ultimate EFA Plus™ is a proprietary blend of essential fatty acids formulated to support the body in many ways. EFAs have been shown to support healthy coronary function. With today’s active lifestyles and less than adequate eating habits, getting enough essential fatty acids is more important than ever. Consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease. FDA evaluated the data and determined that, although there is scientific evidence supporting the claim, the evidence is not conclusive.

Cardiovascular disease is reported as the leading cause of death in the United States. About 30 million Americans suffer from heart or blood vessel disease and as many as 27 million from High Blood Pressure. In 1991, 765,000 people died of Heart Disease and 190,000 died from stroke and other vascular complications. 25% of the people who have a heart attack die within three hours of the first symptoms. Many people experience sudden unexpected death and never reach a hospital.

Sweet sensation! This SUGAR based cleanser creates a lavish lather that cleans and moisturizes. It can be used as a shampoo, shower gel or gentle bubble bath.

Benefits: Very gentle Contains oils for moisturizing and conditioning Enriched with natural ingredients Antiseptic benefits of tea tree oil (for skin & scalp) Enriched with rich emollients to provide soothing & healing properties Regulates hydration

Shower Gel

An all natural moisturizing body lotion with a Soul Purpose exclusive antioxidant blend of Acai berry, Oregon grape, red wine, green tea and Ghanaian wild crafted shea butter. We have included the RED recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D that is vegan, bio-active, and supportive in the prevention of breast and prostate cancer in people of color.

Benefits: Exclusive antioxidant blend protects, moisturizes, softens, and nourishes the skin Rich with powerful antioxidants Guards against moisture loss Easily absorbs and protects the skin against environmental aggressors Paraben and Sulfate free 100% vegetarian No animal testing

Body Lotion

Alive Rejuvenating Day Cream Daytime moisture, for all skin types. Use both day and night for oily skin. Essential Oils soften, restore and defend. Vitamins, Extracts & Hyaluronic acid keep your skin moist, supple. The power of essential oils to nurture your skin, fight dryness, minimize fine lines and protect you from pollution and signs of stress on your pretty face. Nature gets us off to a great start‌ but Nurture Rejuvenating Day Cream keeps us glowing.

Be Well Massage Balm

New! Nutrient rich massage balm formulated with lavender and peppermint essential oil is the perfect aroma therapeutic blend with lavender to calm your senses, lower stress levels, decrease tension and peppermint oil which is ideal to treat stress and pain; energize and refresh after a long tiring day. Ideal for massage, aroma-therapy inhalation and moisturizing the skin.

Enjoy Autoship for Your Favorit • You love to pamper and care for yourself. • You love the all natural line of Soul Purpose products. • You like having your favorite beauty, body, nutritional, and lifestyle products on hand but don’t always have the time to call or go online to reorder. • You hate paying shipping charges but would like your products shipped right to your door.

We have an excellent solution for you –

Soul Purpose auto ship program. Speak to your Soul Purpose entrepreneur about signing up for our auto-ship program. You can select the products that you wish to receive every month and as long as your order is $50 or more we will ship it to you for free.

te Products!

You can also sign up for our preferred customer program for just $10.00 and you can not only access our auto-ship program and receive free shipping but you can also benefit from our wholesale prices. Your $10.00 membership is virtually free because of your savings in shipping and retail costs from the very first month.


Nourishing Shampoo Nourishing Conditioner Moisturizing Hair Oil Styling Gel Styling Gloss Styling Wax


for the New York & Las Vegas hair shows

Collection Features: • Sweet Almond oil • Coconut oil • Silk amino acids • Organic aloe vera • Herbal infusions • Paraben free • Color protectors • UV protector • Exclusive SP anti-breakage technology • Exclusive SP moisture infusion technology

Hair care for the natural diva!

nurture your face

At Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, we believe products should be “good� from the first ingredient to the last. That means, as a customer, never having to worry about putting anything harmful on your skin.

Products Nature Would be Proud to Call its Own.

Moisturizing Cleansing Milk Normal to dry, sensitive, and mature skin. Perfect make-up The power of essential oils to nurture your skin, fight dryness, minimize fine lines and protect you from pollution and signs of stress on your pretty face. Glowing, pretty skin begins with clean nurtured skin. Essential Oils soften, restore and defend. Vitamins, Extracts & Hyaluronic acid keep your skin moist, supple.

Clarifying Vitamin C Face Wash For all skin types, especially oily, problem, blemish and combination skin. Use both morning and night. A hydrating face wash with the restorative benefits of vitamin C, healing aloe vera and beneficial antioxidants. Our vitamin C formula contains the highest form of active, bioavailable Vitamin C for beautiful skin. For up to eightfold antioxidantprotection, ninety-six percent reduction of sunburn cells, and prevention of the formation of free radicals in sun exposed skin. Fades sun spots and discoloration, refines skin texture and reduces wrinkle formation as well as minimizing existing wrinkles.

Hydrating Rosewater & Glycerin Beauty Elixir Normal to dry, sensitive, and mature skin. Removes residual dirt and cleanser. Moisturizes the skin while exfoliating and hydrating. For travel and on-the-go this is a perfect cleanser, toner, and moisturizer in one. The perfect elixir for mature, dry, sensitive or damaged skin. Gently exfoliates to promote brighter, more luminous skin with softer, smoother texture. Gently sloughs away dead skin cells while soothing, hydrating and detoxifying skin. This alcohol-free, oil-free elixir combines skin-soothing antioxidants with hydrating and exfoliating ingredients to help control skin oils and bring your skin’s pH balance back to its natural state. Infused with Rosewater, long known for its mild astringent properties and glycerin for extraordinary hydration.

Balancing Vitamin C Toner For all skin types, especially oily, problem, blemish and combination skin. Use both morning and night. Vitamin C renews the skin while fighting free radicals alongside over a dozen unique botanical actives. Geranium oil brings centuries of skin restoring properties to this formulation, while bee propolis preserves the integrity of the skin. Skin is nourished, balanced, and toned, and absorption of serums and crèmes is enhanced with use of this product.

Alive Rejuvenating Day Cream Daytime moisture, for all skin types. Use both day and night for oily skin. Essential Oils soften, restore and defend. Vitamins, Extracts & Hyaluronic acid keep your skin moist, supple. The power of essential oils to nurture your skin, fight dryness, minimize fine lines and protect you from pollution and signs of stresson your pretty face. Nature gets us off to a great start‌ but Nurture Rejuvenating Day Cream keeps us glowing.

REST Restorative Night Cream For all skin types. Use both day and night for extremely dry, mature skin. Perfect, anti-aging under eye cream. The power of Vitamin C, essential oils and botanical extracts to nurture your skin, fight dryness, minimize fine lines and anti-aging and signs of stress on your pretty face. Glowing, healthy skin begins with nurtured skin. Essential oils soften, restore and defend. Vitamins, Extracts & Hyaluronic acid keep your skin moist, supple. Enriched with vitamin C, rose absolute and helichrysum.

Restore Vitamin C Serum For all skin types. Repair, restore, heal , anti- age and brighten. Nurture. Restore. Renew. A healing and restorative serum to restore skins beauty and balance and to reverse damage caused by toxins in the environment and over exposure to the sun. Ideal for all skin types. Our Vitamin C is the highest form of active, bio-available Vitamin C for beautiful skin. Fades sun spots and discoloration, refines skin texture and reduces wrinkle formation as well as minimizing existing wrinkles.

62 115

60 112

Don’t forget your feet. Soul Purpose has an all-natural line of organic foot care products to pamper, renew and keep your feel looking healthy and beautiful all year round.

for Mother

r’s Day

foot soak

enriched with desert mineral s alts, eucalyptus and tea tree oil

[SP460] $22 | 16.7 oz

foot scrub

enriched with shea butter, vitamin D, tea tree oil and antioxidant

[SP461] $30 | 15.3 oz

organic foot cream

enriched with jojoba oil, vit amin D, acai berry and antioxidant s

[SP462] $15 | 3.07 oz

foot spray

a refreshing and deodorizing spray with aloe vera, witch hazel and our exclusive antioxidant blend

[SP463] $12 | 4.43 oz

Imagine the room filled with the alluring fragrance of our all-natural soy candles, soft music playing in the background and your friends relaxing as their hands and feet are being pampered. A Soul Purpose pamper party will transform any gathering into a memory your friends will remember long after the holidays are over. My calendar is filling up fast, so please call soon to have your choice of dates.

Host one for Mom!

Our Salon Red Hair Care, developed with world renowned hair care expert Arthur Harris, is an exquisite, conditioning blend of Moroccan Argan oil, silk amino acids and powerful antioxidants, designed to give hair of all types a beautiful, healthy luster and bounce that says “Look at me— I am gorgeous!”

Hair Care. Hydrating Shampoo

$22 [SP380] Moisturizing Conditioner

The essence | Soft powdery notes of vanilla, amber and white sugar with a base of succulent, sweet, tropical fig.

$24 [SP381] Nutri-Shine Hair Gloss

$15 [SP385]

Happy Hour


O-My-Cupcake Teen Kit Medium to Dark

[163036M D] O-My-Cupcake Teen Kit Light to Medium


Your makeup should take you from day to night with very little effort. Soul Purpose has the perfect mineral make up combo packs to make your life easy and to help you look dazzling in a snap.

Mineral Makeup

HOST Lifestyle Parties are fun, easy, and rewarding. Our lifestyle parties provide your guests with products to enhance their lifestyle. You’ll receive free product for simply hosting a lifestyle party.

You love to socialize and would like to earn free gifts and products for simply opening your home to your friends and to Soul Purpose’s beautiful line of pamper products.

There is no cost to you, just pick a date and time, invite your friends and co-workers, then select the free products you want to earn and have a great time. Fill out our inquiry form and we will call you to get your party started!

For Our Customers! Receive a FREE PERFUME ESSENCE




a $10 Value!

a $20 Value!

When you spend $50 or more

When you spend $100 or more

of your choice

of your choice

We want to honor you, our customer, by giving you a gift when you spend with us!

JOIN Become a Soul Purpose

Business Partner

You’re excited about our company, you love our products and even better yet, you would love a discount on your purchases. Join us today as a business partner for just $10.00. You will have an ID number and you’ll enjoy up to 30% off on all of your purchases. It’s simple, easy and you can get started right away. One of our leaders will call you in the next 24 hours to welcome you in, invite you to the team, community and answer your questions. You have the option to upgrade to a full entrepreneur for $35.00 at any time.

Become a Soul Purpose

Independent Business Owner

To start your own Soul Purpose business, you need to register with us as an Independent Lifestyle Entrepreneur (LE), which enables you to begin earning income through our Compensation Plan. If you know a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur, you should discuss with him or her how this business can help you achieve your personal goals. If you would like to connect with an Entrepreneur, we can help you find one to fit your interests and needs.

Earn additional income, the sky’s the limit! As a socially responsible direct selling company, Soul Purpose redefines empowerment by supporting individual purpose and vision through the marketing of natural, quality products that illuminate your BODY, BEAUTY, SYTLE, & SPIRIT

doing Well, by doing GOOD

Learn how Soul Purpose Shea Butter helps the people and families of Ghana! The mission of the Thompson Foundation is to promote the restoration and development of Africa and the African Diaspora. Beginning in Ghana, TF works to promote education, health and economic development through community based efforts.



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